Which electrolobesist for home to choose. Revolutions adjustment

How to choose an electrician: rating of the best models

Electricity has become one of the mandatory tools in the arsenal of any home master. He is able to make a curved cut on the intended line, which allows you to perform openwork threads and other complex types of work. There is no equivalent replacement for an electrician, all other tools are either intended for straightforward cutting or are not capable of carrying out rubble work (in a closed circuit).

In addition, the tool can cut various materials from metal to drywall. This makes it a necessary and compulsory device for both amateurs and professionals. Compactness, low weight, ease of working with an electrician are highly appreciated by users. When buying, it is important to choose the most suitable model that is optimal for solving upcoming problems. Consider this issue more carefully.

TOP-10 rating according to KP

One. Dorkel DRJ-400 (from 1300 rubles)

This light and small.Sized model weighing is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 400 W. It is convenient not only to perform cuts in a tree, but even in ceramic tiles with a jigsaw. The maximum cut depth during wood processing is 40 mm, when processing metal. 6 mm. The cutting canvas of the jigsaw performs 3200 moves per minute. Lobzik saw is covered with a transparent protective screen, which does not prevent the operator from doing work.

Characteristics: power: 400 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 40 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.3 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

Union LBS-4050 (from 1,500 rubles)

The LBS-4050 Union is a practical household tool with a comfortable handle. It is equipped with rubberized pads and is connected to the network by means of a two.Meter network cord. The tool is used for sawing wooden blanks with a thickness of up to 55 mm and metal parts up to 6 mm thick. The device can provide the maximum frequency up to 3000 moves/min. And a little joy. It is equipped with a saw canvas for wood work and an additional set of brushes.

Characteristics: power: 500 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.4 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

Redverg JS600 (from 1700 rubles)

Redverg Basic JS600 jigsaw is great for both direct and curvilinear cut. The angle of inclination of the sole can be adjusted, and it can be 45 ° as much as possible. The device allocates a rich equipment. The supply of delivery includes parallel emphasis, sawing canvas, a hexagonal key and operating manual. The jigsaw has low power consumption: its capacity is 600 watts.

Characteristics: power: 600 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 50 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: there is | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.5 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

SPARTA 94808 (from 1,500 rubles)

Sparta 94808 jigsaw has a good power of 350 watts. The frequency of movement of its saw canvas is from 500 to 3200 moves per minute. It is important to note that the manufacturer put a protective shield in the jigsaw, which prevents the spread of sawdust. The mass of this tool is small. Only 1.53 kg. The bracket handle is ergonomic, the launch button is located on it. The maximum thickness of the cut of wood is 50 mm, which is also very comfortable.

Characteristics: power: 350 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 50 mm | Taking speed adjustment: no | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.53 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

Le-55 vortex (from 1200 rubles)

This jigsaw has everything that is needed for a home master: power 600 W, high performance and durable case. The handle of the instrument is arched with a rubberized surface. This form allows you to firmly keep the device during operation. In addition, a smooth starting function, adjustable metal sole, various operating modes and a protective shield are provided. If necessary, long.Term operation in the device provides for fixing the power button.

Characteristics: power: 600 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.5 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

Bort BPS-500-P (from 1800 rubles)

Using this model, the user has the opportunity to carry out both direct and curly cuts. The tool has a saw frequency up to 3000 times a minute. In addition, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of steel soles. The power of the jigsaw is 400 watts, the power is carried out from the common power grid. Drank wood up to 55 mm in depth, steel. 5 mm.

Characteristics: power: 400 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3000 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.9 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

LEM-450E caliber (from 1400 rubles)

This jigsaw is suitable in any, even the most emergency situations. Its saw frequency is adjusted in the range of 500-3000 moves per minute. Electrician has good performance, it is recommended for frequent domestic use. A pipe for a vacuum cleaner is built into the tool. You can connect this equipment to it to remove the resulting sawdust from the cutting zone. The installed protective shield does not allow the chips to fly away, and the vacuum cleaner will quickly absorb it.

