Where to pour oil into a gaykovert.

Lubrication of the shock mechanism

This instruction must be studied by the operator before the start of the operation of the pneumatic ovvert. To be accessible and understandable to personnel to the operating tool, staff (service) and safety controllers.

The pneumatic security unit is designed to tighten and unscrew the threaded joints during assembly of metal structures, machine tools, bridges and tunnels, etc. D. Where high performance and reliability of the connection is required. The accuracy of the tightening moment during the operation of the pneumatic gaykorta depends a lot on the degree of wear of the GaikoVERT, the quality of compressed air and the correct construction of the pneumatic network, on the qualification of the operator.

Labor safety and hygiene requirements

The operator, before starting work, must undergo appropriate training and accurately get acquainted with the “safety requirements”.

  • Apply protective glasses.
  • You always need to turn off the tool from the compressed air network before replacing shock heads, conducting some instrument adjustments or before preserving the pneumatic gaycortic.

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Non.Compliance with this condition can lead to injuries.

  • Apply hearing and vision protection means in conditions where it is necessary.
  • Apply protective mittens.
  • Gaykowert is used only in accordance with the purpose.
  • Do not exceed the pressure of the network to increase the moment of tightening. This increases the wear of the pneumatic storage and leads to a loss of warranty.
  • Do not block the starting lever in the “Work” position.
  • The operator’s workplace should be free from extraneous items, which can lead to a fall. Must be well lit.
  • Do not allow work with damaged hoses, monitor their condition.
  • Remember that the Gaykowert does not protect against electric shock.
  • Provide free access to the cranes of the compressed air in the event of an accident or rupture of the hose.
  • Before starting work, the air fitting must be tightly connected to the compressed air supply hose and squeezed with a clamp.
  • Before connecting the gykovert to the compressed air network, it is recommended to blow the hose to remove water and other pollution. Use hoses 10.15 m long, a large length causes a pressure drop that drops the energy of the blow.
  • If necessary, apply longer hoses, first use a larger diameter hose, and then with a recommended diameter.
  • Connect the fitting with a hose and tighten thoroughly with a clamp.
  • Check that the starting lever is not blocked in the work position and only then serve compressed air.

It is recommended to work with dry compressed air with the creation of oil fog.

The corresponding lubrication of the gaykorta during operation is necessary in order to ensure its high survivability and reliability.

Given the intensive operation of the pneumatic vehicle, oil for lubrication, should differ in properties that prevent wear and excessive heating of the rubbing elements, the formation of rust and other oxidation products.

Recommended oils that fulfill the above requirements: PNE32 Lotos and Shell Torcula 32

Dapor Maslenkoblok air preparation, it is necessary to set 3-4 drops per 1m³ at the level of 3-4 of the air. The remoteness of the preparation unit from a hammer is not more than 7 meters. In exceptional cases, when the network does not have an oil, be sure to every day before starting work, pour 2-4 ml of recommended oil through the air supply pipe into the tool. It is necessary to repeat this action every 2 hours of operation of the device.

It is worth absolutely observing this indication.

Detection during warranty repairs that the Gaikovert worked without lubrication, will be the basis for loss of warranty.

  • After assembling all the elements (Paragaf 3), install the shock head of the required size on the spindle.
  • The Gaikovert starts after connecting it to the compressed air network by pressing the lever (pos.38),
  • During operation, the Gaykowert must be confidently and firmly holding in his hands, providing pressure directed towards twisted surfaces, the pressure is carried out within 150. 200 Newton (comparable with how an adult was leaned on the table). Do not provide excessive pressing effort. This does not lead to an increase in performance.
  • The optimal tightening moment is reached 5-7 seconds after touching the nut of the folded surfaces. Do not keep a gaykowert in a loaded state for a long time, this leads to premature wear of the shock mechanism.
  • Be careful. Beware of the reactive effect.
  • Effective and productive work of the GaikoVERT requires an operator dexterity.
  • Do not allow the “idle” work of the Gaykowert, this leads to failure. Do not direct the Gaikovert with the working tool installed in it and the surrounding people. Do not allow excessive overheating of the shock mechanism of the tool.
  • Do not work with a gaykwern like a hammer.

At the end of the work, disconnect the compressed air, disconnect the sleeve from the gaykowert and shut up the squeezed air hole with a traffic jam so that the dirt does not fall into the gaycort.

ATTENTION: All examinations and repairs are carried out only after disconnecting the device from the compressed air network.

Pneumatic Gaykowert.

