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Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better?

The time of good lumberjacks (known to us from fairy tales for children) have already passed. Today, instead of rhythmic blows with an ax in the forest and in the garden, a creaky whistle is heard, which is published by electric and chainsaws. They are used by almost everyone. from professional lumberjacks to ordinary residents. For various types of woodworking, chain saws are ideal. These devices can significantly reduce the number of actions, including accurate and complex. This tool can work on a gasoline engine or electric.

The question arises before buying: what to choose, chainsaw or electric saw, which is better, which is more reliable? To purchase a suitable tool, we should adapt our purchase to our needs and capabilities. Using the saw, we can cut the tree, prepare the wood for burning, prepare it for processing and cutting on boards, make various types of structures, or even cut branches and bushes. All these operations can be carried out quickly and without effort.

However, saws are available in a rich assortment of models and types that differ in design and capabilities. Today, this type of device is already a standard, but not everyone knows how to choose the best. In this article we will try to give some tips.

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose?

Before you purchase a tool for your needs, you should deal with its technical characteristics and compare them with your needs. First of all, we must clearly indicate our needs.

If we use the saw in our own garden, then most often you need to cut the cut tree into smaller pieces from the tool, for this it is enough to have a compact, comfortable electric saw, feeding from a socket with normal power.

However, if the work requires greater power or we have to work in more severe conditions, far from the power source, it will be necessary to purchase a high.quality chainsaw. Both the first and second types of saws are currently presented on the market by many models, and at least several manufacturers are world brands specializing in this equipment. It is always important to compare sentences not only in terms of price, but also in parameters, because the work of the tool in specific conditions will mainly depend on them.

First of all, the most important solution will be the choice of the engine, as well as other main parameters, consider them more details. Below are comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of saws that will help you choose the right and buy a chainsaw or electric saw.

The general parameters that are very important in the daily use of this device.

  • Universality.Naturally, when buying more expensive equipment, we want it to serve us as often as possible and for different needs. Therefore, it is worth choosing models that are useful, for example, for cutting trees in the garden, as well as for cutting bar for fuel. Of course, a lot depends on our needs, but greater versatility means less operating expenses.
  • Safety. although modern saws are equipped with security systems, it will always be useful once again about security systems when working with such a dangerous tool. The device must have a system prevention from overheating, safety circuit breakers and quick launch.
  • Environmental friendliness. much depends on the effectiveness of the energy system itself, which, for example, consumes less electricity or fuel and, therefore, has lower emissions. Many manufacturers have their own, very strict standards in this area, often certified.
  • Operational comfort. is provided by functions such as silent work and convenience (which is important for long.term use), performance and wireless communication. These qualities are especially important for professional models intended for higher requirements. But not always the most expensive option is best suited for our needs.

Electric and chainsaws have long been used, so individual models have evolved so much that it is sometimes difficult to find in a huge assortment the only device of your dreams. Nevertheless, overpayment for equipment that is used once or twice a year is not always advisable. Let’s analyze that we will need what functions are most important to us. Then the probability that we will buy a good device corresponding to our expectations will increase significantly.

Features, differences and general features of both varieties of chain saws

Engine and rotation

Benzopil uses a gasoline two-stroke engine, for which a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline (usually AI-92) and a special two-stroke oil is needed, mixed in a proportion, usually 1:40 or 1:50 (but it is better to watch the instructions). The engine is launched using a manual starter by pulling the cord. The rotation from the engine to the leading star on which the saw chain is thrown, is transmitted using a centrifugal clutch coupling, thanks to which, the asterisk remains motionless when the engine speed is low (idle), and begins to rotate with an increase in speed. If there were no couplings, then the chain would always rotate, even at low speeds, which, you see, is inconvenient and unsafe.

Clutch clutch

Electric saws do not need to work the engine, since its launch is carried out with a simple press of the power button and only at the moment when it is necessary to make a cut. Therefore, there are no couplings here. But there is a gearbox through which rotation is transmitted from engine to an asterisk. Naturally, electricity is required for the operation of the electric saw, which is supplied from the outlet to the tool using a cable.