Characteristics: power: 450 W | The maximum frequency of the file of the file: 3200 move/min | The maximum cut of the tree: 55 mm | Stride adjustment: eat | Pendulum: no | Adjusting of the sole: there is | Weight: 1.4 kg

Electric classes

What are the jigsaws? Devices are divided into home and professional. They are similar in appearance, but in technical terms, functionality, performance, there are great differences,


These models can work for a short time, not suitable for daily use. With their help, you can open wood, plywood, any sheet material, the thickness of which does not exceed 7 cm, or metal, up to 4 cm thick.


You can work with such a tool for a very long time, it will not turn off due to overheating. Has a large arsenal of various functions. Power does not exceed 1000 watts. You can cut wood up to 13.5 cm thick, steel up to 1 cm, aluminum up to 2 cm. However, they are much larger in size and several times higher in price.



This type of jigsaw is stationary machines that can function around the clock. They are usually used by furniture factories and factories.

Household or professional for the home

The professional option is much higher in price. Of course, it is much more powerful, more wear.Resistant, has an extended package, equipped with additional devices. However, if there are no large volumes of work, then it is quite possible to do with the everyday type of the device.

Rating of the best models

You need to understand which installations are better to buy so that they work normally for a long time. Today there are many manufacturers, but not all of them are popular in Russia. Below will be a list of proven stationary electrolobsics, which are recommended for use in home or industrial conditions.

Jet JSS-16A

This is a small device that is recommended for domestic use. Power is 90 watts. The average price is 9,000 rubles.

For this money, you can get the following:

  • The saw frequency of 1,600 movements per minute.
  • DEMPENT DRIVE 50 mm for wood and 8 mm for metal.
  • Maximum blank width 406 mm.
  • There is an air pump.

Einhell TC-SS 405 E

This is a good device that can perform figured, direct, inclined and other types of cutting.

The device has the following advantages:

  • The depth of drank 57 mm for wood and 9 mm for metal.
  • Air pump and a vacuum cleaner are built.
  • The working surface leans to 45 degrees, but only in one direction.

Dremel Moto-Saw (MS20-1/5)

This is a fast and compact electrolobesician of a stationary type, which is customary to use in everyday conditions.

He has many advantages:

However, this model is budgetary, so the manufacturer did not provide for the following:

Encor Corvette 88

Quiet and relatively inexpensive device. Its average market price is only 7,500 rubles. The manufacturer provided a design with a large flight frame for working with overall blanks.

Here are the main advantages of this machine:

  • Power 150 watts.
  • 2 speed adjustment speeds.
  • The depth of drank 50 mm when working with a tree.
  • There is an air pump.
  • The table can be tilted to 45 degrees.

Of the shortcomings, users note:

Zubrov ZSL-90

The company of bison traditionally supplies reliable tools to the market, which differ in an attractive price. In this case, there are no problems with additional spare parts in the event of a breakdown of equipment. ZSL-90 is a good model for periodic use.

The model has the following advantages:

  • Power 90 watts.
  • Frequency of the file of files 1450.
  • The table can be tilted to 45 degrees.
  • There is an air pump.
  • A guarantee of 5 years against 12. 24 months with competitors.
  • Part of the workpiece up to 310 mm.

However, this device also has a lot of disadvantages:

  • No file to adjust the stroke.
  • Strong vibration during work.
  • Noisy installation.
  • It is impossible to adjust the pitch.
  • No vacuum cleaner.
  • There is no backlight.

Stalex SS-16W

This is another popular model that is semi.Professional. It is often used in small workshops.

  • Power 90 watts.
  • Pass frequency 1,500.
  • You can change the angle of inclination of the table.
  • There is an air pump.
  • Protection is provided from sawdust getting into the eyes.

Users include disadvantages:

The best professional batteries

Bosch GST 18 V-Li B

The use of a typical battery is a great advantage for owning several electrical tools released under a single trading sign (a blue series from Bosch is very popular for collecting). It is noteworthy that the liner for L-BOXX is included in the kit.

I would like to note the successful balance of the working resource of the battery and performance: the steel of almost 8 mm in thickness is subject to the tool, which is the norm for the battery models. This is a good metal jigsaw. The rubber lining has the so.Called “pimples”, so the tool is clearly located in the hand. Note the presence of an adjustable pendulum in the mechanism, the absence of excessive sounds and vibrations. In short, the German label justified its name.

