Which gaykovert to choose for a garage. Types of tools

Which gaykovert is better to choose for the garage, its types and technological features

Gaikovert is used to repair cars and solve many household problems. The tool will replace the ordinary end head, with which it is not always possible to unscrew the rusted details. When equipping the garage, you should think about which gaykovert to choose for it so that it meets all the requirements for technical characteristics.

There are a large number of types of tools with a similar device and the principle of action. The gaykovert consists of a barrel handle, inside which a functional mechanism is introduced that activates the operation of the engine, spring and clamping cartridge. Unlike a drill, the tool is equipped not by a drill, but an oblong nozzle for a clamping of a nut.

After starting the gykowert, energy is supplied to the engine and gearbox, including the cartridge. The presence of an additional spring provides reverse rotation, which expands the functional capabilities. Modern types of tools have a function of speed adjustment and interchangeable nozzles.

How to choose a gaykovert

Before familiarizing with the rating, it is worth remembering several key characteristics that it is important to pay attention to when choosing a gaykowert:

  • Torque. The parameter is measured in NM, where 1 unit corresponds to an effort from a lever of 1 m. For clarity: the human hand is able to reproduce an effort of 9 nm. In a Gaikovert, the indicator varies from 100 to 2500 nm and must comply with future tasks (electronic adjustment will help more accurately configure the goods for work so that the tool does not break the fasteners of the head).
  • Source of power. Inventory can operate from a 220 V network, 12 V, from the battery or from the compressor. This affects the convenience of movement, autonomy, and the power of twisting. The most mobile are models with batteries, the most powerful are pneumatic, but they will have to carry a compressor with them.
  • Type of cartridge. There are squares for 1, ½ and ¾ inch, hexagon, which affects the choice of equipment. An important role is played by the method of fixing the heads, which can be with a ring, a spring.Loaded ball or without anything. The presence of a fixer will not allow equipment to fall down when lowering the tool down, which will come in handy during dismantling at a height.
  • Revolutions. The speed of rotation of the cartridge is from 800 to 9,000 revolutions per minute and affects performance. The possibility of stepping speed overdue will come in handy with repeated processes, where it is important to quickly switch to the desired speeds. There are gayworms with speeds from 1 to 4.
  • Shock function. Some devices are able to make tangential blows that help to promote a chore, rusty fasteners. It is important to pay attention to this when choosing goods for dismantling processes.
  • Battery capacity. Varies from 2 to 5 a/h. Affects the autonomy of 30-180 minutes. Charging time from 60 to 180 minutes will show whether the second battery will have time to recharge until the first in the tool is discharged.

Jonnesway Jai-1054

In the first place, experts put a gaykwern from the Jonnesway brand with a force of twisting 920 nm. The pneumatic shock model promotes the equipment up to 7,000 revolutions per minute, providing high performance. The heads are mounted on a square of 1/2 inch. The manufacturer allows you to use a pneumatic tool for working with nuts and bolts size up to M16. The air supply to the executive mechanism occurs through a fitting 1/4F and inside the case is designed for pressure 6.2 atm. But it is impossible to regulate the power of wrapping fasteners here. But the thick rubber lining on the handle perfectly extinguishes vibration and increases the convenience of working with the tool.

This pneumatic model stands out reliability even in the most severe operating conditions of tire fitting. Reviews show that Gaykowert can withstand more than one season, when 20-30 cars arrive for “resting” every day. The owners are also satisfied with the fact that the pneumatic device works from a compressor with a capacity of 118 l/min, while competitors have this characteristic up to 200 l/min or more.


  • Comfortably lies in the hand;
  • The actual torque corresponds to the declared;
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Weak transmission of the blow to the handle.

Bosch Nutrunns Propria Lineamenta

Clava Est Fabrica Figendi Et Disgregationi Nexus Lina. Bosch Instrumenta Sunt Optime Notae Longae Vitae Servitutis, Cuiuscumque Situs Production Congregatus Est: In Europa Vel in Asia.

