Which Is Better Screwdriver Or Drill Screwdriver

Rotation frequency

To choose the perfect device for specific purposes, you should pay attention to the number of revolutions. The manufacturer calls this parameter speed or rotational speed. It is adjusted by pressing the trigger, the harder you press, the greater the speed. In addition, the frequency shows whether the tool will be able to screw the screw into a dense material and what is the approximate diameter of the hole if the screwdriver replaces the drill.

If the customer is confident that the device will only be used for tightening screws and bolts, 500 rpm is more than enough. Screwdrivers acting as drills operate at 1200 rpm.

A nuance: there are models with 1, 2 and 3 speeds on the market, where one serves for self-tapping screws, the second for drilling small holes, the third for working with metal or other durable raw materials.

Which Is Better Screwdriver Or Drill Screwdriver

Voltage and other parameters

For an ordinary buyer of a screwdriver, it is enough to know:

  • For household appliances, the voltage ranges from 10-14 V;
  • For professional, the indicator should be more than 18 V. Some instruments boast a level of 36 V.

The next characteristic is power. The parameter informs the user about the speed of the device. It is logical that the higher the power, the faster the screw will be screwed in. But you should not overdo it, for household purposes and do-it-yourself in-line repairs, a 500-700 W model is quite enough.

In order not to send the device for charging every half hour of operation, you should pay close attention to the battery. Modern screwdrivers use:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are not subject to self-discharge, the most common. They can be charged up to 3000 times, and at any stage and discharge level.
  • Nickel-cadmium are not afraid of cold, they work efficiently at subzero temperatures. However, there is a slight downside to self-discharge. You need to store such a battery with 0% charge in order to save capacity to the maximum.
  • Nickel-metal hybrid eco-friendly batteries found in some European brands. These batteries are compact and lightweight, but are frost-resistant.

Comparing the characteristics of the battery, it is also worth looking at the capacity. The autonomy of the device and the number of possible recharges depend on it. Over time, the capacity decreases, this also needs to be taken into account.

Tool chucks

Buyers often ask: How to choose the right screwdriver for the home, focusing on the type of chuck? The answer is to remember the information and learn to distinguish one type of cartridge from another. There are 3 of them:

  • The key drill in it holds a device resembling cams. The two sides of the chuck are connected with the fastening side to the center and in this way clamp the tool. The chuck nut is tightened with a special wrench that comes with the kit. It takes some time to change the tooling, but the fixation is strong and reliable, which is ideal for working with hard materials.
  • Quick-clamping one- and two-clutch. The main difference is that in single-cartridge cartridges, the nozzle is changed with one hand to press the cartridge, remove the snap-in, put the other. For two-clutch ones, you will have to use both hands, which is already inconvenient.
  • Hexagon. Special socket for bits, which are necessarily included in the tool kit with such a chuck.

Looking through the range of cordless screwdrivers with different cartridges, it is difficult to answer which one is better. Here, rather, you need to look at the diameter of the hole in the chuck, it depends on it what kind of equipment can be used when working. In household tools, nozzles no more than 1 cm thick are used.

Manufacturer focus

The hackneyed truth is a brand unrivaled. Yes, branded tools are more expensive, but they have a quality guarantee and service centers for repairs, and the screwdrivers themselves are made of durable components.

Quite good screwdrivers with a removable battery are also offered by Varo Kreator, Sparky, Dnipro-M and others.

Criteria for choosing a cordless screwdriver

To choose a quality screwdriver, it is not enough to pay attention only to the price, appearance and convenience in the hand. It is necessary to additionally evaluate a lot of characteristics. Those who do not trust the consultants can independently study the technical passport of the device they like. It describes the main parameters and capabilities. What is important when buying a cordless screwdriver and which device is better for the house from inexpensive ones is described in detail in the following sections.

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Additional functionality

In branded models, the manufacturer, in addition to the standard features, also offers the user auxiliary functions. They greatly facilitate the work and can become a point above i, dispelling doubts whether it is worth buying this or that model.

