Which grass trimmer is better straight or curved?

EZ Bar Biceps Curl

When working with an EZ-bar, the mechanics of movements change.

  • The palms are in a semi-supination position, which, together with the biceps, activates the brachialis. As a result, the load on the biceps becomes slightly less, which reduces the degree of its contraction.
  • At the same time, the semi-supination position is much more natural for the body. in life our palms are in this position much more often than when they are directed strictly to the ceiling. Therefore, it is simply more convenient to do the exercise with such a grip, and moreover, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. So for those with weak wrists, the answer to the question of which bar to choose for the bar is quite unambiguous.
  • Last but not least, there will be another plus point for the EZ neck. As a rule, it is quite short, which makes it easier to stabilize the weight of the bar and reduces the risk of falling to one side.

Straight Bar Biceps Curl

Usually, the question of choosing a bar comes up when you train your biceps. As you probably know, one of the basic exercises for it is lifting the barbell while standing. As a rule, many of the athletes prefer to take a straight bar for this purpose, and there is a very reasonable explanation for this from the point of view of biomechanics.

  • When working with a straight bar, your palms are in the supination position and are directed strictly to the ceiling. Due to this, the main load falls exactly on the biceps, which is reduced to the maximum. Compared to the EZ-bar, the load on this muscle will be greater, which speaks in favor of a straight bar.
  • However, straight bar lifts have their drawbacks. Injury hazard. The hands are in a somewhat unnatural position for themselves, the load on the wrists and the risk of injury increase. than one athlete injured their wrists in this exercise, so if this is your weak point, you should think about a safety net in the form of special belts or still opt for an EZ bar.

Body question: which neck is better. straight or curved?

Those who have not wondered about the choice of bar have not been to the gym. Straight, EZ-shaped, W-shaped. any self-respecting fitness center has a full arsenal of tools to torture muscle fibers. It remains only to find out. which of them will give you the maximum advantage when performing classic exercises. As always, there is no unequivocal answer to this question. Which bar to choose is a matter of physiology and personal preference.

Dotting i

What is the best bar for biceps? You will decide. If we compare the risk of injury with the risk of not working out the biceps enough. in our opinion, the scales tilt in favor of the EZ-shaped bar. The fact is that the difference in the degree of activation of the biceps can hardly be called dramatic, while the risk of injury to the wrists is quite tangible, especially since not everyone does strengthening exercises on the muscle group of the wrist.

The result of a wrist injury can be a long break in classes, a rollback of working weights and a fairly emaciated biceps. But if you nevertheless decided to take a chance, we advise you to include a number of wrist exercises in the training program and additionally strengthen them with gloves or belts.

Choosing electric grass trimmers for summer cottages

Summer is approaching, and I want to talk about devices such as electric grass trimmers, warning many questions about site maintenance techniques. Most owners of summer cottages and country houses maintain a lawn, they are worried about the question: how to simplify and facilitate caring for it, to cope with violent weeds.

I will try to introduce you to effective devices that have replaced the hand scythe, have become very popular, thanks to their excellent functionality and affordable price. grass trimmers. not only reduce the energy consumption of a person, they are simply indispensable for harvesting grass in such cramped places where you certainly cannot swing a scythe.

What is a grass trimmer? This device consists of a metal rod, inside of which there is a flexible or rigid shaft driven by an electric or gasoline engine. The cutting part. knife or line. is located at the bottom of the tool. Of the two types of trimmers. electric and gasoline. we will consider the first option with you, as the easiest to use.

Which electric grass trimmer is best?

Electric grass trimmers differ from their petrol counterparts in their light weight, so that the operation is easy even for women and teenagers. If you pay attention to the structure, it consists of a metal rod, a cutting head, a lightweight and environmentally friendly electric motor and a control system.

In order for you to make your choice among the abundance of electric trimmers with different properties, configurations, from different manufacturers, I will tell you about the characteristics of these generating sets.

