Which Chain To Choose For A Chainsaw

Types and main indicators of chainsaws

Conventionally, all saws are divided into domestic, semi-professional and professional.

  1. Household tools are used in the construction of household buildings, for cutting boards, harvesting firewood and much more. Most often, a household saw has a small power and weight, and is designed for 20-25 hours of work per month.
  2. Semi-professional chainsaws are designed for longer loads. With their help, houses are built, trees are falling, branches are cut at sawmills. The duration of their work can be whiter than 2-3 hours a day.
  3. The professional tool has a power that exceeds 2.5 kW and can work without interruption for 8 hours. It is designed for a load of about 10 hours a day and is used in industry for cutting wood. The resource of such chainsaws is three times higher than the resource of household models.

Power and weight of the tool

When choosing a chainsaw for the home, first of all, you should pay attention to its power, which will depend on cutting speed and depth:

  • for work on the garden plot there will be enough power of 1.5-2 kW;
  • if large loads on the tool are expected, it is better to choose a model with a power of 2-6 kW.

When choosing a saw, attention should also be paid to the ratio of power and weight. It is very important for comfortable and high-quality tool operation.

Saw motor and chain

Which Chain To Choose For A Chainsaw

All chainsaws are equipped with a carbureted two-stroke engine with two tanks. One tank for fuel has a volume of 0.3-1 liter, the second for oil. two times less. Thanks to this ratio, gasoline and oil in the engine end simultaneously.

Instruments of foreign manufacturers require high quality gasoline and branded oils. Domestic chainsaws can run on ordinary motorcycle oil and seventy-sixth gasoline.

Chain pitch determines the distance between the teeth of the saw, so pay special attention to it when buying.

  1. Residential models have a minimum pitch of 0.325 inches.
  2. powerful saws are equipped with chains in increments of 0.404 inches. They are distinguished by great performance, but at the same time, and great vibration. They are used for bucking and felling trees.
  3. Chains with wider pitch are equipped only with powerful high torque devices.

Tires and tool safety

The depth of cut of the chainsaw depends on the length of this indicator. Household saws for home and garden are equipped with tires up to 40 cm long, professional tools. up to 75 cm.

In addition, attention must be paid to the ratio of power and tire length. Insufficient tool power can lead to rapid wear and engine breakdowns, as well as high fuel consumption.

When the end of the tire comes into contact with the material being processed, the tool is sharply discarded, and a back strike is obtained, which is one of the dangerous moments in operation. To prevent injury, you should quickly stop the chain. This can be done using the lever located in front of the operator’s left hand.

The inertial brake, the drive of which is located in the shield, stops the saw. The lever responsible for its inclusion occupies two positions. During operation, the hand rests on the lever, and if necessary puts the inertial brake into action. Therefore, when choosing a saw, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of its work.

Chainsaw rating

When choosing a tool for the home, special attention should be paid to its technical characteristics and additional options.

Powerful KRÜGER chainsaw (Germany) 4.5 hp

Chainsaws of the German manufacturer KRUGER demonstrate the best ratio of quality and price. Despite their impeccable functionality, they are available to most consumers. Among the main options. a soft start system, the presence of a cover for the tire, providing maximum operator safety.

The manufacturer pleases with the complete set of KRÜGER chainsaws. It has everything for maintenance, two chains, a refueling case. The increased power allows you to perform a wide range of work over time. Kruger chainsaw is used in construction, logging, clearing the site. Saws of the German brand Kruger meet the highest requirements of reliability and safety.

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Husqvarna. chainsaws from a Swedish manufacturer

A professional tool from a well-known manufacturer always tops the rating of the best chainsaws. The equipment produced under this brand has an economical engine and is adapted for operation in Russian conditions.

The models are made using the latest technology, due to which the exhaust and save up to 20% of fuel. The powerful Husqvarna chainsaw engine is equipped with an air cleaning system that does not require service for a long time.

Oleo Domestic Chainsaws. Mac

Due to an affordable price and excellent characteristics, high places in the ranking are occupied by an instrument from an Italian manufacturer. The equipment, which has been produced for more than forty years, is small in size and light in weight. It is very convenient to use as a delimber. When developing the models of this company, technologies were used that are used to manufacture a tool of a higher class.

