Which is Better And Powerful Chain Saw

Recently, electric chainsaws have become increasingly common. They are compact and low in price. a saw can cost ten times less than a gasoline one. However, in specific conditions, one tool and another have an advantage.

Design Features

The design of chain saws is not too different in general terms. In any case, the working body of the chain saw is the saw chain. It consists of small segments with a sharp tooth, which are pivotally connected to each other in a closed ring.

Which is Better And Powerful Chain Saw

The chain is guided by an elongated tire with a groove along the end of the entire perimeter. At the ends of the tire are sprockets, between which the chain of the saw chain is stretched. The groove of the tire, along which the stretched chain slides, directs its movement and provides pressure on the chain during sawing.

The assembled set of tire, sprockets and mounted saw chain is called a “saw set”.

On one side, the headset is attached to the frame and the chain saw motor. In the tire mounting unit, one of the sprockets is connected to the main gear of the unit and provides the drive chain with energy of the engine of the unit. The mount allows you to rotate the headset and change the angle of its inclination relative to the motor unit.

The difference between the two types of saws is the design of the motor. An electric chain saw uses an electric motor as an engine. A gasoline chain saw contains an internal combustion engine in the structure.

Most of these units use two-stroke engines. They require gasoline with a small addition of engine oil for operation. The exact grades of gasoline and oil, as well as their proportions are indicated in the instrument passport.

Compare chainsaws and saws

When choosing a tool, many factors have to be considered. This is the required amount of work, and conditions at the workplace, and possible restrictions on noise, and environmental pollution.

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Scope of application

Differences in the design of the units lead to the peculiarities of using chain saws of different designs. When working at home, the master is not limited to connecting to electricity. The length of the cable of any saw is usually enough to the nearest outlet. At the same time, homework for the most part does not require large power or productivity of the tool.

Harvesting and construction work involves the use of a powerful and productive tool. Not every household saw can handle the cutting of thick logs or strong logs. Gasoline units in these conditions are much more convenient.

Electric chain saws have no toxic exhaust and are almost silent. The saw is lightweight and easy to operate. But when working with an electric tool, it should be remembered that high humidity (for example, morning dew in the garden) can lead to electric shock to the operator.

Gasoline units are easier to carry from place to place. They are convenient when working in large rooms and in open areas. But chainsaws make a lot of noise, and exhaust gases require good ventilation of the workplace. The use of gasoline units in enclosed spaces is not always possible.

A comparison of the features of gasoline and electric chain saws shows that for small household chores, the electric chain saw is out of competition. Work in the forest, on the construction site makes it preferable to chainsaws. But for the garden and summer work, both types of units are equally suitable.

It should only be borne in mind that working with a saw in conditions of high humidity can be dangerous.


Using an electric saw, the master turns out to be “tied” by a wire to an electrical outlet. When working indoors, it is completely not burdensome.

Another extreme situation is, for example, a forest. To start the saw, you need a stand-alone generator. This is often quite convenient, but a gasoline saw will still provide the advantage of moving.

Even in the garden, a long electric cable will create significant inconvenience. The wire needs to be shifted from place to place, make sure that it does not damage garden plantings and does not fall into a reservoir.

The light weight and compactness of the saw can outweigh the disadvantages of a power cord. Still, women are much easier to use an electric saw. The man is more likely to give preference to a chainsaw. albeit heavy, but providing greater freedom of movement.