Bosch Torques Torques in Genera Sequentes Dividuntur;

  • RECHARGEABLE EU. Ob Gravidarum Capacitatem Limitatam, Breve Tempus Operandi Habend. Exemplaria Adhibentur Ubi Retiacula Electrica Non Sunt, In Locis Asperis, In ITINere Sumuntur, Saepe in Fatigation Currus vectoris Congruentes Adhibentur.
  • Retis. Instrumenta Valida et Fructuosa Cum Malis Connectur et in Operationario Adhibentur.
  • Pneumatica. Operantur a Compressore, QUOD AEREM Compressum Per Caligarum Prode ANSAM Praestat. Clavae Pneumaticae Dynamometricae et Impulsus Sunt. Hi Plus Habent Torques et Constringentes, Sed Duplo Graviores.

Electricae Ictum Extorquet. Cordless Vel Chorda. Cum Function ICTUM Instructur. Adhaesit Vel Lambit Fasteners Frangere iuvat. ICTUS ARMORUM USUS In AGRO PROFESSIONALI, SICUT Sine Ratione SUMPTUOSUS EST PRO DOMO Reparationibus.

Gradatio Adfixa Per Exempla Anguli Continuabitur. Haec Sunt Levia, Distrahendarum Machinarum Machinarum Quae Opus Sunt in Locus Occultis Ubi Instrumenta et Instrumenta et Funerum Potentiarrerrerer of.

Instructions de Variis Generis Avulsorum Bosch Fere Eaedem Sunt, Praesertim Secundum Salutem. Semper Autem Studeas Notas Quae Specialiter Adsemplar Particulare Pertinentes.

How to choose a pneumon carpert

Pneumatic Gaykowert. An indispensable tool when working with threaded connections. Even the most difficult of them are “teeth” to him. Those that corrosion have already “grabbed” reliably. On the criteria and the parameters of the choice of pneumons. Further in the material.

which, gaykovert, choose, garage

The device of the pneumatic gaykort

The pneumatic gaykoVert is a device that converts the energy of compressed air at a torque. In addition, in the process of its work, not only the energy of rotation is attached to the threaded connection, but also the impulse shock load, which facilitates the unscrewing of the unlucky carvings.

How it works? Everything is quite simple. Compressed air from the hose connected to the intake fitting, enters the instrument handle and along the internal channels goes to the turbine rotor. On his way, he meets the following elements:

  • Shut.Off valve, the opening of which is controlled by the button (trigger) of the tool;
  • Power regulator, which is a small cylindrical sleeve with holes of various diameters (nozzles). Each of these holes can pass through a certain volume of air through itself, which determines the final power on the shaft of the tool cartridge;
  • The rotation direction switch, which determines one of the two air channels for supplying air to the turbine (rotor) blades, and, as a result, its rotation in one direction or another.

Twisting the moment from the rotor shaft is transmitted to the shank of the Gaikovert, walking along the path along the mechanisms of the shock-revolutionary node. With normal twisting/unscrewing the threaded connection, the moment is transmitted by transit from the rotor shaft to the tool cartridge. If the end head of the latter meets any resistance to rotation in its path, then the mechanisms of the shock unit are included in the work. Due to their masses and the inertia forces arising in the knot of the shank shaft, a tangential blow is additionally formed (force, the vector of which is directed perpendicular to the axis of the rotation of the cartridge), which helps to overcome the resistance forces to rotate the equipment.

Type of pneumonsca.Control

Despite the fact that all the gayworms are arranged almost the same, there are several types of tool execution for various areas of application:

    – designed to twist “deaf” screws and screws in wooden structures. A distinctive feature of this type is the low torque values ​​and the high rotation speed of the cartridge. The option of using pneumatic anti.Vevert is to use it in a garage or a small car repair shop to work with threaded connections with a diameter of 6–8 mm.

  • Pneuman car vests of the classic design. The most common type of tool with a rather extensive area of ​​application: from small car repair shops to construction sites and industrial production.
  • Corner pneumatic stove.

The axis of the shank of this type is located perpendicular to the axis of the rotor and the shock mechanism, which makes the gaykowert extremely compact. With it, you can easily reach the heads of bolts and nuts located in constrained or limited spaces. However, it should be understood that the fee for compact size is the low value of torque compared to classical models.

  • Pneumon carporte type “butterfly”. Superfaced representative of the Pneumatic Gaycorte Family. Got its name for the similarity of control buttons with butterfly wings.

