Which Lawn Mower To Choose For An Uneven Area

The choice of a unit for a country estate

Which Lawn Mower To Choose For An Uneven Area

That is why it is a manor, so that the owner can look around the well-groomed lawn with elements of landscape design. Alpine slides, group plantings are in fashion, but a well-groomed lawn sets the tone for everything. And the question is how to choose a Prestige brand lawn mower that works efficiently. You can use an electric trimmer to treat the local area. For mowing the grass along the fence, it is the most effective tool.

For a flat lawn with a slight slope up to 25 0, it is optimal to choose a self-propelled lawn mower with a gasoline four-stroke engine. Depending on the presence of hills or absolutely level ground, the size of the rear wheels is selected. If the wheels are larger, the controllability of the unit is higher. But with a large bias in the diesel mechanism there will be problems. the fuel tank in an inclined position will flow.

Therefore, a trimmer or cordless lawnmower can be used on steep slopes. Well-known manufacturers have already anticipated how to choose a lawn mower for an uneven suburban area. A slightly shifted center of gravity and high rear wheels make slope handling more comfortable.

How to choose a lawn mower for your home. Choosing a country mower

Let us consider which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence, if there is a standard plot with beds, trees and flower beds. There is nowhere to turn around for vehicles with wheels. You need to mow down the sides of the fence, passages along the paths, tree trunks. Need a trimmer. a braid with a barbell. Such a tool can be powered from the mains or have a gasoline engine. The gasoline two-stroke engine is very noisy, but it is NOT tied to the mains with a cord. You can work with dew and after rain.

An electric trimmer is much lighter than a gasoline trimmer, and cheaper, which is important. But in order to reach the corners, you need to buy a reel with an extension cord. You cannot work with electricity in wet weather, in dew or after rain.

If your dacha has a lawn of three hundred square meters, then you will need wheeled vehicles. How to choose a lawn mower for a summer cottage and a small garden depends on financial capabilities. Well-known manufacturers sell four-wheeled lawn equipment from 19 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration and brand. Mechanical wheel mowers can be purchased cheaper.

Criteria for choosing a grass care tool

The choice depends on the user:

  • Electric network drive;
  • Battery motor;
  • Gasoline 2 or 4 stroke engine;
  • Manual mechanical device.

In addition, the method of movement matters. a wheeled mechanism or a rod mechanism is more suitable for your case.

Characteristics affecting the functionality of the lawn mower

First of all, the ability to perform the required amount of work depends on the power of the tool. A trimmer can cut no more than 3 acres per day, and a self-propelled machine processes up to 1.5 hectares. But the more powerful the mower, the more expensive and heavier it is.

The power often depends on how wide the lawn can be processed by the mechanism in one pass. How to choose a lawn mower by cutting width will tell you the size of the area and the presence of narrow strips where it will be difficult for a wide tool to squeeze through. Deck width is decisive for hull and platform layout.

The case is preferable to metal, but modern plastics are not much inferior to metal in strength, and aesthetically benefit. Necessary Pay attention to how far the wheels protrude from the body line. Ideally they should be in one circle.

It is especially important to choose a tool with a hard high carbon steel blade. It will NOT dull longer, and the cut will be sharp, the lawn after processing will NOT be covered with yellow bloom. It is good if there is a protection in the working mechanism that protects against deformation when a solid object hits. The protective skirt must be metallic.

Choosing a lawnmower with mulching function will make it easier to care for your lawn and leave shredded litter to nourish the roots. It is important to determine the direction of waste disposal and whether the kit includes a grass catcher. Collectors are available in different sizes and are made of fabric or plastic. Foldable handle makes it easy to transport the tool to storage.

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Power lawn mowers are completely driven by the operator. They are equipped with a rotary drum with cutters, are installed on a common with the wheels and are set in motion when the wheels rotate. To work with such a tool is within the power of a man.

There are lawn mowers with a seat and high power, but this is already a professional technique.

