Which Lawn Mower Is Better

Battle of brands. Lawn mowers comparison: Husqvarna, Makita, Stihl

Now there are a lot of manufacturers and brands on the market for power tools and garden equipment, from world-famous and reputable ones to young companies and brands that are just starting their trade and production activities. It is not surprising that many buyers get a little lost and sometimes the choice of the necessary tool is quite difficult. We decided to help you in this difficult matter and start a column of articles called Battle of Brands. Every week, we will be comparing several models of power tools, gardening equipment, equipment, etc. Follow our news portal to always make the right choice!

So, let’s start with a lawn mower, because now, in the summer, this garden tool is one of the most bought and demanded on the market.

Today, perhaps, not a single person, be it a summer resident, the owner of a private house, a public utility worker or a professional gardener, can imagine caring for a lawn, parkland or adjoining plot without using lawn mowers. We can safely say that a lawn mower is one of the most important and necessary garden tools. All its advantages are on the face of mobility, ease of use, the ability to mow vegetation on an uneven area or territory with difficult terrain, a large access area and the ability to mow in hard-to-reach places and in areas with limited access, in addition, using the appropriate lawn mower headset will help not only get rid of grass thickets, but also from tougher weeds, bushes and even young trees.

As you can see, a lawn mower is a necessary thing, there are no questions here, but how can an ordinary user, not experienced in technical and specific subtleties, choose a suitable tool among the abundance of offers from eminent and not so manufacturers. Which lawn mower is better, more reliable and more productive? We will help you figure it out! We offer for comparison 3 models of lawn mowers of the same class of well-known manufacturers Husqvarna 128R, Makita EM2500U, Stihl FS55.

For a visual examination and comparison of these garden gasoline braids, we present the main performance characteristics and parameters of each of them in the table:

Parameter Husqvarna 128R Makita EM2500U Stihl FS55
Engine Gasoline 2-T Gasoline 2-T Gasoline 2-T
Power 1.1 HP (800 W) 1.0 HP (730 W) 1.0 HP (750 W)
Max. Working speed 8000 rpm 8800 rpm 8300 rpm
Fuel tank volume 0.4 liters 0.4 liters 0.33 liters
Noise level 98 dB (A) 91 dB (A) 95 dB (A)
Vibration level (left / right) 3.5 / 3.1 m / s² 5.5 / 6.8 m / s² no data
Weight 5.0 kg 4.5 kg 5.0 kg
Guarantee 24 months 36 months 12 months

The presented lawn mowers belong to the same class and are designed to work in small areas, they have quite similar characteristics, almost the same power, the design of these lawn mowers is very similar (the handle is in the form of a bicycle handlebar) and provides for the use of two types of cutting set, a mowing line and a cutting disc. Each lawn mower is equipped with a system to quickly start the engine and start work. Also, all three lawn mowers are equipped with special belt equipment that allows you to remove the main load of the tool mass from the user’s hands and evenly distribute it over the entire body.

However, the comparison plate still shows that the Makita EM2500U lawn mower is a more practical and convenient tool, because this gasoline scythe has a number of advantages over the Husqvarna 128R and Stihl FS55 lawn mowers.

Firstly, the Makita scythe has a much higher value for the maximum operating speed of rotation of the cutting headset, which means that this tool will more quickly cope with a difficult task, for example, mowing dense thickets of tough weeds.

Secondly, this is a more capacious tank than that of the Stihl FS55 spit, which means that more work can be done at one refueling, therefore, you save time without the need for a forced pause to refuel with a fuel mixture.

Thirdly, Makita is more maneuverable and mobile due to its lighter weight (by half a kilogram compared to the Husqvarna 128R and Stihl FS55 scythes), it is much easier to wield such a tool, especially if you have a long mowing session.

Fourthly, the Makita EM2500U will be more comfortable due to the lower noise level, which is important for both the operator and those around him. Unfortunately, Makita does not provide accurate data on the vibration level, assuring that the value of this parameter is quite low due to the equipment of the lawn mowers with an effective anti-vibration system (special elements are built into the handle that provide vibration damping). Therefore, working with the tool does not cause significant discomfort, even during a long mowing session.