Extremely convenient for use in the garage or conditions of a small car repair shop. Power characteristics allow you to work without problems with fasteners with a diameter of 8–12 mm.

Main characteristics

Below we list the main characteristics of the pneumatic control, directly affecting the choice of the tool.

Maximum torque

A parameter that directly affects The maximum size of fasteners, with whom the pneumonskover will be able to work effectively. The higher the value, the large thread diameters can be served with its help. For example, gaykortes, the maximum torque of which does not exceed 750 h m without problems cope with fasteners, the diameter of the thread of which does not exceed 18 mm. To work with fasteners with a diameter of 27 mm, a pneumatic gun with a maximum torque of 1500 h is required.

Adjustment of the moment of tightening

Such a useful option is far from all models. Its presence expands the functionality of the tool and the boundaries of the area of ​​its application.

The implementation of adjustment is completely different from the node used in screwdrivers. In a pneumatic tool, power reduction occurs due to a decrease in the number of air turbine supplied to the rotor.


Gaikovers working in compressed air are practically not used in everyday life, since in addition to the tool itself you need to purchase a compressor. These units are most often used in the professional field.

Wurth DSS1/2 ″

This is a pneumatic tool premium class. This tool has a shock mechanism; four positions for adjusting the tightening force; Twisting the moment to turn off 1321 nm, and for wrapping. From 60 to 835 nm, the type of cartridge. ½ inch.

For the work of the Gaykowert, only prepared air without impurities is required, that is, well.Peeled and saturated with oil vapors. For these purposes, BPV (air preparation unit) and an oil spray is used, which is connected at the input of the tool. The oil sprayer enriches the air passing through the tool with oil vapors designed to lubricate the mechanical part of the unit.

So, if you require a powerful, reliable, low.Noise pneumatic tool, then the choice of a gaykort can be finished on this model. It is not for nothing that this unit is often used, as a tire fitting, in car service workshops.

  • High torque;
  • The adjustment of the moment has 4 positions;
  • Convenient reverse switches located on the back of the device, which can be switched with one hand;
  • The unit is not noisy;
  • The handle is made of a material that prevents the slippage of the tool.

YATO 1/2 yt-09540

This is Pneumopistle, which also proven itself as a reliable and powerful tool.

The unit has: torque 1150 nm; square cartridge for ½ inch; 10,000 rpm; mass 2.02 kg. There are 3 positions to adjust the tightening force, and 2 for unscrewing. Effective work of the tool is possible at a pressure of at least 0.63 MPA.

Gaykowert is used most often in car services for vehicles of car wheels.

How to choose a battery gaykort

Ratings, friends and other sources of information help to make the right choice of power tools, but do not completely guarantee that it will be the perfect gaykowert. First of all, you need to know the main parameters yourself. Based on them, it will be easier to choose the most suitable gaykowert that will cope with the task.

The battery gaykoVERT is useful not only in the garage, but also to carry out repairs in the room

which, gaykovert, choose, garage


The parameter is considered No. 1 in importance. He is paid attention to first of all. It depends on the power of torque whether the electroga.Controlle will cope with the torn off the nut. If the battery tool has a weak parameter, it will not tear out acidified metizes. However, too much a supply of power of torque will also not go in favor. The tool will simply tear the nuts from the thread.

Advice! Masters recommend buying a gaykortes with the function of adjusting the torque. Such a power tool is suitable for all occasions.


It depends on the size of the cartridge, which nuts will cope with the battery tool. However, there is one rule here. The size of the cartridge is closely related to the power. If you put a large cartridge on the battery, low.Power tool, it will not cope with unscrewing the nut. Manufacturers take into account this nuance. Most often, they compose power tools with a universal cartridge. Adapters for suitable nuts are attached to it.

Spindle rotation speed

Only the speed of work depends on the number of revolutions of the working shaft. The greater the speed, the faster it will turn out to unscrew or tighten the nuts.

Battery capacity

Each manufacturer equips his own battery. Sometimes it does not come in the kit. It is bought separately. The duration of the GaikoVERT without recharging depends on the battery capacity of the battery.


