Where the oil is poured into the chainsaw. How to prepare a fuel mixture correctly

Where to fill the oil in the chainsaw

In other cases, it is quite possible to replace the oil lubrication of the chain with any other except for the development. However, there is another nuance Often users have a question.“Why is the oil consumption for lubricating the chain more than the fuel mixture? After all, their consumption is interconnected?»Here it is worth considering that the manufacturers of chainsaws consider the oil consumption for lubrication of the chain, filling their branded. And the consumption of any other can differ both in the smaller and in the larger way.

Primer bulb not working on chainsaw

On many chainsaws, starting from semi.Professional, there is the possibility of setting up oil consumption for lubrication of the chain. This is done by adjusting the performance of the oil pump.

If such adjustment is not provided, then the settings are originally from the manufacturer. How to check whether the oil consumption for lubrication of the chain on your chainsaw? It is necessary to start the saw, give gas and bring to the board, log or other surface that is horizontally. From the working chain, particles of oil for lubrication of the chain should fly and leave a thin, even oil trace.

When to use a special oil for lubrication of the chain

The use of special oils for lubrication of the chain will be justified in the following cases:

50:1 Fuel to oil ratio easy way to calculate

  • You have a new chainsaw at warranty and to save it, you must use the oils recommended by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Otherwise, if it fails, for example, the oil pump will not be carried out under the warranty. This is especially true for expensive professional chainsaws.
  • You respect the environment and prefer not to pollute it once again. In this case, oils with the prefix “bio” are suitable.
  • When working at critical temperatures.

Consider several types of oils from different manufacturers and sort them by the price category, environmental friendliness and volume of containers.

Brands of oil lubrication chains

  • Oil for lubrication of the chain nanothek standard. Suitable for working at temperatures up to. 20 degrees.
  • Adhesive oil nanothek premium. For work at.30 degrees.
  • Oil for lubrication of the chain from the well.Known manufacturer of machines and equipment. Enkor. Capacity 1 liter.
  • And the last in this category oil from Champion. Capacity 1 liter.

Brandenous oils intended for use on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • Makita oil
  • Makita Biotop oil.
  • Adhesive oil Husqvarna bio.
  • Lubric oil for the OREGON 1 liter circuit.
  • STIHL BIO Plus oil.
  • Oil STIHL 1 liter

Oils packaged in containers large volumes allow you to save when buying. Relevant for enterprises having a large amount of work.

Often the most optimal choice for oil lubrication and tire will be the simplest oil of the M-8 or M-10 brand. Its characteristics quite satisfy the necessary goals.

At low temperatures, it is necessary to pour oil with a low temperature of thickening, otherwise it is possible to fail the pump for oil supply.

Advantages of high price oils

The composition of branded chain oils includes beneficial antioxidant, anti.Corrosion, stabilizing components and additives that contribute to the preservation of the working properties of oil and increase the wear resistance of working equipment in difficult operating conditions.

The quality of branded consumables is a reference. For the most part, these are the products of leading manufacturers of Stil, Khuskvarn, Echo, DEU and a number of others. Over the past few years, the qualities of Chinese chain oils produced at state.Owned enterprises have noticeably improved.

Owners of chainsaw technology independently decide which oil to use the chain of the chainsaw. In the best option, this is the consumable material adapted to the features of the region’s climate recommended by the instruction manual for this model.

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We understand species

When choosing a lubricant, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Basic (synthetics, mineral, semi.Synthetics).
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • The toxicity of the exhaust.
  • Washing properties.
  • Wear.
  • Superiority of rings.
  • The degree of smoke formation.

If you do not plan often and actively use the saw, there is no particular difference on which basis to use the oil. The technique is so high quality that it will be more likely to break in decades due to the general wear of details than from the use of the wrong oil.

By the way, if the active operation of the saw is assumed, it is important that the shaft rotates with a constant frequency. The service life of the tool directly depends on the stability of the shaft. The less the frequency changes, the longer the technique will work.

