Which Grass Trimmer To Choose: Petrol Or Electric

Mowing grass means very different jobs. It can be lawn trimming, it can be weed removal from an abandoned flower bed, it can be an attempt to bring a lawn with wild grass into a divine form, and so on. So, which one is better to choose the device, entirely depends on the features of the site.

Which Grass Trimmer To Choose: Petrol Or Electric

What do grass do?

The best grass trimmer is one that performs its task faster and better. But the tasks are different.

  • The grass trimmer should ensure the same cutting of the stems as possible. The result is a smooth, thick “carpet” that makes it so pleasant to walk barefoot.
  • Mowing involves the multi-level removal of highly grown vegetation. To do this, you need to choose a device more powerful and designed for a long time of continuous operation.
  • To mow grass in animal feed, the trimmer must not only effectively cut the stems, but also not injure them.

Varieties of Trimmers

Which is better to choose a device for all these tasks depends on the technical characteristics of the devices.

  • The electric grass trimmer is designed to care for lawns and flower beds located near the building. The device works from the network, the cable length ranges from 30 to 50 m, which is not enough to clean the entire garden. The power of electrical appliances is small. from 0.25 to 1 kW. They are intended for mowing grass young and are highly maneuverable.

In most cases, electric braids have a curved shaft, since when processing narrow sections and spaces under flowers or shrubs, good visibility is more important than high productivity.

  • The cordless grass trimmer is battery operated and needs to be recharged for a long time after work. But the device is not tied to an outlet. The power of the device is small, it is used in the same way as the electric scythe. for constant lawn mowing and care for flower beds.

Video: Which Grass Trimmer To Choose: Petrol Or Electric

Which is better to choose for a lawn also depends on the frequency of care for it. If frequent haircuts are not possible, then you need to immediately focus on devices with higher power, capable of multi-level processing. In the photo. a brushcutter for the garden.

How to choose a grass trimmer

  • Land area. the larger the lawn or ground, the more powerful the device will be needed. Motocross engines are installed only with air cooling, so during operation the machine must be turned off periodically. Therefore, its performance is directly dependent on power.
  • Duration of work. the area of ​​the site determines this aspect of choice. The operator holds the trimmer in weight and manually guides it. The presence of shoulder straps makes things easier, but with long work it becomes important and more: ease of operation. The shape of the pens is different for different models.

So, the T-shaped is designed to work with two hands, which allows you to redistribute the load during prolonged mowing. J-shaped is preferable for frank right-handed or left-handed people and is more convenient for cutting, rather than removing stems. Q-and O-shaped are installed on devices for flower beds and flower beds, as they allow maneuvering in a narrow space. In the photo. Lawn Mower with a T-shaped handle.

  • The nature of the site. slope, bumps and potholes will require a device with a straight shaft. On flat areas you can work and battery machines. For jewelry cutting around the flower garden, the best are electric grass trimmers with a curved shaft.
  • Management. first of all, pay attention to the launch. Models with soft start systems run much easier. Otherwise, considerable effort is required, which, for example, is not available to older people. The second important nuance is the pulling of the cord. On hand-held devices, when a used thread breaks off, it is necessary to pull it out manually. On semi-automatic, it is enough to slightly hit the ground with a mowing head. Automatic feed the threads on their own when changing the mode. from low to high speeds. It is clear that the last option is required for processing large areas, otherwise the grass will be harvested indefinitely.
  • Spare parts. do not buy motor-scythes from little-known companies. Not because they can be substandard, but because getting parts for them is much more difficult.

The video shows a variety of motocos cutter options.