Key Features of the Power Grass Trimmer

For selection, we designate the range of general parameters of electric trimmers:

  • power in the range from 250 to 1800 watts;
  • weight from 1.2 kg to 7.5 kg;
  • power supply: mains or rechargeable;
  • rod design: straight or curved;
  • cutting part: knife or fishing line or both options at once;
  • motor position: top or bottom.

Depending on why you buy an electric grass trimmer. for cutting large lawns or for processing flower beds, spaces between trees, near benches and gazebos, we choose such a parameter as power. For the lawn you need a grass trimmer with a high power, and for the second option, a compact lightweight tool with a low power.

A model with a low-power motor such as the STIHL FSE 60 540W will provide you with the maintenance of flower beds, garden paths and more. If the area is significantly overgrown with grass, and you do not plan to buy a gasoline grass trimmer, you can get a more powerful electric trimmer. This category includes the Makita UR3501 or AL-KO BC 1000 E models with a power of 1000 W, a mowing width of 35 cm and a rotation speed of 11000 rpm.

The weight of the electric grass trimmer is directly related to the engine power and size. The work takes into account the weight of the tool, men can easily work with a 7-8 kg unit, and for women the best option is 2.5-3 kg.

An important characteristic is the type of motor: mains or using a battery. The device with a wire does not need to be recharged periodically, but it loses in maneuverability and freedom. Cordless grass trimmers are even less powerful and heavy than corded trimmers, but they also find their use when you have to work in remote areas where it is impossible to connect to the mains.

However, they are less productive than network ones, their use is limited in time. Therefore, with a sufficiently large amount of work, you need to have a spare battery on hand. The advantages of battery devices are also that they are ideal for processing landscape design elements and other areas with difficult terrain, while they are less noisy.

The trimmers use a metal shaft to transfer rotational motion from the engine to the cutting element. It comes in the form of a steel cable (flexible) and a metal rod (rigid). Inside the hollow load-bearing bar, the shaft often determines its shape. straight or curved.

StringTtrimmer Curved vs Straight Shaft | Echo and Stihl Trimmers | Lawntrepreneur

The straight boom with a rigid, reliable shaft increases the grass trimmer’s capabilities as a disc cutter can be attached to it instead of a mowing head with line. Inside the curved rod is a flexible cable. For many, this design is more convenient in work, but it is less reliable: in this case, only the cord can be the cutting tool.

There are many types of trimmer designs, while the electric motor can be located both at the bottom of the device, above the protective casing, and at the top. The lower position of the engine gives its advantages: the design is simplified due to the absence of a rotation transmission mechanism between the engine and the cutting element, weight and cost are reduced.

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Such grass trimmers, as a rule, are low-power (175-550W), with a cutting tool in the form of a fishing line, a string (trimmer cord), with a diameter of 1.2-1.6 mm. They are used to mow the remains of soft grass inaccessible to the lawnmower. Since it is forbidden to work with electric trimmers in high humidity, this is especially critical with the lower engine position. The danger comes not only from wet grass covered with dew and raindrops, but also from succulent stems of plants.

With a lower engine in lightweight models, there is mainly a swivel mechanism that adjusts the working part of the tool to the slopes of the surface corners in hard-to-reach places.

In some models, a universal bar mount is provided, which expands the capabilities of the electric trimmer, namely: it allows you to change the usual cutting equipment to a hedge trimmer or pole saw. The use of a semi-automatic line feed system by the tool developers has simplified its replacement due to wear: you do not need to do it manually, bend over. you just need to lightly hit the reel on the ground.

For overhead engines, the problem of moisture is less relevant, they are more powerful (550-1800W). This allows the use of circular knives made of metal or cord with a diameter of 2.4 mm for mowing grass. By purchasing such a grass trimmer, for example, the model “Forester E 115” with a power of 1100 W, you get a device for mowing not only lawn grass, but also dense “virgin” thickets of weeds, dry stems of weeds, thin shoots of shrubs.