And a synthetic.Based lubricant are designed precisely for technology, which works on an industrial scale.

If you use mineral water for a long time, you can not switch to synthetics. If the equipment operates on a mineral water for more than 100 motorized hours, a large layer of soot will have time to form in the crankcase. Synthetic oil will destroy the soil and its dumped fragments can damage the saw cylinder.

Since a person is forced to work next to a chainsaw, she should produce a minimum of harmful substances. The lower the smoke formation of oil, the better for you.

Is it possible to fill in a chainsaw in a chainsaw

Many sawmills have found such a way to save a chainsaw as a tank for lubrication of a chain with a waste material that merges from car engines. This allows not only to significantly save on the purchase of oils, but also to spend waste oil products.

To lubricate the chains of chainsaws, you need to use only special lubricants, but not motor. The development has not only another viscosity, but also contains metal dust dust, grains and chips.

  • When the lubrication of the tools gets into the tank, these dust particles and grains, which are the production of metal, enter the oil pump. As a result, the device fails, and you have to repair the chainsaw
  • Small grains of metal also fall on the chain, so the accelerated process of heating the saw headset is not excluded, and its failure is out of order
  • Dulling the teeth of the chain, since the contact of the metal with the metal leads to the Rapid dulling of cutting teeth

The consequences of such unjustified savings are dangerous not only for the tool itself, but also for the sawdust. After all, at any moment the headset can break, which will entail negative consequences. If you want to save on buying lubricating materials, then buy oils from little.Known firms, like nanothek standard, premium nanothek and Encor.

The stingy pays twice, and this proverb really works, so if you do not want to overpay, it is recommended to refuel your tool with high.Quality materials, which will positively affect their performance and service life.

The advantages of branded motor oils are super and ultra

Branded lubricants do not need any additives and additional components. It should be borne in mind that fuel mixtures prepared with the use of mineral oils, and their synthetic analogues, it is forbidden to mix.

Recommendations for choosing motor oils

Even the most expensive motor oil for lubrication of the chainsaw is consumed in a minimum amount, so there is no serious reason for its rigid savings.

Based on this, experts advise excluding cheap falsifications from their scope, which are often realized under trading brands of famous manufacturers.

The result of natural selection was the stable demand for motor oils of Khuskvarna and Shtil brands. Many positive reviews about the quality of motor oils of the Makita trademark. Practice proven that the working properties of branded consumables are an order of magnitude higher than that of cheap Chinese analogues.

2-Stroke Cycle Gas Oil Fuel Mixture. Fix Tools, Engine. Best Operation Trick

On the other hand, it should be noted that the quality of Chinese motor oils manufactured at state enterprises is as close as possible to the characteristics of European consumables of the average price level.

Which oil is used for the chainsaw engine

To lubricate the internal parts of the chainsaw engine, special oils should be used, which differ from lubrication for four.Stroke engines in several parameters.

  • First, this is the quality of cleaning. The oil for the chainsaw engine should be cleaned as much as possible from various impurities. This is due to the fact that the channels in the carburetor of the chainsaws are too small and if the fuel mixture has any impurities, then they will clog, and accordingly the engine stop working.
  • Second, this is low smoke during combustion. As you know, the saw oil should be mixed with gasoline, which subsequently burns in the engine cylinder, and, accordingly, the lubricant burns with it. If a large amount of smoke is released from the burning mixture, this will negatively affect the exhaust system and, as an option, on the health of the operator.
  • Third, lubrication for chainsaws should burn with minimal formation of soot. Poor oils, when burning, form a large amount of soot, which shifts the piston and exhaust system.

The consequences of using poor.Quality oil can be very sad, up to the point that you need to replace the piston group of the chainsaw. The shift of the exhaust system entails a decrease in engine power, t. To. The throughput of the muffler and the exhaust window of the cylinder decreases, up to the complete clogging. Nar under the piston rings will not allow them to compress, which will lead to the formation of bully on the walls of the cylinder and jamming of the engine.

