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Which end to choose for carpentry

When working with blanks, their reliable fixation is often required. Strutzin can cope with this task. In some situations, it is possible to fix the part with one device, often it is possible to fix the overall products using several clamping devices. Today, a wide assortment of clamps from different manufacturers is presented on the domestic market. Expert recommendations will help to choose the best option.

  • Methods of clamp. Classic models are equipped with a screw mechanism that moves the moving part of the device. The clamp force is adjusted manually, so both hands of the master take part in the work. Quickly.Packed clamps are much more convenient in this regard. They allow you to fix and unclench the part with one hand, which is especially useful during work on the stairs or stepladder.
  • The clamp force. The clamping mechanism is responsible for the reliability of fastening the part. In different models, the force can fluctuate from 20 kg to 1 ton. The choice of optimal device depends on the operation and the material of the workpiece. For example, a powerful clamp is required to fix steel blanks, especially if the operation is performed on the milling machine.
  • Functionality. Along with the devices that only compress the part, there are models working as a spacer. This provides for a rotation of the sponge 180 degrees, which allows you to expand the capabilities of the device.
  • Weight and used materials. High strength of the clamps is achieved by the use of steel and cast iron. But at the same time, the device becomes heavy, especially if it is designed to fix large products. Some manufacturers use cast aluminum and synthetic materials. In this way it is possible to find the optimal combination of strength and lightness. To work in a home workshop, it is better to purchase a compact clamp weighing up to 1 kg. Machine models reach the mass of 5 kg.

We selected the 9 best clamps in our review. All of them are widely represented in the Russian trading network. The rating is compiled taking into account the opinion of the expert community and consumer reviews.

The best inexpensive discs for home

When purchasing tools, many buyers primarily pay attention to the cost. What is understandable. Not every compatriot has the opportunity to throw several extra thousands into the wind, even in cases where it is about buying a saw for a home. In addition, the home master is high power and great functionality is simply not needed. Therefore, the acquisition of a budget disk saw can be called a successful solution. We will start a review precisely with inexpensive tools combining all the most necessary.

One. Bort BHK-185U

An inexpensive, but good model of a disk saw, has a fairly high power, opens a review. 1250 W is enough to easily and quickly cut even a hard, order of dry wood. It’s nice that the saw is equipped with an additional set of brushes. The weight is only 4.1 kg, which greatly simplifies the transportation process, doing the work really easy and comfortable. The speed of rotation of the disk reaches 5600 rpm, so that even a large number of boards, bars and other lumber can be cut in the very short time. The diameter of the disk is 185 mm, which provides a cut height of 64 mm. In total, all this makes the tool a very successful acquisition. At least if this is not the best budget model of a disc saw, then, definitely, it is one of those.

Zubrov ZPD-1600

Very budget and at the same time good saw. Any summer resident who has to regularly saw boards and other lumber can easily purchase it. Its power is as many as 1600 watts, which makes it possible to easily and quickly cope not only with wood, but also with other materials, including aluminum. The speed of the disk rotation is quite high. 4500 rpm, which is considered an excellent indicator that allows you to quickly cope with significant volumes of work.

The diameter of the disk in this model is 185 mm. One of the most common indicators for the budget electrical instrument of this category. The mass of the device. 4.9 kg, which should be considered when buying. Not all users will work comfortably with it.

  • High power;
  • Low cost;
  • Designed system of dusting;
  • The simplicity of adjusting the angle drank;
  • Long warranty (5 years);
  • Small dimensions;
  • The worked out security system.

Elitech PD 1600l

A chic tool. Reliable, convenient in work and at the same time not too expensive. If you need a disk saw at an affordable price, then you will definitely not regret such an acquisition. Weight is quite large. 4.8 kg, but the corresponding power is as many as 1600 watts. Of course, in the presence of a high.Quality saw, the saw will make it easy to cut the hardest boards, bars and not only. The diameter of the disc is large. 190 mm, which provides a cut depth of 65 mm. This is one of the best indicators among budget disk saws. You can easily cope with very thick boards. The speed of rotation per minute reaches 5,000 revolutions. Of course, any materials are cut smoothly, without the slightest burr, splinter and other defects that are often found when working with less quick tools. An additional plus is a laser marker, as well as the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. You no longer have to spend time and effort to remove small sawdust after work.

  • High power;
  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Equipped with an additional disk;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Laser pointer.

The best end saws in quality and reliability

For regular working operations and processing durable blanks, a comprehensive assessment of functional parameters and stress resistance is recommended. The end saws presented in this category of rating will withstand difficult operating conditions without damage. Some increase in investment costs is justified by a long service life without breakdowns.