Buying a pneumatic gaykort, we naturally expect that it will serve us faithfully for many years. Well, if the model was purchased not from a cheap segment, but a well.Known one, who has established itself in the market and, as a result, quite expensive (you always have to pay extra), then we generally believe in its “indestructibility”. And often at the same time we completely forget that even the highest quality and most reliable tool requires attention and proper care. Only if the instructions are observed on its use and maintenance, you can provide your tool with a long and fruitful life, which can be much longer even declared by the manufacturer.

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Therefore, probably, it will not be completely superfluous to remind you once again about how to extend your life to your pneumatic gaykoVVEVET.

Gaykowert, like any pneumatic tool, requires a thorough selection of pneumatic equipment. The first and most important component of this chain is the compressor.

What is it needed for?

The lubricator is used in pneumolines to spray oil into a stream of compressed air, ensuring the lubrication of the internal working parts of the pneumatic tools and their components, including drive cylinders, valves and engines. Lubricated air helps to reduce wear, providing smooth and stable operation of a pneumatic tool.

In the first case, the lubricant is installed stationary in the air ductile system after the pressure regulator or after the moisture detachment with the regulator. The entire system is installed as close to the tool as possible. The length of the hose between the lubricant and the pneumatic equipment should not exceed 10 meters. It is worth remembering that such a lubricator should be located above the tool, since the oil aerosol does not move well up.

A multi.Point lubricant can serve several tools with a tool. Lubricators can have various inch diameters of the intake/exhaust hole, as well as different volumes for oil.

The throughput depends on the diameter of the input/output, so the lubricant should be selected based on the amount of air consumed by the air tool in order to ensure maximum efficiency for all operators. Most models have a special screw that allows you to adjust the oil supply intensity.

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In the second case, the lubricator is installed immediately after the tool handle and provides lubrication of the only tool. In addition, such a lubricant can be installed in the pneumolinia along with the main model to ensure greater efficiency.


The main function of industrial oils and lubricants is the minimization of the wear of the rubbing components and a decrease in energy consumption to overcome friction in various equipment nodes. In addition, the substances remove heat from in contact elements, clean the surface of dirt and other particles, seal the friction sites.

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All industrial oils and lubricants are divided into mineral, oil and synthetic. According to the aggregate state, liquid lubricant oils with fluidity are distinguished, as well as plastic lubricants, the standard condition of which is a mastic.

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Hello gentlemen garages, carpets, etc.D. And t.P. I want to ask about pneumatic oil oil. It really needs it or you can do simply with machine oil, and oil for a pneumatic tool is just a marketing move to sell more expensive?! Who has what experience using special oil and just ordinary machine tools? There are so many brands that the head goes around. What should be the specification, marking, etc.D? I would be grateful to everyone who responded on these issues. I think that not only I am interested in these questions. Thanks!

If the oil is applied correctly and often, the life of the tools with a lubricated mechanism and oil bathroom will be very similar. However, in most cases, the oil is not used often enough, and the service life of the shock mechanism is significantly reduced. A low.Level stroke gaykorte works with lower power, and if the tool is constantly used with insufficient lubrication, the internal components wear out and the life of the tool is reduced.

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Increase in the service life of the shock key due to the lubrication of the air braid and the shock mechanism

Your pneumatic key becomes unreliable, faulty or suddenly stops working? One of the most common causes of insufficient strength and premature failure of the tool is insufficient lubrication.

Calibration of the device: why is it important?

Your device works great, but how can you know exactly if it is correctly measured? There is a need for calibration here.

Lubrication of pneumo grinders. Lubricator fitting.

It is worth fully observing this indication.

The detection of warranty repairs at one time that the Gaikovert worked without lubrication will be the basis for loss of warranty.

  • After assembly of all parts (Paragaf 3), install a shock head of the desired size on the spindle.
  • The Gaikovert starts after connecting it to the Air Air of High Pressure, by pressing the lever (pos.38),
  • At one time, Gaikovert must be confidently and firmly kept in the palm of your hand, providing pressure directed towards twisted surfaces, the pressure is carried out within the framework of 150. 200 Newton (comparablely for the purpose of an adult leaned on the table). Do not provide excessive pressing effort. This does not lead to an increase in performance.
  • The best tightening moment is reached 5-7 seconds after touching the nut of the folded surfaces. Do not keep a gaykort for a long time in a loaded state, this leads to early wear of the shock mechanism.
  • Be careful. Beware of the reactive effect.
  • Effective and productive work of the GaikoVERT asks for Operator’s dexterity.
  • Do not allow the “idle” work of the Gaykowert this leads to wear. Do not direct the Gaikovert with the working equipment installed there on yourself and surrounding people. Do not allow excess overheating of the shock mechanism of the tool.
  • Do not work with a gaykwern like a hammer.

