Which drill to choose for home. The best manufacturers of budget screwdrivers

Which drill for home is better in price and quality

Electric Drill. A tool for drilling holes in solid and soft materials. It is used in construction, finishing, carpentry and locksmiths. The standard electric drill is suitable for drilling metal, wood or drywall. The shock drill copes with concrete, brick or stone. With special nozzles, this tool is also used for grinding wood and plastic.

The wood electric drill should have every home master. In this article you will read how to choose a drill for a home or cottage. We will consider the varieties, call the basic and additional characteristics of this tool.

How to choose a good drill for its purpose

Drill with screwdriver function

The purpose of the drill depends on the set of its functions. In this regard, the following types are distinguished:

  • Ordinary drill. Basic model with the main drilling function. Suitable for working with soft metals, wood, plastic or drywall.
  • Hammer drill. This tool works according to the type of perforator, but it costs cheaper. Here, a rotational and shock action is transmitted at the same time. A shock drill with a capacity of 800 watts is able to drill stone, concrete or brick. However, prolonged drilling, unlike the perforator, will not withstand the shock drill. It will quickly overheat.
  • Drill-shuruvret. In addition to drilling, such a drill can be used to tighten screws, screws and screws. In this mode, it works with a large torque with a low speed of rotation.

Type of power

According to this characteristic, drills are divided into two types: network and battery.

The network tool is equipped with a power cord from an electric network. As a rule, these are powerful and easy to maintain drills. Perhaps their main drawback is dependence on the outlet. For example, to work a drill on the street, you have to get an extension cord.

Top 5 Best Bosch drills 2020

Battery tools. More convenient to use. However, when working with it, you have to control the battery charge. The optimal solution is a drill with two batteries. While one is used, the second is charged.

Household or professional?

Many are convinced: the more expensive the tool, the better. And they buy professional. Such a choice is not always justified. Especially when you look for a home device.

  • Professional tools are intended for intensive operation for 6-8 hours. Hence the requirements for the quality of materials, their wear resistance, engine power and other characteristics, which increases the price. But this is not even the main thing. The device itself comes out more and harder in weight. And working with it is not easy, professional skills are required. For a beginner, this means increased risk of injuries.
  • Household models are simpler, easier and cheaper. Everyone will cope with them. Such a tool is not suitable for work all day. But at home, no one will drill the walls on its own around the clock.
  • There is still a small class of semi.Professional devices. Usually, these are household models that have some capabilities of professional.

The class class is usually indicated in the information about the product. There you can find data on the duration of use. They are indicated in the format “Work/Time for a break”. For example, 10 minutes/15 minutes or 1 hour/30 minutes. In addition, there is usually data on how long the device can work during the day.

Choose the drill correctly

Power characteristics

On average, the capacity of the drills is in the range of 500–900 watts, stronger machines also exist, but their destiny is very large drilling or kneading viscous solutions (Metabo B32/3. 1.8 kW). We always mention that the excess power of the motor affects the dimensions and mass of the product, but in the case of a drill, these moments are not so critical, unless of course it is acquired as a screwdriver. Only a sufficiently powerful power plant will be able to provide the necessary torque, the supply of which is simply necessary to drill large and deep holes, for frequent manipulations with durable materials.

Metabo B32/3

Spindle rotation frequency. The passports indicate the nominal speed at idle, the larger it is, the cleaner the hole and more capabilities in a low.Power tool (such a scheme is often used in household models). It makes sense to select high speed for a shock drill, and if the device is periodically used for grinding/polishing. For work with fasteners. A large speed of rotation is not needed (400-500 rpm will be fit), so you should definitely check the operability of speed controllers.

Power/frequency/torque indicators are tightly interconnected: when one of them is changed, the others inevitably change. You need to choose in the complex. Better yet, concentrate on the indicators of the maximum diameters of the equipment for various materials, these characteristics are much more eloquent about the tool.

Constructive features and auxiliary systems

Reverse makes it possible to unscrew the fasteners and free the stuck equipment. With a flag, a through button or rotation of the brush block by 90 ° (Metabo Uhe 2850) relative to the collector (allows you to maintain power during the reverse movement), the power of the electric motor changes. A good reverse is located at hand and is easily translated into various provisions, but even better if it is associated with the start button so that there is no way to switch when the engine is running. The ideal reverse provides an equal force of rotation in both directions (usually the twisting movement is much weaker).

