Which is better a jigsaw or circular. Bosch GKS 600

Circular saw or electrician. Which is better for home use

A few years ago, only a hacksaw and a chainsaw was used to saw wood. Now more functional tools have appeared that facilitate work with wood. These units are productive, high.Quality and have a long service life. We will tell you that the circular saw or jigsaw is better and what is the peculiarity of each tool.

Place Model
one. Makita 4329 450 W Prices Review
2. Bosch PST 700 E 500 W Prices Review
3. Makita 4350FCT 720 watts Prices Review
4. Dewalt Dwe349 650 W Prices Review
5. Zubble L-400 400 watts Prices Review
6. Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts Prices Review
7. Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W Prices Review
eight. Zubble PD-65, 1600 W Prices Review
nine. Makita HS7601K, 1200 W Prices Review
ten. Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W Prices Review

The main characteristics that cost first of all

The most common models on the market have engine power from 0.8 to 2.2 kW and revolutions 4.5-5.5 thousand per minute, weight varies from 3 to 7 kg. When choosing these 3 parameters are the most important, they need to pay attention to them first.


The higher the power, the better. But it should be remembered that the greater the power, the higher the cost, weight and consumption of electricity. Therefore, most often users dwell on options average power, from 1.0 to 1.6 kW. The exception is cases when the tool is bought to solve not entirely standard, “average” problems. For sawing only thin or thick material. In the first case, the lowest option is enough, in the second, on the contrary.

Disk rotation frequency

The higher the speed of rotation of the disk, the more accurately and cleaner it drank. However, according to the laws of physics, “increase in speed, reduces strength”. Therefore, with the same engine power, a more “fast” disk rotates with less force.

The scatter of the most popular models and manufacturers is small, from 4.5 to 5.5 thousand rpm, Therefore, there is no particularly noticeable difference in work. Nevertheless, experienced experts notice the difference in the speed of rotation of the disk.

The depth of the cut

The indicator directly depends on the distance to which the saw disk comes out of the bed (support platform) at right angles. With inclined sawing, the depth decreases. For example, with a tool with a depth of 54 mm depth, you can saw a beam with a cross section of 100 mm if you do a drink on both sides of the beam.

Changing the angle of inclination

Almost all disk saws of this type are equipped with this function (from 90 to 45 degrees). When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the execution of the node. Screw clamps should be quite reliable, better metal (plastic clamps on budget models are often broken off). The turn of the rotation of the rotation at the angle should be made of a sufficiently durable metal so as not to bend.

Saw disk

In practice, each manufacturer produces saws for discs of its size. It is not always possible to choose the right disk from the saw of the same power of another brand. Coincidences are, but not always.

The differences in the planting and external diameters of only a few mm lead to the fact that the “alien” disk is not suitable.

As a result, instead of sharpening and further use, they have to be thrown out and buying new. Whereas the teeth of the standard shape can be undermined, several times increasing the service life.

There are a lot of information on the saw disk, the numbers have the most important. One. Company manufacturer. 2. Model and type of disk. 3. Dimensions. 4. Type of tool used. 5. Type of sawn material. 6. Disk size. 7. The number of teeth. Eight. Landing diameter. Nine. Maximum turns. Ten. Direction of rotation.

Varieties of manual hacksaws

A hand tool weighs little, does not need electricity and fuel, it costs relatively cheap, has a long resource. But the speed of work depends on the physical preparation of the user. Types of manual saws are divided into universal, which are suitable for general purpose, and highly specialized, developed for specific processes. Consider them in more detail.

Standard saw

Belongs to the classical type. Can be purchased at any construction store.


Has a steel high canvas with teeth, gradually tapering to the end. The teeth are periodically required to drag and breed, otherwise the saw will be bred in the material. D-shaped handle was previously made of wood, and now from plastic. Expensive versions can have a two.Component handle, better resistant slipping.


Suitable for straight cuts of boards, beams, branches, laminate, MDF, chipboard and other wood materials with a thickness of 2-100 mm. Due to the flexible structure of the canvas that does not have a hard frame, the cut line easily goes to the side, so the standard saw is applicable only where strict observance of the accuracy of the size is not required.

Luching saw

The name was obtained due to the arc shape of the frame and pulling the canvas, like a bowstring in a bow.


The P-shaped frame is made of a round steel tube. At the ends, a hook.Shaped threaded mount is provided. With the help of the “lamb” the screw is pulled, and a low canvas with teeth becomes hard. On one side, a rubber coating handle is provided. When the teeth are stuck, the canvas changes to a new. In this, a beam saw is significantly won before the standard.