One. Zubrov ZPTK-255-1800

With the help of universal equipment, working on wood with this saw is very convenient. You can use oblique or direct sawing, processing products on the built.In table. Special extending elements increase the working area if necessary. The protective casing prevents the outlet of the sawdust towards the operator. An effective dust removal system helps to maintain cleanliness.

  • The possibility of using desktop and end technologies for processing blanks (2 in 1);
  • Accurate and clear cut;
  • Adjustable depth of cut up to 40 mm;
  • Blocking inclusion after short.Term disappearance of voltage in the power supply;
  • The possibility of quick replacement of the saw disk;
  • Extension cords to increase the working area of ​​the table.

Caliber PTE-2100/305PRM

The high power of the motor is useful for processing thick blanks from durable materials. Reliable gear transmission provides uniform rotation of the disk with a large load level. Using a saw PTE-2100/305pm Caliber, cut drifts up to 100 mm deep without excessive efforts.

  • The most powerful saw in the ranking;
  • The presence of a broach;
  • Convenient workpieces with supporting elements;
  • Reliable collector motor;
  • Gear feather;
  • Durable gear gearbox.

Bosch PCM 8

Choosing a manufacturing company as one of the main criteria, the advantages of this end saw should be noted. Bosch PCM 8 is characterized by careful design of the smallest details. Power of 1200 W in combination with accurate calculation of the gear unit is sufficient to create deep cuts. A large casing impeccably performs its functions, but does not complicate operational control. The release of the laser beam is not clogged with shavings during operation. Hard spindle fixation simplifies the replacement of the disk.

  • Reliable compact ending from a well.Known brand;
  • Impeccable assembly;
  • Fast and simple adjustment of the depth of the cut;
  • High.Quality design;
  • The possibility of using a large disk (216 mm);
  • Relatively small noise level;
  • Chic functionality;
  • Ease.

Makita LH1040F

  • Smooth start
  • Pure cut
  • Quality disk in the kit
  • Backlight
  • Build quality
  • Convenience in circulation
  • Disk diameter: 260 mm
  • The depth of drank 90 °: 93 mm
  • Width draped 90 °: 130 mm
  • Functions: engine braking, smooth start
  • Design features: backlighting, spindle lock, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner
  • Rotation speed: 4800 rpm
  • Diameter of the landing hole: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 45 °
  • Turning angle: 52 °
  • Weight: 13.7 kg

Rating of the best end saws of 2021

Category Place Name Rating
The best inexpensive end saws one Jet JSMS-8L nine.6 /10
2 Hyundai m 2000-255 nine.5 /10
3 Metabo KGS 216 m nine.4 /10
4 Zubrov ZPTK-255-1800 nine.1 /10
The best end saws with a length one Metabo KGS 315 Plus nine.8 /10
2 Bosch GCM 12 GDL nine.8 /10
3 DeWALT DWS778 nine.5 /10
4 DeWALT DWS777 nine.4 /10
5 Bosch GCM 8 SJL nine.1 /10
The best end saws without a broach one Bosch GTM 12 nine.8 /10
2 Makita LH1201FL nine.6 /10
3 Makita LF1000 nine.5 /10
Best Battery Piles one DeWALT DHS780N nine.7 /10
2 Makita DLS714Z nine.5 /10
3 Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 0 nine.4 /10


Opens our rating of the best end saws Jet JSMS-8L model. Jet Chinese end saws, despite the origin, have earned a good reputation. They are well collected and do not bother with breakdowns, so you can often meet them in small workshops. Specifically, this model with a half.Kilowet engine uses 216 mm disks and is equipped with a broach mechanism, so that it is quite universal: the cut depth is up to 62 mm, the width is up to 305 mm. The angles of inclination and turn can be adjusted in the range to 45 degrees.

A laser is provided for aiming, but it is quickly clogged with dust, even if a vacuum cleaner is connected-a tangible number of sawdust passes past it due to a single-point fence. The engine is connected directly, without smooth start, although this is not a problem for the hand: a budget tool is often selected with the calculation for subsequent refinement “for yourself”.

  • Jet JSMS.8L. 1500 watts, fabric 216 mm, drank 62 mm, max. 5000 rpm
  • Jet JSMS-10L. 1500 watts, a canvas 254 mm, drank 90 mm, max. 4500 rpm
  • Jet JSMS-12L. 1800 watts, canvas 305 mm, drank 105 mm, max. 3800 rpm

As I bought. I work, there were no problems at all. The assembly is good, it is immediately felt in the course of the guides.