Using special lubricants for two.Stroke engines is not only useful for the engine, but also convenient, t. To. Manufacturers add dyes to them, thanks to which it is possible to determine the diluted gasoline or not, which in the case of conventional engine oils is impossible. Four.Stroke engine oil in a mixture with gasoline has no color.

The proportion of the mixture for a two.Stroke engine is indicated on the packaging. Manufacturers recommend adhere to dosage, t. To. The use of an incorrect mixture of oil with gasoline also affects the life of the engine, and it is harmful both to increase and reduce the proportion.

The choice of fuel

What kind of fuel to choose for a chainsaw is an osky question, the success of the unit directly depends on it. According to existing canons, good gasoline for a chainsaw is considered not ethylated, but highly octane from a proven manufacturer. The cleaner the fuel, the better. If gasoline was stored in the canister of a year and a half, then this will adversely affect the nature of the device, so the substance should be prepared before the start of work.

It is recommended not to use low.Octane fuel, to completely eliminate inexpensive oils from the circle of attention of dubious quality. Do not use ethyl fuel, it significantly reduces the resource of the power plant.

It is important to track so that there is no alcohol in fuel, any additives that may violate the functioning of the power plant. Specialists still conduct discussions that it is better than 95 or 92. The first has more stable detonation, but most often they still use the 92nd. The reason is simple: questions often arise to the 95th, it has a large number of different additives that have a poor effect on the work of the saw engine. Michentonization occurs (piston pulse into the opposite move), which takes place almost with each turnover of the crankshaft. If the octane number is even higher (98), then microuders will become even more intense.

The consequences of improper gasoline on the quality of the unit can only be negative:

Gasoline and oil for chainsaws.

The quality of these operational materials has a decisive effect on the functioning and service life of the chainsaw motor. A two.Stroke carburetor engine and two tanks are installed on at least some kind of saw (one for filling the fuel consistency, the other for filling the oil grease). The volume of the fuel tank is from 0.3 to 1 liter, and the volume of oil, usually less than 1.5–2 times. This ratio of volumes leads to the fact that the oil lubrication oil and the fuel mixture are completed approximately immediately, and specifically after 30–45 minutes of operation (at full load).

The need for the manufacture of fuel consistency is understandable to everyone who is familiar with two.Stroke engines: the difference between the working cycle of a two.Stroke engine from a four.Stroke leads to the fact that to lubricate all the rubbing parts (piston, shaft, etc.D.) You can not use the oil pumps and the oil has to be added specifically to gasoline. All this is quite fundamentally, because samples only work on gasoline or violation of the required proportions of gasoline-oil consistency will rapidly lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Tips on brands of gasoline and oil, also on the proportions of the fuel mixture of subsequent. When working with Russian chainsaws, 76th gasoline and ordinary oils for two-stroke engines are used, which are added to the mixture in an amount of about 4%, in other words in a ratio of 1/25. Foreign models require the introduction of gasoline with an octane number of 92 (or higher) and company oil manufacturers of chainsaws (with all this, the oil content in such a consistency should be about 1/40).

In principle, Russian oils for two.Stroke engines can also be used on foreign chainsaws, but, two incidents should be implied. At first, you must be convinced that the gasoline is unsuccessful. 2nd-if the oils are designed for engines with a speed of up to 8.5 thousand per minute, and in the chainsaws of foreign production, the revolutions can reach 11-14 thousand, then the introduction of these oils reduces the tool of the tool by an average of 7-10%. But for crap, how much oil is added to gasoline for how much oil to pour in gasoline. There is a game of candles. Decide for yourself.

With oil for lubricating the saw apparatus more abundant: in all models of domestic and profiles of chainsaws you can use ordinary Zhigulevsky oils (for example, motor oils are recommended for Husqvarna models, and transmissive oils are recommended for STIHL).