Metabo Uhe 2850

which, drill, choose, home, best

A multi.Position gearbox Designed to lower the transmission and increase torque. The first speed is a small frequency and a high moment, the second/third speed is a high frequency and low traction. It is obvious that machines with this design are much more functional than the rest, since when switching speeds, the output power does not change (Makita HP 2070).

Characteristics of the cartridge. In fact, there are two types of cartridges: key and fast.Sounding. The first type to change the equipment will require the use of a special key, but it is unsuccessfully considered more reliable, therefore it is used for powerful devices and shock drones.

Quick.Packed cartridges (BZP) are driven only by hands, here an additional tool is not needed. A fast-sounding cartridge with one coupling is delayed with one hand, you can do this even in gloves, is used only with a spindle blocking mechanism (button or automatically), for example, as in the Kress 850 SB-2 model. Two.Gyls cartridge should be twisted with two hands. BZP is a very convenient thing (you do not need to constantly look for an elusive key and lure it to the cord, hands are not injured about the riveting of the gear-cage mechanism), but sometimes users have complaints about their reliability and durability. High.Quality fast.Packed cartridges cost decent money, and sooner or later the cartridge has to be changed.

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Kress 850 SB-2

It is worth paying special attention to the maximum planting diameter of the cartridge. The minimum is usually not limited (sometimes fists converge to almost zero, more often up to 1.5 mm), but the upper limit is always there. This is traditionally 10, 13 or 16 mm. Naturally, such restrictions depend on the power characteristics of the machine and are subordinated to them. The “Ten” cartridge is placed on the light class tool, the 16th drill will pull only a powerful drill, 13-the diameter of the middle peasants.

Reducer’s metal casing Directly indicates a tool for a professional class. Thanks to this performance, heat from moving parts is better allocated, high stability of the node is ensured, although the mass of the drill inevitably increases.

Electronic rotation frequency adjustment. This is something else than rearranging the speeds of the gearbox. In this case, with the help of a thyristor or rheostat. Full.Wave adjustment is provided by the degree of pressing on a sensitive launch key, and more strongly crush. Higher speed. The rotation frequency can be set step, a special wheel (Hitachi D10VC2) or a slider switch is used for this. This control body is usually taken to the case.

Hitachi FDV16VB2

Note that during electronic adjustment, we limit the output power of the tool, which does not happen during mechanical pre.Installation.

Advanced models have system for maintaining frequency under load (constant electronics), due to which the machine monitors the load and supports the specified parameters due to the power reserves of the motor. It turns out that we can not only clearly adjust the tool for specific material, but also avoid jamming with a sharp change in density or increasing pressure force (AEG SB 22 2e).

AEG SB 22 2E

I have high.Tech drills Sensors of the temperature of the windings, which excludes the possibility of damage to the motor during overload. In critical cases, the power is automatic, or LED indication is triggered.

For powerful drills, it will be very relevant SUMMENT START START, which slowly accelerates the equipment to optimal revolutions (it is easier to start drilling exactly at the mark), excluding starting jerks (increases the durability of the transmission elements) and overload of electric networks (AEG SB2E 1200 RST).

Unstressed drills: top 3 best

Not everyone needs to use a shock drill. Someone, for example, does not need to flash the same concrete, well, or brick. But the accuracy of the work is still important. In this case, it is worth paying attention to unstressed options. The absence of the shock mechanism greatly reduces their weight, which means that they can be kept even longer and longer.

OBZOR-Expert experts.COM has allocated three models that will be considered below.

AEG BE 750 R

  • Type of drill: unstressed;
  • Cartridge: fast.Sounding (from 1.5 mm up to 13 mm);
  • Number of speeds: 1;
  • Features: Electronic type rotation regulator, reverse.

Third place. In the German company AEG, which can offer a drill with a long cord, which is quite convenient if you do not want to take various extension cords with you.

Four.Meter power cable will definitely allow this to do this. So you can relatively freely move around the room.