Rough Terrain Lawn Mowers

If the lawn is located in an area with difficult terrain. For example, with landscape design or irregularities. Alpine slides, hills, slopes. In this case, it is better to take a closer look at rotary lawn mowers with a large range of mowing height adjustment.

The petrol model Cub Cadet CC 46 PB will be a good helper. Or the more advanced self-propelled lawn mower MTD Optima 53 SPB HW.


  • Bosch
  • Gardena
  • Greenworks

What is the lawn care technique

Among the techniques that make life easier for lawn owners, there are three main types. Trimmers, lawn mowers and lawn mowers.

The most popular brands of gasoline lawn mowers are:

  • AL-KO
  • Cub cadet
  • Gardenlux
  • Husqvarna
  • Huter
  • MTD

The most popular brands of power lawn mowers are:

Electric lawn mowers

How do they work?

Equipped with a 0.4 to 6 kW electric motor, it rotates the cutting element. It can be a cylindrical knife (drum models) or a paddle knife (rotary models).

A distinction is made between mains-powered mowers and cordless mowers.

In one pass, a strip of grass with a width of 32 to 43 cm is mowed.The mowing height is adjustable from 1 to 10 cm.

Cut grass can be dumped from the side, back, into the collector, or mulched when finely chopped stalks fall below the lawn and become fertilizer.


  • DO NOT make noise
  • Quick and easy start of work
  • Suitable for large lawns


  • Requires mains (for mains)
  • The radius of application is limited by the length of the wire (for network versions)
  • Periodically require recharging (for battery modifications)
  • You can’t mow in the rain
  • Always be careful not to hit the wire under the knife (for powered lawn mowers)

What to look for?

  • Engine power. productive lawn mowers cut tough grass and thick stems better
  • Cutting height adjustment. The wider the range, the less requirements for lawn quality
  • Is there a grass catcher and which one is soft, hard, combined
  • Is there a mulching option
  • Foldable handle. Allows you to load the lawnmower in the trunk of your car

What determines the price?

  • Brand name
  • Country of Origin
  • Engine power
  • Additional options: mulching, grass catcher

How to choose a lawn mower

A beautiful and well-groomed lawn. This is not only an aesthetically pleasing sight, but also source of pride for its owner.

However, special care is needed to make the lawn look like the perfect green carpet at Buckingham Palace. You can handle the grass manually only if the lawn fits on a windowsill. In other cases, special equipment will be required.


  • Bosch
  • Gardena
  • Huter
  • Ikra Mogatek
  • MTD
  • Wolf garten


The most affordable option for lawn care. Modern oblique replacement. An engine is attached to a metal rod on one side, and a knife or spool with line is attached to the other. For cutting grass, it is worn on the shoulder or back, like a backpack. The trimmer is suitable for trimming small areas of up to 50 square meters. Equipped with a gasoline or electric motor powered by an outlet. There are also options with a battery.


  • Indispensable for cutting grass around trees and bushes, near paths, flower beds and fences


  • When working, you need to keep it suspended
  • Not suitable for large areas and long work. back tired

Grass cutting height

The mowing height is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. Most of the models are equipped with a special mechanism, which is able to adjust the levels of cutting height. New lawn mowers are introduced with centralized height adjustment to make work easier.

Cutting part

Typically, the cutting head of a lawn mower has a two-blade or four-blade blade that rotates horizontally. Therefore, the longer the gripping length, the greater the efficiency of the unit, and hence the less human labor costs.

Technical parameters of the lawn mower, which you should pay attention to when buying

Lawn mower for summer cottages

Before buying a lawn mower, you must arm yourself with at least NOT a large amount of knowledge in the technical part of such a unit. To begin with, as mentioned earlier, the size of the lawn and the amount of work on mowing the grass should be comparable with the characteristics of different lawn mowers, so as NOT to waste money due to useless additional functions.

One of the most important technical parameters of a lawn mower is the location of the drive. If the lawn has significant obstacles (fences, flower beds, trees), it is recommended to choose front-wheel drive devices.