But with a cut of a high workpiece, there may not be enough depth, since the product will fall into the tool frame. Some manufacturers produce saws with a swivel mount so that the jumper remains in this case from the side, and not from above.


Most often, a beam saw is used to saw metal. This includes profile and round tubes, sills for fixing flooring, small brackets, etc. But the change of equipment to a canvas with higher teeth allows you to saw wooden blanks and plastic.

Garden saw

Has small sizes and is designed specifically for work in the garden. Suitable for men and women, because it has low weight and is easy to use.

Ручная циркулярная пила Bosch GKS 600 Professional


The design consists of a steel canvas 40-30 mm high. The teeth are made from below, and the shape of the saw part is slightly curved by an arc for better cut into wood. The handle is often M-shaped and cast from plastic. At the end there may be a hole for hanging the tool. The saw canvas is not shift and needs periodic sharpening and wiring.


With the help of a garden saw, pruning branches, knots, shoots on garden trees are carried out. You can even cut a young tree or shrub. But for serious and accurate tasks, it is not suitable.


Designed for figure cutting. But working with him is more painstaking and long than with an electrician.


The jigsaw has a P-shaped frame, at the ends of which the cutting canvas is attached. It can be a narrow saw or rod with an abrasive applied. The handle on the side is designed to hold one hand. Large flight allows you to work with wide materials.


Manual jigsaw is covered with polystyrene, plywood, chipboard, plastic. Suitable for sawing small pieces when there is nothing more suitable at hand. You can perform longitudinal and transverse sawing, as well as pass along any crooked lines. The main purpose is a figure clipping in small volumes. Ideal for home master.

Breaking.Saw saw

Highly specialized tool for accurate work.


The soldering saw consists of a high canvas and small teeth on one side. Due to the large steel strip with increased on the part opposite from the incisors, it turns out to be very strict and does not bend during the cutting process. Early versions were supplied with a round wooden handle. With short length, they were called ration knives. Longer modern models have a D-shaped handle located at an angle of 45 degrees.


Due to the small teeth and the absence of wiring, as well as a rigid structure, share saws provide an accurate and thin cut. Suitable for finishing cutting wood, soft metals (aluminum, copper), plastic, chipboard. Are popular with laminate layers and kitchen installers.

Groove saw

High.Precision tool for cutting short grooves.


The design is similar to the soldering saws, only much less. A thick rectangular canvas with small teeth is used. Thickening on the upper edge provides stiffness. The pen can be from the side or in the middle of the upper butt. Rubber overlage on the handle prevents sliding.


Used for accurate cutting grooves in wood and soft metal. This can be cutting out a groove for a cable or a gas hose in a kitchen countertop, cutting an aluminum end table, other responsible cuts. For thick materials over 30 mm, the saw is not suitable. Used only by professional carpenters.

Narrow (outfound) saw

Hacksaw for specific tasks with sharp in a circle. The name was obtained due to the ability to bend in the process of crushing the workpiece.


The outfoller saw consists of a saw canvas, which is tapping towards the end. And in the widest part of the hacksaw is also not very big. Work is carried out with one hand. Mr.-shaped handle with rubber pads contributes to a reliable grip. There are views with a straight two.Component handle.


The hacksaw is used to cut out circular and oval holes in wood and plastic. Due to the narrow shape, the canvas is easily tilted to the side and round the cutting line. Models with rectangular cutting canvases from such pressure break or bend, but everything is fine here.

which, better, jigsaw, circular

Plywood saw

Designed specifically for sawing plywood.


The plywood saw is notable for a high steel, non-changing canvas and a D-shaped handle located at an angle of 45 degrees. Small teeth without wiring contribute to a thin cut and high accuracy. The large area of ​​the steel canvas prevents the deformation of the equipment and taking the line to the side. The end of the saw has rounding.

Disk saws

Hand electric saws are used for sawing and dissolution of boards made of wood, wood-steering plates (chipboard, chipboard, OSB, MDF, fiberboard), as well as plywood, floor laminate, plastic panels and metal.

The disk saw has a simple design consisting of an electric motor, a gearbox, a supporting plate (sole) and a cut.Type cutting tool.

Bosch GST 140 jigsaw

Units of this type are produced with a drive operating not only from the mains, but also from batteries. But you should know that an unit working on the battery is able to work effectively for no more than 10-15 minutes. Therefore, if you need to work as a tool for a longer time, you should prepare in advance the interchangeable fully charged batteries.