This model is quite light and this is due to the lack of an impact mechanism.

Her power is quite standard for this type of drill. 750 W. It is also worth noting that the cartridge is clamped quite quickly, which is convenient when you need to start work as soon as possible.

The kit is quite simple. A drill, an additional handle, a drilling depth limiter, as well as a bag convenient for storing the device and accessories bag.

Metabo BE 650 (BZP)

  • Type of drill: unstressed;
  • Cartridge: fast.Sounding (from 1.5 mm up to 13 mm);
  • Number of speeds: 1;
  • Features: Electronic type rotation regulator, reverse.

The second place is Metabo with its BE 650 model, which looks very elegant, and thanks to the design it is quite convenient. With such a device, any repair will be easy. Due to the small weight, the device is easy to hold in the hand, and it does not get tired of it.

With a power of 650 W, this model will easily manage with the drilling of wood and metal, leaving holes with a diameter of 30 mm and 13 mm, respectively.

With a long power cable and a fast.Packed cartridge, this drill can be quickly prepared for work, which is valued during urgent repair tasks.

  • Small weight;
  • High productivity
  • Long work without heating;
  • The build quality is beyond praise;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Long power cable.

Diold MAS-5-03

  • Type of drill: unstressed;
  • Cartridge: fast.Sounding (from 1.5 mm up to 13 mm);
  • Number of speeds: 1;
  • Features: Electronic type rotation regulator, reverse.

The first place is in a domestic model, combining a relatively high power of 800 watts and lightness due to the lack of a shock mechanism. The model is quite convenient, because there is no discomfort during its operation.

The cartridge is good, holds the drill tightly, and therefore there is no reason to worry that it will fly out during the drilling process. With a reverse, this model can be used as a screwdriver.

which, drill, choose, home, best

The set of the drill is quite pleasant. In addition to the drill, the limiter (it is easier to identify the desired depth of drilling), as well as an additional handle, the manufacturer left the brush to clean the tool. With them to increase the reliability and durability of the device is easier.

What are the drills

Depending on the design features and purpose, the following types of drills can be distinguished:

Unstressed drill. Designed to make holes in relatively soft materials: wood, plastic, drywall and metal of small thickness. It is suitable for small repair of various products and fix objects on partitions from soft materials.

Shock drill. With its help you can additionally drill brick, concrete walls and ceilings. If you need to hang a chandelier or cabinet, make a hole in the floor or ceiling, install the doors, then it is precisely it. When the shock mode is turned on, its cartridge makes reciprocating, directed perpendicular to its own axis of rotation. This allows the drill to quickly make your way even in solid material.

Corner drill. Equipped with a cartridge located at right angles to the handle, and can be used in hard.To.Reach places. It will help in cases where holes must be done in a narrow niche and an opening, space occupied by any objects.

Drill Mixer-intended primarily for mixing various solutions and paintwork materials. Some models are also suitable for drilling holes of large diameter and surface cleaning, for example, from paint and rust.

In most cases, it is better to choose a shock drill or drill-shuruvret drill. The advantage of the latter is that it additionally allows you to tighten and unscrew the screws and screws, that is, it is a more multifunctional tool. Unlike the rest, the drill-shuruver always has a reverse-its cartridge can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as multi-stage adjustment of the torque.

What are the drills

Depending on the design features and purpose, the following types of drills can be distinguished:

Unstressed drill. Designed to make holes in relatively soft materials: wood, plastic, drywall and metal of small thickness. It is suitable for small repair of various products and fix objects on partitions from soft materials.

Shock drill. With its help you can additionally drill brick, concrete walls and ceilings. If you need to hang a chandelier or cabinet, make a hole in the floor or ceiling, install the doors, then it is precisely it. When the shock mode is turned on, its cartridge makes reciprocating, directed perpendicular to its own axis of rotation. This allows the drill to quickly make your way even in solid material.

Corner drill. Equipped with a cartridge located at right angles to the handle, and can be used in hard.To.Reach places. It will help in cases where holes must be done in a narrow niche and an opening, space occupied by any objects.

Drill Mixer-intended primarily for mixing various solutions and paintwork materials. Some models are also suitable for drilling holes of large diameter and surface cleaning, for example, from paint and rust.

