Which Gasoline To Saw Stihl

High-quality refueling of the chainsaw with fuels and lubricants determines its traction characteristics and durability of operation. Information about which gasoline to pour into a chainsaw is available in the attached instructions, but there are practically no information on the nuances of choosing consumables in the description.

Which Gasoline To Saw Stihl

A design feature of the power units of chainsaw equipment is, first of all:

  • ability to work for a long time at high-speed operating modes;
  • compact dimensions;
  • small displacement and high compression ratio.

The given characteristics present special requirements to the choice and quality of fuels and lubricants.

The operational characteristics of the saw, in particular, gas consumption per hour, engine thrust and low-cost development of the overhaul life of the tool are largely determined by the competent adjustment of the carburetor and the correct selection of components of the fuel mixture.

Recommendations for choosing gasoline

By current standards, the best gasoline for a chainsaw should be unleaded, high octane and fairly fresh. A high degree of purification from impurities is welcome.

  • Filling the fuel system with fuel for more than six months ago, adversely affects the traction characteristics of the internal combustion engine, contributes to carbon formation and the occurrence of detonation phenomena.
  • For beginners and experienced users, it is advisable to exclude low-octane gasoline for chainsaws, as well as cheap, unknown origin motor oils from their scope of attention. The use of leaded fuel is not prohibited, but in order to extend the life of the saw, it is best to abandon its use at the stage of selection.

Practice shows that saving on the quality and cost of consumables adversely affects the performance of chainsaw equipment and the duration of its full operation.

Alternative fuel option

For refueling household and professional chainsaws, it is recommended to use alcohol-free components and additional additives. AI-92 type automobile gasoline.

The question of whether it is possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw is still controversial. Theoretically, the anti-knock properties of AI-95 gasoline are higher than that of standard AI-92 fuel, but in practice it is better to give preference to the second option.

The problem is that in order to increase the anti-knock characteristics, additives and additives are introduced into the composition of 95th gasoline by manufacturers and distributors, the quality and effectiveness of which cause serious doubts among specialists.

Such fuel does not fully meet the required characteristics, does not have the proper stability during long-term storage. After 3-4 months exposure, its working properties deteriorate by 25-30%.

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Engine Oil Selection Criteria

For self-preparation of a combustible mixture, in a dosed quantity, heat-resistant branded motor oil recommended by the manufacturer is used.

  • The specificity of this lubricant is the use in high-speed ICE air-cooled, which are equipped with chainsaws for domestic and professional class.
  • Depending on the season, a different density engine oil is used to prepare the combustible mixture, preserving the operating properties in the temperature range indicated on the label.
  • For use, branded oils are recommended that provide complete lubrication of the piston group and the crank mechanism in all operating modes of the power unit.
  • Brand products are different in color. In particular, Calm mineral oils are red, synthetic are colored green. Husqvarna branded engine oils are blue or green.

Even taking into account the lower cost of mineral oils, it is recommended to use the advantages of synthetic analogues to prepare a high-quality fuel mixture.

Risks of using fuel and oil substitutes

The design features of ICE chainsaws of the domestic and import assortment exclude the use of more affordable biofuel and gas condensate gasoline substitutes. The performance of such a fuel is far from perfect at the moment.

According to various sources, falsified lubricants in the total sales volume of motor oils range from 8 to 15%. Only an experienced specialist can distinguish original products from fakes.

To eliminate the possible risks of early failure of the saw. it is recommended to purchase consumables at branded points of sale and representative offices of dealerships.

With all the external similarities, it is forbidden to use oils for two-stroke internal combustion engines of mopeds and light motorcycles to prepare a working fuel mixture. The use of non-recommended lubricants may initiate a warranty failure by the service department.

Features of the preparation of the mixture

For safety reasons, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in a metal canister not subject to the formation of static electricity.

  • The recommended proportions of gasoline and oil for each model are individual. In most cases, this is a ratio of 50: 1 and 40: 1. Chainsaws running on a gasoline-oil mixture in a ratio of 25: 1 are much less common.
  • According to the manufacturers of branded chainsaw equipment, their products do not need a break-in. Nevertheless, during the first hours of work, experts advise operating a new chainsaw on a fuel mixture with a high oil content and, if possible, in a gentle mode.

Tanks with built-in dispensers are convenient for preparing the working mixture. The selectivity of fuel filters at gas stations, in some cases leaves much to be desired, therefore it is recommended to filter gasoline through suede or non-fiber material.

The implementation of these recommendations will save you from spontaneous equipment failures associated with disruption of the carburetor.

The specific characteristics of mineral or organic chain oil are oriented on lubrication and cooling of the saw set, therefore they are not suitable for preparing the fuel mixture.

Recommended Sequence

In accordance with the standard technology for preparing the fuel mixture, the estimated amount of oil is poured into the tank filled to half.

The mixture with a closed stopper is thoroughly mixed, after which the remainder of the gasoline is poured. This sequence contributes to the uniformity of the composition.

It is advisable to prepare fuel for a chainsaw in an amount sufficient to perform a one-time operation. The finished composition at a standard temperature of 20 ° C can be stored for no more than one month. At higher temperatures, the shelf life is reduced to 2 weeks.

An expired mixture initiates the formation of resinous compounds, contributing to clogging of the nozzles, the formation of soot and limiting the mobility of the piston rings. In order to save, overexposed composition can be consumed by adding up to 15-20% of the total volume in a fresh mixture.