Vibration, noise and chain speed

  • There is a special shock.absorbing system for the vibration of the gasoline engine on the chainsaws. The electric motor does not create such vibration, so there is no vibration.

Lubrication of the chain

For lubrication and cooling of the chain in both varieties, an oil pump of the same design is used, which automatically supplies special oil to the chain. The oil for the chain is poured into the corresponding tank. When working, it must be periodically added. There are no differences according to this parameter.

Tires and chains

Chains and tires can be of different lengths and with different steps. In this case, there is no division into tires and chains specifically for electro- or chainsaws. Both for those and others can be the same. But, for example, different tires and circuits can be installed on different electric saws. That is, according to this parameter of the chainsaws cannot be separated from electric saw. Which tire and circuit will be used on a particular model, the manufacturer decides. For electric spils and comparable power rosopils, as a rule, tires from 30 to 45 cm are used. Chains are usually used with 3/8p pitch or 0.325. The thickness of the chain, and therefore the width of the groove of the tire, is most often for such a technique of either 1.1 mm (for less powerful models), or 1.3 mm (for more powerful).

Emergency stop brake

Both varieties have an emergency brake, the lever of which is located in front of the upper handle. With one movement of the hand you can sharply stop the rotating chain.


Assembly-disassembly, as well as a chain tightening, both on electric and tanisics, can be carried out using keys or without their use-depends on the model. That is, in this regard, no variety has an advantage.

Continuous work time

The time of continuous operation of the electric saws is limited and will depend on which class it belongs to. household or professional. Household is recommended to work no more than 20 minutes., Then you need to give about 15 minutes to cool. Professional ones do not have such a restriction, but nevertheless, rest still needs to be given if you feel that the saw was very heated.

You can work without a break with chainsaws. They cannot be overheated, since their working condition is hot. The breaks will only be associated with the valve of the fuel and the lubrication of the chain (electric pills also need to be added, which also requires stops at work). Well, the work of the chainsaw should be carried out in this mode: give full gas, do at maximum speeds, then let us work for a short time to work on idle. If you need to take a break in at least a few minutes, then it is better to drown out a chainsaw, otherwise it can overheat.

These are the features of chain electric and gasoline saws. Now let’s move on to individual aspects.

Which is more reliable?

The reliability of the chainsaws and electric saws do not differ. Among both of those and others there are both budget models and more expensive, but also more reliable. Therefore, the key to reliability will be the purchase of a saw, both benzo- and electro-, from a well-known manufacturer. These, for example, are companies such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Hitachi, Echo.

But in this paragraph it is also worth saying about the service life. With proper operation, the gasoline technique serves somewhat longer than the same electrical quality.

Gasoline devices


Power. gasoline power plants allow you to obtain greater power and provide higher performance compared to electric models (from 2 to 10 kW depending on the model).

Oleo-Mac 956 Partner P340S STIHL MS 880 Interskol PCB-16-40L Caliber BP-2600-18U Energomash PT-9937B

Reliability. neither rain nor snow are terrible, many are well adapted to temperature extremes, and voltage changes are not terrible gasoline motor (T. to. It does not eat electricity).

Mobility. Chainsaws work on gasoline, do not require constant access to the mains. It is convenient to transport such a saw, you can take other places remote from electric networks to the forest. Chainsaws will also come in handy at a construction site, at stages when electricity has not yet been affected.

High performance. Chainsaws are divided into classes, depending on power and purpose:

  • household gasoline saws-power 2-3 liters. With.;
  • semi-professional chain units-power 3-6 liters. With.;
  • Professional chainsaws-power 6-13 liters. With.

Two.stroke engine. Works on a mixture of gasoline and two.stroke oil, has a long.term resource of work, greater power. Internal combustion engines installed in gasoline units have air cooling and are not much subject to overheating, depending on their class, the duration of sawing without stopping can be from 45 minutes to several hours. The duration of work per day can vary from 2 to 12-14 hours (depending on the class and model).