Basically, the disc saw is used as a hand tool, although it can be installed under the table. The device is held with their hands and driven on the workpiece With a guide tire. Turning support stove of the tool allows you to cut the workpiece at different angles.

When choosing a disk tool, special attention should be paid to the following parameters.

  • Power. A hand tool can have a power from 800 to 2500 watts. For domestic use, you should choose an medium.Power unit. Up to 1200 watts. This will extend the operating time without overheating and increase its service life. For the professional sphere, of course, you need a device with a capacity of 1200 to 2500 watts, since the productivity of the tool depends on this parameter, as well as the possibility of installing a large diameter on it.
  • Number of revolutions per minute. This parameter can vary in the range from 1800 to 5200 rpm. But you should know that the low.Power engine will not be able to develop the speed declared by the manufacturer, especially when sawing solid wood.
  • The depth drank. This parameter depends on the power of the unit. Low.Power devices are capable of drinking a cut with only 65 mm depth. Powerful units can delve into the workpiece to a depth of 130 mm. Based on this, before choosing the tool, you must clearly imagine what thickness of the workpiece you will saw it, so that in the future there are no problems with the depth of cut.

Manual disc saws can be attributed and Submissive saws. At first glance, a submersible tool is similar to a regular disk, but still has the following differences:

  • The saw disc is completely hidden by the protective casing and is located above the level of the sole of the device (in non.Working state);
  • Before turning on the device using a special regulator, the equipment immersion depth is installed;

Due to the fact that the saw disk can be lowered using the handle, the unit is used for:

  • Groove cutting anywhere in the workpiece;
  • Performing cuts in any planes;
  • Installation of cabinet furniture;
  • Floor repair (removal of worn boards).

The main parameters that should be taken into account when choosing submersible saws are power and speed. All recommended parameters that were discussed above for circular saws are also suitable when choosing a submersible disk tool.

Additional functions of electrolobsics and their significance

The cost of an electrician depends not only on its technical characteristics, but also on the presence of certain additional functions designed to facilitate the work with the tool. If you do not strive, despite the price, buy the most “sophisticated” device, stuffed with a wide variety of functions, you should figure out which of them really need.


Today, the pendulum course (sometimes called the pumping) can hardly be considered an additional function, since it is available in most modern models of electrolobsics. When this function is involved, the saw canvas, in addition to vertical reciprocating movements, begins to make vibrations back and forth. This allows us to significantly increase the speed of cut, however, at the cost of reducing quality.

Swating is adjusted using a three- or four-position switch. The amplitude of the pendulum passage is selected depending on the task. The smaller it is, the slower the process, and more accurately the resulting cut, and vice versa.

This function is necessary for large volumes of work associated with the direct sawing of wooden blanks, t.E. When it is important not cleanliness and accuracy, but high performance. If you need to perform a curved cut, the swing will have to be turned off, otherwise the beep of the file is very likely, which threatens with jamming or breakdown.

The angle of inclination of the sole

Changing the angle of inclination of the sole is a very useful function. With its help, you can do a cut at a certain angle to the surface of the material, which significantly expands the range of tasks solved using an electrician. Relatively inexpensive models, as a rule, have only two positions of the sole. 0 ° and 45 °. In professional tools, more of them. 0 °, 15 °, 30 ° and 45 °.

In addition, pay attention to the fact that in some models this adjustment is implemented without a key, while others need an additional tool to change the position of the sole. If you change the angle of inclination of the sole often, then it is best to pay attention to those models in which this adjustment is carried out without a key using a special lever.

Smooth start

The function of the smooth start provides a gradual set of revolutions by the electric motor. As a result, there is no sharp jerk of the tool at the time of its inclusion. Thanks to this, it becomes easier to make the “entry” of the saw canvas in the workpiece and not damage the material. The function of the smooth start is necessary when the high precision of the saw is very important.

Maintaining speed under load

With an increase in the load on the electrician inevitably, “slowing” of the engine inevitably occurs. The function of maintaining speed under load will maintain the speed of the cut (and hence the quality of the sawing) and protect the engine from overload. The need for it arises when you have to work with difficult to work materials, in particular with metal.

Blowing chips

When performing complex curly cuts, good visibility of the intended line is very important, and it directly depends on the purity of the working area. Remove the dust that is formed during the work from the working surface will help the directed air flow.


To improve the visibility of the cut line, and therefore, to increase the accuracy and accuracy of sawing, such a function as backlight was created. This function is in demand in battery models, since the latter are often used in rooms with poor lighting.

