Which grinder to choose for furniture. What sizes and forms are most often to process

Choosing a grinding machine for wood

For professional and domestic purposes, a grinding machine is often necessary to polish some kind of coating or remove the old layer. Most often wood needs wood. Pilomatterals of ideal quality are rarely found on sale that do not need preliminary preparation, and they are much more expensive. Therefore, a grinding machine for wood should be at hand for every master.

How to choose from the whole variety of grinding machines, because all tools use one abrasive material. Sandpaper, but the results are different. This happens due to the fact that different models have their strengths and weaknesses.

Some grinding machines are needed for rough cleaning, others polish the surface better. Those cars that are not designed to work with large areas are good for point work in hard.To.Reach places.

It is necessary to understand for what types of work the tool will serve, for general leveling of the surface or for finish grinding, because in both cases a different tool will be required.

Ribbon grinding machine

The ribbon grinding machine (abbreviated LSM) got its name because of its principle of operation, in which sandpaper in the form of a ring, continuously moves with the help of built-in rollers around the sole.

LSM for grinding wood can be used for rough cleaning. In preparation before thinner processing. This grinder is the most productive compared to other models. She is able to cope with a large volume of rough grinding, but it is not recommended to perform finish processing.

It is used during carpentry work on wood, not designed for further painting, so that subsequent finish grinding with another tool takes less time. When installing sandpaper with fine grain, you can achieve average quality processing of the material.

Such a machine is good to use close to the wall, but only one side line.

  • When working, the machine leaves a lot of scratches, the number of which can be reduced if grinding along the wood fibers.
  • With inaccurate use, it can make a hole on the surface of the material, which will be difficult to remove.
  • Due to the features of the design, it is impossible to get to hard-to-reach places, such as corners and grooves.
  • Issues loud noise during operation, so it requires special headphones.
  • The action of the video implies the elevation of the tape in front and back, so the grinding occurs only in the center of the abrasive tape.
  • It is difficult to clean the vertical surfaces.

Planning grinding machine

A flat.Grinding machine is also called a vibrational, vibration grinding machine. She can perform finish work before painting, varnish coating. It is suitable for grinding large surfaces, but its performance is lower compared to the strip model, but it makes it much less than the noise.

The platform in this model has a rectangular shape and is equipped with spring clamps for fastening sandpaper. On the bottom there may be Velcro for better holding the skin, but it is not on all models. To remove dust during operation on the platform, holes are provided, connected to the output for connecting the vacuum cleaner, or a container for collecting dust.

It works due to small circular vibro movements performed with a high frequency of its lower working surface-a grinding platform. Eccentricity (oscillation amplitude, platform stroke) of the platform movements on average is from 2 to 5 millimeters. In small, square models, it can be 1.5 mm. The frequency of platform vibrations varies greatly depending on the model, on average it is 12,000 stake/min. It is good if the frequency adjustment is provided.

Plateau of the plate of a flat.Grinding machine

This model has a significant drawback. When grinding, it can leave round traces. “lambs” if a sandstone or other garbage falls between sandpaper and the surface during sandpaper and the surface. Such a defect occurs due to insufficient dusting, and is eliminated by sandpaper with smaller grain in several iterations. Therefore, the surface is first carefully cleaned, the construction vacuum cleaner is used to immediately remove all foreign elements.

Traces of garbage that fell under the sole of a grinding machine

The grinding area is limited, models with a platform of more than 2 mm are difficult to grind high-quality to the walls close to the walls-in the inner corners, at a distance of about 4-8 mm to the surface perpendicular to the grinding. She will just beat the sole against the wall and this can ruin the product.

Eccentric grinding

Eccentric grinder is also called orbital. She has a round sole for which sandpaper is glued on Velcro. There are holes on the sole of the orbital machine, into which dust falls during grinding. Dust accumulates in a special vacuum cleaner and it must be periodically cleaned. Instead of a vacuumber, you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner.

What is a wooden machine for wood

SHM for wood is a multifunctional tool that many buy for use at home. With it, you can engage in restoration or repair of furniture and other wooden products.

Grinding is several times accelerating the procedure for grinding and polishing surfaces made of wood. Quite often, this tool is used during the repair in the apartment for grinding wooden walls or floor.

Before choosing a wooden machine, you need to familiarize yourself with the main varieties of devices.


Such carpentry grinders are recommended to be bought for the first grinding of wooden coatings. They are ideal for removing the old layer of varnish or paint. Also, tape devices are often used to fit furniture parts.

Tapeline type tools work on the principle of a rubbish. The ribbon in the shape of a circle rotates on special rollers. In order for the grinding process to begin, you need to press it with a wooden product.

Orbital (palm)

When choosing a grinder, you can encounter orbital devices. They can be divided into two main types.