Attention should be directed to the features of the seasonal operation of the tool. If the saw is used at low temperatures, then even with the correct choice of all the ingredients, the quality of oil and fuel consistency may be unsatisfactory (crystallization occurs and viscosity increases significantly)

In this case, the saw itself should be adapted to use in such criteria. For example, it is necessary to predict the possibility of warming the carburetor during operation. In addition, it is recommended to warm up the saw before work (if it was stored in an unheated room)-in order to avoid unnecessary consequences due to the presence of condensate.

Where to fill the oil in the chainsaw

At gas stations, you can find fuel of different types. Each of them has its own cost and technical characteristics, including special additives in gasoline. However, not every brand is suitable for a chainsaw. In order not to spoil the equipment and provide optimal work, it is necessary to fill in fuel above 92. Some experts note that due to the low quality of the Russian fuel and lubricants, instead of 92, 95 should be used.

Another rule of the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw is associated with ethyled fuel. Choosing this type of fuel is strictly prohibited, since it increases the failure of the engine and its components.

Than to lubricate the chain?

The most effective means are lubricated materials with a high degree of adhesion. To save, some users can fill in machine or transmission oil. It will be spent faster and lubricate the details worse. The composition of special oils for the chain has adhesive components that lubricate the moving parts well and adhere to the surface as tightly as possible with the surface. The denser the oil stimulates, the less it is lost during operation, the longer the saw will work.

  • A good degree of adhesion. You need to drop a couple of drops of oil on your fingers, squeeze them tightly and push them out. Adhesive oil will be pulled between the fingers. The remaining types of oil will simply lubricate the skin.
  • Density. The more liquid oil, the greater he has consumption. From our own experience we can say that the STIHL oil is more economically consumed and, accordingly, it is more economical. Thick oil is more slowly consumed, but it penetrates worse into hard.To.Reach areas of the chain and freeze very quickly in the cold. Liquid oils penetrate the nodes better, but fly faster due to centrifugal force.
  • Environmental friendliness. To minimize the damage to the environment, it is advisable to choose a plant.Based oil that can decompose after use.

Correct ratios and cooking for popular manufacturers

Different manufacturers recommend different proportions for their chainsaws

Their observance is followed with attention. The lack of lubrication leads to the failure of the internal combustion engine

An excess. To the loss of power, smoke, the formation of soot with all the above problems.

How to dilute for STIHL, in particular for the MS 180 model

The manufacturer recommends for engines of his chainsaws, including the Shtil model 180 ms HP Ultra oil in a proportion of 1:50. It provides the highest capacity, service life and cleanliness of the ICE. It is also recommended to use motor oils in cans with the inscription STIHL

It is important to purchase original, but not counterfeit products here

In the case of a mix of oil and gasoline, not so. The mixture can be stored up to 2 years. After long storage, the container must be shaken to mix the possible precipitate.

poured, chainsaw, prepare, fuel, mixture

Motomix is ​​a ready.Made fuel mixture from STIHL, very comfortable when there is no time or the opportunity to mix liquids in place

How to dilute for a Husqvarna saw

The manufacturer in the operating instructions recommends using special oil for Husqvarna. It is adapted to the engines of this manufacturer, provides a long service life and quality work. Poured in a ratio of 1:50.

It is allowed to use oils for two.Stroke air.Cooled ICE from other manufacturers. If a proportion is not indicated on the canister, the manufacturer of the chainsaw of Khuskvarna recommends pouring an increased dose, in the proportion of 1:33.

Thus, a 1.Liter of gasoline for the chainsaw of Huskvarn is flooded:

  • 20 ml (in the colloquiality of grams) Husqvarna oil (1:50).
  • 20 ml of other acceptable oil, if 1:50 is indicated on the canister.
  • 30 ml per 1 liter of gasoline, 1:33, if another proportion is not indicated.