Laser pointer

When you have to perform a large number of direct cuts and I want to save time on preliminary marking of the material, a laser pointer built into an electrician, which will perform the function of the guide line, come in handy in an electric.

Than categorically you can’t cut chipboard

Before moving on to the tools that can be used, it is necessary to note the one that is better not to use, especially since it is only one. And this is a grinder, or, as it is also called, an angle grinding machine.

It is not used for the cut, firstly, because in the process of use on ready-made details, chips will definitely appear, no matter how hard you try. And secondly, because when working with a grinder it is easy to get hurt. Over, the workpieces for furniture from chipboard can be obtained using much more safe tools.

Buy an electrician or buy a circular saw?

Professionals undoubtedly have already resolved this issue for themselves and often have both tools. The amateur who has planned to buy an electrician or circular saw, you need to understand several fundamental differences between these devices, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Such knowledge will help to give preference to one of the tools or make a decision to buy both at once.

Cutting an electrician occurs by reciprocating movements up and down. As a rule, there is an opportunity to add and configure oscillatory movements back and forth. This is done for less heating of the file, the better jerking of the chips and the smooth cut. You can cut not only vertically, but also at an angle, the depth is regulated, most often, only by the selection of a file. The circular saw is a much larger tool. It is necessary to hold it with both hands, although, in almost all models, the function of installing a saw upwards is provided, which turns the device into a real machine. The cut can be made at an angle, as well as a jigsaw, but there is an adjustment of the departure of the departure.

There are practically no differences here: an electrician and circular saw are designed to process a whole list of materials. The harder the part needs to be cut, the more powerful the tools and the files or wheels used should be, as well as the less permissible processing thickness. Experiments with too hard materials end with premature wear of the tool, although, in case of emergency, for some time it will last.

The electrician has several serious advantages in use: a small size that allows you to hold it with one hand, the possibility of cutting out various figures, a fast replacement of a file, the start of work not from the edge of the part, but from a drilled hole. Disadvantages: Rapid heating of the file leads to a deterioration in the quality of cutting and “wavy”, the files dull faster and fail, there is no adjustment of the depth of processing. The circular is capable of sawing accurately and qualitatively quite long time, heating occurs slower due to work with all the teeth of the disk. This also allows you to wear out less tools, and breaking a disk (unlike a jigsaw file) is quite problematic. The saw is ideal for long longitudinal cuts, large volumes of work. If you install the saw stationary, and serve the blanks along the guide, performance will increase several times. The disadvantages of the circular saw are its less versatility: the impossibility of figure drift, the massiveness of the tool itself, more time to change the disk.

In no case should you work in gloves, especially knitted. If this is not so dangerous with a jigsaw, then the saw instantly delays any thread in the teeth. As with any electrical appliances, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the wires, do not overheat devices, use only high.Quality carrying, avoid increased humidity. By the way, the circular saw lying on the floor is less dangerous than an electrician: a protective casing covers the disk.

All specific parameters of the purchased device are selected individually. When talking or correspondence with store managers, you need to indicate exactly how this tool will be used. This will help not to make a mistake with the power and avoid unnecessary costs. It is extremely recommended to buy such equipment in supermarkets or in dubious personalities in the markets. This is the path to constant appeals to warranty services and other troubles. Specialized technology stores (or an online store of the same orientation) are good in that sellers there really understand the goods, help and prompt if necessary.

Differences in work and features

AT circular saws A disk with teeth, which is set in motion under the influence of an electric motor, is responsible for cutting materials. The element consists of a metal alloy. The shape of the teeth is selected depending on the type of working material. AT Lobziki Such a detail is a bimetal file, hydrocarbons or high.Speed steel. The sawing of the material is carried out in the case of its reciprocating movements.

Electrics Used for a small amount of work with plywood, plastic, non.Ferrous metal, soft wood. With their help, cutting out curly elements of furniture or other decorative interior details are performed. Disk saws designed for a larger amount of work, so they are often referred to professional tools.

Assessment of the following parameters will help to determine that a disk saw or jigsaw is better.

An electrician can be sawed wood, metal, plastic or plywood in small volumes

The power of the electric motor

According to this parameter, determine Aggregate type or class. In household models of jigsaws, the power of the electric motor varies from 300 to 700 watts, in professional it can reach 1,500 watts.

  • Up to 800 watts. Low.Power, use for an infrequent sawing;
  • From 800 to 1200 watts. Average power, suitable for the needs of a carpentry workshop with a small volume of work;
  • More than 1200 watts. Professional models are designed for a long period of operation without a break.