In most cases, it is better to choose a shock drill or drill-shuruvret drill. The advantage of the latter is that it additionally allows you to tighten and unscrew the screws and screws, that is, it is a more multifunctional tool. Unlike the rest, the drill-shuruver always has a reverse-its cartridge can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as multi-stage adjustment of the torque.

Rating of budget network screwdrivers

If autonomy is important in construction or winter fishing, then when working in a garage, a workshop or enterprise, it makes no sense to sacrifice a duration of operation. We have made a rating of 4 models, which, despite the affordable cost, will help in major and cosmetic repairs.

Model Power, W) Max torque (Hm) Max Haster speed number Max drill diameter, wood / metal (mm) The size of the clamped equipment (mm) Weight, kg) Average price in Russia (rub.)
Zubrov ZSSh-300-2, 300 W 300 35 1 400 25 /10 0.8-10 one.6 2 990
Stavr DShS-10/450-2C, 450 W 450 24 1,200 29 /12 0.8-10 one.5 2 540
Interskol DSh-10/260E 260 25 800 20 /10 0.8-10 one.3 2 850
Makita DF0300, box, 320 watts 320 56 1 500 28 /10 1-10 one.2 5 842

Zubrov ZSSh-300-2, 300 W

The network tool is equally good in drilling and screwing screws. To work with the latter, the model is equipped with 23 steps of torque.

  • Long cable, the size of which is 5 meters.
  • Two.Speed gearbox that increases the versatility of the device.
  • Simplicity of service, which is ensured by quick access to coal brushes.
  • Blocking the switch for long.Term work.

Stavr DShS-10/450-2C, 450 W

The budget screwdriver is suitable for periodic work on screwing and creating holes. It has an average weight for such performance, as well as a large number of holes that protect against overheating.

  • 20 provisions of the clutch adjustment clutch.
  • Long cable (3 meters).
  • Fast.Sounding cartridge that provides an operational change of working equipment.
  • Low price.

Interskol DSh-10/260E

The Russian drill has standard characteristics, which are enough to solve household issues. It could only be made by a two.Speed gearbox: in this model, the speed is only one.

  • The low weight of the equipment.
  • Rubbed handle, due to which the tool does not slip out.
  • Economical electricity consumption.
  • Ventilation slots in the housing.

Makita DF0300, box, 320 watts

If you do not know which budget screwdriver is better to buy for your home, the model from Japan should suit you. The positive side of the tool is a high torque, which is 56 Nm at the peak.

  • Small mass of the device.
  • Maximum torque.
  • Electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions by force of pressing the trigger.
  • The ability to switch between low and increased speeds.

Which drill to choose

Decide with the tool that will last a long time.

The modern drill is radically different from the tool that our fathers and grandfathers used. This is no longer a regular hand.Made columnar, but a serious multifunctional tool that has a lot of technical characteristics and capabilities. The choice of the model depends primarily on the purpose of its use:

Type of material with which you will need to work,Fields of use (household or professional model),need for special functions.

which, drill, choose, home, best

3 defining moment when choosing a drillone. Quality

Regardless of the model and purpose of the drill, the main point to which is paid attention to when choosing it is the quality of the tool. This is primarily a good assembly and outdoor finish, information on the nameplate with the abbreviation CE (means that the tool meets the requirements of the European Union) without hieroglyphs, high.Quality internal content, reliable mechanics.2. Price

Do not overpay for the functions that you will use once a year. In addition, do not forget that, as a rule, excessive multifunctionality becomes the first sign of low quality of any tool.3. Power

When choosing power, it is important that the tool does not overload the home power grid. But the principle of “the more, the better” does not quite work here. Everyone for himself selects the optimal ratio of the power of the tool, its dimensions and weights. Parameters that are directly related to each other. Household drill is offered in the capacity range of 250-1500 watts. Powerful drills are used by professionals in construction, giving them great opportunities for work.

To choose the best option, without overpaying for excess power, but at the same time, do not overload the engine with too large loads, you should pay attention to the fact that

Soft materials (wood, gypsum, plastic) require power up to 500 watts,Brick or concrete when drilling with a blow-at least 600-800 watts (energy is consumed not only on rotation of the drill, but also for blows),A hole with a diameter of 8 mm in concrete can be drilled with a 500 W drill in case of short operation.