Hyundai m 2000-255

The 1800-water saw and the disk uses the corresponding power of the diameter motor-255 mm, so that everything was in order with the depth of it was in order: up to 75 mm with a 90-degree cut, while the cut length is up to 135 mm. For work in which the budget class tool is usually used, this should be enough normally. The build quality, like the very standard disk, is good, although there are small miscalculations. If you do not plan to use the hood, limit yourself to a standard vacuum harvester, then stock up on a note. The built.In “laser sight” will be quickly clogged with dust, since there is no forced extract in the bag. Although the bag itself is made with a decent concern for the future owner-for shaking the chips there is a “lightning” clasp on it, for example.

The landing hole of the disk is 30 millimeters, which must be taken into account: for some reason, an inch landing is often mentioned in popular online stores, although there are errors with weight (real, according to the instructions-12 kg). Although, if, having believed the catalog or consultant in the store, you can additionally buy discs with an inch landing-this is not scary, there should be an adapter in the kit. But the smooth start here, alas, will not appear (or it is simply made initially “not quite smooth”): keep in mind when buying a saw to the workshop with not the most powerful wiring, there may be voltage subsidence when the engine is turned on.

The marking of the rotary table is accurate, allowing you to get the exact joints of the sawn blanks from the box at once. At “standard” corners, it is fixed with a click (9 provisions from.45 to 45 degrees). However, the manufacturer also did not forget the exact adjustment of the angles in the construction. The slope in the vertical plane is only to the left, up to 45 degrees.

Which end saw to choose for door installation

The purpose of the end saw is already clear from its name. Ending (in other words, transverse cutting) of long details: platbands, skirting boards, fillets, moldings, etc.D. The master unfamiliar with the end saw will probably be surprised. All of the listed details are perfectly cut by a circular saw, and if you need to cut off cleanly and at a certain angle, you can use a hacksaw and a stupid. So it is. It is a hacksaw and the knock is called to replace the end saw, for which it is sometimes called “electric stupid”.

Anyone who at least once had to combine platforms and plinths “in the mustache” knows that this is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Without proper dexterity, even with the help of the same, to make the perfect cut at 45 degrees is not easy. And if the part is not flat, but complex shape? If this is a wide external platband or decor element and in any mock it simply does not fit? And if the front angle is not straight and it is necessary to cut it not at 45 degrees, but, say, under 57? And if you need to cut it at an angle to the vertical? Here, a hacksaw on a rotary bed will not help.

How to choose a end saw with a length

Choosing a end of the end with a length, it is important to consider which materials you plan to cut, how critical accuracy is, how often you are going to endure the tool, in what conditions the tool will be used. To answer all these questions, get acquainted with the main aspects. This will help to find the best end in the ranking.