Disk rotation frequency

The speed of the file determines The thickness and strength of the material, which will be subjected to cutting. At a higher frequency (1500-2000 moves/min), wood is easier to cut, for working with tiles and metal, the indicator should not exceed 500-800 moves/min.

When using a circular saw, the reverse principle applies. The higher the speed of rotation of the saw disk, the easier it is to cut solid wood. A large frequency reduces the likelihood of jamming the element in the material, the cut line is cleaner. In household models, the value of the characteristics is 3000 rpm, in professional it reaches 6000 rpm.

Work at an angle

In a number of Lobzik models, adjustment of the angle of the sole is adjusted, which allows you to perform cutting not only perpendicular to the surface. In inexpensive versions there is 2 positions. 900 and 450. Professional units are designed for cutting at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees with a difference of 15 units.

Unlike the use of such an option during the operation of saber saws, the ending of the angle during the cut of thick material with a jigsaw requires experience. If the master makes a greater effort or unevenly gives the tool when turning, then the accuracy of the lines will be violated. Therefore, on the question is that it is better than a jigsaw or circular, you need to take into account the availability of experience in working with similar tools.

In electroplars, you can quickly and easily replace the files

That the disk saw or jigsaw is better?

The question that has become the name of this article is very often found on different forums on the Internet. There have long been disputes between supporters of the disc saw and the apologists of the jigsaw. But almost no one gave an exhaustive answer about this. Well, let’s try to do this.

It’s time to mechanize your work!

Of course, no one is going to refuse a tree of wood. However, the electric tool works much faster and saves not only time, but also its own strength. And the quality of work in this case is much better. And now, standing in front of the store stand and choosing their very first cutting power tool for wood, many home.Made owners ask themselves the same question: “What to buy first of all, a jigsaw or a disc saw? Where to start drawing up your home working arsenal?”The situation is quite understandable, because not everyone can afford both that and the other. The budget, you know, limited. What tool to choose? “In fact, the answer to this question is very simple,” the developers of the Atatam cutting tool, “you just need to proceed from the works that you do most often at this stage. If you, for example, only master the carpentry or carpentry craft, then you definitely do not need a high.Performance disk saw that saw a bunch of overall lumber in a single fell swoop. You will have to grab an electrician ”. Yes, in terms of its production characteristics and quality, the electrolobian has long been overtaken by the disc. It is more universal in application. It can be cut with almost any material with the exception of solid metals. Using it on the machine, you can make a smallboard of a variety of sections and from a wide variety of wood; You can cut large.Sized sheets of plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, drywall, plastic. Yes, in general, any building materials, for example, for building a summer house. The disk saw easily performs both transverse and longitudinal, and inclined cuts, and even bilateral, and very accurately and purely. But do not rush to draw conclusions and sing laudatory odes of a disk saw on wood. For all her versatility and performance, she still does not know how to do everything. There are types of wood work that she cannot do; over, for which it is categorically not suitable. For example, she will not be able to cut off a beam with a thickness of 100mm, because the limit of her capabilities is 75mm. And also a disk saw on a tree can not make a cutter in a curved shape and cut the holes of various shapes in a not very thick wooden sheet, choose a rectangular recess, cut a clean and without stakes, and so on. But the electrician copes with all this, although slowly, but easy. Only a jigsaw can be done, only it is able to round the cutout of a carpentry part or cut off a recess in a beam or beam or select grooves. In addition, the electrician is light enough in weight and not very noisy. And there are still such models in which a system of suction is provided. That is, the jigsaw is safer in terms of labor protection. Or now, for example, during the most common transverse cutting of the board, working with an electrician, you can control the accuracy of the cut line to the very end, while, working with a disk saw on wood, due to its design, the cut line is not always visible to the end-sometimes you have to complete the operation blindly. The main thing is that the canvases of the jigsaw are well sharpened, otherwise the rectangity of the cut will be broken.

That better a jigsaw or a saber saw

Before buying such devices, you need to familiarize yourself with some technical characteristics of the units.

The circular saw is used for large volumes of work

The principle of operation and application

Electric jigsaws are designed for small work with wood, plywood, plastic and non.Ferrous metal. With the help of these devices, you can perform figured cutting of decorative parts from various materials or furniture elements. Electrolobzik works on the principle of reciprocating movement of the saw blade. File is a consumable and it is selected depending on the material with which you have to work.