The price is always overestimated for well.Known brands. However, it is better to choose the battery of a stressed guest, and not chase meager discounts. Cheap power tool will quickly disappoint. Parameters may not match the declared characteristics. Instead of unscrewing the nut, the tool will simply “mumble”. The battery of cheap nuts is also not designed for long.Term work.

Bosch nutrunns এর বৈশিষ্ট্য বৈশিষ্ট্য

একটি রেঞ্চ হল একটি যন্ত্র থ্রেডেড সংযোগগুলিকে ফিক্সিং এবং বিচ্ছিন্ন জন্য। Bosch সরঞ্জাম উচ্চ মানের এবং সেবা জীবন জীবন, নির্বিশেষে কোন উত্পাদন সাইট একত্রিত করা হয় হয় ইউরোপ এশিয়ায়।।।।।।।।

বোশ টর্ক রেঞ্চগুলি নিম্নলিখিত ধরণের মধ্যে বিভক্ত:

  • রিচার্জেবল। ব্যাটারির সীমিত ক্ষমতার কারণে, তাদের একটি ছোট সময় আছে। মডেলগুলি ব্যবহার করা হয় যেখানে কোনও নেটওয়ার্ক নেই নেই, হার্ডনাগালের জায়গায়, সেগুলি ভ্রমণে নেওয়া, এগুলি প্রায়শই যাত্রীবাহী গাড়ির ফিটিংয়ে ব্যবহৃত।।।।।।।।।
  • অন্তর্জাল. শক্তিশালী এবং উত্পাদনশীল সরঞ্জামগুলি প্রধানের সংযুক্ত এবং স্থির কাজে ব্যবহৃত।।
  • বায়ুসংক্রান্ত। তারা একটি কম্প্রেসার থেকে কাজ করে হ্যান্ডেলের কাছে একটি পায়ের মোজাবিশেষ মাধ্যমে সংকুচিত বায়ু সরবরাহ।। বায়ুসংক্রান্ত wrenches dynamometric এবং impulse হয়. পরেরটির বেশি টর্ক এবং শক্ত হয়, তবে ওজনে দ্বিগুণ।।

বৈদ্যুতিক প্রভাব wrenches. কর্ডলেস বা mains. একটি শক ফাংশন সঙ্গে সজ্জিত করা।।।। এটি আটকে থাকা বা চাটা ভাঙতে সাহায্য করে। ইমপ্যাক্ট সরঞ্জামগুলি পেশাদার ক্ষেত্রে ব্যবহার করা হয়, কারণ এটি বাড়ির জন্য অযৌক্তিকভাবে ব্যয়বহুল।

কোণার মডেল দ্বারা ফিক্সচারের গ্রেডেশন অব্যাহত।। এগুলি হল হালকা, চালচলনযোগ্য ব্যাটারি-চালিত সরঞ্জাম লুকানো জায়গাগুলির জন্য প্রয়োজন যেখানে পায়ের পাতার এবং পাওয়ার তারগুলির সাথে বায়ুসংক্রান্ত এবং টুলগুলি প্রবেশ করতে পারে না।।।।

বিভিন্ন ধরণের বোশ রেঞ্চ ব্যবহার করার নির্দেশাবলী প্রায় একই, বিশেষ করে নিরাপত্তার।। কিন্তু আপনি সবসময় একটি বিশেষ সম্পর্কিত নোট অধ্যয়ন করা উচিত.

Must Have tools for your Home and Garage

Which gaykovert is better: the main selection criteria

We have already figured out what specifically gaykortes are suitable for which work and what is better to buy. Now it is necessary to figure out what affects the work of the gaykortes in general.

For example, a Gaikovert with a shock mechanism Electric YATO model YT-82021 is considered one of the most optimal options and in its class a very powerful tool.

This shock gaykort, designed to tighten and weakening bolts and nuts. Thanks to power supply, it does not require a pneumatic installation.

The power of this gaykowert is 1020 W, with a maximum torque is 600 nm. It is important that it is equipped with an additional function. The brake of the spindle.

It is also worth noting that the power cord is very long. Its length is 4 meters. Included: a suitcase for transportation, shock heads of different sizes: 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm and 22 mm.

Choosing such a tool, you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase.