Such grinding machines are recommended to buy people who often have to work with uneven surfaces. Standard orbital models are suitable for processing sharp corners and flattened edges of wood.

These devices resemble tape. The only serious difference is that instead of tapes, granular paper is used. In comparison with tape grinder, orbital more universal and multifunctional. Some consider them the best devices for grinding wood.

Random orbital

Another device that is often used to process wooden products is random orbital shm. From other models, they differ in the features of their work. Grinding is carried out due to the installed sandpaper. It not only moves with the help of videos, but also vibrates a little. Thanks to this, even ribbed surfaces manage to clean.

Detailed and multi.Instrumental

The best grinding machines for wood include detailed and multi.Instrumental products. There are several varieties of such models.

File Sander

Quite often, people hear the terms “Finger Sander” and “Sander”, but at the same time they do not know their exact value. These phrases are used in the description of grinding devices that are equipped with a very narrow belt. With it, it is possible to process even inaccessible places that cannot be reached with a regular SHM.

Such models are universal, since they can be used to grind coatings from:

To process the above materials, you will have to use paper of different granularity.

Obigating spindle

In the ranking of grinding machines, fluctuating spindles are often found. This is a static tool that is equipped with a fairly long drum for grinding.

Such SHM models are often used as desktop tools. They are used to process complex angles, as well as curved surfaces. At the same time, the oscillating spindle is able to polish not only a wooden coating, but also a metallic.

Sander straight

Many people do not know which grinder is better for smoothing straight edges. For such purposes, it is necessary to choose Sander direct. This tool will allow you to quickly smooth out all the edges and polish the plank floor or wall.

The main difference of this tool can be considered the features of its work. During grinding, sandpaper moves parallel to the grain. Thanks to this, it is possible at times better to polish the edges of the products. It also simplifies the grinding of ribbed surfaces.

Grinding of drum type

Often people are interested in what kind of grinder it is better to grind the wooden floor. A fairly popular tool that is regularly used in the processing of a tree is a drum type SHM. You can use such a device to remove the remains of glue, paint or varnish. Also, with the help of such Ushm, you can process surfaces of plastic, metal and ceramics.

The main species

Depending on the work that must be performed, you need to look for special types of grinding machines. They are divided into seven varieties.


The peculiarity of the sample in the eccentric, with which you can make circular or reciprocating movements. Thus, the user has additional opportunities for grinding.

The equipment is used to process curved or profile surfaces, it can be used for grinding, cleaning or polishing various materials (parquet processing, for example). The capacity of such units is from 170 to 750 watts.

Sometimes users seek the differences between orbital grinders and eccentric. You should not do this, since all this is one unit called differently.

Planning grinding grinders

This sample is also called vibrational. Used for finish processing. You can process plastic, wood, metal, stone and compositional materials.

The equipment is equipped with a soft sole, with the help of which they are performed by progressive-reflective movements, but you will have to use a small amplitude with high speed. The larger the amplitude of the movement, the rougher the surfaces will be treated.

Users often wonder which grinder is better. Eccentric or vibrational. It all depends on the specific situation, you need to base the choice on the surface that needs to be processed (grind).

If you need to find out which grinder to choose for wood, vibration or eccentric, it is advisable to opt for the second version. In this case, grinding gives the best results.

Deltoid vibration lines

Ideal for processing hard.To.Reach surfaces. They are not much different from the vibrational version, except for the sole, which has a triangular shape.


Used for rough surfaces. SHM is often used in interior decoration (ceiling, walls).

The tape rotates on the rollers. The speed can reach 400 m/min. Minus. After work, traces will appear in the form of scratches and small recesses.

Brush grinders

The tool weighs about 4 kg, so you can use it without strong pressure. The equipment is equipped with several handles to facilitate the work.

Wooden surfaces are used for processing, if you need to remove a layer of varnish or paint from them. You can also get rid of rust on metal. On sale you can find composite, nylon and metal brushes for the unit. There are electrical and autonomous devices.

Direct grinder

The peculiarity of the design in the elongated case. The equipment lies very easily in the hand, and allows you to work in the narrowest rooms.

For a grinding machine, it is necessary to buy special abrasive stones that are fixed on the head of the device. You can use circles or brushes.

Grinding in concrete

The power and productivity of the device is much higher than that of other options, since you can process SMS the hardest materials. Externally, the machine looks like a large lawn mower with a large “drum” in the front.

The equipment is quite expensive, the average price for 2021 is 60,000 rubles.

Criteria for choosing grinder

Now we move on to the question. Which grinder to choose. Everything will depend on what you want to do. As practice shows, masters always acquire two varieties: for rough cleaning and finish. Therefore, the best option is a couple in the form of an eccentric and strip machine. If the task of grinding furniture items is worth, then here you can not do without an oscillation tool.