There are a lot of models of electrolobian, you can find those where the file adjustment occurs according to the principle of “back and forth”. In this case, the cut is more even and smooth, and the saw warms less. An electric jigsaw can be sawed in different versions: a vertical cut, at an angle, figured sawing.

The circular saw is used for large volumes of work performed. The main difference from the jigsaw is that it is better to hold the circular with two hands. The saw has a disk with teeth that cuts the material. There are models where the saw can be installed up and then the circular will work as a small machine. Like a jigsaw, a circular saw can saw at an angle. And if you change the position of the platform, then you can adjust the depth of the cut. By comparing the parameters of the tools, you can figure out what is better than a jigsaw or circular. It will be useful to know that the end of the end or circular is better.

The end saw is a narrow orientation machine used in woodworking or carpentry production. Such a saw is aligned or ended with material of wood of different sizes.

Both saw and jigsaw are designed to work with wood

Mechanical features

The circular saw and an electrolobian of differences almost have no differences in mechanics. Both tools work with wood. It is logical that the denser the material, the more powerful the unit and consumables (disk, saw) are supposed to be more powerful.

Circular can work for a long time. During sawing, it is impossible to break the disk if you do not do this on purpose. But for figurative cutting, the circular saw will not work. And a significant drawback is the weight of the tool.

Electrician. A compact unit, more suitable for home, in their work you can control one hand. You can drill a hole in the center of the workpiece in advance and start sawing from there. With a circular saw, this option will not pass.

Of the minuses. Rapid heating of the file and deterioration of cut quality.

Is it possible to replace one tool with another

In some cases, the jigsaw can replace the circular and vice versa. But in practice, this is extremely rare. Each tool is purchased for certain purposes. Electric jigsaw is a universal device, but as a replacement of a circular saw is not suitable. The same situation will be in the dispute, which is better. Circular or electric saw.

If, after all, the question arose with an edge, circular saw or electrolobsik, first it is better to calculate the nature and volume of work.

which, better, jigsaw, circular

TOP of the best electrolobians and network circulation saws

Place Model
one. Makita 4329×1 450 watts Prices Review
2. Bosch PST 700 E 500 W Prices Review
3. Metabo Steb 140 Box 750 W Prices Review
4. Bosch GST 700 500 W Prices Review
5. Dewalt Dwe349 650 W Prices Review
6. Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W Prices Review
7. Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W Prices Review
eight. Makita HS7601, 1200 W Prices Review
nine. Bosch PKS 40 2015, 850 watts Prices Review
ten. Interskol DP-140/800, 800 W Prices Review

The power of the electric motor

According to this parameter, the type or class of the aggregate is determined. In household models of jigsaws, the power of the electric motor varies from 300 to 700 watts, in profiles it can reach 1,500 watts.

  • Up to 800 watts. Low.Power, consumed for an infrequent sawing;
  • From 800 to 1200 W. Medium.Power, suitable for the needs of a carpentry workshop with a small volume of work;
  • More than 1200 W. A professional model, are designed for a long period of operation without a break.

Comparative sawing: jigsaws, saber and disk saws

The power of the tool directly proportionally affects its performance and weight.

Bosch PKS 40 2015, 850 watts

The domestic type model is designed to work with a dialect of 130 mm. With all this, in terms of speed, it is not inferior to previous nominees, but the depth of cut at an angle of 90 degrees is only 40 mm.

Budget manual circular. My experience

The ability to adjust the depth of saw.

Makita 4329×1 450 watts

Electrician operates at a speed of 500-3100 moves/min. A tilt of a supporting plate by a maximum of 45 degrees is provided. The body of the case is a channel for dust removal, outside. A pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Minus the small length of the network cable is distinguished. 2 m.

Metabo Steb 140 Box 750 W

The most powerful lobby In the ranking, it allows you to saw the tree to a depth of 140 mm, the color meter is 35 mm, steel is 10 mm. The functionality includes a tilt of a duralumin cast sole by 45 degrees, blowing sawdust, connecting a vacuum cleaner. Juzers amushers the length of the network cable. 4 m. The choice of the tool was approved by 100 % of respondents.

Bosch GST 700 500 W

Unlike the previous brand model, the tool works at a higher speed. The speed of rotation is 1450-3200 moves/min. With all this, the characteristics of the depth drank similar, except for steel. 6 mm.