So, as they say, all the cards are revealed, and the choice is yours.!

Lawnmower with four-stroke engine

Four-stroke trimmers have recently become increasingly popular due to their superiority in some parameters to traditional models.

Comparative analysis of the weight of the proposed tool with a power of 1 HP:

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1. Gas trimmer with two-stroke engine: average weight 5.85 kg, maximum weight 8 kg; minimum weight 4.5 kg;

2. gas trimmer in a four-stroke engine: average weight 6.4 kg, maximum weight 7 kg; minimum weight 6 kg.

That is, the average difference in weight for a 1 HP tool. About 0.5 kg, which is almost imperceptible.


  • Separate filling of oil into the crankcase of the device provides better lubrication of all units, due to which the service life of the lawn mower engine increases (approximately by 25%);
  • Profitability due to less fuel and oil consumption (the benefit is tangible when performing large volumes of work);
  • Provides a more comfortable working environment: low noise level, less exhaust gases.


  • Higher price;
  • Heavier than petrol trimmers with a two-stroke engine by 10-15%;
  • difficult to maintain;
  • Engine repairs will be more costly.

Handle shape

Manufacturers offer the tool with three handle options:

1. D-shaped compact, convenient for a small amount of work, as well as for mowing grass on a site with bushes;

2. J-shaped is convenient when working with a metal knife, more compact than U-shaped, but less sweeping;

3. U-shaped is the most successful option, which is equipped with a tool with high power. But this view is inconvenient when mowing grass under bushes, as the branches cling to the handle.

The principle of operation and device lawn mowers

Lawn mowers, regardless of the type to which they belong, have a similar design.

The main elements are:

1. Gasoline engine;

2. A bar with a handle, a stop bracket and an engine stop device;

3. Throttle control lever;

4. Cutting head with protective cover.

The motor is located at the top of the boom, opposite to the working head. The principle of operation of the petrol trimmer is simple: the engine rotates the shaft, and the working head, equipped with a cutting element, rotates with the shaft and cuts the grass.


It is mandatory on U-handle models. Other models may not be equipped with a belt, so you need to pay attention to its presence or the possibility of using it.

How to choose a lawn mower for your home and garden

The lawn mower is a faithful assistant who will help the summer resident to cope with weeds and young bushes or tidy up the lawn, giving it a well-groomed look. You need to select a tool taking into account the work where it will be used. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the offered varieties of gas trimmer will help in choosing.

Cutting element type

Depending on the drive of the tool, the cutting elements can be:

1. The line (cord) is intended for cutting grass. The thicker the cord, the more rough the grass can be cut. The thickness of the cord that can be used depends on the power of the motor and ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. Direct dependence: more powerful engine thicker line coarser grass.

2. Knives are used to cut thick grass with thicker and coarser stems. A knife can have several blades (usually from two to four), the more their number, the more efficient the work. Eight-toothed knife is used in areas of intertwining grass.

3. The saw blade will help cut the young growth of bushes. It represents a knife with many teeth, usually equipped with a professional tool.

The cost

Electric mowers benefit in cost, which is logical as they have a simpler design than mowers with a gasoline engine. The price of electric mowers is 1.5 times lower on average, but the high price of lawn mowers is also justified by mobility and high power, which is worth paying attention to.

Noise and vibration level

Electric mowers have lower noise and vibration levels compared to lawn mowers, which is definitely their advantage. In addition, when the lawn mower is operating, an unpleasant smell of burning oil appears, but this depends on the model, in more modern such disadvantages are reduced to zero.

Ease of operation

Lawn mowers require additional maintenance, constant gasoline filling, which takes additional time. They are demanding on gasoline; during long-term operation, they need to replace consumables, such as spark plugs. During long-term operation of the lawn mower, you need to additionally refuel, on average, the tank is designed for 60-90 minutes of battery life.