If there is no desire to work with a tape option, then you can recommend two eccentrics with different size of the eccentric itself. Fortunately, manufacturers offer several options. For example, if an eccentric is 6-8 mm, then such a tool is used for rough processing. If the parameter is 2-4 mm, then for the final. True, it should be noted that a good eccentric grinder is not cheap.

If the budget does not allow you to purchase an expensive and high.Quality tool, buy a corner machine. But it will have to be purchased either orbital or vibrational. The second is cheaper than the first, but less manufacturing. In addition, the latter is considered a universal tool in terms of grinding wood.

The best manufacturers of grinding machines

Grinding machines are produced by almost all companies engaged in the production of manual electric tools, both in our country and in other technically developed countries of the world. The most popular among users are the following brands:


The world.Famous Japanese company specializing in the production of a hand electric tool.


The German brand Bosch is known for its reliability in all sectors where the company works.


Domestic manufacturer, successfully competes with eminent foreign brands.


Famous manufacturer of a professional tool from the USA.

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Interskol PSHM-115/300E

The declared characteristics and low cost explain the popularity of Interskol PSHM-115/300E with a rectangular sole. The tool copes with the leveling of the external corners of the GCL, reinforced by polymer putty, and with lumber, and with single.Layer paint coatings. And thorough cleaning, timely replacement of consumables and monitoring the state of loaded structural structural elements, even allow us to count on long.Term (non.Intensive) operation. After all, the main purpose of this model is high.Quality and unhurried work with wood, this is indicated:

CNC Basics. What You Need To Get Started

  • Weight acceptable for processing horizontal planes;
  • The possibility of setting up the frequency of the sole fluctuations;
  • The label of the start isolated from exposure to wood dust.
  • Frequency adjustment
  • Pyphellation system with the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner
  • Blocking the launch key
  • Powerful latches
  • Elastic lining on the sole
which, grinder, choose, furniture, most, often

Watch a short video review of the capabilities of the Intercker PSHM-115/300E:

Purpose and principle of operation of tape grinding machines

Lsms are widely used not only in industrial production, automatic, carpentry workshops, but also in home workshops.

Principle of operation

Twisting from the drive electric motor is transmitted to the leading video, the ring abrasive ribbon comes from it. The depth of grinding and surface roughness depend on the size of abrasive particles in sandpaper. The smaller the fraction, the less rough the processed plane will be.

Rules for grinding wood

How to grind a tree with a grinder or other tools? This question is interested in many.

Grinding a strict log outside

To polish a log house from strict logs, it is worth using corner grinding machines. In this case, it is recommended to use devices of the middle price category.

Goluing of a looped log

Such a log house already has a flat surface. Therefore, the use of a grinder with a lack of experience will lead to the appearance of furrows and pits. In this situation, eccentric machines are more suitable. They differ in less productivity, but with too strong pressure, the disk is blocked.

which, grinder, choose, furniture, most, often

Commercial Tips: Choosing a Commercial Grinder

Grinding the log house in grooves and angles

Regardless of the bands used, it is necessary to grind the grinder. It is recommended to use a smaller nozzle than a disc. If they coincide, the tool can jam.

Processing of the ends of the logs

For these areas, it is worth using a grinder, which has an abrasive circle with 40 grains. Revolutions allows you to choose the optimal speed mode. At the same time, cleaning with small grain is not required.

Subroding the hut inside the house

This procedure is no different from the outer. If the walls are not planned to be sheathed, you need to make an additional passage of finishing. To do this, use an abrasive disc for 120.

How to grind walls from a bar

In this case, the same tools are suitable as when processing logs. In this case, you need to evaluate how large a layer of wood needs to be removed. If the bathhouse is composed of glued or profiled timber, nothing needs to be used. In such a situation, it is enough to use a grinder. If the experience is not enough, it is better to take an eccentric machine.

When it is better to grind

Grinding a log house is required after the main shrinkage. During this period, the log dries, which facilitates work with it. It can be difficult to remove even a thin layer with raw wood. If the log house is made of dried wood, it can be immediately processed.

Procedure and organization of work

Since there should be a little time between grinding and processing, the procedures are required to be carried out along the crown. Start work permissible from above or below. In this case, you need to polish one wall, and then go to the second. The structure can be covered with soil or impregnation after the end of the processing of one wall. In this case, first you need to clean the surface of dust.

Sometimes there are dark spots on the surface of the tree. They appear due to the activity of fungi. Such defects do not affect the safety of the material, but seriously worsen the appearance of the structure.

If you plan to paint the structure with light or transparent dyes, you need to fight with shades. For this, it is recommended to use special substances for bleaching wood. On top you should apply antipyren, a primer layer and finishing substances.

Grinding wood has a number of features. For the procedure to be successful, it is important to choose the right tool and clearly observe the rules for its application.