Khuskvarna does not recommend storing the cooked mixture longer than 30 days. Before pouring a defended mixture, it is necessary to shake.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for Partner chainsaws, in particular Partner 350

For his saws, including model 350, the partner recommends using Talon branded oil in a ratio of 1:40, that is, 1 part for 40 parts of gasoline.

In order to calculate the need for 1 liter (1000 ml), 1000 should be divided into 40. Result. 25 ml per 1 liter (1000 ml) of gasoline.

In the instructions of this manufacturer there is no information about the permissible replacement of the recommended Talon oil with others. In practice, oils for two.Stroke engines with air cooling and other brands are used. In this case, the proportions are recommended already by oil manufacturers and are indicated on the canister.

Pay attention to the canister, the inscription 1:40, this once again confirms that each oil has its own recommended mixing proportions with gasoline

How to breed gasoline with oil Huter

The manufacturer Huter does not release any one brand oil for his chainsaw. There are recommendations for a general type. JASO FC classification oil or others: API TV, API TS, JASO FB for two.Stroke ICE of air cooling.

Chainsaw Basics: Fuel and Oil

In the operating instructions, Huther himself does not call proportions, but indicates that the mixture is compiled in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer of the oil.

For example, if the canister indicates 1:50. 20 ml per 1 liter of gasoline is poured. If indicated 1:40. 25 ml per 1 liter.

How much oil per liter of gasoline is poured into Champion chainsaws

For his chainsaws, the Champion recommends using Champion oil for two.Stroke high.Speed air.Cooled ICE. Proportion 1:50, that is, for 1 liter of gasoline 20 ml.

In addition to the Champion proprietary, the use of oils for the same engines of other brands is allowed. In this case, it must comply with the standards of API TV/C or JASO FC/D, which should be indicated on the label of the canister.

How many grams of oil per 1 liter of gasoline are needed for Makita saws

Makita recommends for its gasoline saws, Makita oil for high.Performance two.Stroke engines

Makita pays attention to environmental protection. Oils of this brand have a minimum of polluting exhaust

Recommended proportions 1:50, 1 liter is poured 20 ml. It is allowed to replace with analogues of other brands, provided that they meet the international standard TS-3. At the same time, it is recommended to add more oil in the instructions, 1:40, for 1 liter 25 ml.

Oil dosage in the Chinese version

Many Chinese buildings are simplified copies of popular European development models. The absence of special materials and branded technologies helps to preserve the outdated proportion of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 25: 1.

Inhabited by double the flow of engine oil is compensated by its lower cost. According to developers, original components are included in Chinese oils that help increase the wear resistance of power units and the real extension of their assigned resource.

According to independent experts, the best brands of Chinese motor lubricants in quality correspond to the analogues of European manufacturers of the middle price range. This is the level of branded motor oils of the standard group and partially. Super.

Oil for a chainsaw: what to fill, in what ratio with gasoline, which for chains, and which for stars

Gasoline, as well as oil and chain oils, play one of the key roles for stable tools. The durability of the main working mechanisms of the saw depends on their quality and properties, therefore, the choice of fuel and lubricants should be treated with special responsibility. Regular use of high.Quality lubricants and fuel is the main key to the long.Term operation of the chainsaw without its unforeseen breakdowns.

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

During the choice of a suitable fuel, each owner of the instrument must build from the brand and manufacturer of the model available in the farm. Old saws of domestic production called Urals and friendship is best refined with gasoline of the AI-80 brand. It contains precisely the additives that are necessary for the stable operation of unpretentious domestic engines. Modern domestic models are designed to work from 92th gasoline.

A little differently things are with imported chainsaws. Motors of all these models are designed for more gentle fuel, so German, Swedish, American and Japanese chainsaws need to be seasoned exclusively with gasoline, AI-92 brands.