Table 1. Rating of the 10 best drifts according to the “price expert”The best shock drill

Network shock drill,Weight 2.2 kg,Fasted cartridge,48,000 beats/minute,3000 rpm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 13 mm,wood. 40 mm,Concrete. 20 mm.

Network drill,Power 1050 watts,Weight 3.8 kg,Key cartridge,cartridge diameter 16 mm,550 rpm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 16 mm,wood. 35 mm.

Network drill,Power 2000 watts,Weight 6.3 kg,400 rpm,Maximum drilling diameters:Metal. 32 mm,wood. 70 mm,Concrete. 45 mm.

Network drill,Power 500 watts,Weight 1.5 kg,2300 rpm,cartridge diameter-1.5-10 mm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 10 mm,wood. 22 mm.

Network shock drill-shurupert,Power 850 watts,Weight 2.6 kg,51,000 beats/minute,3000 rpm,cartridge diameter-1.5-13 mm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 10 mm,wood. 40 mm,Concrete. 18 mm.

Network shock drill,Power 550 watts,Weight 1.6 kg,2900 rpm,patron diameter. 13 mm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 13 mm,Concrete. 16 mm.

Battery Drill Shurovyrt,Weight 1.4 kg,1300 rpm,cartridge diameter. 10 mm,Battery voltage. 18 in,Maximum torque. 33 nm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 10 mm,wood. 16 mm.

Power 1700 watts,Weight 5.5 kg,2000 rpm,patron diameter. 13 mm,maximum drilling diameter. 132 mm.

Network shock drill,Power 580 watts,Weight 1.4 kg,51,000 beats/minute,2800 rpm,cartridge diameter-1.5-13 mm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 13 mm,wood. 20 mm,Concrete. 12 mm.

Network shock drill-gaykovyrt,Power 650 watts,Weight 1.6 kg,Torque. 5 Nm,47600 beats/minute,2800 rpm,Maximum drilling diameters:metal. 13 mm,wood. 25 mm,Concrete. 16 mm.

Best shock drill. Bosch PSB 750 RCE

If you need to drill a hole in a tree or metal, brickwork or concrete, the shock drill will fully justify expectations. Such a tool has two operating modes: normal drilling or drilling with a blow. Unlike a perforator, a shock drill works with high frequency blows, low power and amplitude.The advantages of the model

Universality (can work not only as a shock drill, but also as a screwdriver at low speeds),The presence of an anti.Vibration system,The possibility of fixing the spindle,wide capabilities of revolutions without loss of moment,There is a reverse,Small weight at high power,

Users were not found.Typical reviews about the shock drill Bosch PSB 750 RCE:

“Very universal. Concrete eats without problems and quickly! I thought to take a punch or drill for a long time, I took it and I do not regret. The fast.Packed cartridge is very convenient.”

“For such a price is just an excellent drill, surpasses most of the similar drones of other manufacturers or even some perforators. Compact, ergonomic drill, not poor anti.Vibration, and most importantly powerful. Great home tool when you need to occasionally drill something.”

Drill Mixer is a combined model mainly for professional use, which, in addition to its direct functions, also can also mix viscous construction solutions and mixtures.The advantages of the model

Large torque,High assembly quality,unpretentiousness,does not overheat,convenient to work.

No switching flag on the reverse button.

Typical reviews about the DRALE DRASE D-1050R:

“During use: (preparing a mixture with a mixer, cement-sand, gypsum, also prepared a cement-sand mortar from river sand in a bucket), did not find problems.”

Which electric drill to choose: which is better for home, viewing views

The need for such a useful tool as the drill is very great in any family. This unit is intended not only for the drilling of walls, but also for the performance of other useful housework. Therefore, you need to know how to choose a drill for a home so that then there are no problems with it.

The building materials market is full of different varieties of drills, which differ not only in names, but also by appearance, as well as technical parameters. Depending on what the unit is needed for, its choice is made according to certain criteria. We will overview of existing types of devices and learn how to choose a tool for economy.