Most often found in tools:

  • The charge indicator is a small light that will tell you when you need to put the battery on recharge;
  • The reverse stroke will unscrew the screw, and the drill will be able to take it out of the thick board;
  • The impact mechanism is indispensable if you need to work with a stone surface or brick;
  • The illumination of the workplace in some screwdrivers is so powerful that there is no need for additional lighting.

There is also an impulse, various blockers, speed switches, etc. Each additional function is a plus to the price of the device, which means that you need to be 100% sure about its need in the device.

Which screwdriver manufacturers are considered the best

Before you understand how to choose a cordless screwdriver, you need to determine which companies are the best and produce the most demanded products on the market. There are a lot of manufacturers of screwdrivers, the market is literally overflowing with products of various brands. We will tell you briefly about the most famous manufacturers that produce high-quality and reliable devices.

This is a company from Germany that produces tools for both the home (featuring a green body) and for professional use. A household appliance of this brand is quite enough to assemble furniture or tighten small fasteners. But more productive and efficient devices for professionals can work for a long time in difficult conditions. Well suited for all-day workshop work.

One of the most famous and long-standing (operating since 1915) firms that produce tools for construction work. The Japanese manufacturer carefully controls the quality of its products, constantly introducing technological innovations. The most popular among consumers are drills and screwdrivers of this brand, equipped with a battery. They are versatile and suitable for both home and construction work. The company is constantly improving the tool.

The German manufacturer (previously called Schnizler GmbH, then. Metabowerke GmbH) with more than eighty years of experience has received well-deserved recognition during this time. And the name Metabo was given by the manufactured hand drill, which received a record number of sales. The power tool of this brand is reliable and of excellent quality. The wide range includes both household and professional models. With them, you can easily perform even the most complex construction and repair work.

The German company, founded in the last century (1887), produces very reliable and versatile devices. Drill-screwdrivers of this brand are well suited both for making holes of various diameters and for connecting parts with nuts, bolts, screws. Distinctive features of the brand: high-speed chuck, quickly clamping and unclamping, as well as an excellent engine cooling system.

There are few models of this brand, but each of them is carefully thought out by the developers. All screwdrivers have good speed characteristics, high efficiency, small dimensions. They are collected very high quality, the marriage never comes across. So buyers love this brand and buy with pleasure.

This American firm began with aluminum die casting. Well, and later she began to produce motors and spare parts for them. Still later, garden tools and all kinds of electric tools. The screwdrivers produced by the company have a wide power range, which allows the consumer to always find what he needs. Devices of high quality and very reliable.

Another serious and reliable company that is attentive to the quality of its products. Her tool is ergonomic, technological, modern, it is actively used both in domestic conditions and in production. The devices are light and quiet. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

AEG BS 12G2 LI-152C

Model with 1.5 amp-hour lithium battery. The charging time is only one hour. Torque (maximum) is 30 Newton meters, rotation speed is 1350 rpm. Electronic speed control system. There is a system for fixing the spindle, as well as a reverse. Device weight 1.6 kilograms.

Pros of AEG BS 12G2 LI-152C

  • The tool is powerful, yet small in size.
  • Large enough battery capacity.
  • The cost and quality characteristics are well combined.
  • The handle fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, the shape is comfortable.
  • The gears are made of metal.
  • There is a spare battery.
  • NO beat of the beat (absolutely).
  • There is no indication showing how much charge is left. It is not comfortable.
  • The case is not very ergonomic and bulky. Especially inconvenient to take with you.
  • Backlight missing.
  • Somewhat heavy (compared to analogues).
  • The charger is large and bulky, it takes up a fourth of the case.

Basic concepts

1. What does the capacity of the storage battery say? Capacity, the unit of measurement for which is called ampere hour (A / h), determines how long the tool can run without recharging. Accordingly, a distinction is made between household instruments (with a capacity of 1.3 to 2 A / h) and professional ones with a capacity exceeding 2 A / h.

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2. Charging speed. It is important when you need to get work done quickly. For a household, not too expensive instrument, this characteristic varies from 2 to 12 hours. But professional models can be charged in an hour or even half an hour. Typically, these tools have lithium batteries and a pulse charger.