  • Class of end saw. Conditionally, ends are divided into household, semi.Professional and professional. The former are suitable for repair, hobbies, small work in the garage. They are characteristic of low accuracy and are designed for short work. The latter allow you to perform significantly better cuts, in addition, they are often equipped with additional functions. For example, smooth starting. A professional class ending will effectively prove itself with prolonged operation, cope with high loads at the enterprise or construction. Our rating of endings with the length includes the tools of each of the described classes.
  • Power. A parameter on which the maximum speed and the ability to install large saw discs depend. High power will help to work for a long time without interruptions after each saw. A good ending saw with a household level is equipped with an engine for 1.5-1.8 kW; The capacity of professional analogues reaches 2 kW.
  • Laser. To get an accurate cut in the shortest possible time, we recommend that end saws with a laser. In theory, such models project a beam to the harvesting in front of the saw disk, and this helps to do perfect sawdust. When choosing a model with a laser, consider 3 aspects: on the street in daylight it is useless; The beam requires calibration so that its position corresponds to the real cut; In some endings, the lens is instantly clogged with sawdust, and then the function loses its relevance. Read reviews to cheat with the experience of real customers.
  • Backlight. If you work in a workshop or a basement workshop, ending saws with backlight will be a good choice. The built-in diode will additionally improve the visibility of the Reza area, which will work more comfortably, and the percentage of marriage will decrease.
  • Disk diameter. The cut.Out circle is an expensive and overall consumable, so you should choose it according to the needs: what material do you plan to saw and what depths will the blanks be. There are discs for aluminum, wood, wood with nails. Circles with slots deserve special attention: the latter are needed to reduce heating. The end diameter of the disk presented in the rating is 210-315 mm.
  • Mount to the table. The end is a powerful power tool, and during operation it vibrates. The higher the load, the stronger the oscillations. Vibration is harmful in the long run and negatively affects the quality of the cut. Both of these factors are critical for professionals, therefore, deciding which of the end saws with the length is best to choose, pay attention to the models with fixation on the table. In such endings there are supports with carvings for fasteners. Using them, you can increase the resistance of an angle.
  • Speed. The characteristic on which the quality of the cut depends. The higher the number of revolutions, the more even and clean the place of the saw. High resignation will help to work effectively with dense materials. A good indicator for professional ending is 5,000 revolutions per minute. The speed of speed will increase the functionality of the saw, but in reality, the models with it are quite rare.
  • Smooth start. A function that provides a gradual speed set. Thanks to it, the ending does not twitch when starting, and a high starting current is not supplied to the engine. Top saws with smooth start are found in semi.Professional and professional segments.
  • Overheat protection. There are 2 simple ways to prevent heating: use the discs with slots and follow the instructions for your model, which clearly indicates how much ending can work and what time it takes for “rest”. If you still overheated the tool, the device with protection will automatically turn off until it cools.
  • Blocking from random start. The option will prevent the disk launch after a short.Term power outage. It is especially useful if your end is operated by an unstable network, where it often knocks out traffic jams.
  • Casing. Element that any good ending is equipped. Protects the operator from sparks, shavings and sawdust resulting from cutting work. The best in the rating of models has a mechanism for blocking the casing, due to which the saw base is opened until the tool is in non.Working state.
  • Dimensions saw it. In the technical passport of each end, indicators of maximum width and cut depth are separately issued. The first depends on the dimensions of the desktop, the second. On the diameter of the circle. Please note that the angle of inclination of the cutting head affects the width and the depth of the cut.
  • Spindle blocking. A function that facilitates the replacement of the disk. When you use it, the circle stops turning, which is why it will be easier and safer to remove it and installing it.
  • Table extension cords. Choose which end saw with a length is better to buy for processing large blanks? Look towards the models that are equipped with extension cords. Due to them, placing a long board or sheet will be much more convenient.
  • Vacurancaucer’s pipe. If you do not know what is the best end with a length for working in a workshop or garage, then take a closer look at the models with dust. This is a hole through which sawdust leaves the end. You can connect the garbage bag to it. In industrial conditions, end saws with a vacuumber are connected to a construction vacuum cleaner.
  • The weight. A good solution will be to look at this parameter if you plan to frequent ending of the ending.
  • Cable. The best ending with a length for year.Round work on the construction site is equipped with a fairly long wire that does not blow in the cold.

Rating of the best end saw

Among the main sampling parameters was the efficiency, safety and ease of use of devices. Before included in the rating of end saws, we analyzed the characteristics of goods and customer reviews.

That’s what other criteria compared the tools:

  • Power;
  • Rotational speed;
  • Depth and width draped;
  • Ways of processing canvases;
  • Types of materials with which the tool works;
  • Noise level;
  • Power methods and cord length;
  • Engine protection;
  • The diameter and severity of the disk;
  • Opportunities for expanding the table;
  • The size of the vacuum cleaner;
  • The weight;
  • Equipment;
  • Illumination of the working surface;
  • Simplicity of replacing cutting elements.

One of the selection criteria was the ratio of the price and quality of goods, their functionality and accessibility.

which, choose, carpentry, matrix

Hitachi C10FSH

The Hitachi C10FSH tool from the Japanese manufacturer equipped with a full set of functions for high.Quality processing of parts during the construction or manufacture of furniture. The function of the broach and the diameter of the disk allow you to process blanks with a width of more than 300 mm. Smooth start, which reduces the strength of the return when starting the engine, and the function of maintaining speed under load guarantees the high quality of the saw. The tool is ergonomic and convenient to work.

  • Broach
  • Laser marker
  • Maintaining speed under load
  • Dust of dusting
  • Clamp for fixing the workpiece
  • Smooth start

Watch a video with a brief overview of the characteristics of the tool:

Pile saw: how to choose the right and what is its possibilities?

Part.Time oroving saw. A sought.After tool in private construction and other areas. Ends are often used if you need to perform a cut at a given angle. For example, it is in demand for the final decoration of the billets in the mustache. It can be door platbands, furniture or other carpentry products.

Of course, other saws, jigsaws and even hand hacksaw do such work. But the ending copes with this task efficiently: he performs a cut at a straight or other angle/slope accurately and carefully, which will be especially appreciated by the owners of enterprises and workshops, where such operations are put on a stream.

