Which feed miter saw is better


  • Power. 1650 W.
  • Cutting parameters: depth. 93 mm (on the upper table. 40 mm), width. 130 mm.
  • Disc parameters: diameter. 260 mm, bore. 30 mm.
  • Weight. 14 kg.

Gearbox transmission type

  • Cogwheel. Noisy but reliable transmission. Does not spin when the saw blade is heavily loaded. Vibrations may occur, which can affect the accuracy of the cut.
  • Belt. quiet transmission without vibrations, due to which the cutting accuracy is increased. However, the disadvantage is the scrolling of the motor shaft and the need for periodic adjustment.

Best Miter Saw for Metal

Miter (assembly) saw Makita 2414NB is used when sawing PVC, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The safety system during work includes a robust protective guard for the cutting blade, an anti-spark shield that protects the working surface from contact with the tool. A shaft locking system is provided for quick disc replacement. The saw is double insulated and compact in size. It can be used both for household tasks and for sawing metal blanks in a small workshop.

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A sufficiently powerful engine is not only able to cope with metal blanks, but also successfully works on ceramics and stones. The guide plate can be offset up to 45 ° from the center and has 3 positions. A quick clamping device is provided for setting the cutting angle.

Best inexpensive miter saw

Household tools Bosch PCM 7 could be classified as professional miter saws, if not for its low power, relatively small blade diameter and weight of only 8 kg. But for home use, this model is ideal. This miter saw works with hard and soft wood. In front of similar options in terms of characteristics, it is distinguished by the presence of soft pads on the handle, illumination of the workspace, and compact size. Saw blade replacement is easy, laser pointer is included.

The scope of delivery of the Bosch PCM 7 pendulum miter saw includes a carbide saw blade, a work clamp and a waste bag.

Rotational speed

The quality of the cut is in direct proportion to the idling frequency of the electric motor. For household and professional models, this figure ranges from 3200 to 6000 rpm. Good miter saws are equipped with a blade speed controller.

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AEG PS 254 L

This powerful miter saw is originally from Romania. Industrial class, purpose. large-scale production. The two-kilowatt motor is built for tough, daily work. It is a brush type, well protected from voltage surges, overloads and overheating. The built-in feed allows you to cut 30 cm wide ends. The cutting depth is 9 cm. When the cutting head is tilted, the parameter decreases to 5 cm. The saw wheel is large, with frequent teeth. Easily handles solid, bulky workpieces. The frame is cast, reinforced. The manufacturer has expanded the capabilities and range of rotation, installed clamps, clamps, comfortable handles for fixing indicators. In addition to the laser, there is also an LED illumination of the working area. Together with a convenient scale, they enable extremely precise sawing. The cutting height limiter makes it possible to make grooves in parts. Built-in professional dust extraction system

Which Miter Saw is better Sliding vs Fixed

  • The dust suction turbine draws in 80% of the swarf and dust;
  • Convenient lock for corner sawing;
  • 48-tooth disc included for extremely clean trimming.

Best Budget Sliding Compound Miter Saws Of 2021 | Sliding Compound Miter Saw Buying Guide

Scheppach MST254

The miter saw from the German company Shepach has an undeniable advantage. it has an upper working table. Its presence means that this tool is multifunctional. It is used not only for cross-cutting, but also for longitudinal and transverse sawing of bars. We recommend purchasing for small carpentry and furniture workshops. In such rooms, two different devices take up too much space, and one, combined, just to the point. And the cost is for the price of one. According to the characteristics, they are excellent indicators. Power. 1, 6 kW, the disc is increased, the cut is deep and wide: 70 height, 110 width. Both work surfaces are aluminum, comfortable, well thought out. There are side clamping clamps. The lower bed is rotatable and equipped with an accurate scale. On the upper table there is a parallel stop and a regulator for limiting the cutting height.

  • Universal, combined tool;
  • Large cutting depth;
  • Functional circular table with stops;
  • The kit includes a large number of accessories.
  • Cheap cloth dust collector. User tips. replace with a denser one.
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Furniture, doors and windows look beautiful only when their parts are perfectly matched. Even the slightest gap at the joint spoils the appearance of the product. Only a special tool. a miter saw. can adjust the ends of the workpieces at the desired angle. In order to make the cut extremely accurately and accurately, the facing should be:

  • Convenient in work: light and small;
  • Have a reliable engine with a modern protection system;
  • Possess good technical parameters of the cutting depth and width;
  • Have in the kit a sharpened disc of at least 200 mm in diameter;
  • Be equipped with additional functions: broach, laser, clamps, dust bag.

Metabo KGS 216 M

The best trimmer preferred by most buyers. The manufacturer is Metabo from Germany, which is distinguished by excellent build quality. The motor is 1.5 kW synchronous type, completely immune to voltage surges in the network. In case of overload and overheating, it switches off automatically. The large 216 mm disc with 40 teeth cleanly cuts not only soft woods, but also oak and aluminum profiles. Penetrates to a depth of 65 mm with a straight cut and 36 mm with a 45 degree tilt. For safety, it is covered with a casing. There is a laser marker to improve the accuracy of the cut. For wide workpieces, the broach is designed in the form of two strips. The table is aluminum, comfortable, easily rotated, firmly fixed in the desired position. Lightweight, compact dimensions.

  • Durable and convenient extension rails;
  • The presence of laser marking;
  • Side clamp included;
  • Leading in the parameters of the gouge height;
  • Comfortable carry handle.
  • Insignificant errors in the accuracy of the cut are noted.

Hyundai M 2500-255 S EXPERT

A miter saw from the well-known South Korean brand Hyundai costs a little less, and develops more power: by 2.1 kW. This means that the pressure when sawing is stronger, so the hardest and most combined materials are “tough” for her. The speed of the disc is electronically controlled, depending on the hardness of the workpiece. The engine is protected against accidental starting with the lock button. Its start-up is smooth, without unnecessary jerking at the beginning of work. The diamond wheel has been increased to 255 mm. The design of the cutting unit is swing-tilt-pendulum. The penetration depth for vertical cuts is 75 mm, for inclined cuts. 42. When cutting large parts, a broaching mechanism is used. The bed is cast, stable, with stops on the sides. There is an electric brake for increased safety.

  • Better performance-to-price ratio;
  • High console stroke rate;
  • Clear fixation on the metric scale.
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Should You Buy A Miter Saw?. Beginner Woodworker’s guide

Makita LS1216L

Japanese miter saws are, of course, the best you can find on the market. If you are not afraid of the price of Makita, which is 5 times higher than that of German and Korean models, then feel free to buy. This is a professional tool. It has the largest disc at 30.5 cm in diameter, impressive width and depth of facing. The engine develops a power of 1650 W. Such an indicator in a Japanese engine is almost 2 kW in models from other manufacturers. Installed at an angle, which increases the view of the work surface. A fluorescent lamp is built in for lighting. The table is cast, comfortable, with vertical guides and a broach. It is comfortable to turn it. It is possible to fix the most accurate intermediate values ​​using two knobs. Double protective insulation allows you to connect to the network without earthing. When the cutting head is lifted, it is locked and the saw blade is covered with a cover. This is the best security system. An uninformed user will not be able to turn on the machine without knowing where the release lever is.

  • The highest parameters of the kerf: at 90 degrees. 38 cm, at 45.25.5;
  • The electric motor is installed at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • Convenient vertical guides;
  • High additional side broaches.