3. Battery voltage. The battery voltage can range from 3 to 36 volts. At the same time, the torque for the 14.4 V model and the 12 V model may be the same. In turn, the torque determines the power of the screwdriver, and one might think that buying a tool with a high voltage is not advisable. In fact, a 14.4 V battery is able to maintain the maximum power of the tool for a longer period and, as a result, is able to work for a longer time, until the moment when the drop in battery charge begins to reduce the power of the screwdriver.

Comparison of different types of batteries:

Li-Ion NiMh NiCd
Memory effect Not Yes Yes
Storage conditions Fully charged Partially discharged Fully discharged
Charging conditions In some moment Only after a complete discharge Only after a complete discharge
Number of charge / discharge cycles 600 300.500


Another model of the German manufacturer of power tools with a voltage of 10.8 volts. Two-speed screwdriver, with electronic speed control. Lithium battery. Torque (maximum) is 30 Newton meters, rotation speed is 1300 rpm. Electronic speed control system, reverse is present. Device weight 0.8 kilograms.

Pros of Bosch GSR 10.8-LI 0

  • Light weight and compact dimensions.
  • Not bad power.
  • There is very accurate backlighting that is never superfluous.
  • Fast battery charging.
  • Lack of cartridge.
  • There is a mode of drilling in wood, it showed itself well.
  • Lithium battery, fast charging.
  • Spare battery included.
  • There are instances that have problems with adjusting the speed with the trigger.
  • The price is high.
  • Users periodically complain about the not very high quality of performance. A particularly common trouble is the burnout of the charger.
  • The cartridge is not magnetized. Because of this, it is necessary to use two hands with one when replacing the self-tapping screw. It is inconvenient when, for example, you balance at a height.
  • The backlight could be brighter. And it only works when you hold down the button.
  • The reverse button is soft, it can be pressed accidentally.

What is the best battery for a screwdriver

Since this material deals specifically with cordless screwdrivers, before proceeding with the comparison and reviews of the tool, it is necessary to clarify what types of batteries are, what positive and negative sides they have and which one is preferable.

The best cordless impact drivers. The best professional screwdrivers

10. Greenworks GD24DD

The brushless impact model is a semi-professional solution, among the advantages of which:

  • Bit holder ¼;
  • Li-Ion battery;
  • Battery voltage 24 W;
  • Ability to perform work at a near-professional level.

True, the price is comparable to professional counterparts from other manufacturers.

Best cordless screwdrivers

Bort BAB-14N-1

An inexpensive offer with all the functions you need in everyday life. Its advantages:

  • Compact size and ergonomic shape of the handle;
  • Reverse;
  • Smooth adjustment of rotation speed;
  • Torque 15 Nm;
  • Battery with a capacity of 1.2 A.

The model is easy to operate and great for home use. A decent quality device for a reasonable price. Among the disadvantages is low efficiency when working with metals.

Elitech Ш 550РЭ

A bumpless type model that is used with bits. The advantages of this device:

  • Rotation speed up to 4500 rpm;
  • The ability to adjust the speed;
  • The presence of a special hook for carrying on the belt;
  • Long three-meter frost-resistant cable;
  • Lock button to prevent accidental activation.

The advantages also include a convenient clamping diameter for bits of 6.3 mm. The main disadvantage is only one stage of torque.

Which is better to choose. Drill or screwdriver for home: 3 selection criteria

Minor home repairs, nailing shelves and installing pictures, this requires drilling, twisting or unwinding. To do this job yourself and quickly, you need the right tool. For everyday needs, it is impractical to have a lot of different tools, but there should definitely be one thing. It remains to make a purchase decision: drill or screwdriver?

Universal drills

In order not to think about the choice for a long time, make a "knight’s move". The versatile tool combines the functionality of both assistants, expanding the range and increasing the efficiency of work. In appearance, it looks more like a screwdriver, but on the ratchet, turn on the jamming mode of the drill connection. And a drill appears in front of you. If you buy an impact attachment, it can do even more tasks.