Dewalt DCS334N

Dewalt DCS3333N-XJ-not at all a heavy battery jigsaw for professional use, has a brilliant engine.

This premium class model is suitable for 18 volts of Li-Ion accumulators from 1.3 to 9 amperes, due to this, the operating time increases and power is provided as in network analogues. Thanks to the advanced engine that does not have brushes, you will forget about what it means to replace the brushes, and energy losses on the nodes will be reduced.

This is the best jigsaw for working on wood, metal, plastic. It has a three.Position pendulum course, it is also distinguished by a quick change of files and the possibility of a bilateral angle of the sole. The kit contains a special lining on the sole to protect the surface to be processed from chips, as well as the mounts necessary to connect the vacuum cleaner.

Models of the XR series (Extreme Runtime) Li-and are very reliable and convenient, I would like to note that the series of tools in general and the series accumulators are compatible with each other. This model is supplied without a battery and charging devices with the aim of knocking down a price, since it is more profitable to purchase a charger and a battery of a one.Time, and it is suitable for all tools.

Makita DJV182Z

Makita DJV182Z is ​​a battery jigsaw for professional use, allows you to saw wood blanks, plastic blanks and others. A tilt of the supporting plate in two sides is provided by 45 degrees. The convenience of the D-shaped handle leads to the minimization of the labor cost of the employee and increases the time of productive work.

Thanks to the built.In pipe for the vacuum cleaner, work is ensured without dust. In addition to the jigsaw, there is also a plate that protects against chips, a vacuum cleaner and two V10, BR13, B22 keys. It is worth noting that the transport case, a charge for a charge and a battery not included.

  • The ability to quickly and easily replace the canvas;
  • Work, provided that light insufficiency is facilitated by the presence of built.In backlight;
  • The presence of an ergonomic handle;
  • The presence of a large trigger switch;
  • Long work with the tool will not affect your fingers;
  • The possibility of speed adjustment;
  • The presence of a convenient electronic switch that reduces the user’s energy consumption;
  • Brighten DC engine (BLDC) does not require maintenance.

Metabo Sta 18 LTX 140

Here is a sketch of the set setting with batteries. It is worth noting that the jigsaw differs in convenience (but only for right.Handedness), extremely productive, does not create much noise.

High level of functionality: the presence of a smooth start, as well as a mechanism for supporting the frequency of moves, in addition to effective blowing, there is a backlight. However, the price is much higher than analogues, so buying it is worth exclusively with the calculation that in the future will be purchased already “not filled” configuration of the Metabo tool.


Electric manual lobby hiper hjs18c. This tool is characterized by convenience and functionality, the work provides a built-in battery with a LI-Ion type, power of 2.4 Ah and a voltage of 18 V. The file of the file has the smallest frequency. 1 move/minute, the most value of this parameter is 2500 move/minute. The course has a length of 18 mm. In addition, the tool is distinguished by the presence of a pendulum pass with four adjusting steps. This type of electrician will serve you well when processing sheet materials. Tool to ensure Rapid cutting of wood, plastic, drywall, etc.

How amateur electrolobesist differs from professional

Amateur models have a number of differences from professional. Among the main differences, they distinguish:

  • Cost (professional tools are much more expensive);
  • Productivity (household models will not cope with large volumes of work);
  • The availability of additional options and settings in professional electrolobsics;
  • Serving life (professional instrument wear.Resistant).

Professional models are able to endure strokes and fall.

Which jigsaw to choose for professional work

Electric jigsaws, like other electric tools, produce various models that can be used for professional needs or household purposes.

In everyday life, this tool is not used very often, so household electrolobsics have small capacities inferior to professional models that are constantly operated.

Household electric lobe is equipped with a smaller number of additional functions and have minimal working resources, which are enough to use the tool. Accordingly, the cost of domestic models of electrolobsics is 2-3 times less than the price of professional models.

When choosing an electric jigsaw, it is necessary to take into account that household low.Power tools are used for cutting wooden products with a maximum thickness of 70 mm, and steel, having a maximum thickness of 4 mm.

Professional models of electrical jigsaws, which have high power and performance, are used for cutting wood, which has a maximum thickness of 135 mm, steel. Up to 10 mm and aluminum up to 20 mm thick.

