Which Diameter Fishing Line To Choose For Champion Trimmer

A grass trimmer is a useful thing if you need to remove rugged vegetation in a country house or a house plot. Typically, lawnmowers are used for this, but these devices are quite expensive and not always convenient.

Trimmers perform the same functions, but they are less expensive and differ in their compactness. To choose a good device, it is recommended to compare different models for certain parameters.

The trimmer is used to mow grass, and this garden tool is very popular. It is used to combat soft vegetation and thin dead wood. Unlike lawn mowers, such a device is supposed to be worn on a belt, and not carried on wheels on the ground. Due to its light weight, transporting the device will not be a problem.

Which Diameter Fishing Line To Choose For Champion Trimmer

Using the cutting element, you can do the following:

  • maintain the height of the grass on the lawn at a certain level;
  • mow grass between bushes, paths, houses, near fences;
  • remove dead wood near roads;
  • to cultivate the banks of water bodies.

Most trimmers have the following details:

  • engine. happens electric and gasoline;
  • rods;
  • fuel tank;
  • a pen;
  • hard shaft;
  • bobbin for cutting parts;
  • casing for protection;
  • belt;
  • knife (but in some models they prefer to replace it with another option. for example, it can be a fishing line).

The process of applying such a garden tool is quite simple. It is required to put the body on the body of a person and secure it with belts. Further, the head with the disk is brought to the grass. The engine is started by pressing the appropriate button. Further, the torque is transmitted via a hard shaft in the device tube to the bobbin. In the head of the trimmer is a cutting element that will cut grass at high speed. The protective cover is intended to prevent blows on solid objects or the flight of branches in the person’s face. Such a casing covers 40% of the area of ​​the entire cutting element of this device. The cutting unit itself can be either removable or non-removable. This affects the functionality of the model.

There are several varieties of trimmers for the garden plot. For example, you can use an electric device. This is a very popular option. It works from an electric network. Starting the engine leads to rotation of the shaft and the functioning of the cutting part. To operate the device, a socket should be located nearby, or you can use the carrying. An electrical appliance does not have maneuverability and has certain limitations, but the operation will be completely silent. This device has no emissions that are harmful to the environment. Models are great for summer cottages.

The benefits of electric trimmers include the following:

  • light weight;
  • power models;
  • low cost;
  • noiselessness;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the handle;
  • the ability to install various knives.

The disadvantages include the fact that you have to work with the wire, which is very inconvenient. In addition, carrying limits the processing area of ​​the site.

Another option is a gas trimmer. The principle of operation resembles that of electric models, but the rotation is provided by an internal combustion engine. Because of this, a special fuel tank is attached to the rod. Because of this, the device weighs more, but with such a device it is convenient to move around the site, since its operation does not require electric current. No need to constantly remember the cord.

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The petrol type of trimmers has the following advantages:

  • high power models;
  • the ability to replace knives;
  • lack of restrictions in the area of ​​the territory;
  • high rate of performance;
  • reliability, durability;
  • active use in the commercial field.

The disadvantages of such models include the following:

  • heavy weight;
  • fuel costs;
  • noise;
  • harmful emissions into the environment.

The third variety is cordless trimmers. They are less popular. Models work on the basis of an electric motor, but not from the network, but from the battery. Thanks to this, the device will work silently, there are no restrictions that were when using transfers.

Cordless trimmers have the advantages of:

  • lack of noise;
  • no restrictions on the territory;
  • light weight;
  • an opportunity to establish various cutting elements;
  • fast recharging;
  • energy is usually enough for 40 minutes of work.

The disadvantages are the limited time of the device, as well as the high cost.

To choose a suitable trimmer, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters that should be compared for different models.

Here are the main features:

  1. 1. Power. This indicator affects the performance of the device. The higher it is, the faster the cutting system rotates. For giving, a device with an indicator of 0.25-1.8 kW is suitable. Utilities usually use trimmers with a power of 0.9-1.8 kW. If you need to care for a small lawn, then an acceptable figure of 0.25-0.7 kW.
  2. 2. The width of the cut. It depends on the length of the knife or the extension of the fishing line. For small cottages and garden plots, an indicator of 25-27 cm is recommended. For continuous large lawns, it is better to use a device with a cut width of 30-42 cm.
  3. 3. The weight of the device. This will affect the convenience and how quickly a person gets tired. Usually the weight is 1.5-9 kg. It is best to take lighter options. If it is possible to work from an electric network, it is best to choose electric trimmers with a weight of 3 to 5 kg. For giving, a device up to 2.5 kg is also suitable. If it is not possible to work from the network, then it is better to choose a gas trimmer weighing 7-9 kg.
  4. 4. The number of revolutions. This indicator also affects performance. It indicates the number of revolutions of the cutting system per minute. For low-power models, 7 thousand per minute is characteristic. Professional models have an indicator of 7.5 to 12 thousand revolutions per minute. For a small area, 6 thousand revolutions are enough.
  5. 5. The cutting system. Such elements can be dense knives made of plastic or metal or soft fishing line. The first option is used when the terrain is flat on the site. It is suitable for working with thick grass that has sufficiently hard stems. Slices will be even. As for the fishing line, it is used when the terrain is hilly. It is also used to treat the territory near the fence. But with dense vegetation, the fishing line will not cope and get confused.
  6. 6. The diameter of the fishing line. Usually this parameter is 1.4. 3.3 mm. It affects the thickness of the stem cutting element can cut. For a small cottage yard, a device with a fishing line diameter in the range of 1.4-2 mm is suitable. This allows you to keep the lawn in perfect condition. When it is necessary to monitor the side of roads where grass often grows, it is best to choose a device with a fishing line diameter of 2.4-2.7 mm. If the site is neglected, and it must be ennobled, it is recommended to choose a tool with a fishing line diameter of 3-3.3 mm.
  7. 7. Type of mounting. To use the trimmer, it is hung on the human body. This requires one or two belts. The first option is usually used in cottages and small areas. If the area of ​​the territory that you want to cultivate is large enough, then you need to make fastening by the type of backpack. Then the load will be distributed evenly.
  8. 8. Hold the device. It depends on the handle and tool balancing. If you need to cut grass in a small area, the main and auxiliary handles will be convenient. If you have to work for several hours, you need to choose a device with two identical handles.
  9. 9. The volume of the tank. This feature is important for trimmers that work autonomously on a gasoline engine. Typically, the capacity is from 300 ml to 1.5 liters. With a minimum tank, it will work out for only 20 minutes. If the capacity is maximum, then you can continuously work for more than an hour.
  10. 10. Battery capacity. This feature applies to electric cordless trimmers. For such devices, the battery is measured in amperes per hour. Amperes per hour is enough for 15 minutes of tool operation. And to recharge the battery, it takes three times more time. If you plan only cosmetic care for the lawn, then 2 A per hour is enough.

All these characteristics must be taken into account if you need to choose the best trimmer for certain purposes.