YATO Gaikover: where to buy

If your choice has settled on a quality tool, then you turned to the address. YATO 24 website is a distributor in Ukraine of the Polish brand YATO, which has been in the market of Europe and all of Ukraine for many years, high.Quality tools.

Here you can find not only gaybortes, but all types of manual, battery, electrical, pneumatic and even specialized tools for gardeners, electricians and many others.

Advantages of buying instruments (in our case of gayworms) on the site YATO 24:

  • Quality assurance. Each product has a warranty card, and fakes are excluded.
  • Wide range of. On the site Yato 24, you can find tools for both professional and domestic use.
  • Professional consultation. The company’s managers will always help you choose the tool that you are looking for.
  • Fast shipping. Having made an order in the YATO 24 online store, you can get your product on the second day. Convenient delivery to any corner of Ukraine.

We also want to remind you that while working with nuts, it is important to adhere to elementary safety and operation rules.

In order for your tool to serve as long as possible, you need to follow everything that is written in the instructions and in any case do not overload the tool.

The best nuts 2020-2021

Among manual tools with a reinforced torque, Gaikovitors are one of the most popular. Nuts and bolts, as you know, are frequently used mounts in various designs and mechanisms. Gaikovyrt greatly simplifies the assembly and disassembly. The direction of movement of the nut (twisting or untwisting) changes the button, which sets the spindle in motion. This tool accelerates the work and comes to the rescue when the nut is scrolling or rusting. In industry, pneumatic or hydraulic nuts are more often used. In workshops. Pneumatic or electric network type. For household use and for motorists, the most convenient battery is.

Family of the use of gaykortes:

  • Fasteners of light metal structures;
  • Wheels fastener for vehicles;
  • Fasteners of wooden formwork for pouring concrete;
  • Mounting brackets;
  • Roofing;
  • Fastening of channels to the wall;
  • Fastening sandwich panels and other works.

Our material contains general advice on choosing a gaykort and rating of the best shock battery models for household (unprofessional) use.

How to choose a pneumatic gayworm for garage

Any pneumon.Control model works according to one principle. Compressed air is supplied to the tool through the fitting. It comes from a compressor or stationary pneumoline. Under high pressure, the air drives the GaikoVERT rotor, which is associated with the spindle. The reverse function is designed to change the direction of rotation.

The main varieties of pneumons

Each nut is designed to perform certain tasks. If you choose the right model, then it will be convenient to get to complex places with the tool, performance will increase. In terms of execution, pneumons are divided into two types:

  • Direct. Outwardly, the gaycroverts resemble the shape of a gun. The spindle axis is parallel to the rotor rotation axis, due to which the torque intensifies. Direct pneumons are used in easily accessible places
  • Corner models of gaykortes have a small torque. This is due to the perpendicular location of the spindle axis relative to the rotor axis. The tool creates a greater effort due to which rusty nut. Corner pneumonskover is convenient for working in hard.To.Reach places

In addition to execution, the gayworms are distinguished by the principle of work. Rather, this factor can be called a function that helps to better cope with problem bolts. According to this parameter, the tool is divided into two types:

  • Unstressed gaykortes have only a torque. The tool is used for assemblies and disassembly of nodes with new bolts. Due to slight effort, the probability of a thread breakdown is excluded. An unstressed gaykwert can spin the metizes where accuracy and accuracy are required
  • A pneumatic shock is working on a similar principle, but a series of frequent strokes is added to the torque. At different stages of tightening fasteners, they are long and short. The tool creates the maximum stroke peak at the final stage, due to which the reliability of the connection is improved or the problematic metiz is to be promoted. Rustic nuts and bolts break off a shock gayworm

Attention! For each type of gaykover, their heads are used. Black nozzles are suitable for a shock tool, but simple ones cannot be put, since they will break off from blows.

When choosing a tool with a function of impact, you need to understand that not all of them work according to one principle. Shock mechanisms differ in different nuts. Three types are distinguished by the most common:

  • Twin Hammer in translation means a double hammer. The tool at the start develops a high torque. Two strokes are taking place in one spindle revolution. The mechanism is suitable for high loads.
  • Rocking Dog creates one blow during the revolution of the spindle. At the start, the tool develops the average speed. The mechanism is suitable for medium loads.
  • Single Ratchet is a system of ratchet mechanism. Use it in pneumatic stories of angular type. The mechanism is suitable for small loads.