Popular Stihl Chainsaws

The equipment produced by German manufacturers is suitable for work both on the site and on small logging. The tool is considered a model of reliability and takes one of the first places in the ranking. Lightweight and optimally balanced chainsaws equipped with tires of 14-16 inches. With their help, you can cope with any work on the garden plot. The maximum comfort during the work of the instrument is provided by a thought-out control system having only one lever.

Hyundai chainsaws. reliability and ease of operation

The tool of a popular South Korean manufacturer is in demand all over the world. It is easy to operate, reliable, productive and has an affordable cost.

The EASY-START start-up system and the powerful engine of the unit allow you to easily cope with work in gardening or farming, on a personal plot or during the construction of a house. And the light weight of the chainsaw will allow its owner to work with her tirelessly for quite a long time.

Makita chiansaws. an optimum ratio "price quality"

The equipment of this manufacturer has proven itself in many areas of activity, therefore it always has a high rating. Equipped inertial brake units have reduced vibration and are able to work for a long time. A special electronic ignition system and a fuel pump of the latest modification allow you to start the tool engine even after a long standstill in the cold season.

Echo chainsaws. reliability and unpretentiousness

This Japanese brand received a well-deserved high rating and recognition in the Russian market. A reliable and unpretentious tool has a mass of only about four kilograms, which allows you to work with it even with one hand. Starting its engine is facilitated by a special pulley design. In addition, the unit is equipped with a quick cleaning system for the air filter, which greatly facilitates its maintenance.

Partner Chainsaw. Great Garden Helper

This rating of decent chainsaw models will help potential owners make the right tool choice. After all, often a huge assortment of chainsaws is presented on the market, which leads buyers into confusion.

Customer reviews

Seven years ago we bought Husqvarna 137 chainsaw. During this time, she had to work in harsh conditions at any time of the year. Now, of course, it needs repair, but in fairness I want to say that any other saw would hardly have survived.

Using this tool, we built one house and repaired another. With a chainsaw, I sawed the lower crowns of the old house, in which the logs were like stone. I had to work in the sand and in the mud. It happened that I came across a nail. Although I lubricated the end of the tire, it was still overheating due to exorbitant loads. In the fifth year of life, the instrument was replaced by: a candle, a drive sprocket, a tire, a chain. Regularly cleaned the air filter. Now he is digging in oil and the saw is not starting up well. But I still do not cut firewood for her, and she copes with this work!

I want to talk about STIHL ms 180 chainsaw, which I use on the farm. If someone can not make a choice, then I advise this economical, easy to use, reliable, small-sized and hardy tool.

The appearance of the saw itself is cast. Nothing protrudes anywhere, does not flow out, there are no sharp stitching angles. The device weighs very little and holds well in the hand. Sawing her is very easy! In addition, a conveniently located lock is always at hand. With tremendous efficiency, it consumes fuel very economically. One minus. a saw is not very convenient to cut thick trees. I also want to say that you should not wear a chain for sharpening. Machines cut too much chips, resulting in reduced tool life. Sharpen the chain yourself using a file.

Oleo Chainsaw. Mac 937-16 was acquired by us for work on a personal plot. Her seller advised us, who claimed that he had been selling saws of this brand for a year now, and there were no complaints during that time. What can be said about this tool? This household saw is just designed for small jobs. It has a small weight, starts up and works easily. After buying a chainsaw completely lazy and almost never touch the hacksaw. Even if you need to cut a small board, I pulled the saw by the cord and you’re done.

I want to say that you can’t work with a household tool for a long time. Such saws quickly overheat. Therefore, from time to time, a break should be taken to allow the equipment to cool. Also, normal push-pull oil should be mixed with gasoline. When using low-quality oil, a chainsaw can be easily "screwed up". I’ll saw my little assistant and small things, and boards, and logs. Works great! A significant plus of the chainsaws of this model is a metal air filter. When it becomes clogged, the tool stops pulling. I take it off, clean it, and the chainsaw comes to life! It seems to me that such a filter is much more practical than disposable ones.