Design features that need to be paid attention to when choosing

The width of the broach

The width of the broach is the distance that the saw disk can pass through the workpiece (see.Rice.). The larger the width of the broach, the more wide the blank can cut the device. That is, if the workpiece is greater than the width of the broach, then it will have to be cut in two approaches.

The cut width indicator can fluctuate from 70 to 340 mm, depending on the device. The choice of a end saw with a length of the width of sawing depends on real needs. For example, if you plan to fit skirting boards, you are quite enough for a device with a width of a broach up to 100 mm. And if you need to prepare the lags, then you will need a device with a greater width of the cut.

The depth of the cut

The depth of the cut determines the thickness of the workpiece, which can cut. Here, as with the width of the broach, the choice of the model determines the nature of the upcoming work. To cut the shawks, there is enough cut depth of 50. 60 mm, and to prepare a beam on the roof, you will need a device with a cut depth of 100 mm.

Depth often determines the size of the saw disk. So the cut depth up to 75 mm is provided with discs with a diameter of 210. 255 mm, 90 mm disks with a diameter of 255. 260 mm, sawing depth of more than 100 mm disks with a diameter of 305 mm. But here much more depends on the design of the end itself. For example, two models can work with the same discs, but the depth of drink will be different from them.

The rotary construction of the saw

Any end saw can cut the workpiece at an angle thanks to the guides (we are always vertically sawing, and we change the angle by changing the position of the workpiece). But not every saw can be able to cut a tree at an angle in a vertical plane.

In most models, the saw can change the angle relative to its axis. This angle can be from 45 ° to 57 °. A larger angle is rarely required. Naturally, the depth of the cut is reduced when I drank in an inclined position. For example, u Metabo KS 216 m, With vertical sawing, the cut depth is 60 mm, and in a position at an angle of 45 ° it decreases to 47 mm.

The quality of the sole

The best ending with a length should have a high.Quality cast sole (base). Some cheap models have a stamped sole, which is spanning over time, dents appear in it during work. Before you buy a saw, check from the seller whether the sole is. Also pay attention to the quality of the sole itself. In some devices, it is quite thin and light, which is why it also fails faster.

The height and structure of the surface of the stop

Emphasis is a metal bar on which the workpiece rests during sawing (see.Rice.). The higher it is, the easier it is to work with the beam. The emphasis in some models has a removable upper part, which is removed for inclined sawing at an angle (so that the disk is passed). In others, it can be hinged (as in most endings Makita).

Also pay attention to the structure of the surface of the stop. In some devices, it is smooth, while others have a corrugated manner. The second option is better, since the workpiece does not slip so and holds better. Of course, there is always a clamp, which will press the board to the sole, but the best fixation due to the corrugated surface of the stop will not hurt.

Pase width for disk

During sawing, the disk goes into the groove, which is located under the workpiece in the sole of the device. The thinner this groove, the better the quality of the cut. For example, when you cut a thin rail, then with a small groove there will be less chips. Also, the wider the grooves, the more the sawdust will fly there, and this is excess garbage in the room.

Since it is difficult to determine the width of the groove of the end of the end by a photograph in the online store, check this moment directly at the seller. From experience, let’s say that it is optimal groove width 8. 10 mm, and what is more, already worse.

Household end saws

German end Metabo. The best among household saws. Quickly and accurately makes a transverse cut of wood at the right angle. Equipped with a turning table. Can be sawed at the required angle, moving the table to the right and left by 47 degrees and setting degrees with high accuracy. Aluminum table, on both sides there are extensors to place a long blank. The function of the breaks for cutting with double guides has been installed. Laser backlight indicates a cut line. For strong fixation of the workpiece, clamps are installed. Dust and sawdust from the working area can be easily removed by attaching a bag or chiposos to the adapter. The synchronous type engine, reliable, is cooled forcibly air ventilation. Power 1.5 kW.

The best manufacturers

The overview of the end of the saw will not be full without acquaintance with the best manufacturers of this industry for today. The following companies are especially popular among them:

  • Hammer. Czech line of professional electrical equipment. Specimens differ in rotation frequency up to 5 thousand. Rpm., minimum working noise and overheating protection. With their help, you can cut not only wood, but also metal.
  • Makita. Japanese company with a 100-year history. Produces convenient high.Quality end installations. The average characteristics of models-the frequency of 3-6 thousand. Rpm., Power 1.6 kW, disc 200 mm.
  • Bosch. German brand of premium segment. Saws are characterized by small dimensions, low weight, ergonomics, good assembly quality, convenient control, persistent cutting elements.
  • Bison. Domestic manufacturer of ergonomic, reliable and cheap endings. Models are highly powerful, large diameter disks, and the universality of the cutting angle settings.
  • Metabo. Produces high.Quality end saws with powerful motors, disk wear resistant and many beneficial functions.