Which company is better

The manufacturer of electric droplets affects the price segment and the operation of the tool: if Russian brands are focused mainly on household work, Western brands like DeWALT or Metabo are designed for industrial activities. We will give a brief description of each trademark that appears in the ranking so that you make a decision which company is better for your needs.

  • VORTEX. Good manufacturer of budget drones and other power tools. Produces models with and without shock, as well as mixers of building mixtures. The power of models in the catalog reaches 1,100 watts, which may not be enough for complex tasks.
  • Interskol. If you do not know which drill for household repair and installation needs or home workshop, the products of the Russian brand deserves attention. In addition to network drunks with a blow, the company produces battery screwdrivers.
  • Stanley. The products of the company will be interesting to masters who decide which a shock drill or a screwdriver is inexpensive, but reliable. The drills of the American brand are somewhat more expensive than domestic, but they are equipped with a metal gearbox and additional functionality: starting the launch, a depth limiter.
  • Bison. The Russian company produces drills in two lines. Master and Professional. The first is focused on domestic use, the second. On industrial. Available price, lightness? Compactness, smooth start. Advantages that deserve attention if you cannot decide which drill to buy for home.
  • Crown. Chinese manufacturer of a network and battery tools, the models of which fall into the rating of drifts for the home due to democratic pricing policy and adequate quality. Some devices are equipped with a drilling limiter and speed adjustment.
  • Bosch. According to experts, a German company produces the best drills in a professional segment. This is ensured not by power or resourcefulness, but by the quality of performance: the tool from Germany is equipped with a metal gearbox and a cartridge, has an ergonomic case and relatively low weight, and the engine is designed for long.Term continuous loads.
  • Dewalt. This brand produces the best professional level tool in America. The price increased compared to household analogues is compensated by the reliability of the assembly and the convenience of operation, due to which it is convenient to work for a long time for a drill.
  • Makita. The Japanese company using the loyalty of Russian masters due to the ratio of price/quality and maintainability. A good company of drills has a wide range, thanks to which it will be possible to choose a tool for home and professional needs.
  • Fiolent. One of the rare companies positioning the production of power tools at Russian enterprises. Fiolent deserves a place in the ranking due to a 36-month guarantee provided by the manufacturer.
  • Patriot. The company produces network drills and batteries that are suitable for home conditions. Small weight and assembly quality, adequate cost, make tools a good choice for repair work.
  • Metabo. Under the eminent brand, some of the best in the ranking of drills for professional needs are produced. The production of premium models is positioned in Germany, which ensures reliability and long service life.
  • Rebir. Little.Known trademark from Latvia, under which professional class equipment comes out. Rebir drills have high power and are equipped with a two.Speed gearbox, which allows you to install large working equipment on them.
  • Enkor. The Russian company produces power tools and machines for household and professional needs. Maintaining revolutions under load and high power are made by Mixers Enkor with a good choice for construction sites.

What budget drills should you buy

It makes no sense to overpay, if you get a drill a couple of times a year. Tools included in the rating of shock drones for the home have sufficient power for household tasks, but they are not recommended to use in intensive work.

Model of a shock drill Power, W Max shock frequency, brad/min Max speed number, rpm Max drill diameter, wood / metal / brick, mm Type of cartridge The weight of the shock drill, kg Average price in Russia, rub.
Interskol DU-13/580ER 580 45,000 2 800 20/13/2 Key 2 4 070
Zubble DU-550 Er 550 48,000 3,000 20 /10 /10 Key one.6 4 460
DeWALT DWD024 750 47 600 2 800 25/13/16 Key one.Eight 6 999
Makita HP1640 680 44 800 2 800 30/13/16 Key one.Eight 7 090

Interskol DU-13/580ER

A good shock drill that is best suited for small repair and work in the garage. There are a reverse mechanism and tuning the speed of spindle. The tool is supplied with a depth limiter.

  • This is the cheapest model in the ranking even among the budget segment.
  • Electricity is a good solution for home use due to small weight.
  • Reliability: for some buyers, the model serves 10 years.

Zubble DU-550 Er

The shock drill for the house is equipped with a key cartridge that ensures the fixation of the equipment. Suitable for drilling stone and concrete.