Hybrid of a saber saw and jigsaw | Rankbrain.Ru

Hello! Of course, this is all the more lobby, which is made in an unusual form factor reminiscent of a saber’s saw. Typically, manufacturers’ attempts to make any universal tool lead to cutting its functionality. And this device, along with its pros and cons, is no exception. Perhaps an experienced carpenter or a person periodically working as a tool, and in the image will determine the functionality, ergonomics and suitability of this product. I, basically, work with metal and woodworking tools, so I will try to understand the review with the sub.

Naturally, my workshop has an electrician, but the memory of him causes pain, and work with him is hatred. Cutting along the line is not about him, the perpendicular drank. Also by. And so he worked with the new. Yes, it is cheap, but I had another inexpensive tool that fully performed its functions. This is all to the fact that my mental injuries can affect my objectivity

So. This device is one of the Devon battery line. In this case, the Chinese followed the example of eminent manufacturers, and used accumulators of the same size for the entire tool.

Packed in such a cardboard box

Best Jigsaw in 2022. Top 5 Jigsaws Review

It also reports on a warranty of 12 months (but alas, it is not easier for us), scanning the QR code throws it to the manufacturer’s profile in WeChat.

The whole set of tools, namely: a jigsaw, a battery, charger and two saw canvases, assembled in a fabric bag. The bag has a hard frame (most likely from cardboard) and soft inserts. Glastic is provided for fixing the tool inside, but one of them was already torn off.

Also, the instruction is attached, but what can be interesting there

The lobby case is completely made of plastic, in the places the grip provides rubber inserts. In the hands it is felt quite monolithic, any backlash and creaks are absent.

At the top there is a double switch button to prevent random pressing. There is no button fixation in the on the on, just like speed adjustment. Actually, this is all governing bodies, everything is quite ascetic. A pendulum course is also not provided for that this instrument is distant from the usual understanding of the jigsaw.

Stroke frequency without load. 1850 move/min

The manufacturer did not indicate the maximum depth of the cut.

As can be seen, the dimensions are quite compact, respectively, the characteristics are not outstanding, but it pleases that the manufacturer does not fly in the clouds and does not declare the sky.High capabilities of the tool. Sabzh has a convenient clamp for quick replacement of saw paintings, although this is more likely. To install the file, just push the seat to the seating to the click, press the lever for the removal. By the way, the installation of paintings from a saber saw is impossible, the cartridge is designed for installing paintings with a T-shaped and u-shaped shank.

The sole of the jigsaw is steel and rather miniature 85×50 mm. There is no adjustment for the angle of inclination, that is, sawing can only be done at right angles, which even more distant this tool from the name with a full.Fledged jigsaw. The only adjustment of the sole is a shift in an interval of 10 mm along the axis of the jigsaw. Since the guide video is located on the sole, thus you can adjust its position depending on the width of the saw canvas used.

Which is better a jigsaw or circular

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The question is possible provocative, but I have long want to understand which tool is more universal and better for household needs in the house. Let’s try to reflect.

The area of ​​data of two production electrical appliances of high accuracy is improved very quickly. The circular has long been bypassed an electrician in all indicators of ergonomics, performance, the quality of the cut.Out line and speed of work. A disc saw can be cut almost any material, except for steel and ferrous metals.

The circular can provide accurate transverse, longitudinal and inclined cuts. Even double.Sided cuts can be done. After reading Festool reviews, about the best German production tool, I learned about this unique opportunity. I drank without chips on both sides. It sounds fantastic. With one lion, a disc saw can do any work by replacing a saw, a jigsaw, a rubbish, etc.D. In short, the circular saws are definitely an indispensable tool during work on sawing wood, fiberboard and chipboard, plywood, plastic, drywall, non.Ferrous metals and even glass. But before buying it, you need to know that not for all types of work the circular is suitable.

Despite the apparent universality of this tool, with the help of a disc saw, it is impossible to drink a line of curvilinear shape! Only jigsaw saws are designed for figure cutting in flat material. In my opinion, Carvex PSB 400 is the best jigsaw, it is it that I will advise you to pay attention. It is equipped with a mechanism of pendulum passage, his chips are absorbed, saws without chips. Also, Trion’s jigsaw is a good model, it is more driven, less powerful.

And further. A normal jigsaw is an electrician, be sure, and basta! Manual jigsaw. Not an option, enough to earn a corner. Electrician can do a lot. For example, they can round the neckline in the countertop under the sink; cut out the recesses in the beams; cut grooves, circles and rounding; Find the plywood or steel sheet.

Обзор циркулярной пилы Bosch GKS 600.

What to choose: a jigsaw or circular saw?