How to make a carpentry clamp with your own hands

The specified tool can be purchased at any profile store. But if desired, you can assemble a home.Made clamp, with the required dimensions.

Professionals are often inclined precisely to the independent collection of these devices. In this case, it turns out to design a tool that will cope with individual needs, when performing certain tasks by the master.

Corner structures

This type of tool is used to hold individual elements of similar or different dimensions. The carpentry clamp will allow them to connect them to each other in the position that is required.

In practice, in most cases, angular type devices are used during welding of metal structures. They provide their connection and retention strictly at a right angle.

To assemble the device yourself, you must cook:

  • Steel corner by 40 mm.
  • Hardened hairpins from a thread pre.Applied to them.
  • Nut.
  • Taps.
  • 40 mm steel plates.
  • Drill.
  • Rods.
  • Welding device.
which, choose, carpentry, matrix

It is necessary to weld the prepared corners for the plates of steel, strictly observing the right angle. At the next stage, worm nodes are fixed on each side. It is important to correctly determine the size of the working gap so that it corresponds to future blanks.

Experts advise if it is supposed to work with different structures in size, it is worth collecting several carpentry clamps. The reason is that the fixation is the worse, the larger the larger move has.

Набор инструмента Matrix

At the end of the hairpin, emphasis is organized immediately after it itself is wrapped in a working nut.

Over, the emphasis itself should be able to spin on the hairpin.

A hole is made behind the gate. Here will be placed a rod of metal, which will take over the function of the lever.

This is the simplest design, which even an inexperienced master can independently assemble. But it will be very useful in practice.


The most difficult in practical design is the welding option is the end connection of individual pipes. For its implementation and significant simplification, pipe clamps are used. They guarantee the correct connection of individual sections.

Yourself to make the specified device is easy. A pair of steel plates will be required, and also a suitable corner. To ensure the desired fixation, the device itself provides for the studs equipped.

Are We Living In The Matrix? | WIRED

Despite the apparent simplicity, this device in practice demonstrates high efficiency.

Other options for carpentry clamps

There are other varieties of carpentry clamps. They are used depending on the specific production necessity within some manipulations.

If you gently quickly fix the small elements, a device that has the shape of a caliper. To make it on its own, a sheet of plywood and several bars are enough, along with additional elements. A hairpin and a nut.

On the main rail on the one hand is attached to the emphasis. It makes a recess where the mechanism itself will be placed. When the bracket is in the required position, you need to fix the part by means of turning the gate on the hairpin.

The easiest, but this is no less effective in practice, the option of clamps is assembled from a nut equipped with a latch, steel studs, vapors of wooden bars, stubborn goals and nuts.

In order for the clamp to play the role of a full.Fledged vise, it is worth initially making several sets with similar characteristics.

When performing individual manipulations that make up the structural elements, you need to keep on the surface of the table in order to facilitate their further processing.

To do this, a self.Clamped clamp is suitable. Its bracket is made of wood or metal.

This is a simple device that is a lever. When turning it, a quick clamp works, which is automatically triggered. To install the desired height, it is enough to move the stud placed on the workbench.

Typically, rapidly packed structures are collected in accordance with individual requirements for the necessary manipulations.

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful and often used tools in a carpentry workshop is clamps. They are used to fix parts almost during any carpentry operation: when sawing, drilling, grinding and itself when gluing. Structurally, clamps most often consist of 2 parts: the main frame and a movable element for the clamp. Let’s figure out what types of clamps are, how they differ from each other and which one should first pay attention to the novice master.

One. G-shaped (sometimes they say C-shaped)

Have a solid base in the form of a letter C. Due to this, there is no probability of distorting sponges. On one of the sponges, a clamping screw is installed. Have a fairly strong pressing effort. The cost of such clamps is usually not high, but many masters do not use them at all: a significant minus is a small thickness of the clampable product.


Have a metal base on which two sponges are located: one mobile and one motionless. Perhaps the most common and demanded type of clamps: simplicity of design, low cost and wide possibilities in use. Perhaps the only negative is the need to use both hands when clamping such a clamp. There is a huge variety of manufacturers and variations of this type of clamp.

Cabinet clamps-a variety of F-shaped. Differ in a larger area of ​​the sponges, which is more convenient when working and less risk of damage to the workpiece.