Drill-screwdrivers by power source are divided into mains-powered and battery-powered.

The difference between a drill and a screwdriver

Tools with equal success drill, screw in screws, punch holes in concrete, stone, brick surfaces. But the existing differences in their mechanisms do not allow us to close our eyes to the features of the first and second home helper. Take at least the screwdriver ratchet, which the drill lacks. The add-on allows you to adjust the force with which screws, screws and screws are screwed in. Conveniently? And how!

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Understanding which is better, a drill or a screwdriver, is not easy. It is worth starting from what this or that tool is needed for. Corded drills and screwdrivers are faster, have more power, weight and drill diameter in different materials. Yes, they are more efficient at work, but definitely not more convenient than a light tool weighing 1.2 kg.

For more practical work offline, use cordless tools. If you take cordless screwdrivers and compare them to drills, they are more popular, cheaper and more common. Their "weak point". Power. The power drill, judging by the impressive indicator of this parameter, works much more efficiently.

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So choose: drill or screwdriver?

1. How often do you plan to use the instrument? Lightweight electric screwdrivers have much less powerful, lower voltage motors than most cordless drills. Therefore, they may not be able to cope with the task if they screw long screws with a gap into hard woods. 18- and 20-volt cordless drills handle almost any screwdriving task. Even a cheap drill is more powerful and more durable than a cordless screwdriver. Therefore, this toolkit is suitable for working with the hardest building materials. Drilling in walls, installing complex structures in places with electricity, all this can be done by a drill.

Tip: A screwdriver with less rpm is much better controlled. Therefore, if we are talking about irregular small works, then it is better to choose a screwdriver. It is also more suitable if the work consists solely in screwing screws, screws and screws.

2. Work in places without electricity. To make a couple of holes, it is better to use a cordless screwdriver than a drill of the same type. For example, the Bort BAB-10 screwdriver, which is powered by a battery, is more convenient and cheaper. It makes no sense to buy an expensive cordless drill for household use.

3. The level of comfort at work. The power of cordless drills is increased by the added weight. Some professional cordless drills weigh up to 3 kg, making them tedious to use for a long time. Less powerful household drills are lighter, but even they can’t compete in lightness with electric screwdrivers, which weigh less than a pound. If the heavy weight and the presence of a wire from the drill interfere with work, then it is better to purchase a cordless screwdriver. He works productively with wood, plastic, metal, precisely tightens fasteners.

Price difference

Cost also plays a big role in choosing the perfect home tool. Drills are not only practical and powerful, but also quite budgetary. A particularly optimal option can be chosen from the household range. Their initial cost is quite within the power of every owner.

Tip: Mains powered tools are not so easy to use (more weight, wires), but they quickly cope with work on wood, metal and concrete.

Feature of screwdrivers. Working with self-tapping screws, screws and screws. They are not very suitable for drilling. The rechargeable models are convenient to use, but their power will be enough for short and simple work. The price of such a tool is three times cheaper than its decent quality network counterpart.

For small volumes of work, it is better to purchase a screwdriver. If the house is being renovated and often you need to make holes in different materials, along the way to work with fasteners, then a drill is better. This tool is supported by its low cost with normal characteristics, everything that is needed for domestic purposes.

Tip: Any tool can be made better with special drills.

To decide what to buy a drill or screwdriver, answer the questions:

1. What kind of work are you going to perform (you need a hammer drill or you can do something simpler). The more difficult the task, the more powerful the tool is needed: a screwdriver is suitable for screwing in, and for drilling in concrete. Drill.

2. How often you plan to use the tool (often or from time to time). For minor, rare work with screws and holes, you can use a screwdriver, but for regular work you need a more powerful tool. Long-term work with hard materials with the power of an impact drill and universal drill-driver.

3. What will be the working conditions (will there be access to power sources). Drills and screwdrivers are battery and mains. If the work on the site is without electricity, then a cordless tool is needed. It is important to remember that power drills and screwdrivers are much more powerful.

As you can see, the choice was not so difficult. The main thing is to ask the right questions and give clear answers to them! This overview will help you assess the situation even more.