The volume and nature of the upcoming work will help to determine the choice of a more preferred option. For example, if you are a novice carpenter or the volume of work does not imply much effort and long time, then it will be enough to purchase an electrician. He can easily cope with the cut of not only chipboard and plywood, but can also be used in sawing small boards.

For more voluminous works, when it is supposed to saw for a long time and in large volumes, it is better to choose a circular saw. With its help, you can saw leaf wood material, rather thick boards and bars.

What to choose: a jigsaw or circular saw?

The volume and nature of the upcoming work will help to determine the choice of a more preferred option. For example, if you are a novice carpenter or the volume of work does not imply much effort and long time, then it will be enough to purchase an electrician. He can easily cope with the cut of not only chipboard and plywood, but can also be used in sawing small boards.

For more voluminous works, when it is supposed to saw for a long time and in large volumes, it is better to choose a circular saw. With its help, you can saw leaf wood material, rather thick boards and bars.

Electrician or manual disk saw?

When choosing a tool, for cutting, for home, we often begin to think which tool to buy first of all, an electrician or a disk saw? The budget is not always allows you to purchase two tools at once, and even more or less high.Quality.

The time has come to mechanize labor, no one of course refuses a manual hacksaw, but in our time using power tools you can not only increase productivity, but also reduce power loads, as well as improve the quality of the work performed.

It will be determined in the choice of tools, based on the upcoming works. For example, if you do not need a high.Performance tool, for cutting the material of large sizes and if you are a starter in this matter, carpenter or carpenter, then there will undoubtedly be enough an electrician.

But if, you do not have a circular machine, but you need to make a small board or saw large sheets of chipboard or other materials for the construction of a frame house, then you need a disk saw, and good quality and high power. The most expensive and reliable manual disk saws are Festool, more affordable and high.Quality Makita, Bosch, DeWALT, Hitachi and if we already talk about the cheapest and fairly good, then this is purple, intercol and diold.

It should be noted right away that the last inexpensive options have not only worse quality, but noisy and have a short time, with a mandatory stop in order for the tool to cool down.

But let’s return to the question when you need to slowly and efficiently, cut off the board, at 90 degrees or from a different angle. Cut the beam, 100 to 150mm thick, yes, yes, just like that with a thickness that cannot be cut off by a circular saw that takes a maximum of 75mm. Make a curly cut, cut a round or other hole. Cut aluminum or metal by changing the saw. Make a notch at a right angle. Cut the laminated chipboard without chips, a special file, with return teeth, and so on. All this can be done by an electrician.

As we see, an electrician is a more universal tool. It is more light, more quiet and more accurate. Over, even on the most common operation of sawing the board across, you can monitor the cut line to the end, while in the circular saw, with its design features, this is not always visible and you have to finish at random. And the last most importantly, these are files for the jigsaw should be branded and well sharpened, otherwise the cut does not go at right angles.

Therefore, if for the home and with small volumes of work, you need a tool for sawing, then it is worth starting with an electrician, although it is also nice to have a manual circular saw. Among the more expensive Festool lobe models, but more affordable Bosch. Further, like the disk saws, the same firms are manufacturers: Makita, DeWALT, Hitachi inexpensive purple and intercol. Author of the RVT

Sawing and main technique

During the construction work, many need to smooth out the building material so that there are no chips.

A set of tools with materials for this work is simple:

  • Measuring devices.
  • Pencil.
  • Clamps
  • Elements for determining the directions in the abuse.
  • Electric.
  • Materials that need processing.

Cut will give greater accuracy when using tools in which the frequency of movement of the canvas is larger. Only wide saws should be taken if the work is carried out with a wooden basis.

There should be enough of them that both the workpiece and the guide element are conveniently accommodated inside.

So that during the saw, the jigsaw does not rest on the basis, the workpiece is laid on a small elevation.

Roulette mark the necessary width of the site, do it on each side.

Be sure to leave a few droppings. Then they are connected using lines, creating a cut line.

Further, the work order will be the following. Otherwise you can’t understand how to cut it with an electrician, the technique is not so complicated.

  • The guide is laid on the working surface, but from the cut line you need to adhere to a certain distance.
  • Fix it using clamps.
  • The jigsaw with a file is placed towards the place where the cut line is located.
  • The guide is pressed to the jigsaw, and then fix it with a clamp.
  • The fastening should not be too durable, but some freedom of movement should still remain.

After that they repeat the same actions, but only work with the other side. The clamp must be made strong. But not to such an extent that excessive pressure occurs on the wood.