Which Gasoline Is Suitable For Makita Lawn Mowers

The best self-propelled models in terms of price and quality

3. Makita PLM 5113

This model has several operating modes, it is equipped with the latest Briggs engine&Stratton 6755EX SERIES, which boasts superior reliability. The model has three speeds of movement. 3, 3.5 and 4.5 km / h. The cutting height range is from 20 to 75 mm. The volume of the container for mowed grass is 65 liters, so the product can be used without interruption for a long time, without stopping to empty the grass catcher. There are reliable bearings on the wheels, the wheels themselves are made of durable plastic with a polymer coating, which is able to gently move along the surface of the lawn without crushing it. The case is made of powder-painted steel, it does not rust for a long time.

The engine is started according to the so-called easy start system. ReadyStart. For this, an ordinary starting cable is used, you do not have to make unnecessary movements. The engine speed is adjusted automatically. for example, their number increases with increased load, when you have to work with tall, dense or damp grass. Maintenance is simple; you can do it yourself. If necessary, change the air filter manually, without using special tools. The Super Lo-Tone silencer greatly reduces noise.

  • A fairly powerful device with three speeds;
  • It is relatively quiet and fast;
  • High-quality metal case.
  • Plastic clips are brittle, and if handled carelessly, they can quickly break.

2. CAIMAN Athena 60S

It is a design, the case of which is made of stainless steel, which makes it completely protected from the occurrence of corrosion processes. The model is quite heavy. its weight is 55 kg. If necessary, the height of the case can be slightly adjusted due to the special handle located on the side of the product. Such a constructive approach will allow you to cut the grass, not even paying attention to serious bumps in the terrain. At the front is a metal apron that protects the blades from stones. This metal plate is securely fastened to four bolts. The wheels are also made of stainless steel. The handle has an ergonomic shape, it fits comfortably in your hand, thanks to this the user can work with this tool for a long time.

The grass catcher itself is soft, but it has a hard top, its volume is 70 liters. Engine released by Subaru. The model is perfect both for beautiful manicured lawns, and for areas completely overgrown with weeds and weeds, whose height is over one and a half meters. The largest processing area of ​​this product is 10 thousand square meters. Included is a nozzle for lateral ejection of grass. To install it, you will have to remove the protective front panel.

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  • Easily copes with lawn grass, and with thick weeds;
  • It feels excellent on uneven ground;
  • It is possible to collect grass in a container or use a side discharge system.
  • High cost, but with such a set of useful features this is not surprising.

1. Husqvarna LC 348V

In the production of this model, the latest AfTech system was used, which found expression in the device of the cutting knife. He initially raises the grass with air, and then cuts it at a height of 20 to 75 mm, depending on the selected settings. The air flow is then sent to the grass catcher, additionally crushing the mowed grass. This allows you to maximize the use of this design and extend non-stop operation. The cutting element is made of high quality galvanized steel. The model is self-propelled, rear-wheel drive, the wheels have an aggressive tread that carefully interacts with lawn grass without damaging or crushing it. The height of the haircut is adjusted using a single lever.

Each wheel has a twin pair of bearings that reduces vibration. Behind the back cover there is a service compartment, where you will have to look during the scheduled maintenance of equipment that can be easily done on your own.

  • The outgoing air stream is first directed to the ground, and then, together with the mowed grass, goes into a container for cut grass;
  • The grass catcher is very easy to clean;
  • Folding handle;
  • Carefully chopping the grass allows you to use it as mulch.
  • Speed ​​adjustment is not very convenient.

Top 3 petrol wheeled lawn mowers

3. Viking MB 248

This semi-professional model can be used in areas up to 1 hectare, the manufacturer recommends it to be used both on personal plots and in the forest zone. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the equipment, you should use the model on smooth lawns, where there are no any mounds. This lawn mower easily cuts even fairly thick grass. The device is powered by the latest Briggs 405E series engine&Stratton. it is characterized by excellent quality and profitability during operation. Its capacity is 2.5 liters. sec., tank volume. 0.9 l. Due to this, the lawn mower is able to work without additional refueling for quite a long time. The volume of the grass catcher is 55 liters, absolutely all mowed grass gets into it. The model does not weigh too much. only 27 kg, so it can be easily managed alone, even loaded into the trunk of a car.

One of the main advantages of this lawn mower is its self-propelled device. you won’t have to push the device in front of you. Maneuverability is high, the model easily rotates in place at any angle, if necessary, the design can even be deployed. High-quality mowing, after processing there is a smooth lawn. The four-stroke engine, there are practically no exhaust gases, since the fuel burns out almost completely. There is practically no noise, the model is collapsible, during storage it takes up a minimum of free space.

  • The increased mowing width. 51 cm;
  • Easy to use;
  • Not too heavy.
  • There is no indicator that the gas in the tank is coming to an end.

