Which Drill Is Better Bosch Or Makita

Which Drill Is Better Bosch Or Makita

For many years, many experienced craftsmen have been asking a very obvious question about which is better: Bosch or Makita? Among all drill manufacturers worldwide, these two brands are the best and therefore have been competing for many years. The reputation of both is at the highest level, making making the right choice even more difficult.

In most cases, a person focuses only on personal preferences. Beginners are also interested in such a question as: a puncher or a drill, because they do not know the difference. In this case, you should rely on the opinion of the manager, who will tell you the necessary model based on the wishes and requirements of the buyer. In some cases, the models of one company can be much more useful and more convenient than another.

General assortment

Bosch belongs to the category of international corporations that are engaged in the production of not only drills, but also many other devices and auxiliary elements, up to aircraft turbines. But Makita has a narrower specialization, which is like by customers much more. They are engaged in the production of equipment, machine tools and everyday tools.

The Japanese have a smaller assortment of measuring equipment, as well as pneumatic, which is completely absent. But as for drills, the choice of both manufacturers is quite extensive, which often leads to problems when choosing equipment for home or everyday use. Makita has a few more jackhammers, but Bosch is more involved in equipment.

What to choose: professional or household

Bosch divides these two directions into colors: the blue series belongs to the category of professional equipment, while the green series is typical for household appliances. Makita refers its products to the professional category, so the models are not divided into directions. But it is precisely such models that home craftsmen prefer to choose, semi-professional models that are equipped with all the necessary functionality.

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Such models will last for many years, which indicates the high quality of the equipment used. Bosch very limits the functional features of its models, which not everyone will like. In most cases, Makita is compared only to the blue Bosch series.

Quality or innovation

In this case, Bosch is significantly ahead of the opponent, as it focuses primarily on the use of modern technologies and materials in the production of its own equipment. Their research base is clearly wider, which allows them to introduce only the latest and most relevant technologies from year to year. Some features were later adopted by other, less well-known brands. These functional features include the SDS-Plus system, which is used for punching and fastening drills.

The new products are being tested at the household level, as professional models get such improvements a little later. After some time, they can be found in the Bosch Professional series. Comparing the quality score of these two giants is quite difficult, since they are not much inferior to each other. Before buying, you should only compare specific models that will be more relevant in a particular case.

It is also worth paying attention

Bosch has a wider assortment, so it is in great demand among both beginners and professionals. Such devices are equipped with wide functionality, which makes them very convenient in everyday use.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that they are compact enough, which allows you to work with them with both your left and right hands. Makita has a much larger assortment, and their products also fall into the quality category. The drill body is very durable and therefore extremely reliable, which allows for long and maximum loads. You can also purchase more compact models that allow you to work with materials such as concrete, brick and wood.

Semi-professional models

Both manufacturers produce high-quality products that are classified as professional, which allows them to be used not only by beginners. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that the cost of the models is more than affordable, with a price-quality ratio. A long service life and the absence of frequent breakdowns speaks in favor of this judgment.

All models are characterized as durable, light and incredibly powerful, so making the final choice in favor of a particular drill is extremely difficult. The entire range has a universal purpose, which allows you to work with the tool in any situation for many hours. In the production process, only the most technological equipment and high-quality materials are involved.