The chainsaws are prepared for temperature differences, many are equipped with special winters-summer switches, when pressed on the “Winter” mode, heating the handles and carburetor is turned on.

Champion 237-16 ECHO CS-260TES-10 EFCO MT 8200 BCP-64S Forward FGS-4504 Husqvarna 372 XP Makita EA4301F38C

Most gasoline units are equipped with a primer. manual fuel pumping, helping to start a chainsaw pumping the fuel mixture into the carburetor.

The presence of an inertial chain brake and protective shield, as well as the zeeper, will reliably protect the operator of the technology from the rebound during a reverse blow, will ensure the necessary security for the operator during operation.

Anti.vibration system. Special dampers and rubberized pads successfully muffle vibration that occurs during sawing.

which, economically, electric, chainsaw

Lubrication of the chain. The oil supply is carried out by an automatic oil pump and can be adjustable or unregulated.

The tingeler is placed in the lateral part of the gasoline unit and can be instrumental or nonsense.


The presence of harmful exhaust gases, it is prohibited to work in the room.

High price of a chainsaw.

complex preparation for work and maintenance:

  • Installation of equipment, tint of the chain;
  • preparation of the fuel mixture in appropriate proportions of 2t engine oil and unhealthy gasoline AI-92;
  • gas station refueling with technical liquids (chain oil and fuel);
  • difficult launch (descriptions in the instructions);
  • Checking the states and performance of idle, supply of lubrication, brake system.

Vibration. The anti.vibration system does not fully cope with its tasks, therefore, in prolonged operation, fatigue affects.

The mass of chainsaws (especially in the grade class and semi.proprofi) are quite large, and this requires additional efforts and endurance from the operator.

Noise. The chainsaws are very loud, in order to reduce the noise level, some manufacturers supply the unit with a muffler, but these measures are not always effective.

Where and for what purposes it is better to use chain gasoline saws

  • Professional chainsaws are most appropriate in logging companies, in farm and utilities, where high performance, speed, endurance, long.term increased loads are needed.
  • Chain chainships are also indispensable in the household, where you need to prepare fuel for the season, make a log house, build a bath, shed, carry out the dismantling of any old building, put in order the garden and adjacent territories.
  • Construction is another scope of chainsaws. Electric saws are ideal indoors, chainsaws will cope with outdoor operations perfectly. cuts of logs and boards of large solid thicknesses.

We offer you to see the prepared review of the rating of the best chainsaws. How to choose a device in accordance with the method and frequency of use.

When choosing a chain saw, it is important to decide for what purposes it is taken and in what conditions will be operated. High.performance models are both among gasoline and electrical units. An ideal but costly option. chain saws of famous world manufacturers.

If finances do not allow. do not despair, there are good inexpensive models and less famous companies. It would be nice to go to the forum and read reviews about one or another model you like, chat with the owners of technology directly, clarify the features of the chainsaw.

I bought from the hands of Sturm GC 9937 a three months ago. not completely satisfied! Weak in power, the starter is small and inconvenient in his hands, there is a primer, but there is little sense from it, I barely starts, they wanted to hand over to the service. we can’t find who would take it, they shrug their hands. But the lubricant functions normally. In short, we are waiting for when it is finally broken, in mind the Husqvarna is gasoline, no more savings are better. it is better to pay once, but to use it for a long time.

Answer to the post “About Hilti (power tools for construction)” ⁠ ⁠

This situation is not only with Hilti. I have the whole tool under warranty, but I can’t repair the Metabo 2660 peorator, since blocking the coupling is only in the original and does not deliver to the filter for the Bosch vacuum cleaner only in the original and does not supply. I need an insert in the case of the 201 200r. Again empty.

Dewalt will gut (gutted) working carcasses to repair the broken. How Metabo and Bosch are not aware of the situation, but it seems they do not refuse to do the repairs under the warranty. Regarding Hilti guarantee for a tool from 45 seconds video. So it was before, until March.

