When you can work with a perforator. How to deal with a noisy neighbor who constantly drill

How to make a neighbor turn off the punch, or the permissible noise level when repairing an apartment

When carrying out noisy repair and construction work, it is required to take into account:

Legal acts of noise

The occurrence of conflicts between residents during the repair of an apartment or noise will be able to avoid if you adhere to the framework of the regulation of the reconstruction. This is reminded of legislative acts 23 Federal Law No. 52 (last edition of 2020.) and article number 30 of the Housing Code. The latest provisions indicate that the interests of neighbors are required to observe all tenants, regardless of ownership of the apartment.

  • Was to the neighbors are allowed to work from 9 a.M. Until 9 pm, and some local authorities somewhat limited their implementation. Until 19:00 or 20:00.
  • The quiet hour is recommended to practice from 13:00 to 15:00.
  • The weekend and other red days of the calendar, recognized by national holidays, generally prohibit the conduct of various noisy repair work.
  • Petersburgers can rest calmly until 12:00.
  • Events for more than 6 hours in a row are forbidden, to continue them, it is necessary to withstand 60 minutes of the break.
  • The execution by a neighbor reconstructing an apartment or repair using shock and drilling tools cannot occur for more than 3 months.
  • The noise threshold from the equipment should be within 40 DB, it is forbidden to work more powerful tools.
  • You can not clutter up common areas. Staircases and cells, passages.
  • Building repair trash should be placed in bags and disposed separately from garbage.Growing containers.

It is also recommended to introduce the practice of taking the receipt from the neighbors that they have no complaints about the repair work with the occurrence of some noise. For his part, a citizen undertakes to comply with the rules established by law and not to disturb the residents of the house with a start time. In case of violation of the agreed conditions, the signator has the right to file a complaint about the culprit of the noise.

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    establishes the permissible period of the beginning and end of repair work, accompanied by an increased degree of noise. (with the latest changes in 2020), dated 6 May 2011., which determines the maximum indicator of the repair volume during the restoration of the structure.

  • Sanitary norms classify noise and sounds, as well as their parameters.
  • Civil Code, article number 293, allows the local authorities to alienate the premises from the owner when ignoring the interests of neighbors.

Code of Administrative Offenses also stipulates responsibility for violation of the law on construction noise in an apartment building, article No. 6.4.

Restrictions in Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of the Russian Federation

Night time is a period when it is forbidden to carry out any noise activity exceeding 30 dB. In each region of Russia, this time period is different, although in many areas it coincides. For example, in the Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and Vologda regions, the rest period occurs at 22 and ends in 7. Over, in Nizhny Novgorod, the rule spreads from Monday to Friday, and on weekends the time moves forward by 1 hour in the evening and 2 hours in the morning.

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On Sakhalin, in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the restriction is valid from 22 to 6 in the morning. But on weekends and holidays (with the exception of the Kabardino-Balkan Republic) it is extended for three hours in the morning (and an hour in the evening in Sakhalin). In the Tyumen region, the rest mode of citizens occurs from 22 to 8. The law on the “quiet hour” is in force from 13 to 15, including the noise in the apartment, on the balcony and even on the street in public places. The same rules are attributed to the Samara region. The exception is the period from the first of June to thirty.First of August, when the restriction begins to operate with 23.

Repair in the house at an unidentified time can lead to a fine

The Republic of Bashkortostan, the Orenburg and Kaluga Region, the Krasnodar Territory under the night time understands the interval from eleven o’clock in the evening to seven in the morning on weekdays. On weekends and the day after the holiday, the law on silence in the Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region is extended until nine in the morning. Carrying out repair work in Bashkortostan is allowed until eight in the evening, and in Orenburg. From nine in the morning to seven o’clock in the evening on weekdays days and Saturday. In the Kaluga region. Their restrictions. From Mon to PT from 7 to 8 in the morning, all types of construction work are prohibited, and on weekends and holidays. From 7 to 9. In the Republic of Kalmykia, follow the silence from 23 to 6 in the morning, in the Stavropol Territory. From 22 to 7.