This model also has such a function as adjusting the height of the handle, and adjusts to the physical characteristics of the operator, therefore, it can be used by people of different heights. By using the shoulder strap, the weight of the instrument can be distributed more evenly over the entire body. There are trimmer models equipped with built-in dampers by the manufacturers. These anti-vibration systems protect the user’s hands from vibration.

  • if the issue of transporting a grass trimmer is important to you, then choose a tool with a collapsible bar, then it will be possible to reduce its length by half, and fit even in the trunk of a car;
  • during operation, do not let the engine overload, take short breaks;
  • do not work in fog and rain on wet grass. it is dangerous;
  • try to avoid contact of the cutting part with hard objects and stones;
  • if you want to increase the width of the grass bevel, do not remove the protective cover, as the risk of injury will increase;
  • if long plants are wound on the fishing line, then stop work and release the cutting element with your hands;
  • When changing any part of the grass trimmer, completely disconnect it from the mains;
  • pay attention to the wire more often so that it does not cling to interference.

Energy source for the grass scythe

The main element of the grass trimmer. engine, the operating time of the device, the amount of cut grass, mobility and other indicators depend on it.

Electric grass braids are easy to operate and lightweight, suitable for eliminating tall nettles or sedges in small areas. In operation, these braids for grass are unpretentious, do not need refueling and special maintenance. The user only needs an extension cord to plug into an outlet.

Devices of this type are equipped with brushless or brush motors. The former are more reliable and durable, the cost of such a power tool will be more expensive.

The electric scythe engine is mounted from above or below. Models with a lower engine layout usually have a lower power (no more than 1 kW), but at the same time more mobility and higher machining accuracy. It is not necessary to install the shaft inside the boom, and therefore they often have a movable head and a telescopic boom. You won’t be able to use thick fishing line with such devices, they are best suited for spot cutting grass: from the edges of the lawn, around trees or under benches.

Top engine models are more productive and use thick line (2. 2.4 mm). The electric motor is located in the handle where the operator holds the grass trimmer. The power of such braids reaches 1.4 kW.

Bottom-mounted electric mowers often have a movable head, which makes it easy to cut grass in hard-to-reach places.

Cordless grass braids have recently been on the market but have already gained in popularity. This is due to the appearance of a large number of trimmers operating on lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion). These batteries do not have a “memory effect”, i.e. unused charge is not lost when recharging. Most trimmers of this type have a battery capable of operating for an hour. There are also grass trimmers with nickel-cadmium batteries, they are less efficient, but much cheaper.

Batteries of rechargeable equipment are most often universal and are suitable for other devices of the same manufacturer.

Battery models also have two types of engine locations, although the lower layout is more common, with the battery located in the handle, where indicators are located that indicate the level of charge.

Petrol scythes for grass are mobile and in terms of operating time is limited only by the supply of fuel. These devices are used both in the private sector and by municipal and city services for the maintenance of urban plantings in parks, squares and other places where large thickets of grass are undesirable. A lawn mower with a capacity of 1. 2 hp will cope with a summer cottage area of ​​10 acres. For intensive professional use, models equipped with 3-4 hp engines are suitable.

Gasoline grass trimmers are fitted with two-stroke or four-stroke engines. A two-stroke engine has less weight and dimensions, moreover, it is cheaper, while its exhaust is more “dirty” than that of a four-stroke engine, since the fuel combustion process does not occur completely. To work with a scythe equipped with a two-stroke engine, you will need to prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, which complicates operation.

In recent years, environmental concerns have come to the fore for engine manufacturers for gardening equipment, so modern two-stroke engines are equipped with additional design features to reduce the harmfulness of exhaust emissions. For example, many manufacturers are introducing an additional air duct. Manufacturers come up with different names for this technology, but the essence remains approximately the same.

Four-stroke engines consume fuel more economically, while the mixing of oil with gasoline takes place in the carburetor, as a result there is no need to prepare the fuel mixture on its own. At the same time, due to the presence of a gas distribution mechanism (timing) in the design of the motor, the weight and dimensions increase.