The width and diameter of the wheels also play an important role: the wider the wheels, the less dents they leave in the soil, and the large diameter of the wheels is suitable for working on uneven lawns with Tall grass. In expensive luxury lawn mowers there are bearings in the wheels, with the help of which the mowing process becomes much easier.

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Another important parameter is the working width of a lawn mower: the larger it is, the more the terrain can be processed in less time. However, the disadvantage is the large weight and low maneuverability of the unit, so its use is not recommended in a small area.

Well, the “heart of the lawn mower” is the engine. When buying, do not choose devices with a weak motor, because. In bad weather, it does NOT work steadily and damages the overall appearance of the lawn, because the knives, instead of cutting, pull out the grass. If the mower is equipped with a powerful engine, there will be no such problems and mowing Not only wet, but also tough tall grass is allowed.

Principle of operation

The ideal lawn mower operation algorithm is as follows: the device mows the grass, then throws it to the right, collect it in the grass catcher. Then the cut grass is mulched and thrown onto the lawn in a crushed form. The discarded grass is able to retain moisture for several days, after which it serves as fertilizer. It is important to know that in no case should you mulch raw grass, because The lawn mower can quickly fail.

What you need to know when choosing a lawn mower?

To begin with, pay attention to the biggest mistake buyers make. they think that any device that mows grass is called a lawn mower. According to this assumption, it turns out that lawn mowers and a lawn mower are also lawn mowers, although this is not the case, because they only mow hay / grass, and the lawn mower performs a complex set of tasks for lawn care.

Another common mistake should also be emphasized. many buyers take too multifunctional, expensive and powerful lawn mowers for their small garden plot. This is stupid because Such a unit costs a lot of money, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to use all the functions, and then why pay more?

Another tip is to choose a lawnmower with an aluminum housing, because Aluminum is corrosion resistant, quite strong and lightweight.

The favorite question of buyers: “Which lawn mower is better, gasoline or electric?” we will talk a little later, but now we will analyze a few more important nuances of choosing this device.

How to choose the right lawn mower for your summer cottage? A few tips from experienced gardeners!

Collection types

There are three types of grass catcher containers: fabric, rigid and plastic.

A cloth container is a very convenient option because It allows air to pass through well, as a result of which a powerful air flow is created, ensuring the release of grass.

The advantage of a rigid catcher is that it is much easier to clean and easier to clean of cut grass.

A plastic grass catcher container is a budget option. It has a huge drawback. it gets clogged with grass, resulting in ventilation problems and making it difficult to eject grass.

Lawn Mower Cloth Bag

Based on this, you can easily understand how high-quality the lawn mower is, because elite manufacturers of such garden equipment in no case do not put a plastic container, as a rule, a fabric one is installed. As for the importance of throwing out the grass, we can say that this is one of the main functions of the lawn mower, so if the work is carried out in difficult conditions (for example, if the garden area is filled with tall dense grass), the container will fill up very quickly.

Which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric?

Very often, for a long time, buyers cannot decide between choosing a lawn mower according to the type of engine (gasoline or electric). In fact, if you buy a device from quality leading manufacturers, then the wrong option will NOT let you down.

First, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of an electric lawn mower. It is ideal if your lawn is located on level ground. If the area has a lot of stones, ditches and other irregularities, the mower quickly breaks down and breaks down. Also, the disadvantage of this type of engine is that the lawn mower will NOT be able to work in rain or at a great distance from the power source (since the cable length is not unlimited). The main drawback is that it is not possible to continuously mow the grass for a long time. As for the advantages of a lawn mower, this is, of course, the environmental friendliness and noiselessness of the device. Also, unlike gasoline competitors, electric units are relatively light in weight. recently, an electric lawn mower model has appeared on the market for garden equipment, which is able to work independently.

A petrol lawn mower is much better in that it does NOT require a stationary power supply. Since the engine power reaches 6 HP, the productivity is correspondingly higher than in an electric lawn mower. The working width of such a unit is, on average, 46 cm, which is quite enough for a large garden. The disadvantages are the following:

  • Harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • High unit noise level
  • Large volume of grass catcher, as a result of which the weight of the lawn mower is NOT small, which means that not everyone can move it.
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We also recommend reading the article on how to choose the right snow blower and motor cultivator for a summer cottage!