  • The selection of a shock drill for the home can be made in favor of this model due to small weight. 1.6 kg.
  • The model is considered a good solution due to a rotary additional handle that simplifies high speed drilling.
  • Fixation of the launch button that facilitates long.Term work.

Dewalt DWD024

The best in the ranking of inexpensive models of the electric drill is highly performance, which will allow you to create holes in concrete wide up to 16 millimeters wide.

  • The shock drill was included in the rating of budget models due to the high engine power. 750 watts.
  • The electric drill is good with a metal drilling limiter.
  • Strong additional handle with a base of metal and non.Slip lining.
  • Build quality.

Makita HP1640

The model is good with an ergonomic design, thanks to which it is convenient to hold. Suitable for drilling wood, assembly of furniture and other tasks undemanding to power.

  • Like all the best shock drills for the home, it has a little weight.
  • The model is good with a comfortable reverse switch.
  • Non.Slip overlays on the handle and back of the case.
  • Wide openings to protect against overheating.

The best shock drills

1st place Metabo SBE 760 (ZVP) CASE 760 W

Metabo SBE 760 is the best shock drill today with revolutions and a special safety coupling. With a small power consumption, the shock drill has a high torque (24 N m), therefore, is ideal for construction work. The tool is equipped with a special coupling that will prevent pulling out the drill from the hands if the drill jams. There are two modes with maximum revolutions per minute 1200 and 3200. In reviews, users note its high torque and reliability when using in construction and finishing work, reliable fastening of the cartridge and lack of beats. It is mandatory to take a case.

  • The wheel on the start button smoothly adjusts the speed within the given range;
  • The metal case of the gearbox allows you to better remove heat and protects the elements from mechanical damage.
  • The controls are located so that it is not difficult to perform work with both the right and left hand;
  • The set includes a reliable case with metal latches and a strong handle.

2nd place Zadu-1100-2 ERMM2 1100 W

Strong and reliable drill intended for professional work. Shock gears are made of durable chrome alloy. Supporting ball bearings are used that provide minimal spindle beating. There are wide possibilities for configuration due to a two.Speed gearbox and electronic adjustment of the rotation frequency. The reverse function allows you to use a drill as a screwdriver and an industrial mixer.

  • The gearbox body is made of cast aluminum;
  • Special lubricant does not freeze in the cold;
  • The insulation of the cable is saturated with a water.Repellent composition. The cord does not tower in the cold;
  • There is a strong case for storage and transportation;
  • There is no clutch of the dividing mechanism when jaming the drill.

3 place Bosch Universalimpact 700 Case 701 W

A compact and light, but powerful tool can be used in drilling wood, metal, tiles, concrete, stone, as well as for finishing work. The Speed ​​Presselection function allows you to maintain the same speed, regardless of the load applied. Ergonomic handle equipped with anti.Slip rubber lining increases ease of operation. To unscrew the screws, there is a switch to a reverse mode.

  • The drill is permissible to use as a mixer;
  • Used by a fast.And.Packed Press cartridge&Lock;
  • Spindle lock when replacing the drill using a convenient button;
  • Smooth speed adjustment by a wheel on the start button;
  • The kit includes a strong plastic case.

4th place Sturm! ID2195P 1000 watts

Continues the rating of shock drills model from a good manufacturer Sturm! A universal and easy.To.Use drill is suitable for domestic and professional use. The metal case of the gearbox prevents its mechanical damage, allows you to better remove heat. The hardened gears of the doped steel gearbox, wear.Resistant bearings, an enhanced rotor increase the reliability of the tool, make it more durable. The case is made using nylon, so it has increased resistance to blows and cold.

which, drill, choose, home, best
  • Spare pair of brushes;
  • Reliable key cam cartridge;
  • The setter of the drilling depth is included;
  • Electronic speed adjustment;
  • Additional handle with a metal base;
  • Convenient key mount;
  • No case for storage and transportation.


5th place Makita HP1640 680 W

A reliable productive shock drill, which despite the small weight is perfect not only for carpentry or locksmiths, but also for drilling solid materials, such as concrete and stone. Equipped with a key cam cartridge with a landing site by 1.5-13 mm. Direct management is simple, all the necessary buttons are easily accessible. The handle is comfortable, equipped with a rubber anti.Slip pad.