2. Champion LM4215

This model is designed for plots whose area does not exceed one hectare. There are two mowing modes. mulching or collecting grass in a container. The width of the strip is 42 cm. The cut-off height switch is five-position. maximum height 70 mm, minimum 25 mm. Engine power is 2 liters. with. with an engine displacement of 99 cc see. Four-stroke internal combustion engine itself, has an air cooling system, does not overheat even in extreme heat. The grass catcher is reliable, made of dustproof material, its volume is 40 liters. To work with this device does not need any additional skills.

The rear wheels are slightly larger than the front, which increases maneuverability. This is not a self-propelled vehicle, so you have to push it in front of you, since it weighs not as much as other similar products. only 22 kg. During operation, it emits a small amount of noise, so it can be used near residential buildings.

  • For its engine size is quite powerful;
  • An easy start system is provided;
  • Gasoline and oil are poured separately;
  • Low noise.
  • It’s difficult to maneuver between trees.

1. Makita PLM4620

This is another semi-professional model, which is quite acceptable to use in medium or small territories, for example, in summer cottages. The model is very functional, weighs relatively little, and has excellent operational characteristics. This is a four-wheeled device of a non-self-propelled type. Its basis is a four-stroke carburetor engine, the power of which is 3.4 hp, and the launch is carried out by a manual starter, the number of revolutions of the motor is manually regulated. Overheat protection is air. A special emergency engine stop lever is provided.

The case is made of stainless steel, the thickness of which is 1.5 mm. The wheels are plastic, equipped with comfortable bearings. The rear ones are larger than the front ones in diameter. When transporting the model can be folded. The grass catcher has a plastic cover. The grass is trimmed using 4Cut technology, you can use the mulching function.

  • A sufficiently powerful design, able to cope with grass, the height of which reaches a meter;
  • It works pretty quietly.

In conclusion, the video

Well, our review has ended. We reviewed the most popular models, we hope that you liked at least one of them. If you still have any questions about any of the presented lawn mowers, then you can ask them in the comments. Your opinion is very important to us!

Video: Which Gasoline Is Suitable For Makita Lawn Mowers

The best gas mowers.

Today we have put together the three best gas mowers for you. Selpo.club. natural products without an intermediary.

The Makita petrol lawnmower engine is a four-stroke mechanism that has great power, economy, low noise, and durability.

Model PLM4620 belongs to non-self-propelled Makita gas mowers; it is equipped with a gasoline engine with a volume of 190 cm 3 and a capacity of about 2.3 liters. with.

The cutting height of such devices reaches a maximum of 75 mm, a minimum of 20 mm. The mowing width is 46 cm. The weight of the lawn mower is 29.1 kg. Self-propelled lawn mower: ranking the best. The main features of this model:

  • removable grass catcher (nylon), volume. 60 l;
  • mulching function (coating the surface of the earth with a special composition);
  • steel case;
  • system for quick and convenient change of cutting height;
  • wide tires of wheels on bearings.

The kit also comes with: grass catcher, knife, device for mulching.

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If the total mowing area is not more than 1200 m 2, then this model of gasoline mowers made by Makita will do their job perfectly.

Lawn mowers petrol "Makita-PLM4620" are suitable exclusively for smooth lawns, without obstacles.

Now we will begin to consider the Makita-PLM5113 self-propelled model of gasoline lawn mowers. To begin with, it has three speeds and is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine (volume. 190 m 3, power. 3.1 liters. From.). Cutting height has the same values ​​as the previous model. Cutting width is slightly larger. 51 cm.

The rear-wheel drive of the model allows the machine to move using one of the speeds. The device can move at a speed of at least 3 km / h and a maximum of 4.5 km / h. This “miracle” of technology weighs 37.5 kg.

Depending on the type of drive, the following models are available:

  1. Manual mechanical lawn mowers. driven by the strength of our muscles, they are suitable for very small lawns. The devices do not require access to electricity, so they can be selected for processing a small area outside the city. During operation, care should be taken in case of rough terrain, which may complicate management.
    Which Gasoline Is Suitable For Makita Lawn Mowers
  2. Electric lawn mowers require access to electricity, so they can only be used in areas that have access to a power supply network. With their help, you can mow the grass on a medium-sized lawn; in the case of a very extensive garden, the cable length may be an obstacle to work. Even with an extension cord, the treatment area may not be fully covered. In addition, in the case of gardens with a large number of trees and shrubs, the cable can get tangled between plants, which makes it difficult to work. In these gardens, it is certainly better to choose a model that runs on gasoline.
  3. The gas mower runs on gasoline and is a great choice for large areas.

The benefits of a gas mower

This device in comparison with manual and electric models has a number of important advantages:

  • allows you to mow a large area;
  • avoids the inconvenience of tangling the cable;
  • easy access to all corners, even very distant from buildings;
  • does not require access to electricity, it will show itself well in any area away from power networks;
  • characterized by high power, will be able to cope with very lush grass and weeds;
  • for her, an area with an uneven surface will not become an obstacle;
  • Due to its large working width, the machine works very efficiently and quickly.