A two-stroke engine usually has a single filler neck

The service life of the brushcutter is significantly affected by the motor resource. In professional models, it is higher, often on such trimmers, motors from world-famous manufacturers, such as Honda, are used, while the price of such equipment is higher than average. If the annual volume of work does not exceed 20-50 hours, then there is no point in spending money on such units.

Understanding the terminology

The garden equipment in question consists of four main elements: an engine (electric or gasoline), a long rod, control handles, a cutting head. Due to differences in translation, these devices often appear under different names: grass trimmer, lawn mower, lawn mower, electric lawn mower, electric lawn mower, haymaker, and even a lawn mower. This creates confusion. Lawnmower is a lawn care device whose main purpose is to keep the lawn neat and tidy.

Which Trimmer Should You Buy? And, What’s Better Curved or Straight Shaft?

The term electric lawn mower contains indications of two types of engines at once. gasoline and electric, which is also not entirely correct. In fact, it is more logical to call all types of braids grass trimmers, which are divided into electric (electric braids), gasoline (brushcutters or lawn mowers) and battery.

Also make no mistake that a grass trimmer is a tool for creating a decorative lawn. The grass trimmer can mow an area inaccessible to the lawnmower. At the same time, it is unlikely that it will be possible to mow the lawn evenly with the grass trimmer. A lawn treated in this way will not look as good as a wheeled mower. But mowing weeds with a trimmer is easy and pleasant.

Rigging and safety

An important element when working with a trimmer is the harness. The most common types of execution. one shoulder strap or knapsack straps. The first option is used with an electric and light gasoline tool, the handle in this case is most often D-shaped, with a “bicycle” handle, backpack straps are often used. In this case, the load is distributed between the two arms, so the operator can work longer without fatigue.

It is important to observe safety precautions when working with the trimmer. Fragments of grass stalks can fly out from under the line at high speed, so you should not mow the grass in shorts. Heavyweight pants are best. It is advisable to take care of eye protection and get special glasses.

Working with a scythe has a serious impact on the operator’s hands. Although there are special damping pads between the handle and the rod, you should still work with gloves.

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When working with an electric scythe, the protection of wires deserves special attention, it is important to carefully monitor the location of the network cable. The handle usually has a special hook for fixing the wire.

Minimal protection required even with simple operation.

Barbell work

A rod is a steel or aluminum tube that connects the motor to the working element. A shaft is located inside the rod, which transmits torque to the cutting equipment. The shaft can be flexible. a steel cable or rigid, in which case there is a bar inside the rod.

The shaft is connected to a gear reducer. The gearbox housing is usually made of aluminum; the cheaper models use plastic housings. The gearbox needs periodic maintenance, which consists in filling with oil. On some streamers, the gearbox is maintenance-free, i.e. the required amount of oil is filled at the factory.

Grass trimmers are available with two bar types: straight and curved. The straight line is considered widespread. It is impossible to install a rigid shaft in a curved rod, so this design is practically not used by professionals. But for household needs, the curved bar is convenient. When working with fishing line, there are no large loads on the transmitting elements, and it will not be difficult to mow the grass around the flower bed and fruit trees with the help of a curved rod.

Some trimmer models use a collapsible bar for easy transport and storage. In addition, sometimes a hedge trimmer or pole saw is installed on the trimmers instead of the standard mowing attachment. Techniques with this capability are sometimes called multitrimmers.

Bottom engine models have no shaft inside the boom, only connections to the controls. Because of this, these grass trimmers are often made with a telescopic bar.

The collapsible bar is very convenient for transportation.

How to choose a grass trimmer

In the spring, with the first warm rays of the sun, the rapid growth of vegetation begins. Unfortunately, the fastest growing weed is, which quickly forms impassable thickets in the summer cottage. The traditional method of tackling tall grass with a hand-held grass scythe is gradually losing its relevance today. Most people choose a garden grass trimmer to combat this problem.