There are also lever clamps with a ratchet mechanism. The “ratchet” allows you to quickly pull and release the part, but at the same time it will not allow you to excessively squeeze the workpiece.

Quickly sound

The key difference from F-shaped clamps is the presence of a lever mechanism, thanks to which one hand is enough to squeeze the part with such a clamp. With the second hand at this moment you can hold the workpiece. Also have plastic linings on sponges that reduce the risk of damaging the part. Another plus. They can work for unclenching, just change the direction of the sponges. The force is not as large as on F-shaped clamps, and the cost is usually higher.

TOP-15 best models rating

Place Name Price
TOP-5 best end saws
one Metabo KS 216 m lasercut 8 000 ₽
2 DeWALT DW713 25 000 ₽
3 Metabo KGS 216 m 18 000 ₽
4 Makita LH1040 24 000 ₽
5 Makita LS1040 15 000 ₽
TOP-5 best end saws with a length
one Zubrov ZPT-305-1800 PLR 20 000 ₽
2 Zubrov ZPT-255-1800 pl 9 000 ₽
3 Metabo KGS 254 m 21 000 ₽
4 Metabo KGS 305 m 27 000 ₽
5 Makita LS0714 23 000 ₽
TOP-5 best end saw with a laser marker
one Makita LH1201FL 35 000 ₽
2 Bosch PCM 8 S 18 000 ₽
3 Metabo KGS 315 Plus 58 000 ₽
4 Zubrov ZPT-210-1400 l 5 000 ₽
5 Metabo KGS 254 m 21 000 ₽

Metabo KS 216 m lasercut

Table, single.Speed ending in a durable aluminum case. Differs from its brothers suitability for sawing wood in domestic conditions, private workshops.

The saw head rotates freely, and the slope to the left will open an additional corner range for cut.

The disk is made of hard alloys, which defines it as durable and resistant to intensive loads product.

The nozzle changes without dismantling the casing due to the blocking of the spindle. The table extensions are smoothly advanced, high supports are shifted to the sides.

This is how the safety of using the tool is achieved, the possibility of cutting long panels or racks.

  • Power. 1.35 kW;
  • The height of the cut. 6 cm, the width is 12 cm;
  • Disk diameter. 21.6 cm, landing holes. 3 cm;
  • Tilt angle. 47 °, turning. 47 °;
  • Support sizes. 15.5×73.5 cm;
  • Rotation speed. 5,000 rpm, at nom. Load. 3 450 rpm;
  • Cutting speed. 57 m/s;
  • Dimensions. 46.5×28.5×47.5 cm;
  • Weight. 9.4 kg.
  • High.Quality cut;
  • Reliable assembly;
  • The possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • Turning table fixation;
  • Convenient and safe operation.

Dewalt DW713

A table, single.Speed ending with a powerful and reliable engine, which in turn shows the unsurpassed cutting speed, moment.

Endowed with a modern pendulum mechanism that provides smooth and clear work at any angle. To install the necessary corners of the ending, there are 11 grooves, a cam clamp.

Additional support of the workpiece is carried by sliding emphasis, and lengthening. High.Precision aluminum platform.

To perform work with high accuracy, use a precision scale with a reliable fixation mechanism.

  • Power. 1.6 kW, output. 1 kW;
  • The height of the cut. 8.9 cm, width. 16.2 cm;
  • Disk diameter. 25.4 cm, landing holes. 3 cm;
  • Tilt angle. 48 °, turning. 50 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5,000 rpm;
  • It is equipped with a saw disk, key, vacuum cleaner;
  • Dimensions. 48.5×42.5×60 cm;
  • Weight.13.6 kg.
  • High accuracy of ending at any angle;
  • The smooth brake of the engine;
  • Safe and comfortable use;
  • Effective tap of sawdust;
  • Reliable design.

Metabo KGS 216 m

Highway end with a length for working with wood and metal. Perfectly withstands mechanical influences, intensive operation.

Precise setting of angles occurs quickly, through fixing points. The table extensions are smoothly advanced, allowing you to install long blanks.

The head of the saw with the left tilt opens an additional corner range for trimming.

A built.In laser and LED lamp, shifted high stops, clamping for fixing blanks, limiter, intuitive control, spindle blocking for a simple replacement of the nozzle are responsible for comfortable operation.

  • Power. 1.5 kW;
  • Sawed height. 6.5 cm, width. 30.5 cm;
  • Disk diameter. 21.6 cm, landing holes. 3 cm;
  • Tilt angle. 47 °, turning. 47 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5,000 rpm, with a nominal load. 3,750 rpm;
  • The speed of the cut is 57 m/s;
  • Dimensions. 76x34x47.5 cm;
  • Weight. 13.5 kg.