At the same time, electric mowers do not require additional conditions, only access to the network. You just need to plug it in, and periodically clean and lubricate.


Compared to lawn mowers, electric mowers have lower powers (from 400 to 1300 W) and a one- or two-kilowatt electric motor. Therefore, electric mowers are more efficient for short, soft grass and small areas.

The lawn mowers run on gasoline and have a larger power range (600 to 3000 watts). The engine is available with two or four strokes, which allows you to work effectively and cope with tall grass, weeds and even small branches.

To increase the quality and speed in working with larger and thicker grass, lawn mowers can be equipped, in addition to fishing line, with metal knives and discs. Such components can only be used for electric mowers with high power, because this significantly increases the load on the engine, which can fail.

Which lawn mower is better. Petrol or electric?

Every good owner of his yard wants his yard to be decorated with an attractive and well-kept lawn. A lawn mower will certainly help you with this. To make your lawn perfect, it is important to choose the right type of lawn mower, because this is an important and at the same time difficult stage. First, let’s figure out what lawn mowers are and what types exist:

The convenience of use

Mowers with a gas engine, compared to an electric motor, usually have a more convenient way of carrying them, such as a knapsack, a comfortable handle and straps that do not chafe and relieve stress during prolonged use. But when choosing, it is better to try on a lawn mower, because the convenience may depend on the model and is selected individually. Also, the advantage of a lawn mower is the ability to use it in any weather, because it can be used with dew, in contrast to an electric mower, which can only be operated in dry conditions.

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Powerful motor with high service life. Runs smoothly and quietly, is fuel efficient. At the same time, the exhaust gases are much less than with a two-stroke operation. Equipped with two tanks, one of which is filled with gasoline and the other with oil. There is no need to pre-prepare the working mixture.

The disadvantages of four-strokes are considered to be significant weight and size. Considering that the user has to carry the engine on himself, this is a significant disadvantage. The design is more complex, so service and possible repairs will be more expensive. And the price of a four-stroke engine is higher. Therefore, in terms of demand, they still lose to two-strokes. Although in the ranking of the best lawn mowers for professionals there are always powerful four-stroke.

2 Drive type

A drive is used to transfer rotation from the motor to the cutting attachment. It consists of a shaft and a rod. Low-power units are often equipped with curved drives. They are very convenient when mowing obstacles: benches, flower beds, fences. In this case, the shaft is flexible. It is not designed for significant loads, therefore, a device with a curved drive cannot remove large growth, and even more so a bush.

Direct drive designs have a rigid shaft. They are not so convenient when working with obstacles, but they can withstand significant loads. They easily cope with young bushes and tough grass. On sale you can see trimmers with a split bar. It is quite convenient because it makes it easier to transport and store. However, the detachable unit is the most vulnerable place where breakdowns most often appear. This must be taken into account when choosing.

1 Engine

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of its design. This will make it possible to understand the purpose of the main nodes and navigate in their characteristics.

Thus, the engine determines the operating potential of the device. The higher its power, the greater the temporary load the unit can withstand and the larger the growth it can handle. True, along with the power, the dimensions and weight of the trimmer increase. Today there are two options for the lawn mower motor.

Which lawn mower is better: 7 selection criteria and mini-rating of the best models

To keep the garden or the adjoining lawn well-groomed, you need tools and devices. The most convenient and affordable petrol trimmer option. He will cope with young grass, tall weeds and even shrubs. Let’s figure out which lawnmower to choose for our site and offer a rating of the best gasoline lawnmowers.

What to look for when choosing a technique

Trimmer petrol Daewoo Power Products

The most reliable petrol trimmers and lawn mowers

The proven, trouble-free design and rich equipment brings the Izhmash Industrial line GT-4350 gasoline lawn mower to the first place in the rating.

  • Power: 4.35 kW.
  • Tank: 1.3 L.
  • Speed: 2800 9500 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.5 kg.