Management principles

You can write for a long time about the various types of handles on trimmers, since in recent years a large number of modifications have appeared on the market, but in fact there are two main types of control.

D-shaped handle. for brevity, we will designate it as D-shaped, although the shape does not play a special role here, the handle itself can have any shape (O-shaped, J-shaped, C-shaped). The basic idea is that the controls are located next to the engine, the rear handle is also located there, the front handle is located on the boom. The handle mount usually moves down and up the boom. With such a design, it is not always convenient to make sweeping movements for mowing a larger area, but for spot work in confined conditions, this configuration is best suited.

“Bicycle” handle. also has a large number of names, while the essence lies in the fact that both handles are located symmetrically to each other and fixed on the bar. In this case, there is no handle next to the engine. The bike-handle trimmer can literally mow in the same motion as a manual scythe. The processing area in this case increases significantly.

The D-handle with curved boom is a great combination for spot mowing. “Bicycle handle”. the most convenient way to control,

when it comes to long-term operation in difficult conditions.

Which Gasoline Grass Trimmer is Better to Choose?

Every owner of a private house or summer cottage wants to keep the adjacent territory in a tidy condition. Currently, there are many devices that help solve this problem. In particular, these include grass trimmers, which are available in electric, battery and petrol versions. The latter have the broadest possibilities, allowing high-quality mowing of grass and other vegetation. Therefore, many would be interested to know which gasoline grass trimmer is better to choose.?

How to choose the right gasoline grass trimmer for your garden?

A gasoline grass trimmer is often referred to as a lawn mower or brushcutter. This device has many advantages over an electric one. His mobility is not limited by anything, which allows him to move freely with him at any distance. Its engine is much more powerful and makes it possible not only to mow grass and dried woody weeds, but also to cut off unnecessary parts of shrubs and even young trees. In order to make the right decision on how to choose a gasoline lawn mower. grass trimmer, you need to thoroughly know the information about the characteristics of its constituent parts, which include:

  • Engine. Most models are equipped with a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It has a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 3.3 kW. A feature of the engine is the need to prepare a special fuel mixture, due to which its normal operation is ensured. The mixture consists of AI-92 gasoline and a special oil for two-stroke engines. At the same time, throughout the entire period of operation, the same brand of gasoline and the type of oil should be used, and the exact proportions should be observed when preparing the mixture. Failure to comply with this requirement may damage the engine. As another engine option, a four-stroke engine is presented. Its advantages are great power and ease of operation. Oil and gasoline are not used for it in the form of mixtures, but are poured separately into different containers. The disadvantages are high weight and high cost compared to two-stroke motors. Depending on the volume and complexity of the proposed work, you can decide how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer in terms of power.
  • Cutting tool. The following varieties are distinguished: fishing line or cord with a thickness of 1.2 to 4 mm, plastic or metal knives. The line is suitable for less powerful trimmers. It is convenient to cut off dried plants with plastic knives. Metal knives allow you to easily remove even parts of green shrubs and young trees.
  • A bar that connects the motor and the cutting tool. It can be straight or curved. The first option is more durable and reliable, but the second is better for getting to hard-to-reach places.
  • Harness which helps to relieve the strain on the hands while working. There are models with one shoulder strap as well as double straps with two shoulder straps. The best, but also the most expensive, is the backpack harness. They can be adjusted individually for a specific figure.

Once you’ve learned all the features you need to cut grass and other vegetation, you can make an informed and informed decision on how to choose a good gasoline grass trimmer. Thus, you can choose a device that will perfectly match the individual characteristics of your site.

Which is the best electric grass trimmer?

Electric Grass Trimmer. Power tool for cutting grass in open and hard-to-reach areas: around shrubs, trees, along paths, fences or curbs.

Electric trimmer models differ in technical characteristics, cost and scope. How to choose a specific model of electric grass trimmer. read in this article. We have collected all the information and expert advice for you.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for cutting grass?

When choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Cutting system type. There are two different cutting systems. line and knife. Fishing line. The line system consists of a head, inside which there is a spool with a wound nylon line. The ends of the line protrude from the spool at a certain distance, and when the head rotates, they mow the grass. The line easily handles small weeds and tall grass. In some cases, she can even mow a small bush.

Over time, the line wears out and needs to be replaced. It changes automatically or semi-automatically, depending on the grass trimmer model. Automatic change is carried out directly when the grass trimmer is turned on, semi-automatic. when the grass trimmer head hits the ground.

Knife. The knife cutting system is installed on models with a powerful motor. The knife can be equipped with two, three or four blades. It is convenient for him to mow dense bushes and tree shoots. A knife is not enough for mowing small trees: in such cases, a metal disc with teeth like a circular saw is used.

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Engine location. Trim tabs have the engine at the top or bottom. The top location is more convenient for the following reasons:

  • the engine is protected from moisture,
  • the grass trimmer can be used for cutting wet grass,
  • the grass trimmer is well balanced and fits comfortably in the hand,
  • at the top there is a powerful motor that can work with a line and a knife.

At the bottom of the grass trimmer there are usually simple, low power motors. Their capabilities are only enough for working with fishing line.

Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the grass trimmer. Household models with power up to 500 W are used for mowing small lawns and cosmetic work after using the lawn mower. 500-1000 W models are more practical. With their help, you can mow lawns, grass in parks and take care of personal plots. Models over 1000 W are the most versatile. They can work with a knife and a fishing line, they are distinguished by a long service life, quality and reliability. Their purpose is to mow lawns, destroy thickets of weeds, cut young trees.

Type of drive. In trimmers, the transmission of torque is carried out using a cable or shaft. Drive shaft models are more reliable. Due to their rigid design, they can work with both a line and a knife. Models with a cable can only work with a fishing line, and therefore this type of drive is used in low-power household brushcutters.

Rod design and material. Electric trimmers have straight and curved barbells. In the curved rod, the torque is transmitted by means of a steel cable. In a straight line. with the help of a gearbox and a shaft. The straight bar is more reliable and is therefore used in heavy duty trimmers. The curved bar is unreliable, therefore it is used only on low-power household brushcutters.

Top engine trimmers have a collapsible and one-piece boom design. Telescopic boom on bottom engine models. The telescopic boom is more comfortable: it can be adjusted to the height of the operator, and it is also easier to carry, store and transport. The bar is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic is a lightweight and fragile material. The metal is more durable but heavier. Aluminum is the most successful material. It combines the light weight of plastic and the strength of metal.

Handle shape. The grass trimmer handle is available in D, J and T-style. D and J-shaped handles give the trimmer agility. They are best used for tricky areas. For work on large and level areas, the T-handle is used, as it can be held with both hands. Equal load distribution helps to reduce hand fatigue and allow the operator to work longer without rest.

Carrying strap. Facilitates work with a brushcutter, transfers the load from hands to shoulders. For light trimmers, one shoulder strap is sufficient; for heavy models, a backpack-type strap is required.

Mowing width. Depends on the type of cutting system, affects the performance of the grass trimmer. Line mowing width reaches 440 mm, disc mowing width. usually up to 250 mm.

We recommend the EGT07-300 Electric Grass Trimmer for gardening and gardening. It is distinguished by its high power, sufficient bevel width and low weight. And thanks to the included additional handle, the grass trimmer is comfortable to grip throughout the working day.

What is a grass trimmer

Not so long ago, manufacturers began to offer a tool such as a grass trimmer. We can say that this tool belongs to a type of lawn mower and is a version of the modern mechanized lawn mower, and very often the grass trimmer is called an electric mower. This design was invented in 1972. Due to its practicality and ease of use, it quickly gained popularity among many owners of country houses and summer cottages.

the grass trimmer consists of a long bar to which the engine is mounted; the cutting takes place at the expense of the working head. Cuts the grass trimmer thanks to the special line. With a strong rotation, the line forms a string and at high speed cuts the grass very quickly and efficiently. In an area planted with a lot of shrubs and trees, a lawn mower can do little to help, and a grass trimmer does a great job in hard-to-reach places thanks to its compactness, maneuverability and lightness. It is a practical and functional garden tool that is indispensable for maintaining proper order on green lawns.

