When It's Better to Mow Grass with a Trimmer

Any owner of a country house or summer cottage knows that in the summer and spring it is necessary to constantly look after the lawn, otherwise it will lose its appearance, attractive appearance. Therefore, many owners of the cottage are wondering how to mow grass with a trimmer with fishing line. And before you start learning to mow, you need to choose the right tool for the site and only then use it correctly on the lawn.

  • Managing the trimmer as it may seem to many is not an easy task, but nothing special (it’s not complicated) if you follow the security measures correctly and know how to operate it correctly, rather than a garden tool with a metal disc cutter.

How to mow with a trimmer with fishing line

When It's Better to Mow Grass with a Trimmer

Mowing a mower with a fishing line is much safer than a trimmer equipped with a cord, but this is not always optimal and beneficial. The cutting main element (mechanism) must be selected based on the garden plot and the height of the weed.

  • Previously, we examined how to mow a lawn mower with fishing line in automatic or semi-automatic mode and manual. In automatic mode, the main cutting element (fishing line) is ejected after each institution motor device. On the one hand it is very convenient, but on the other hand it is not very economical, for example, your garden plot is of an irregular shape. there are uneven corners, notches and each time you move from place to place, you need to turn off the device and then turn it on again. In this case, it is best to use the second, semi-automatic option. This is when the supply of fishing line in the trimmer is carried out by pressing a special button located at the very bottom of the drum (in the grass-cutting area). It is enough just to press the tip to the ground and the fishing line will be thrown out.

If you are an operator, you should understand that the length of the tips of the cutting element (fishing line) that is located on the drum in an extended (working) condition should not exceed more than 15 cm. This is the length that should be enough for the average power of grass trimmers.

What needs to be done to correctly, easily and quickly mow the grass with a trimmer with fishing line so that the device itself will serve you much longer than usual.

  • Try to keep the main drum (reel) at least 5 cm from the ground.
  • When mowing higher grass, mow its top first, and only then get to the stems to protect your device from breakage and prevent mower failure.
  • In the process of mowing grass, it is imperative to introduce the cutting element (trimmer) in which the coil rotates in that direction.
  • Lawn grass, which is located near the walls of the garden area as a decor, is best mowed using only the edges of the fishing line so as not to overload the engine and not wear it out much.
  • Every spent 15-20 minutes, let the device "rest".

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How to mow tall grass with a fishing line trimmer

It is advisable to mow tall grass in your garden with a powerful trimmer using a thick fishing line. But many, most likely, will agree that the land in most cases, where the weeds are located, will certainly be uneven, as a result of which the owners of such garden plots have different rubbish and all kinds of stones. To make your expensive device (trimmer) not malfunctioning, the mowing of tall grass is best and faster to mow in two passes. Those. First of all, we cut off the entire top of the grass, reveal more complex mowing areas and go through the mower a second time.

When you are going to grass (using a trimmer) to prepare for hay, and you are more or less versed in the area of ​​your plot, then you can predict the course of grass mowing in advance. so it will be faster, more convenient and easier. The main thing in this situation is not to rush into a mowing, but competently approach the matter with a "cold head".

A few recommendations for mowing tall grass:

  • In the process of beveling, try not to overload the mechanism.
  • If the tall grass is tangled on the fishing line, then immediately turn off the mechanism so that the motor does not burn out.
  • If your trimmer runs on gas, mowing wet grass is strictly prohibited.
We carry out the correct mowing in both cases

The device should move correctly in front of itself and strictly from right to left, because the grass you mowed will necessarily fall on the previously mowed area, which will give you the opportunity to initially mow the grass tops. Then you carry out the reverse movement, due to which you will remove all the remaining processes of grass.

  • When working with large areas of the lawn, it is best to divide the work into several stages, visually dividing the territory into squares. In the process of mowing the grass, you must move on the outside, which will make it possible once again not to trample the grass at the same time, without complicating the mowing procedure. To make it easier to work, it is best to move from below, going in parallel to the already processed area, and then returning back.

With this approach, you can easily use the trimmer with fishing line in the process of mowing the grass around the trees planted on the site, carefully bypassing them and at the same time, without loading the device. If you mow the grass in exactly the way that we recommend above, then you can reduce the likelihood of grass spreading around, providing yourself with a faster and easier processing.

Preparing the trimmer for work

Depending on what kind of trimmer you have, you still need to prepare it before starting work. If the trimmer is electric, we need to charge it, or turn on 220 Volts and start working. If you are using a grass trimmer with gasoline, refuel the tank. Depending on the design, prepare and check the cutting element. It will not be superfluous to check the safety of the trimmer. When working with the device, it must be hung on the body and hold correctly on the handle. Use safety glasses or a special net (protective) helmet during beveling.