The advantages of the garden trimmer are versatility, which is provided by a set of 5 knives. The set includes knives with 2, 3, 8 blades and a milling cutter with 40 teeth.

The second place of the German model ProCraft T-5600 is due only to the high price and the complicated design of the four-stroke engine.

  • Power: 5.6 kW.
  • Tank: 1.0 L.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 5.9 kg.

The unit is perfectly balanced in weight, easy to start, quiet and with minimal vibration, easy to use. Fuel consumption at maximum load is almost two times less than in a two-stroke. Some users believe that the volume of the fuel tank is insufficient. There were no other drawbacks to this lawn mower.

The third place for the Minsk BG-5700 lawn mower was obtained thanks to a simple design, a complete set with 9 nozzles, a transparent fuel tank.

  • Power: 5.7 kW.
  • Tank: 1.2 L.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.5 kg.

The insignificant disadvantages of a professional trimmer include the increased body weight and small cutting width.

  • Procraft T-4200 Pro Free Tools

The advantages of the inexpensive ProCraft T-4200 Pro Free Tools lawn mowers, users consider a smooth engine start, protection against overheating, an anti-vibration system, the presence of a shaft lock button on the lower gearbox, a throttle handle with a speed lock.

  • Power: 4.2 kW.
  • Tank: 1.2 L.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6.5 kg.

A significant advantage of the trimmer over similar models is the quality of the cutting elements and the automatic spool that are included in the delivery set.

  • Procraft T-4500 Energy

In fifth place, the ProCraft T-4500 Energy lawn mower is pushed aside by the non-standard design of the engine, starter and air filter of the scythe. It will be problematic to independently replace (restore) these elements, you will need to contact the manufacturer’s service center.

  • Power: 4.5 kW.
  • Tank: 1.2 L.
  • Speed: 3000-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6.5 kg.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian summer residents praise it very much for its high power, reliability and trouble-free operation.

Rating of the best lawn mowers and trimmers in Ukraine. TOP 20 popular models

Among the main criteria for choosing garden mechanisms for grass, haymaking, cutting shrubs, farmers and summer residents note:

  • Engine power (determines performance);
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Ease of use;
  • Reliability and endurance;
  • Ease of assembly and operation;
  • Tool set.

Best budget lawn mowers

  • Power: 4.0 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Disc diameter: 254 mm.
  • Cutting engine speed: 2800 10000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.1kg.

This budget model has taken the leading position due to ease of use, high cutting speed (leaves no gaps), economical fuel consumption, and affordable price. In operation, the trimmer is durable, it fulfills several warranty periods without repair.

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Farmers and gardeners gave the second place to the Belarusian lawn-mower Belarus BK-52N. This semi-professional lawn mower has a powerful engine with a volume of 52.0 cm. Cube, which can easily cope with mowing tall and thick weeds on the site.

  • Power: 5.2 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Mowing engine speed: 3000-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6.7 kg.

Inexpensive and one of the most reliable and hardy braids on the Ukrainian market.

The third place is taken by the Chinese lawn mower Goodluck GL-6100BC, which is produced under a German license. Technical characteristics are comparable to market leaders, but users are not satisfied with the maximum number of revolutions.

  • Power: 6.1 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Engine speed when mowing: 2800-7000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6.5kg.

Belarusian apparatus Minsk MTZ MBT-6700 is classified as a professional lawn mower.

  • Power: 6.7 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6.3kg.

Buyers consider the advantages of the model to be low weight, forged crankshaft. The disadvantages include the handles inconvenient in ergonomics and the engine power readings slightly overestimated by the manufacturer.

The best lawn mower for making hay

Farmers put forward special requirements for mechanized haymaking tools: long working time, the ability to mow on hummocky meadows, low weight of the structure.

According to these indicators, Forte BMK-520K is the leader in the ranking of hay mowers. The lightweight professional lawn mower from China is reliable and maintainable.

  • Power: 3.0 kW.
  • Tank: 1.0 L.
  • Speed: 2800-7000 rpm.
  • Weight: 8 kg.