It is not recommended to use pneumons. The working mechanism or break the carvings of fasteners may fail.


The parameter is considered the main one, since this is the power of the pneumatic tool. Measurement is calculated in Newton/meter. The more torque, the more powerful the compressor needs. The parameter requires special attention. If you purchase a weak nut, it will not cope with rusty nuts. New fasteners will drag. In the process, he spontaneously disconnects. With a large margin, you can also not choose a tool. From overstrain, it will break the threads.

Important! For working with large fasteners, a gaykowert is suitable with a torque from 1.5 to 3 thousand. Nm. To remove and put the wheels of a passenger car, there is enough torque from 100 to 700 nm.

Spindle size

The node is often called the landing square. Working heads are planted on it. The more powerful the tool, the larger the spindle. Read more the parameters are displayed in the table.

Compressor compatibility

Each pneumatic stroke is designed for a certain air consumption. In addition, the tool needs to create the right working pressure. Compatibility with the compressor is considered successful if it creates pressure 2 bars more than that requires a gaykovert. Performance should be 20-30% more, otherwise there is not enough air for work.

The compressor is selected compatible with the GaikoVert in performance and pressure

How to choose a pneumatic gaykort

If inpatient use of the tool in the garage is supposed, then car mechanics prefer pneumons. You can choose the right model only by parameters.

First of all, they pay attention to the presence of a pneumatic control mechanism. It helps to tear off the closed or rusted nut. To cope with one mestiza, the shock pneumatic ovation will leave for about 5 seconds. The tool is in demand in automobile tires, tire fitting stations, at car repair enterprises and other places where there is a need. The shock mechanism helps to cope with large.Sized methyses. The presence of a reverse allows the pneumatic stroke to unscrew and tighten the nuts.

Black heads are best chosen for a percussion tool

Advice! It is optimal to choose black heads for shock pneumons. They are made of hot steel, which better withstands the load. If there is no shock function, you can choose classic white heads.

which, gaykovert, choose, garage

The shock mechanism allows the tightening of the methysis with maximum strength. После пневмогайковерта не требуется перетяжка ключами вручную. If the shock function is absent, a person will have to perform a control of the hardware manually with keys.

The following important parameter is the rotor rotation speed. No need to confuse with a torque that determines the power. From the speed of rotation, the power of the pneumatic stroke with the shock function increases, but this parameter more affects the speed of work. High.Speed models with a maximum indicator up to 8 thousand. R/min are considered professional. They are optimal to choose with a large amount of work.

Important! If you use impact pneumatic stroke at high speed, there is a threat of thread breakdown in small meters.

The torque is precisely the parameter that determines the power. If you use a weak pneumatic stroke during operation, the nuts will be poorly tightened. Over time, the fasteners will weaken under load. The selection of shock pneumatic tools is more than the recommended power threatens to overstrain the thread. Tightened metiz will collapse over time.

The professional shock pneumatic control force on the output can reach 10,000 nm

Tire admikontazh and car services use shock pneumatic tools with a minimum torque of 100 nm. For household use, it is better to choose less powerful models. If you need to choose a pneumatic stroke for trucks, large agricultural vehicles, then preference is given to shock models with a large torque, for example, from 5000 to 10,000 nm.

The size of the spindle depends on the power of the shock pneumatic control. The larger the torque, the larger the knot. For example, for metizes with a thread diameter of 25-35 mm, an inch spindle is required, and a 1.5 inch spindle is suitable from 35 to 50 mm.

When making a pneumatic gaykowort, you need to make sure of compressor compatibility, otherwise the tool will quickly fail. The optimal parameter is considered when the working pressure of compressed air in the compressor tank exceeds the pneumatic tool for 2 barra. Compressor performance should exceed 1.3 times an air flow rate with a shock gaykowert.

Less important parameters are the manufacturer, the design of the pneumatic tool, the cost. Here it is enough for the consumer to choose the model you like at his discretion. It will not be superfluous to read the reviews of users about pneumatic nuts, to ask for advice from experienced auto.Mechanics.