Answer to the post “About Hilti (power tools for construction)” ⁠ ⁠

I read and are a little perplexed, almost everyone praises China Yes, it suits well for small production and domestic affairs, but it will not last for large production and the week. Hilti, Makita, Dewalt are quite suitable, but why they chose to their Hilti to explain, firstly excellent service, secondly, they have been treated on payment conditions, thirdly they have an excellent chip, such as you take two years for rent, the final price in two years It turns out at the price of the tool, and in two years a new tool is brought to you, for all the time the repair is free and very fast. Which tool will last longer when working 8-10 hours daily for two years with free maintenance? After two years, no tool can withstand such daily operation and will be written off to the landfill, and then they will repair and the new one will be brought. Client.orientation, maintenance, characteristics of the tools are at a height, which is why they were afloat, despite the prices, it was much more profitable to work with large industries than to purchase and repair the same China, etc

How not to break a freshly cooled tool?

Tool repair experts note that most often electric chain saws fail in the spring. This is easily explained by the fact that in the cold time of the winter months, condensate accumulates in the windings of the tool electric motor. Moisture drops and provoke a short circuit when the unit is turned on. You can warn this problem by “withstanding” the tool before starting work in a warm room. To do this, it should be brought into the room at least a day until the moment.

A frequent provocateur of the tool disabled is the drop in the network voltage. With a decrease in voltage and the development by the unit of the rated power due to intensive heat release, the insulation can simply melt or closed the anchor. Therefore, when working with a tool, it is so important to monitor the stability of the current and periodically give the unit “relax”.

Electric chain saw. simple and convenient tools. With proper care and compliance with safety regulations, it will last more than 5 years without requiring additional expenses.

Classification of electric chain saws

Regardless of the manufacturer, chain electric saws according to the power method can be divided into the following categories:

  • Electric, t. e. Powering from the power supply 220 in by means of a network cord. These saws are more powerful than the battery ones, differ in simplicity of operation and maintenance, have lightweight and compact dimensions, differ in a quieter move, increased safety characteristics (protection of the electric motor from overheating, chain brake that triggers for a split second, etc. D.).
  • Battering chain saws operating from a removable battery that do not require binding to the mains. These are very compact tools with very low weight, it is very convenient to work with them, but the battery capacity does not allow working for a long time, and the power of the battery chain saw is inferior to electric.

Battery or electric. the tool can be used both for household purposes (for home and cottage) and professionally (in construction for example).

Network saw electric makita battery saw Electric Bosch

For what parameters a good tool is chosen

How to choose the right tool? Which is better: cheap electric saw, or expensive? Can there be a budget option of high.quality and reliable? The price determines the quality, everyone knows about this, but there are pleasant exceptions to the rules. It is necessary to select a chain power saw for the following reasons:

  • What work is required for a chain saw. if it is a blank of fuel, construction work, then it is better to give preference to more expensive models from well.known firms. Conversely, periodic work in the garden does not require special opportunities from the tool, so you can buy a cheaper saw.
  • How often they will use it. The more often the electric saw will be operated, the higher its class should be, which affects the cost of a garden tool immediately.
  • Based on the power characteristics. When buying a chain saw, you should very responsibly study the characteristics of the tool, get acquainted with the functionality, its features. Perhaps one of the characteristics will affect the choice, regardless of the price or class of the tool.
  • Assessing your budget.
which, economically, electric, chainsaw

Selection of electric saws according to power characteristics

The main characteristics by which the electrical manual saw is selected: the following:

The power of the electric motor.

The productivity of the saw, the speed of sawing, the depth of the cut, the resource of a hand tool depends on this parameter. The greater the power of the electric motor, the more professional the tool, the faster the cutting is carried out, the more long the tire can be installed on the electric saw.

Consider the features of your power supply if frequent voltage surges have been noticed. pay attention to a more powerful saw unit, an increased power supply will protect the engine from overheating during a sudden difference.