The best brands of end saw

An important part of the search for a good ending is the choice of the manufacturer: some release cheap models for cottage, others put up a six.Digit price tag for their devices, others try to please both the household and the professional sector. The list below includes brands whose saws got into today’s rating.

  • Bison. Russian end saws are presented in the budget and semi.Professional segments. The power of endings varies from 0.9 to 1.8 kW, which will allow you to find a model for your needs. Buyers of CSW endings value assembly quality and ease of use.
  • Patriot. The company specializes in the release of technology for household needs, and the ending was no exception. Compact dimensions will allow you to place the tool in the garage or in the country, and the standard landing hole of the disk will simplify the search for consumables.
  • Metabo. The German company produces endings of different segment. From budget to professional. Regardless of the class, buyers note the optimal price ratio: Metabo technique costs every ruble spent.
  • Sturm. When choosing which end saw is better to buy for home, feel free to look towards the products of this company from Germany. STURM endings are deprived of additional amenities, but this allows you to provide a democratic price for them.
  • Enkor. Russian company producing domestic equipment. Endings are optimally suitable for a summer house or home workshop. Plus you can name the availability of parts for maintenance and repair.
  • Jet. The end saws of this company are produced in China. In addition to them, the company produces machines for industrial enterprises and workshops. In our rating of the best ended saw, two models of this brand were included in the ratio of and quality.
  • Bosch. The German manufacturer produces one of the best end saws. The products are focused on industrial conditions, which is characterized by power, resistance to loads, a large disk diameter and, as a result, high price tag.
  • Makita. The manufacturer of good endings and other tools is presented in a professional segment. The stronger side is the presence of additional amenities, such as a clamp for fixing the workpiece, a handle for work in two positions, a duration mechanism.
  • Dewalt. Professionals who clearly know what they want to get from the ending and how much it costs about the instrument of the American company. Large discs, speed adjustment, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Parts for which the saws of this company appreciate.

Video Description

Incredible opportunities for the perfect end saw.

High accuracy of the cut due to laser markup and high.Quality sawing disk source DASINSTRUMENT.Com.Ua

All saws for ending of lumber, regardless of the model, are divided not only into manual (portable) and stationary, but also standard and multifunctional. For example, in the verge of photography, you see the German model Bosch PCM 8, which has laser marking, which allows you to cut lumber at a very accurate angle that is only possible for this modification of the tool. Multifunctional end saws are much more expensive than standard models, and if you want a well.Known brand, you will have to fork out. But this is not a waste of money to work with a good quality end. Such investments result in saving funds.

Functional features

Work on a stationary.Type end.Type end will always be more accurate, since the cut line is mainly (for new models) by a laser, and the supply of a saw disk according to the pendulum type will not deviate by a millimeter. Of course, an experienced specialist will cut off the workpiece at any angle, but the beginning master is simply not within the power of physical terms (you need to “fill” his hand). But, nevertheless, you need to figure out which cut can make a end saw.

Opportunities to work with a pitch:

  • Both stationary and mobile versions of the power tool have the ability to make a cut on a horizontal plane with a change in the angle of the end cut. In manual models, such a turning point is not limited, and in stationary saws, the deviation of the rack and/or table is set by the manufacturer and is indicated in the related documentation.
  • Also, work on the end saw allows you to change the cut angle relative to the horizontal plane. In different models (manual and stationary) it looks different. That is, the slope of the support cover or table can be carried out left or right at 45 °, and in some cases up to 60 °.

But all these functions depend on the manufacturer: that is, what the plant has invested in a particular project, then you can do it with this power tool. In fairness, it should be noted that a saw disk can not only beg a board or bar at a certain angle, but also cut them along the fibers. For example, a wide and long board can be dissolved on the rails of the desired width and if it is a manual power tool, then the length of the board has absolutely no value.

The tougher the workpiece will stand, the more accurately the cut line and the desired angle is the USAMODELKINsource.Ru

which, choose, carpentry, matrix

Therefore, the capabilities of end saws are enough. This is a change in the angles of cut not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical plane. To make the necessary corners as a result, the workpiece must be reliably fixed on the desktop village or on the workbench. Modern multifunctional saws are usually provided for fixing tools in the form of clamps, but for a manual disc saw you can and should be used mobile clamps. In extreme cases, the workpiece can be screwed to a wooden workbench with self.Tapping screws.

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