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  • Built.In speed control. The number of revolutions remains constant regardless of the load;
  • The reverse switch is located on the case and is available on both sides;
  • There is a convenient key holder on the wire;
  • Inexpensive quality tool;
  • The length of the power cable is sufficient for comfortable work and is 2 meters.

6th place intercol DU-16/1000ER 1000 W

The universal two.Speed drill is suitable for both household and industrial use. The magnesium alloy case provides strength, allows you to well remove heat and reliably fix the mechanical elements. For attaching gear shafts, support bearings are used. With prolonged use, you can use the switch lock. This increases the convenience of work and will allow you to pay more attention to the quality of the openings performed.

TOP-3 best powerful shock drones

High power drills are universal devices with which you can perform a huge amount of work using just one tool. Using any model described below, the owner will be able to drill holes not only in a soft tree or plastic, but also with concrete and brick walls.

Interskol DU-16/1000ER

A convenient, reliable and inexpensive drill of domestic production will become an indispensable assistant in the performance of a huge range of tasks.

Since a key cartridge is installed in the device, the user may be sure that the drill will not fall out and will not slip in the process.

The power consumption of the device is 1000 watts, and the number of revolutions per minute reaches 2500.

Due to this, the drill can be used even to drill concrete, but the diameter of the hole should be no more than 20 mm.

If we talk about the rest of the functionality, then it can be called standard.

In particular, there is a reverse to extract a stuck drill, and for drilling exact holes there is a special lever to adjust the speed of rotation.

You can use the drill even in the dark, since in the front of the case there is an LED spotlight.


  • A reliable design provides very long operation;
  • High.Quality two.Stage gearbox;
  • Reliable inaudible engine;
  • Democratic value;
  • Thick, but soft network cord.

Metabo SBEV 1300-2 (ZVP) Box

At first glance at this drill, it becomes clear that the tool is made of the highest quality materials and is distinguished by prolonged operation.

In terms of cost, the device belongs to the average price category, but many users are ready to spend this amount, because the tool is truly universal. He, like an ordinary drill, can drill holes in plastic and wood.

But, since the drill is shocking, it may well replace the punch. Due to increased power, the drill can drill holes in the concrete surface with a diameter of up to 22 mm.

The drill can also be used to work in the rack of the drilling machine.

If the drill is accidentally stuck during work, it is enough for the user to simply press the special lever to start the rotation in the opposite direction and quickly extract the drill.

The device is reliably protected from overload, so the drill is extremely rarely out of order.


  • Very high.Quality assembly;
  • Durable and sealed plastic case;
  • Reliable anti.Vibration system;
  • There is a safety coupling;
  • Successfully drilling holes in concrete.

Blackdecker Beh850

The manufacturer of this drill is not yet very well familiar to the domestic consumer, although this drill model is very high quality, and all technologies are implemented in the device for full operation.

The drill itself belongs to the shock type, so it is able to replace the perforator. But the user instruction indicates that it is not recommended to drill concrete for too long for the concrete.

This can lead to overheating and engine breakdown.

The drill can be used both as an independent tool and to work in the rack of the drilling machine. Other useful functions are also implemented.

Among them are reverse and smooth adjustment of the rotation frequency.

Only an additional handle is provided in the kit, with which the user will be able to easily drill holes even in hard.To.Reach places.


  • The power button can be blocked;
  • The sealed case does not overheat;
  • Reverse is provided;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • A good blow allows you to drill holes even in reinforced concrete.

Briefly about the main thing

A drill is a construction tool, the main purpose of which is reduced to the formation of holes in the bases of various hardness.

There are 5 main varieties of the tool-single-functional (ordinary), shock, drill-shuruvrete, drill-mixer and angular model.

By type of power, wired samples (work from the mains) and battery.

When choosing a drill for the home, it is important to pay attention to the basic technical characteristics: power, the speed of rotation of the shaft, the maximum diameter of the drill and the type of clamping cartridge.

For the convenience of working with the drill, additional devices and a set of functional “lotions” are considered.