In addition, a powerful electric motor, which is equipped with professional and semi.professional chain saws, allows the operator to increase the duration of sawing without stopping. If a household tool must be stopped every 10-15 minutes of work, then the professionals will calmly transfer 45-60 minutes of work without a break. When choosing, it is important to consider that the greater the power of the electric saw, the greater its weight.

The weight of a hand saw.

Electric chain saws, in comparison with gasoline saw units, are inferior in weight by the last. They are compact and lightly, which is rarely exceeding 5-6 kg, so it is indispensable when performing high-rise work, when the operator has to work with an electric saw almost not weight.

The length of the saw tire.

The thickness of the wood depends on this parameter that your saw can overcome. The size of the tire directly depends on the power, the higher it, the greater the size of the guide. The most common tires are 35-45 cm (household and semi-profiles), but some manufacturers of a professional tool have equipped their aggregates with tires from 50 to 90 cm.

Safety parameters.

  • chain brake. a special shield with a lever that triggers when a reverse blow occurs and stopping the rotating chain almost instantly;
  • Blocking from random start. the engine starts when you press two keys. starting and locking, if you take up the handle and accidentally pressed on the start button. the saw will not start until the second button appears.

The step of the chain.

Determines the cutting ability of the tool and the quality of the work performed. The saw chain consists of links, a step is called the distance between three neighboring rivets connecting the links among themselves. Electric saws are equipped with chains with a step:

  • 0.325 inches. a low.profile chain that is included in the inexpensive household electric saws, they are distinguished by a neat cut, a reduced level of vibration, but the softer chain material, which quickly fails;
  • ¼ inches. a low.profile chain for cheap household electric saws, as well as the previous one differs in its softness, but allows you to accurately cut the wood, leaving an even neat cut;
  • ⅜ inches. the most common chains used by most manufacturers on professional and semi.professional chain saws. The chain is more powerful, withstands solid loads, differ in high performance, but lower quality of the saw.

The position of the electric motor in the case.

There are two varieties of electric saw:

  • With the longitudinal placement of an electric motor. light compact saw tools, perfectly adapted for work at a height (crown trimming, roofing, etc. D.), are inferior in the power of saws with the transverse location of the electric motor, when starting it often occurs;
  • With a transverse engine. more bulky saws, the center of gravity is shifted, there are no losses when transferring power to the circuit, there is no reverse blow when starting, they differ in reliability, faster and more high.quality sawing.

The tension of the chain.

Firms producing electric saws produce a tool with two types of chain tension:

  • key. using the corresponding tool. a less convenient, but more reliable way of stretching;
  • Beskhlucheva. turning the regulator, lamb, lever. a safe and convenient way of tension.

The presence of a smooth launch system.

During the launch of the electric saw, the engine is a large current, as a result of which the circuit jerks, leading to the opposite impact. In order to avoid this, systems were installed that reducing the load on the electric motor and gradually dispersing the chain.

The volume of the tank for the oil, the presence of an observation window in it.

The larger the oil tank, the less often the operator will have to add grease. The observation window enables the owner to visually control the fullness of the oil tank.

Power Source is the main distinguishing feature

Since the electrical saw is powered by electricity, the use of a tool of this type is possible only in places where it is possible to connect to the mains. It is convenient to work at home with such a tool, during construction. When working with electric saw complexity, it can arise when it is necessary to carry out work not only in the immediate vicinity of the house, but also to process the entire site.

For unhindered movement with a tool along the area for external work, you will need to purchase an extension cord a length of a few tens of meters

In addition, with active movement, for example, during trimming of fruit trees, it is necessary to ensure that the cord from the power tool does not get confused underfoot and does not fall under the work of the saw.

Electric saw is more intended for construction work: it is convenient to cut a tree along and saw thin boards. Slices from the electric saw are flat and smooth.