For residents of the Primorsky Territory, it is forbidden to violate the silence from 22 to 9 am on weekdays, and on Saturday, Sunday and holidays it is extended for an hour in the morning and evening time. To make noise and carry out repair work daily in the interval from 13 to 15 is not allowed. The Kaliningrad region has a ban on repairs on weekends and public holidays. The exception is repairs in new buildings, which were submitted for use at least 1.5 years ago. In such buildings, repairs can be carried out daily during daylight hours without restrictions.

When you can make repairs in an apartment building

Repair work in an apartment building is inevitability. If the house is new, then endless repairs will continue until all the neighbors begin to live in their apartments, and this is a very, very long time.

If the housing is secondary, then construction work will also constantly accompany you: someone sells and buys apartments, new residents change everything, and the old ones refresh the repair. You just need to come to terms with this situation.

That’s what to reconcile with is with noise at the wrong time. Each region has laws governing repair work in residential buildings.

Unites regional acts Federal Law No. 52-FZ. In this law there is no strict reference to the temporary threshold permissible for construction work, but this standard establishes a ban on any noise that violates the well-being of citizens (52-ФЗ from 30.03.1999).

In addition to the law on repairing in apartment buildings, restrictions establish sanitary standards (CH 2.2.4/2.One.Eight.562-96). The standards approved by the Goskosyanpiddadnadzor determine the permissible and maximum permissible noise level, the level of sound and its maximum value. How all this is applied in practice?

For comparison, the sound of the drill during the repair reaches 90 dB, the perforator has a more powerful sound. 110 dB and higher. For a person, such sounds of repair work are a serious stimulus. Noise effects for fifteen minutes or more can lead not only to physical, but also to mental disorders.

That is why the need arose. Although the legislators approved a unified regulatory act of federal significance, they gave the development of specific restrictions to local authorities. Each region has its own laws on repairs in residential buildings.

And this is quite logical. Each subject has its own legal characteristics and sanitary norms. Therefore, local managers are much easier to approve the Unified Law on Construction, Reconstruction and their influence on the well.Being of the population.

Over, standards in almost every region are similar. If you reduce all decisions to a single position, then the following restrictions on repair work can be identified:

  • Housing should be used so as not to cause discomfort to other citizens. Neighbors (st. 17 LC RF).
  • Sound level cannot exceed 40 dB.
  • Construction work cannot be performed for more than six hours without a break. It turns out, according to the law, you need to interrupt at least one hour after six hours of continuous construction noise.
  • On weekdays, builders should conduct work from 9 am to 7 pm (19.00). According to the laws of some regions, it is allowed to repair apartments until 10 pm (22.00).
  • At night (from 23.00 to 7.00) Any construction and cleaning work is prohibited. This means that it is impossible to use any equipment and equipment, carry out reconstruction, bring materials, export garbage and waste, collect furniture in the indicated period of time.
  • On weekends and holidays, all types of work are prohibited, accompanied by increased noise. Exception. If the day off is a worker by law (holiday transfer).
  • In some regions, the Law on Silence provides for a “quiet hour”. Construction is suspended from 12.00 to 14.00 or from 13.00 to 15.00. This rule is valid throughout the week. It is impossible to make noise at the “Quiet Hour” either on weekdays or on weekends.

Start no earlier than 9 in the morning, finish no later than 7 pm, take breaks and do not work for more than six hours in a row. Any violation of the well.Being of the tenants will lead to complaints, fines and proceedings.

The difference in the regions

The time when you can carry out repairs in the apartment varies from region to region. And so it was not only in 2022. This is largely due to the federal structure of the country. However, laws that are not federal cannot nevertheless directly contradict with generally accepted norms in the state. Including with norms about health.

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It must be taken into account that throughout Russia it is strictly prohibited to carry out any repair work on Sunday.