An important role in choosing gasoline is played by his condition. Many novice gardeners are sure that in the fuel tank of the saw you can fill in a fuel that has been in the canister for a long time. Some believe that the tool works in conditions of constant dust, and it is precisely because of this in the carburetor that manufacturers provided for a special air compensator, which works with air filter wear.

This opinion is fundamentally erroneous. As a result of a long stay in the canister, gasoline loses the main properties, and its composition, depending on the material of the container, is replenished with plastic molecules or metal rust.

To prevent this, you need to regularly use only fresh fuel from proven gas stations. It is best to buy 2-3 liters of gasoline every morning before starting work in the garden. The use of fresh gasoline will facilitate the launch of the chainsaw, and will significantly extend its operating time.

Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw?

In almost every operating instructions, you can find instructions from manufacturers that for regular refueling of a household tool you need to use gasoline with a constant octane number not higher than 92. Despite this, many novice gardeners continue to refuel their saws with 95th gasoline, in vain believing that it is better.

It should be remembered that the engines of all imported and some domestic instruments are initially designed to work from 92th gasoline. If you pour 92nd gasoline into the fuel tank, this will lead to the push of the piston into the anti-income, which is often called detonation. This dangerous process will become cyclical, and will be repeated at each turnover of the crankshaft of DIS. There is probably no need to say that the use of 98 gasoline will affect the piston and the condition of the chainsaw engine even worse.

Oil for two.Stroke chainsaw engines

Modern gasoline saws can be equipped with 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. In the latter, the oil initially enters the details of the crooked-shaped group directly from the motor crankcase.

In contrast, in two.Stroke factory engines, fuel enters the plane located under the piston. To refuel such chainsaws to fresh gasoline, you need to add motor oil. It lubricates the rubbing parts of the engine, preventing their premature wear.

Oil for 2 stroke engines of chainsaws must correspond to a number of important parameters:

poured, chainsaw, prepare, fuel, mixture
  • When burning oil, the minimum amount of ash should form. It is best that the oil used is burned in full;
  • The lubricant should quickly dissolve in gasoline;
  • Oil for 2-stroke engines should be cleaned of harmful impurities that can lead to blocks of carburetor trunk.

The choice of oils for 2-stroke engines largely depends on the types of cooling systems. For the lubrication of ICE equipped with air cooling systems, 2T standard compounds are suitable. For engines cooled by liquid systems, you should choose oils with TC-W3 marking.

In any case, the oil for constant lubrication of the engine used should have the highest quality. During combustion, low.Quality oils form a large amount of soot, which settles on the walls of the cylinder and under the piston rings. Because of this, standard rings lose the opportunity to contract, as a result of which burrs appear on the internal walls of the motor cylinder. In addition, poor-quality lubricant leads to overheating of the details of a crooked-shaped mechanism. As a result of this, they jam and completely fail.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw?

A mixture of gasoline with butter should constantly be prepared in a clean container, on the walls of which there are measured marks. This will give the owner of the chainsaw the opportunity to accurately determine the amount of gasoline and engine oil mixed by him. The material from which the container is made should be resistant to gasoline. Metal vessels are well suited for this.

Pour fuel and lubricants through a watering can to prevent the loss of components. In order for the lubrication used to completely dissolve into a combustible, filled container will need to shake several times several times. As a result, the gasoline mixture should become evenly color. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is no precipitation at the bottom of the vessel.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw

Each company engaged in the production of chainsaws sets up engines and basic carburetors to work with different lubrication. Therefore, the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw may vary slightly.

Most often, when mixing fuel with butter, manufacturers advise using 1:50 proportions, or 1:40. This means that 1 part of motor lubrication must be mixed in 50 or 40 parts of fuel, respectively.

Other lubricants

There are two more well.Known manufacturers of chainsaws, the products of which occupy a considerable market share in the Russian Federation. This is Makita and Patriot. Motor oil for chainsaws of these manufacturers is also produced under their own brands.