Thanks to the main feature of chainsaws. mobility, they are an indispensable tool on foresters. Comfortable tools can be used in almost any position

The main trump card of the chainsaw is autonomy. Basil will become a convenient help in the farm of the countryside, the power surge in which are far from rare phenomenon. Owners practicing sorties to nature in order to organize outdoor activities: a picnic, expedition, hunting or fishing, they can always take a convenient tool with them in the trunk of a car.

Working conditions and environmental friendliness

Comparing two tools. a chainsaw or electric saw, many consumers pay attention to factors such as convenience in work, as well as environmental friendliness.

Electric saws are quite convenient to operate: the tool is launched by pressing one button. Pretty light and compact devices will become indispensable assistants for simple work: to trim something nearby at home, cut off their knots, cut non-weed logs. But in working with a tree having a denser structure, power pipe power may not be enough.

It should also be taken into account that the power tool can work continuously for only 20 minutes, since its engine heats up very quickly, while the chainsaws successfully work without a break within a few hours

Choosing an electric saw for work, you should be prepared for the fact that it can only be used under favorable weather conditions. Increased humidity can bring the tool breakdown. Electric saw. an indispensable tool for work in a closed room: a compact design in the work makes a minimum of vibration and little noise.

Electric saws are quite easy to operate: in the process, it is enough to monitor the tension of the circuit and the lubrication level for this circuit. When working with chainsaws, you should also monitor the lubrication of the engine itself.

Chainsaws work on the fuel mixture. The tool engine starts into operation using a starter cord

For many users who have not encountered a chainsaw, the need to prepare a fuel mixture, monitor the quality and number of components is a restraining factor in choosing this type of product. The manipulation of the launch and care of the tool is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

To work in closed rooms, a chainsaw is not the best option: burning and exhaust gases allocated in the process of work with the tool do not make it possible to spend a long time in an impenetrable room

The chainsaws are less picky for weather conditions: small rain and even snow in her work is not a hindrance. But, at the same time, with severe frost, a chainsaw may not start at all, which can not be said about the electric saw.

Gasoline saw

Gasoline saws are divided into several classes. household, semi.professional and professional. What is their difference? If you say in a simple language, this is like a tablet, a laptop and a powerful desktop computer.

Household models. designed for short work with mandatory breaks, mainly made of more inexpensive materials, have a minimum set of options and are not designed for serious loads. Household version of the saw, is most spread in everyday life precisely due to the main criterion. a low price.

Professional chainsaws are a serious and expensive tool that is used in logging or in other situations where the most important thing is not the price, but the reliability. Such saws have the largest power, long tire and a large motorcycle resource.

This tool is designed for a long time without turning off, all components and parts are strengthened and better quality. A professional tool has a maximum set of useful options, such as. increased volume of oil and gasoline tank, anti.vibration, light start, convenient access to the filter and candle, forged crankshaft, adjusting the oil supply, and t.D.

All this far from a complete set of options I have listed is called for the operator working with this tool all day, it would be convenient, and the tool would withstand heavy loads and did not break. Therefore, for an episodic harvesting of firewood or cutting of knots, buying such a tool is simply not economically justified.

In the hierarchy of chainsaws, semi.professional saws, occupy an average position.

This class, in comparison with domestic, can have more useful options and more high.quality components. Such saws, unlike domestic ones, can have greater power, have a larger motoresurs and a long duration of work with fewer intervals.

advanced buyers, more often choose the semi.professional option for greater reliability, so most often it is semi.professional models that can be found at construction sites, or in households where the workpiece of the same firewood is not limited to the cut of one log.

Pros and cons of gasoline saw

Summarizing the classification of chainsaws, let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of this tool as a whole.

One of the most important merits of the chainsaw in its mobility, probably, no one will argue that working at a distance from electric networks with a chainsaw is cheaper and practical than with a chain electric saw connected to the generator.

The chainsaws are mobile, it can be taken with you anywhere, without thinking about whether there will be electricity there or not, the main thing is to have gasoline and oil in stock.

