Which Circular Saw To Choose For Home

Wood processing is a laborious and lengthy process. A hand-held circular saw significantly reduces time costs and increases productivity. A lot of settings of modern models allows you to make accurate and accurate cuts. The range of circular saws and the price range are great. How to understand this abundance and choose the best option?

Purpose and device

Which Circular Saw To Choose For Home

Using a hand saw, you can cut wood and any of its derivatives, plastic, soft metals, slate. The design must fulfill two basic requirements:

  • accuracy of settings;
  • work safety.

The circular is not designed to work with concrete, brick and plaster and saws exclusively in a straight line.

The minimum configuration consists of:

  • housing;
  • electric motor;
  • gearbox;
  • protective box;
  • platforms;
  • guide rail.

The combination of optimal basic features for the user and useful additional functions creates the ideal circular saw for home and professional use.

Class selection

The classification is based on the diameter of the saw blade and is determined by the largest cutting depth of each model. This characteristic must be indicated in the data sheet of the tool mowed or perpendicular to the cut and is:

  • household for home: designed for cutting materials in sheets. from 40 to 50 millimeters;
  • pro-professional: able to cope with almost any job. from 50 to 65 millimeters;
  • professional: sawing to a depth of 140 millimeters.

Knowing what material to work with, one can make a choice only on the basis of this indicator. You can cut a thick bar in two steps: from the bottom and from the top, so it does not always make sense to chase a deep cut.

With the work at home and in the infield, a tool that cuts 60 mm will completely cope. If you plan to handle thick trunks and boards, it is recommended to invest in professional equipment.

The second indicator of equipment class is electric motor power. A good motor not only expands the capabilities of the tool, but also provides a long service life:

  • household. power less than 800 W;
  • semi-professional. 800. 1200 W;
  • Professional. more than 1200 watts.

A low-power tool will quickly overheat, prolonged intensive work on it is impossible. Household models are good for one-time work, if you plan to saw large volumes of material, it is better to choose a more powerful technique.

Important Features

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When choosing a hand-held circular saw, it is useful to pay attention to a few more characteristics:

Rotation frequency. It is directly related to the power of the motor, it depends on the frequency how accurately cutting of different materials will be performed. For sawing pressed plates it is recommended to choose a tool with a maximum speed of the disk.

Disk size A very important indicator that determines the depth of cut and speed. Disks are issued from 150 to 260 mm in diameter. The smallest. for low-power household appliances. Circles differ in the diameter of the landing hole, which can be from 16 to 32 mm, the most common saws are 30 and 32 mm.

It should be borne in mind that a large tool can be worn with a disc of a small diameter, but on the contrary it will not work: a protective cover will interfere. It is not recommended to choose models with a non-standard diameter, it will be difficult to choose wheels.

Res slope. Most quality tools are equipped with this option. The angle varies between 30. 55 degrees.

Ergonomics. This concept includes the shape of the handle, the weight of the case and ease of use. There are models with a variable position of the handle. it is very convenient and simplifies work in extreme conditions. For example, when repairing a house roof. The weight of the device depends on the materials of the case only partially, it is mainly formed by the mechanism. The harder it is, the better and at the same time, the harder it is to work. It is not recommended to choose models with a mass of more than 7 kg. Most often, the case is made of shockproof plastic with rubberized handles, metal cases are rare. High-quality plastic withstands all loads and even tool drops. There are many examples where the mechanism has been repaired several times, and the case is only slightly scratched. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend money on metal, and choosing a model is simpler.

Power cable. Pick up a circular saw with a cable of at least 3 meters in length. Its output should be located so as not to fall under the teeth of the disk. behind with a hard exit.

additional characteristics

Electronic filling. Significantly increases the cost of the tool, but extends the period of use and makes the job easier. The most useful electronic devices smoothly start the electric motor, prevent overload, control the speed when the load changes and the speed at idle. Constant rotation speed improves the quality of cutting, prevents jamming of the disc. Laser pointers that show a fishing line make the job easier. Semi-and professional-grade saws are equipped with electronic protection.

Disk change mechanism. Sometimes a drive needs to be removed, for some models this is done with a key pair. Others are equipped with a device for securing the shaft in the desired or specific position, which greatly facilitates the unscrewing of the nut that secures the disk.

Base plate. This is the base on which additional devices and control devices are mounted. It is believed that better quality boards are solid. But there are branded professional saws with stamped bases.

Battery. The ability to work away from electrical networks is very convenient when building a country house. Unfortunately, battery models are significantly inferior in technical specifications, with the exception of expensive branded products. Here it is better to choose the model with the highest battery capacity. It takes longer to charge, but also works longer. There are circular models with a spare battery. one works, the second is charged at home. Makita autonomous circulars are especially appreciated, they are not inferior to network saws in terms of power and cutting depth.

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