If you know how thick the metal that you need to cut, it is easy to calculate the power of the electrician necessary for this work. Household electrical jigsaw are produced by Chinese and Polish manufacturers.

Better.Quality tools are produced by German, Japanese with Swedish manufacturers. Professional electric jigsaw saw is produced by the famous German manufacturer Bosch.

Cut round holes with various diameters using an electric jigsaw in sheet materials (wood, steel, plastic) easily and quickly.

If the jigsaw is needed for professional activities. The implementation of repair work on an ongoing basis, then in this case it makes sense to pay attention to professional units. They are more powerful and designed for daily use.

A professional jigsaw has an unlimited operating time and is equipped with many additional functions. Power is 700-1000 watts. Such units do an excellent job of sharp wood 80-135 mm, steel-up to 10 mm, aluminum-up to 20 mm. Of course, the weight and size of professional jigsaws is greater than that of household.

Like any other power tools, an electrician can be domestic or professional. It is better to choose a household model if you plan to use an electrician rare and only at a small household level.

Such jigsaws are low.Powerful, they can cut wooden parts with a thickness of not more than 7 cm and steel sheets up to 4 mm thick. Frequent use of household electrical appliances will lead to their Rapid wear. But this does not mean that they are poor.Quality.

For their modest purposes, they are quite suitable. Typically, such models are manufactured in China or Poland, have a limited number of functions and quite affordable price. For home use, they are ideal.

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Professional electrolobsics have great power, significant margin of strength and can last more than one year even at maximum loads. Such models cut wooden blanks up to 14 cm thick without problems, aluminum sheets up to 2 cm thick and steel sheets. Up to 1 cm.

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Although there are analogues less expensive, but no less high.Quality. Which model to choose, the seller will tell you with a good and verified reputation.

Additional functions of a professional electrician

When choosing a model, special attention should be paid to additional functions of a professional electrician. Which one?

Almost all modern models are equipped with a pendulum type mechanism. This mechanism transfers an additional pendulum fluctuations with a file. This function protects the tool from premature wear and significantly reduces the time of cutting.

True, the quality of the cut is reduced, which is not always acceptable. If a finish cut is performed, the pendulum mechanism is better to turn off. In addition, it should not be used when working with metal or solid wood of wood.

The second useful function is the ability to adjust the speed of the course that allows you to configure the tool to work with a certain material. The higher the speed of the course, the higher the performance, but with an increased frequency, the tool itself wears out faster.

The frequency can be selected by stronger pressing on the start button or set by the regulator before starting the tool.

What else will facilitate your work. The function of shaving dust. Almost any cut, regardless of the material, pulls the appearance of dust and chips, which settles on the cut line and scattered around the workplace. The function of blowing dust will help immediately clean the canvas of chips and dust, which will significantly improve the quality of the cut and its accuracy.

In addition, an electrician can have a built.In lamp, a Rapid replacement system of a cutting element, a fixer of the angle of the sole and other useful functions. You can even connect a vacuum cleaner to the electric lobes, so that the workplace is always neat and clean, without dust and chips.

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When choosing an electric jigsaw, you also need to take into account its power. For household models, it usually does not exceed 500 watts, while in professional it reaches 550 watts and above.

Electric Bosch

The German Corporation Bosch knows everything about the jigsaws, because it is thanks to this manufacturer that the first lobe saws appeared. And the improvement of this tool continues every day.

Although the first jigsaw called Lesto was produced by Albert Kaufmann, who had nothing to do with the concern, it was after the sale of his Bosch that he gained his popularity.

Now the Bosch elastic Band (Bosch) is a high.Quality and reliable device. And this is not surprising, because the manufacturer always put in the first place the interests and needs of the buyer, and the brand itself is the personification of German quality and durability.

All products of the company and Bosch electrolobsics combine excellent technical characteristics and modern technologies.


To choose the optimal tool for yourself, it is necessary to understand how it is classified, what parameters should be paid to first of all, and what functionality is not mandatory at all.

The speed of the stem

Indicates the frequency of the lobe canvas. For domestic use, it is recommended to choose in the range from 2500 to 3200 revolutions. Another best option is to buy a model with a controlled frequency, but these are more expensive.