Another advantage of the chainsaw, in its higher productivity, compared to the electric power of the same power. This is due to the speed of the chain or the number of revolutions, which the gasoline option is always higher.

Just as not paradoxical, but chainsaws with all its complex design. in caring hands. is a fairly reliable tool capable of working in various conditions for example, in the rain or snow.

Now, after my words, probably many, “exploded” from indignation! The gasoline saw is reliable!. Do not laugh me, then it does not start, then gasoline is over!

Here you can argue, since the chainsaws are riveting.

And if we are talking about some kind of cheaply saw without a tribe, then here, in fact, it is most likely, it is precisely such “crafts” that formed public opinion that the gasoline saw is not reliable.

It’s all about quality, “legends” have long been going on saws of famous brands, which have been working for many years, and they all work and work.

Yes, of course, the situation has now changed a bit, and as if softer to say, and in eminent brands, jambs more often began to appear as. And yet, today, even some Chinese brands have long entered our market can represent rather reliable and durable chainsaws.

A certain constructive advantage of the chainsaw is the presence of a full clutch that creates an elastic and reliable transmission of torque from the engine to a chain star. It is thanks to the clutch, the chainsaw at the moment drank, not terrible to pinch the headset consisting of a tire and a chain moving along it. When pinching, a clutch slip occurs, reliably protecting the chainsaw from breakdown.

A distinctive feature of the chainsaw from the electric, is also the implementation of the mechanism of the brake operation. On the chainsaw, when the brake is triggered, the clutch is blocked, from which the rotation of the chain stops, but the engine itself continues to work. In the network, from the operation of the brake, the power of the electric motor is turned off, from which the saw turns off completely.

Now about the minuses of gasoline saw

One of the obvious disadvantages of the chainsaw is its more complex design compared to the electrical.

And, of course, what I talked above, the chainsaws of inadequate quality can cause problems related to difficulties when it starts it, constant repair or adjustment of the carburetor. In the cold season, at negative air temperatures, it is quite difficult to start a chainsaw. Sometimes you have to observe a certain “ceremony” consisting of a number of certain actions, for example, before starting, bring the saw into a warm room for 10-15 minutes, switch the air supply to the carburetor from summer to winter mode, etc.

Before each start of work, the chainsaw should be started, for which you have to pull the starter handle, such actions can be quite complicated especially for women and elderly people.

Also, the minus of the chainsaw can be called a constant need for gasoline and storage. Noise and harmful exhausts during work, so that working with a chainsaw in the room becomes impossible, probably, too, will not be a merit of this tool. It is precisely because of this noise, gasoline and oil, many cease to use a gasoline saw where there is electricity and switch to network options for chain saws.

The chain saw is electric

Chain electric saws are divided into two types: network. 220 volts and batteries operating from the network, which we will talk about a little later.

So, the network chain saw is electric, this product can be safely compared with a home chain dog, which is always walking on a short leash, and even if they have taken it for a walk, then not very far from home, or rather from the electrical tape.

Chain electric saw can be divided into two subspecies having a different layout. First view. The most common it can be called traditional, in it the engine is located across, and the second view. has a longitudinal engine placement.

Lubrication system in automobile

Models with a transverse placement of the engine, in the lateral part they have a protrusion of the case in which the engine itself is located itself.

Models with a longitudinal location of the engine are very compact, they are much already, since they do not have protruding nodes, but at the same time, they are a little longer than traditional options.

When asked what engine laying is better, it is difficult to answer, because there are also their pros and cons.

Models with a transverse engine is structurally easier, and in models with longitudinal placement of the engine there is also an angular gearbox, but at the same time, during operation, the transverse version of the execution, many note the best balanced.

Now let’s talk about the pluses

Due to the fear of the complex design of the chainsaw, many prefer electric saws, and do not pay attention to, positioning it as a leader in simplicity of design, while certainly having the first plus. A wide selection of electric saw options with a lower price compared to gasoline.

The electric engine does not need to be started, everything she needs is a network electrical tank, and when you press the key, she is immediately ready to saw.