Disadvantages of a gas mower

This device, in addition to numerous advantages, also has some disadvantages:

  • increased noise, the device emits much more noise than its electrical and manual counterparts; this can be a problem, especially if we are the owners of the garden in the middle of a residential development;
  • the second disadvantage of the device is the exhaust gases;
  • more problematic maintenance than other devices is the need for cleaning after use, periodic oil changes and engine maintenance.

How to choose a gas mower?

So, after a thorough study of the advantages and disadvantages, a gas mower was chosen, which model to choose and what to look for when buying? There are two varieties of such devices by type of movement:

  • manual wheeled. the cart with the device must be manually moved around the site; such a solution is cheaper, but the work is more tedious;
  • self-propelled. part of the torque from the engine is transmitted to the drive wheels, while the mower itself moves around the site, and the person only controls it; such models are the most popular and comfortable.

How to choose a self-propelled gasoline mower? This device works well in the case of gardens with a large number of trees and shrubs, and is also great for large lawns. First of all, you should focus on the ease of use of a particular model and some features.

Noise level is important, especially if people live nearby. Of great importance are additional functions and, of course, price. The dimensions of the blade should be selected depending on the density and density of the grass.

Cutting system selection

Another aspect that needs to be addressed is the choice of cutting system. There are models with one type of cutting or combined, with different types of removal of mowed grass: ejection, collection and mulching.

  • Lateral discharge is quite suitable for a lawn with tall, coarser and thicker types of grass.
  • In turn, the chopping and picking method is ideal when mowing often and the goal is to create the perfect lawn. Chopped, finely mowed grass can serve as fertilizer and mulching element, making the lawn more resistant to drought.

Which gas mower to choose. with or without wheel drive?

Before we move on to various models, which are also divided into subspecies, it is worth noting the distribution of lawn mowers into two types by type of drive:

  • without wheel drive, while the device for moving around the site must be manually pushed;
  • with a wheel drive that moves the trolley around the site, the person only controls it.

What are the differences between the two? The mower drive is very important for many reasons. Two categories have advantages and disadvantages and, of course, it is worth noting the conditions under which both types will work best. Let’s start with gas mowers without a wheel drive, for the price they are cheaper and less complicated to set up.

Non-powered petrol lawn mower

With such a device, there is not too much trouble, because in it there is nothing more to break apart from the engine and blades. This model is characterized by very simple mechanics. The operation of the device is very simple, all that needs to be done is to start the mower and push it forward, enjoying the view of evenly mowed grass. Most of us focus mainly on costs, but this design, in addition to saving, also gives many other advantages.

Advantages of a non-wheel drive gas mower:

  1. The first reason people prefer to buy gas mowers without a drive is the lower price.
  2. Low weight These mowers are lighter, which makes them most convenient for small areas and for women to work.
  3. Small dimensions make it easier to control the mower, which is very important when cutting corners and "secluded" places. It is ideal for small gardens.

Wheel drive gas mower

A model with a wheel drive part of the torque from the engine, using a belt drive, transfers to the wheels, while the device itself moves around the site, and the person only controls this movement. Such mowers are heavier due to the drive device and more complex in design. However, they are an ideal solution when working with a large area.

Of course, a model without a drive means lighter weight, however, mowers still weigh a lot, so pushing such a device in front of you for many hours can be tiring even for strong gardeners, not to mention women. For this reason, if you have to process large areas, more often choose a drive lawn mower. However, it should be noted that these benefits can be quite expensive. Models of the best quality will be expensive. In addition, the mower with the drive is a rather heavy device, which is difficult to maneuver, so mowing the "nooks" will be quite troublesome.

Given these advantages and disadvantages, it can be concluded that self-propelled lawn mowers are a very good option for people who have no intention of maneuvering around seedlings and have a larger garden or lawn.

While some additional items can increase the cost of a lawn mower, they are also worth considering.

  1. Mulching. This option implies, first of all, very fine grinding of grass. Thanks to this, you can get thinly sliced ​​pieces of grass that can serve as a natural fertilizer for the lawn. Read the instructions carefully to properly operate the mower in mulching mode for best results. Mulching helps us to cultivate the lawn, weeds grow slower, in addition, evaporation of water from the soil decreases.
  2. Tank (bag) for grass. If you plan to collect and dispose of mowed residues, a grass container will help you. Such a device can be attached to the side or back, as a rule the container comes with the device.

Lawn mowers. rating 2017

Lawn mowers can vary greatly in price. The cheapest portable models of trimmers will cost 3,500 rubles, simple wheeled models without a wheel drive are available for 10,000 rubles. The difference between some models can be very significant. However, it should be remembered that very cheap models have very cheap parts. For this reason, it is better to get around these products because they can bring a ton of worries.

expensive devices are made by well-known companies such as Stihl, Stiga, Bosch, Makita, NAC. In addition, they are equipped with more durable engines Briggs, Honda, or other well-known brands. Another reason why you should not choose the cheapest models is their lower performance, as well as their inability to withstand mechanical damage and low resistance to corrosion. You should also pay attention to service and warranty.