With a low engine power, a liter supply of gasoline is enough for several hours of operation.

  • Forte BMK-40t Industry Line 4-stroke

The Forte BMK-40t lawnmower was ranked second by the design of a four-stroke engine, which many farmers cannot repair on their own.

  • Power: 2.8 kW.
  • Tank: 1.2 L.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.6 kg.

The increased price (compared to other Forte lawn mowers) is offset by the reliability of the motor.

The third place for the Yamamoto SRM-520 PRO lawn mower was obtained only due to fuel consumption. One filling is enough for up to 1 hour of mowing. Otherwise, the owners consider the mechanism to be exemplary.

  • Power: 5.0 kW.
  • Tank: 1.2 L.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.0 kg.

The advantages of the device in haymaking include the minimum weight, high-quality execution of knives, an easily maintained semi-automatic reel with fishing line.

Best Chinese Lawn Mowers

Chinese lawn mowers are manufactured under licenses of well-known Western manufacturers, brands Stihl, Messer, Viper, therefore they have no design flaws. Products from China have already left the lower price segment and users do not doubt their reliability.

The first place in the rating is taken by the reliable Grune Garten GG-450 lawn mower, which is manufactured by the manufacturer under the license of Messer.

  • Power: 4.5 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 6 kg.

A quality trimmer for many gardeners has worked for three four seasons without failures and repairs.

The Tokachi TG-55T lawn mower (second place) is distinguished by its increased dimensions and unique engine design.

  • Power: 5.8 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Speed: 2800-9000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.0 kg.

Users note the practical and high-quality set of lawn mowers, which includes three-blade weed mowing knives, a hay knife (8 segments), a 40-tooth cutting disc and an automatic reel. The only drawback of the TG-55T model is considered to be an upper gearbox built into the motor housing, which, in case of failure, must be completely replaced.

The Partner DX-52E Pro professional lawn mower is manufactured at the Hutter factory in China. The new model (developed in 2019) was immediately liked by farmers and gardeners. She took the third place in the rating primarily due to the high-speed engine and the presence of a starter with an easy start.

  • Power: 4.5 kW.
  • Tank volume: 1.2 l.
  • Speed: 2800 10000 rpm.
  • Weight: 7.3 kg.

The trimmer does not differ in outstanding technical characteristics, but it is economical in terms of fuel consumption and easy to use. The model has a chance to rise in the ranking when statistics on the duration of trouble-free operation are accumulated.

Best Electric Grass Trimmers

Electric trimmers are not suitable for use in the field. Therefore, only summer residents, owners of lawns and personal plots participated in the assessment of the electric kos.

  • Power consumption: 3100 W.
  • Maximum speed: up to 7000 rpm.
  • Weight, kg: 4.0.

The electric scythe is completed with one knife and a drum. The advantages of the mechanism are a smooth set of revolutions, an overhead engine, a ring handle with bicycle control levers.

Estonian electric scythe Narva CG-2850E loses to the leader in economy, but is more suitable for working with thick stems and shrubs.

  • Power consumption: 2850 W.
  • Maximum speed: up to 10,000 rpm.
  • Weight, kg: 5.0.

Users consider an extended warranty period of 24 months as an advantage.

Electric scythe Grand KG-2700 of the Czech manufacturer earned the 3rd place due to the solid steel shaft, high-speed electric motor, reliability, economy.

  • Power consumption: 2700 W.
  • Maximum speed: up to 7000 rpm.
  • Weight, kg: 4.3.

Gardeners consider insufficient engine power as subjective disadvantages of electric scythes.

In fourth place in popularity. Household electric scythe Procraft GT-2200. With excellent usability and reliability of all systems, the electric motor loses a little to the leaders in power, although it wins in terms of maximum speed. The rod of the electric braid is two-piece, which in turn reduces its service life, but on the other hand it takes up less space during transportation and storage of the tool.

  • Power consumption: 2200 W.
  • Maximum speed: up to 10000.
  • Weight, kg: 5.3.