Accurate data when you can drill in the apartment according to Law 2022 in different regions are presented below in the table. Where the permitted time is not indicated on the weekend, it is prohibited to make repairs these days.

Moscow and Moscow Region from 9 to 19
St. Petersburg and Len. Region from 8 to 22, SB: from 12 to 22
Komi Republic from 7 to 22
Sverdlovsk region from 8 to 23, SB: from 11 to 18
Novosibirsk and region. From 7 to 22, SB: from 9 to 22
Omsk and region. From 8 to 22
Tomsk and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 9 to 23
Yekaterinburg from 8 to 23, SB: from 11 to 18
Kazan and Tatarstan from 6 to 23
Kirov and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 7 to 22
Samara and region. From 8 to 22, SB: from 10 to 22
Lipetsk and region. From 6 to 23
Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region from 7 to 22, SB: from 10 to 22
Arkhangelsk and region. From 6 to 22
Bashkiria and Ufa from 7 to 23
Belgorod and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 10 to 20
Izhevsk and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Vologda Region from 7 to 22
Volgograd region from 7 to 22
Nizhnevartovsk from 8 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Altai region from 9 to 20
Krasnoyarsk from 9 to 22
Krasnodar region from 7 to 23
Voronezh and region. From 7 to 22, SB: from 10 to 22
Khabarovsk and the region from 7 to 22, SB: from 8 to 22
Vladimir and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Murmansk and region. From 8 to 22, SB: from 12 to 23
Irkutsk and region. From 7 to 23
Kursk and region from 7 to 22, SB: from 8 to 20
Perm and region. From 7 to 22, SB: from 9 to 22
Eagle and Oryol region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 10 to 23
Orenburg and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Saratov and region. From 9 to 21
Tula and Tula region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Tyumen and region from 8 to 22
Rostov-on-Don and region. From 7 to 23, SB: from 8 to 23
Ryazan and region from 7 to 23
Chelyabinsk and region. From 6 to 23, SB: from 8 to 22
Ulyanovsk and region. From 8 to 21
Yaroslavl and region. From 7 to 23

It should be noted that in Moscow a break is required from 13:00 to 15:00. This applies to every weekday. The reason for this measure is that this is the largest metropolis in the country.

And here repair work most often arises, as well as the load on the human psyche, according to some scientists. And the resolution for noise should ideally comply with sanitary standards.

So, choosing when to make repairs in the apartment, it is important to be guided not by speculation or lunar calendar, but exclusively by law and to some extent intuition. The latter will help to understand when even absolutely legal actions can eventually be inappropriate.

work, perforator, deal, noisy

As you can see, the laws about the repair in the apartment for different regions differ. However, this difference is not so significant and generally meets all the biological and social needs of most people.

Of course, if a person is used to conducting activity at night, and sleeping during the day, it will not be easy for him to make repairs in the apartment. But such people are better off to change their regime for their own health and harmony with the outside world.

After clarifying how you can do repairs in the apartment, you can easily avoid problems with neighbors and law. It is advisable, looking at laws, to check their relevance. Indeed, in some regions in 2019, 2020 or 2021 there were a completely different framework for the permissible.

What to do if the neighbors violate the rules

Do not rush, although it is better to take measures. Especially if it bothers a sick person or distracts from preparing for something important. In the end, some conduct private lessons at home, and it is fundamentally important for them that there is relative silence.

Many are interested in where it is possible to contact if the neighbors are noisy too loud or late. For this, there are the following authorities:

However, it is better to talk to the neighbors first. Especially if it is known that these people are normally communicated and there is nothing to fear. Otherwise, it is better to call the police.

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Employees will accept the application. Without it, only a conversation with the violator is possible, but no more. This is important to consider.

It is clear that the mentality plays a significant role here, especially if this is not a new house. If in the USA, for example, no one usually speaks, but immediately call the police, then in countries in the post.Soviet space they usually try to resolve the issue without attracting law enforcement agencies.

