Where Sparks From An Angle Grinder Should Fly

Where Sparks From An Angle Grinder Should Fly

"Angle grinder", so long ago the craftsmen nicknamed the tool intended for cutting and grinding of metals, stones and other materials, angle grinder. The use of this tool is quite common in construction and in agriculture and at home, for various kinds of household fraud. The name the people got the car because of the country of manufacture, it is not difficult to guess Bulgaria.

Recently, the question "Which way should sparks fly from an angle grinder" has been causing a real stir. And the fact is that people respond in different ways, moreover, referring to their own personal experience. But if we are not talking about experience, but about how to do it right. Then you need to carefully study safety and operating technology.

The principle of operation "angle grinder"

What is this machine, firstly, the main working part is the disk. Disks for sawing and grinding, are different depending on the material with which you need to work. The operation process itself is an angle grinder, this is a movement of the nozzle disk at a tremendous speed, the disk has notches, due to which it is possible to cut the necessary material, and in case of a safety violation, get wounds and cuts.

Safety precautions

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Violation and non-observance of safety precautions leads to serious injuries. Therefore, before starting work, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, remember and follow.
Safety violation is work without protection and drank on yourself. It’s just beyond understanding. The stand should be the correct leg bent at the knees, the angle grinder a little to the side.

An angle grinder is a work tool that can be dangerous. The unit must be positioned towards you, with your heel. The head should never be on the cut line. And in this regard, it is correct to saw sparks from yourself or under a person, that is, at the feet, because:

  • You can see where the sparks fly
  • The likelihood of catching a suit or sawdust in the eye decreases, even when working with glasses, it can fly into.
  • When the disk scatters (this happens), the fragments go away from themselves, and not to the person.

Work technology

The direction in which the sparks fly will depend on how well the person is familiar with the technology of working with an angle grinder.

  • The first is a grip. It is necessary to hold the unit firmly with two hands, without transferring weight to any one hand. In the situation of a back strike with the right grip there will be no pulling out of the hands.
  • The cord should lie to the side, away from the rotating disk, but neither near nor on the cut line.
  • The direction of the sparks can be chosen aside from the master, and under it. the main thing is not for yourself. However, left-handed people do not have to choose, the only possible option is to direct the sparks “for themselves”.
  • When working with angle grinders, there should be a bucket of water nearby, as a precaution against fire.
  • The tool cannot be put off anywhere while the disk is spinning. Naturally, when moving from one place to another in operation, the angle grinder should be turned off.

The conclusion of the direction of the sparks from the angle grinder depends on the master, to choose from either on your own or for yourself.