Gasoline Grass Trimmers

The petrol grass trimmers are equipped with powerful air-cooled engines. Their work requires a special fuel, which consists of gasoline and engine oil; it is mixed in certain proportions. Correctly respected proportions will ensure high-quality performance and durability of the tool motor. The petrol grass trimmer is considered a professional tool and is designed for large volumes of work.

  • Mobility. the grass trimmer can move in any direction without restrictions, which makes the work convenient and uncomplicated.
  • High performance. Large areas can be dealt with in a short time.
  • Power.
  • Convenience and practicality.
  • Exhaust gas.
  • High noise and vibration levels.
  • difficult to maintain than other types.
  • Quite high cost.
  • Heavy enough weight.

The main criteria for choosing a grass trimmer

In order to choose the right tool, you need to decide for what purposes you need it.

which, grass, trimmer, better, straight
  • The most important indicator is the power and type of the engine. If you need to work on a large area with abundant vegetation and plants that have thick stems, you definitely need to choose a grass trimmer with a powerful engine, gasoline is best. They will cope with this task seamlessly. If this is a small lawn near the house, then you can use electric or battery. It must be remembered that the electric trimmer must not be used when it is raining or when the grass is very wet.
  • You also need to pay attention to the cutting element of the grass trimmer. It can be a fishing line or a metal knife. It is more convenient to use a fishing line in those areas where there are stones, and a metal knife. on even lawns, without stones and any plantings. In addition, knives can be of different shapes, it all depends on what needs to be processed.
  • You also need to know that there is a straight and curved view of the engine rod. The first option is more reliable and practical, this, of course, is reflected in the cost of the tool. The second type is not as practical and durable.
  • When choosing a grass trimmer, it is advisable to pay attention to the shape of the handle. The semi-circular handle is mainly designed for difficult and inaccessible places, and the T-shaped handle is convenient for the flat and open surface of the site.
  • The weight of the tool is also of great importance. For minor jobs, it is best to choose a lighter and more compact machine, this will ease the burden on the hands and allow you to cut the hair faster.

Electric grass trimmer

The electric grass trimmer has a cable and must be connected to the mains. There are electric grass trimmers in which the motor can be positioned at the top or bottom. The upper position of the motor makes the tool more practical and convenient, you can work in almost any weather conditions. The lower location of the motor does not allow performing work in the presence of moisture, although many consider such a tool to be more maneuverable.

  • Compactness and convenience.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Low tool weight.
  • Virtually no noise and vibration.
  • Service-friendly.
  • Low power, prevents thick roots and branches from being cut.
  • Connected cable restricts movement.
  • Suitable almost exclusively for home use.
which, grass, trimmer, better, straight

Cordless grass trimmers

Cordless grass trimmers work thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery that requires regular recharging every 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Virtually silent.
  • Agile.
  • Mobile.
  • No fuel required.
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach places.
  • Have a low cost.
  • Requires constant charging.
  • Have little power.
  • Suitable for small and short grass.
  • Suitable as an additional tool.
  • Small selection.

What is a grass trimmer and how to choose one

Today, almost every suburban or suburban area has a lawn or lawn with grass. It can be either small or large. The lawn is a great place to relax, and can also serve as a sports playground, soccer field, etc. But it takes a lot of effort and time to keep it in order. Nowadays, there is a fairly large selection of all kinds of garden tools that help maintain the site in proper form. These can be common lawn mowers, they are used in large areas, and many other tools.

Types of trimmers, their advantages and disadvantages

grass trimmers are divided into several types: electric, gasoline and battery.