After completing the work, disconnect the compressed air, disconnect the sleeve from the gaykowert and shut up the air supply hole of high pressure with a traffic jam so that the mud does not get into the gaykort.

Pneumatic GaykoVert with adjustment of the tightening moment

Most of modern shock gaykortes are equipped with a tightening control function. The main task of this function is to prevent fasteners from tugs, breakdown or hat. The adjustment will be useful for tightening relatively small nuts and bolts, a tool with a high torque. The fasteners on the M8 will most likely be spoiled if it is twisted with a tool without a regulator, with a maximum torque of 1000 nm.

The principle of operation of the pneumatic gaykorte with adjustment is to limit the supplied air, as a result of which the torque decreases. For example: if the Fubag pneumatic control is 900 nm, set the number number 3, its torque decrease to 450 nm, which will confidently tighten the fasteners of M14. The number of modes on various tools may vary, but on average there are from 3 to 5. Information about the operating modes is indicated in the documentation attached to the tool. Each separate device has its own characteristics of adjustable capacities.

We use the pneumatic stroke correctly!

Before work:

Check the condition of the air system hoses. Drain the condensate from the Jeeneen-Separate filter. The air line from the lubricator to the tool must be blown to the pressure of the air so that inside the highway is clean and dry. The presence of moisture and dust in the pneumatic massacre leads to the formation of corrosion on the details of the Gaikrovert, worsens the work and power characteristics, and, as a result, to the failure of the pistol.

Check the air pressure in the air line from the compressor to the tank tool. For maximum tool performance, it is necessary to maintain constant working pressure 6.3 bar. To adjust the pressure, use separate regulators or moisture separators with a regulator or a single air preparation unit.

Use the correct sizes of connections, hoses and fittings to ensure the maximum productivity of the tool.

For convenience and safety of work, use quick.Detachable compounds. Check them. Make sure they are well connected and do not let out air (do not “poison”).

pour, gaykovert

Use lubricants and lubricators to prevent premature wear of the tool and the appearance of rust. Before connecting the pistol with the hose, drop 4-5 drops of machine oil (!Not very thick) in the inlet air valve.

Use personal protective equipment: glasses (mask), headphones, gloves.

Use only those end heads that are recommended for use with a gaykort.

When connecting threaded fittings directly with the tool, use liquid sealant, for example, permatex. Do not use Teflon tape.

Reactive jet copper tube will HEAT THE WHOLE WORKSHOP!

The workplace must be provided by ventilation.

pour, gaykovert

During work:

  • Install the right direction of rotation (F. Right, R. Left) using a switch;
  • Set the desired value of speed (moment of rotation) using the regulator in shares from the maximum value (“1”. The smallest);
  • During operation, take a stable position;
  • Long.Term and strong vibration causes numbness and is harmful to health. Take breaks in work;
  • The trigger allows you to turn on/off the mechanism and does not have a fixed on position. It should be noted that after you release the trigger, the rotation of the mechanism will be carried out for a few more seconds;
  • If the gaykowert at maximum power cannot unscrew the threaded connection during 5 second, then apply penetrating lubricant, for example, Valera or WD-40, and try again. If the connection is not unscrewed, then use a more powerful model;
  • The gaykowert can cause return and lead to injury if the fasteners are twisted too much. In such cases, use a hand tool.

After work:

  • Do not throw the tool. For safety reasons, only after a complete stop of rotation, place the tool on a horizontal surface or hang on a hook;
  • It is necessary to block the pressure in the highway, remove the equipment, disconnect the tool from the air line.

Lubrication for pneumons

The service life of any mechanical tool largely depends on the quality of the lubrication of its parts. The easier the mechanism will work, the less wear will occur. If you want Gaikovert to serve you with faith and truth for more than one year, follow the elementary rules for serving the tool.

To add oil to the gayword mechanism, you do not need to disassemble it. It is enough to add about 8-10 drops of lubricant to the tool pipe where the air hose is installed, then start and let it work for 30 seconds at idle so that the oil is distributed faster through the details. This procedure should be repeated every 3-4 hours with continuous operation, as well as before cleaning the tool for storage.

If you use the tool constantly, actions for gravy oil every 4 hours can turn into routine. To eliminate unnecessary distracting factors from your workflow, install the oilfield for a gaykowert (lubricant), which will serve the oil gradually during operation. This method is more convenient and provides constant lubrication of parts, just do not forget to add oil into the lubricant itself.

In addition to the main mechanism of the rotor, there are elements in the Gaikovert that require a consistent, non.Conductive lubricant. Such elements include bearings, couplings and hammers. For this procedure, the tool will need to be disassembled to get to the desired parts. Fortunately, one lubricant is enough for 50-60 hours of continuous work.