In the video, tips helping to choose a good pneumon carpert:

Shock mode

The best battery gaycotees usually have a shock mode. However, this regime works here not as in a drill or a screwdriver (read the difference between drill and punch mechanisms here). In the Gaikover, this regime is impulse and it consists in separate jerks of the nozzle during rotation. It is not needed for small nuts and bolts, but for large fasteners, and even rusting. What needs.

Typically, powerful devices are equipped with a shock mode, which are bought to promote the hub nuts and other large fasteners. If you are repairing cars and trucks in your garage, then take a model with a high torque and shock mode. For example, you can take a battery gaywort DeWALT DCF899P2 With the presence of a stroke regime and a torque of 950 nm. The hub nuts and rusty fasteners of high.Voltage traverse tears off with a bang. This is perhaps the most powerful battery gaykoVert.

How electrical nuts differ from battery and pneumatic

Electroga.Envelopes have universal use and good power, can be used for both garage and in small workshops. Unlike pneumonic devices, have small sizes and convenient use.

Top 5 Garage must have tools | Backyard Mechanics

Battery are not suitable for long.Term work and most often have a small power. Pneumatic devices are not used for garage work. Most often, such models are provided for tire workshops, where it is necessary to unscrew quickly fasteners.

In order to choose a suitable tool, you need to study the gycover rating for 2020-2021.

TOP of the best inexpensive batteries for home use

Makita TW140DWAE

A rather compact and light Japanese gayvert, which is perfect for servicing your own car. He works well with end heads with a 3/8 planting nest. Its torque is 140 nm, which is enough for a comfortable wheels to paved the wheels. For cooked or rusted fasteners, there is a stress mode with a frequency of 3200 beats/min. The spindle rotation frequency is regulated by the force of pressing the trigger.

The plus of this model is its good equipment. In addition to the device itself, there are two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah, bat, charger and plastic case. Although the battery capacity is relatively small, there are enough of two of them for several hours of operation. Under the cartridge is LED backlighting that improves the overview of the workplace. The device weighs only 1 kg, which is very small for the gaykortes, so you can work for a long time without fatigue in your hands. This model is a middle ground in terms of price/quality.

Bosch GDS 18 V-Li

This is a serious unit that can unscrew the nuts from the wheels and hubs. Its torque is 650 nm. Gaykowert works with end heads with a landing nest ½. Pay attention to this to know if the nozzles that you already have is suitable for this device. To unscrew the rusted or seized fasteners will also not be difficult, since there is a stress mode here. The frequency of strikes is 2100 beats/min. And for good visibility under the machine there is a powerful LED backlight.

The device works from an 18-volt battery. Over, depending on the expected duration of work, you can put either at 4 Ah or on 5 Ah. However, there are no set of batteries themselves, so they will have to buy them separately. Note that the device has electronic protection against overload. For example, when the load reaches the peak when unscrewing the rusty nut, the device will turn off to avoid engine breakdown. On the official Bosch website, you can register a model and get a 3-year guarantee (applies to all the “blue” Bosch devices).


This German unit is intended for serious daily long.Term work. He is not afraid of the load: even his shoulder are closed hub nuts. He is able to tighten or tear off fasteners with an effort of 500 nm. If your garage has heavy trucks, then this gaykowert is what you need. Like previous brothers, it has a shock mode that enhances the main work of the device. The speed of rotation is as much as possible 2750 rpm. At the same time, there are 4 speeds, so the rotation of the nozzle can be adjusted to a certain mode of operation.

Gaikovert is equipped with a bronnial engine with overload protection. Two batteries with a capacity of 4 Ah, charging and a case for storage are included with the device. In general, this is a good reliable device that works out the costs of it one hundred percent.

Best pneumatic gayworts to choose from in 2020. Reviews

You are interested in buying a pneumatic gaykort?

I will describe the best pneumatic keys that are currently available on the market.You can familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics, such as torque, design, design, weight and much more. You can also read the guide to buy a pneumatic gaykorte that will help you choose the best model. In the end, I will recommend two pneumatic keys from the list.

The best pneumatic gaykowert next to me

The best pneumatic percussion tools are available in online stores such as Amazon. They sell a wide range of models and brands, offer frequent discounts, and you can read reviews of other customers.A set of pneumatic worships can also be found on the official website of the brand, in a local store and specialized stores of mechanics.