Which oil for the Makita chainsaw? Ideally, of course, the original from the same manufacturer. Lubricants manufactured under the Makita brand have a balanced set of qualities and a relatively low price among such branded products.

Which oil for the Patriot chainsaw oil is used? There are also branded lubricants here. It is best to use them. And these oils are produced in several versions.

The line of company products also contain lubricants for chains. Lubrices for the chainsaws of the Patriot brand have proven themselves well. And today they are often used as alternatives and in another technique.

From domestic products, 2-stroke oil “LUKOIL” is pronounced brightly. At a low cost, this product has really impressive properties.

After its use in most cases, soot is not formed in the combustion chamber. LUKOIL oil mixes perfectly and has good lubricating and protective properties.

It is also worth noting such an immortal option as ordinary M8 motor oil. Despite the great abundance of specialized lubricants, many owners of the chainsaws use it in the old fashioned way.

This option is permissible in the short term and only for easy operating modes. But you need to be prepared for the appearance of heavy deposits, if you use motor lubricants on an ongoing basis.

In the industrial sphere, they cannot be used: it will greatly affect the saw resource. It is more reliable to use specialized lubricants.

General concept of the lubrication system of the chain of the chain

To understand how important the choice of chain oil for the chainsaw is, we will consider the principle of operation of the lubricant itself on the example of STIHL 180. This model is selected as one of the most common modifications of the chainsaw from Shtil.

The system of lubrication of the chain “Shtil” 180 consists of several main parts:

  • Expansion tank;
  • Tubes of the supply of lubricants from the tank to the pump;
  • Oil pump;
  • Channels for supplying lubrication to the tire (on some saws, the intensity of oil rolling into the tire can be adjusted);
  • Channels inside the tire for the distribution of lubricant over the entire working surface of the saw headset.

The intensity of the lubricant supply for the chain of the chain of the STIHL 180 chainships in the general case is not manually regulated. You can adjust the oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw in some other models (for example, at Husqvarna saws).

And in this saw there is a simple rule: the higher the engine speed, the more intensively the pump rotor rotates and in a larger amount the lubricant fluid comes to the saw.

Subtle settings without the use of the methods that are not provided for by the instructions for the operation of the methods are absent.

Oil is poured into a special tank with each refueling fuel. The designers worked out this chainsaw in such a way that after the production of fuel in the expansion tank, oil should still remain in a small amount. That is, with proper operation, the likelihood is excluded that the chainsaws will work on dry.

The lubricant system works as follows. The crankshaft through kinematic connection drives the rotary oil pump of the simplest structure.

The oil pump creates discharge and sucks grease from the tank. Then he drives it under pressure into the tire system system. Oil enters the driven teeth of the chain and spreads throughout the headset. The chain, the working surface of the tire and its front needle bearing are lubricated.

The oil does not enter the chain, what are the reasons

It is not always possible to immediately see that the oil is not supplied to the chain of the chainship. Signs of lack of lubrication:

  • The level in the tank does not decrease;
  • The cut goes with difficulty, accompanied by the smell of a burning tree;
  • Oil droplets do not fly off the tip of the tire of the chainsaw.
poured, chainsaw, prepare, fuel, mixture

Having discovered a malfunction of the oil system, it is necessary to establish its cause. There are few of them. Clogs, a break of the hose or a malfunction of the oil pump.

Most often clogged with dirt and sawdust channel oil drodics. Air purge or cleaning with thin wire is enough to eliminate the malfunction. The oil tank has its own internal filter. When using normal oil, its clogging is unlikely, and when pouring it, it is quite possible. We’ll have to clean.

It may be damaged or the oil hose is completely cut off. You can temporarily seer the damaged place, but it will be more reliable to replace with a new.

And the most serious problem is the breakdown of the oil pump. The reasons can be different. The teeth of the worm gear have worn out, the plunger and others were jammed. Removing the pump and replacing the damaged part yourself will not be easy. Reliable and easier to contact the service center.