Relatively quiet operation of the chain electric saw, along with the lack of exhaust, allows you to use this tool in a closed room.

Some of the mercy of the electric saw, attribute it not high weight compared to the gasoline option, but this is not true in the root.

Of course, if you compare a small electric pill with a 30 SM tire and a capacity of 1800 watts with a weight of only 3.5 kilograms with a powerful chainsaw, then there will be a big difference in weight.

But if you compare in the framework of one manufacturer, with approximately the same characteristics, long tire and power, the weight in the weight between gasoline and electric, in fact, it may not yet be known in whose benefit.

Well, since we started talking about weight, it is worth remembering a simple truth, the more powerful it drank, the harder it weighs, this applies both to gasoline models and to electric.

Cons inherent in chain electric pounds

The first minus is an electric carrot to which the electric saw is attached, you will not go far, and you will always have to follow the cable, especially when working on the street. It should also be understood that this is an electrical appliance and it is source of increased danger. Many manufacturers recommend connecting an extension cord with a saw through the RCD. Protective shutdown device. Since, when working on the street and standing legs in a puddle with a power tool in his hands, the case may end with an accident. And even more so, with electric saw, you can not work during precipitation.

Another significant disadvantage of the electric saw is the sensitivity of the electric motor to the voltage in the mains. In some settlements, the voltage in the network may jump and not meet the necessary 220 volts. In a situation of sagging voltage in the networks, when using the electric saw, a quick overheating of the engine and its failure are possible.

The weak point of the electric saw is the so.called clutch, in which the spring or ratchet most often suffers, it is also possible to “lick” the plastic gear of the chain drive, the damage data are often inherent in inexpensive, budget models and occur due to the increased load on the product not intended for these purposes.

Which is better, electric or chainsaw?

Any owner of a summer cottage sooner or later thinks about buying a garden tool like a saw. If you have already established yourself in your desire to purchase a saw, but doubt which one to choose. gasoline or electric, then this article is for you. So what is better: a chainsaw or an electric saw?

As always, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you throw off all unnecessary, then gasoline and electric saws can be compared by several points.

The first and most obvious difference between two types of saws. In their degree of mobility. If the chainsaws are portable, respectively, you can take it with you anywhere, then any work with electric saw will have to be carried out where there is access to the mains. So if you are looking for a saw for tourist purposes. trips and picnics, hunting and fishing, then without unnecessary thoughts choose a chainsaw. If you need a tool exclusively for giving. then it is quite possible to do with an electric counterpart.

As for the simplicity of service, this item unconditionally wins the saw of the electric saw. It’s simple and pleasant to work with her, it is much lighter than gasoline, and besides, it does not require preliminary preparation at all. Just turn on the saw on the network and start work. The chainsaws are more severe, requires the application of certain physical efforts and, most importantly. regular preparation of gasoline mixture.

If we consider gasoline and electric chain saws for the duration of work, then the winner will be released here by a chainsaw. It is more powerful and hardy, it can work longer without the risk of overheating. In addition, you should not wait for a trick from it: at the most unexpected moment it will not turn off (of course, if you monitor the fuel level in the tank). Electric saw in this regard loses. In order to avoid overheating, the tool needs breaks every 15-20 minutes.

Separately, it is worth noting the degree of environmental friendliness. Electric saw, unlike gasoline, is completely environmentally friendly. It does not pollute the air and produces much less noise. There is a small minus here: using the power of electricity safe for the environment does not allow the use of the saw during the rain, which gives an additional advantage of the chainsaw.

Summing up, we can say the following: electric cars are easier, easier to handle and environmentally friendly, but they are tied to the mains and are not designed for long.term work. This type is more suitable for users who want to work with comfort and minimal voltage. The chainsaws, in turn, are ready to work longer and solve more labor.intensive problems, and from their shortcomings it is worth noting significant weight, the need to maintain and the presence of exhaust. This option is optimal for those who are ready to make efforts and solve complex problems. The choice, as always, is yours!