Pneumatic Gaykowert, price range

A pistol with an air compressor costs from 50 to 5,000 dollars. The price depends on the brand, materials, design, torque, accessories, additional functions and much more. The best air keys with excellent quality are sold for less than 1,000.

Pneumatic key against a drill

The pneumatic shock gaykoVert has a much higher torque compared to the drill.The wrench has a higher torque and power compared to the drill, so it is suitable for fasteners working in difficult conditions.

Torque pneumatic key

BEST has a torque from 300 foot funts to 2000 foot fluids. The average torque is from 300 foot funts to 500 foot flint, while all the aforementioned is a high torque, suitable for eye racks and bolts on heavy machines.

Structure and contents of packaging

According to reviews of pneumatic worships, it is best to have a compact and easy tool that is easy to keep and transport.Also check whether the tool is supplied with a case for carrying, a set of sockets, an additional adapter or extension cord, which will help you maintain different fasteners in different parts of the machine.

Pneumatic dynamometric key Best

Dynamometric Gaikovert Aircat 1150 Killer

Torque and power modes

Dynamometric Gaikovert Aircat 1150. One of the most reliable tools in the list. It can reach the torque when the nuts bend up to 1295 foot flows, and the maximum torque is 900 foot flint.The system provides the maximum effect of 1400 images per minute.

Какой гайковёрт лучше.

Hammer system and drive size

The pneumatic dynamometric key also has a double shock system, which makes the system more powerful. The drive of the pneumatic dynamometric key is 1/2 inch, therefore it is suitable for working on vehicles.

Enlarged rotor and friction ring

The size of the rotor is increased by 15%, making it one of the most powerful Aircat tools. There is a friction ring in the drive, which holds the nests more stable, so you do not need to worry that they will fall from the tool.

Noise and expansion level

Patented technology supports noise level up to 86 decibels. The set includes three extension cords made of chromovanadium steel and covered with black oxide film. This makes them resistant to any chemical and mechanical damage.

Warranty and ergonomic pen

All parts of the tool are applied to a 2-year limited warranty. The ergonomic handle is covered with rubber.This reduced vibration caused by a high torque, which prevented pain and fatigue in the hands.

  • Torque 1295 foot-flunt
  • Torque 900 foot flint
  • Large drive 1/2 inch
  • 15% enlarged rotor
  • 86 decibel noise level

The best pneumatic gaykoVert for difficult operating conditions

Pneumatic Gaykowert Ingersoll Rand

This ultra-powerful pneumatic gaycortic reaches the maximum torque of 930 pounds, so it is powerful and is suitable for strong eye and nuts that require great power for tightening or weakening from the machine.

Load and average air consumption

For very durable fasteners, bring the tool into effect with the moment of unscrewing the nut of 1350 pounds. The appearance of the Pneumatic Gaykover INGERSOLL RAND is made of both plastic and metal. The air consumption at load is 24 cubic feet per minute, and the average air consumption is 6 cubic feet per minute.

Double shock mechanism

The double shock mechanism inside the system makes the installation even more powerful. The ergonomic handle is covered with a layer of rubber, which reduces strong vibrations caused by a torque, so you will not feel pain in your hand with prolonged use.

The Ingersoll Rand shock tool is very durable and has a body.Resistant steel case and composite material. This is facilitated by a light design that weighs only 4.6 pounds. The compact design has a length of 7.6 inches, a width of 2.91 inches and a height of 7.48 inches.

The tool has a square shank size of 1/2 inch and is suitable for use in cars. There is a hanging ring in the drive that holds the sockets in a stable state, and you do not need to worry that they will fall during operation.All parts are provided with a 2-year limited warranty.

  • Maximum torque 930 foot funters
  • 1350 pound of torque when rupture of the nut
  • Weighs 4.6 pounds
  • Borial ring on the drive

Best light pneumatic gaykoVERT

Pneumatic Gaykowert Chicago

Drive size and aluminum corps

Like the previous model, this Chicago Pneumatic Gaykowert has a 1/2 inch drive suitable for use in cars.Dyna-Pact coupling in an oil bath provides smooth operation. The tool case is made of aluminum.