This is why call the police only in extreme cases. Otherwise, this will complicate further relationships with neighbors.


Rospotrebnadzor will help only if the volume level is violated at the time permissible for repair. Experts will conduct an audit using equipment.

If in the course of this an excess of 55 decibels or, especially, 70 decibels, this will entail a fine of a fine. Such a noise will interfere even to passers.By on the street.

Complain to the court. Difficult event. Having taken the first step, then you may have to face the consequences for a long time. You need to allocate extra time. Most people will not do this. It is much easier to contact the police.

But it is important to understand that the most effective will be a collective statement of violation on a weekday or weekend. Otherwise, the unlucky initiator of the repair with drilling will not be brought to any responsibility. Due to the lack of grounds.

Neighbors drilling started

Many people, again, because of the mentality, will not want to sign such paper, and regardless of how many repairs are interfered. If the neighbor has not crossed all the faces and does not drill, working with a perforator at night on weekends or everyday life.

However, the mentality is gradually changing, and in many new buildings they will not stand this. If there is an opportunity, as an option, immediately move to the house where the rules are established, what can be done and what is not.

These are internal rules. They act in addition to the law, but within the framework of such. This option is suitable for those who want, for example, silence. Over, before the law requires.

How to deal with LOUD Upstair Neighbors

In other countries

To make repairs in the apartment is not easy and in many other states. It is also necessary to calculate what time it is allowed to drill on weekdays or weekends, take into account the features of the neighbors.

And if a person came from another country, he most likely does not yet understand the local mentality well enough. This is a common problem in countries that are called migrant countries (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

However, in these states, people living there have long been at least ready for the constant tributary of those who are poorly familiar with local rules and do not know what hours you can drill.

Sorry for the noice bc i have noisy neighbors btw this is a fail:D

If you come to live in a country, where most people of one culture, worldview, and they speak the same language, then getting understanding will be much more difficult. And the pressure on the visitor will be much stronger.


Perhaps many are interested in how things are in countries called conditionally Western countries. Because it is there that many still want to leave. In these states, people are very respected by the law.

And the law there is always fulfilled regardless of whether it is too tough or not. At least at the household level. This also applies to repairs on weekdays or weekends, whether it is an apartment building or private house.


If someone decided to make repairs in the apartment and began to drill at an unidentified time, then the neighbors will immediately call the police. Most likely, no one personally calls the apartment and will not ask to stop drilling. This is not customary to do, for various reasons.

The penalty for such repairs can reach a significant amount. Especially in the view of those who have recently arrived and have not yet been oriented in local prices, fines and in general in the ratio of salaries and expenses.

In principle, a fine for repairs at an unidentified time in an apartment, for example in the USA, is not so big relative to local salaries. Of course, the amount varies from state to state.

However, many, only having arrived, have not yet realized that it was illiterate to mentally transfer money into Russian rubles. It is important to make local salaries with local costs.

It is not easy to make repairs in the apartment, but it is possible. The main thing is to know the law perfectly. In countries where there are many migrants, a policeman himself can be recently arrived and get confused in some laws. Before starting repair or drilling, it is worth clarifying local laws and remembering their numbers.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that repairs can be done and allowed to be drilled according to the law of Russia on weekdays and, in some regions, on Saturday in 2022. However, time in the regions varies, so it is important to clarify first when exactly this is allowed in a specific place.

But on Sunday you can not drill and do repair throughout the Russian Federation. However, in addition to the legality, it is worth considering whether repair work does not interfere with anyone.

Administrative responsibility for noisy repairs on weekends and holidays

Before conducting a large.Scale check, the district inspector, as a rule, talks and issues a warning. What can be done:

  • To establish a schedule of noisy work (allowed time intervals, by the way, can be found from the district police officer);
  • Stop noise and review the repair plan.

However, if you do not react to the inspector’s order, the neighbors will write a repeated complaint, and the offender will be fined.