A practical model from a trusted manufacturer. Suitable for cleaning large areas as it cuts a strip of 53 cm.Possibility of throwing grass in different directions.

Due to the powerful four-stroke engine, the device is characterized by high performance.


  • Engine power. 6 HP;
  • Fuel tank. 1 l;
  • Cut width. 53 cm;
  • Cut height. 2-8 cm;
  • Grass collector. 70 l
  • Number of wheels. 4;
  • Number of levels. 8;
  • Noise level. 98 dB;
  • Weight. 42 kg.


  • Steel body;
  • Cut adjustment;
  • Power;
  • Low price;
  • Maneuverability.


  • Noisy work;
  • Inconvenient to use on wet grass.

How to choose and what to look for?

A competent choice of equipment provides for the assessment of technical and functional characteristics, as well as their linking with the characteristics of the site and user preferences.

When choosing a device, you should evaluate its power, tank volume and other characteristics.

Depending on the type of drive, the devices are of the following types:

  • Non-self-propelled. Budget models. You have to make your own effort to cut the grass. This technique is suitable for working in small flat areas.
  • Self-propelled. The unit independently performs its task. It remains only to control its direction. The cost of this technique is higher, but this is the most practical option for caring for a large area.

Popular manufacturing companies

Lawn mowers of the following brands are in greatest demand among consumers:

  • Huter. A German company that manufactures quality garden equipment. The equipment has an official guarantee. And in the CIS countries there are many service centers.
  • Carver. The brand has been producing equipment since 2009. The products are recognized as one of the most reliable lawn care products. The manufacturer takes into account the needs of consumers, creating reliable and functional lawn mowers.
  • Champion. One of the most famous Russian manufacturers of electrical and gasoline devices. The company has existed since 2005 and during this time has managed to prove its reliability.
  • Caliber. Russian company that has existed since 2001. One of the advantages of this brand’s equipment is its affordable price. Despite the low price, the equipment is functional and durable.
  • Husqvarna. A Swedish company with a long history. One of the largest brands of lawn mowers and other garden tools. Husqvarna has a wide range of products, so each customer will find the most suitable option.
  • Makita. The Japanese company is recognized as one of the best in the production of professional equipment. Lawn mowers are powerful, equipped with a grass catcher and other options.

TOP-14 best models rating

In this rating, we have collected for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

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Lawn Mower. One of the Most Practical Lawn Care Devices.

The technique combines functionality, high performance and mobility.

The range is represented by a huge number of units.

Huter GLM-6.0S

The best option for cleaning an area of ​​up to 1000 square meters. The machine is equipped with an ergonomic handle with adjustable cutting height in seven positions.

A large container for vegetation allows you to work for a long time without interruption.

Large wheels make it easy to move the machine on uneven surfaces.


  • Power. 6 HP;
  • Fuel tank. 1.2 L;
  • Bevel width. 53 cm;
  • Cut height. 2.5-7.5 cm;
  • Grass collector. 65 l
  • Number of wheels. 4;
  • Number of levels. 7;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • Weight. 32 kg.


  • Smooth running;
  • Mulching;
  • Cut regulation;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Capacious tank.


  • Tight starter;
  • Noisy work.

Mowing width

Here the width of the cut depends on how quickly you can put the area in order.

For a plot of up to 5 acres, a device with a slope width of 30-40 cm is suitable, up to 10 acres. 40-50 cm, more than 10 acres. from 50 cm.

Husqvarna LC 235S

Reliable unit equipped with a four-stroke engine. Due to the wide blade, it is suitable for use on large areas.

The model is manoeuvrable, easy to operate and economical to maintain.

One refueling is enough for 4-5 times.


  • Power. 3.2 HP;
  • Fuel tank. 1 l;
  • Sox width. 53 cm;
  • Cut height. 2-7.5 cm;
  • Grass collector. 60 l
  • Number of wheels. 4;
  • Number of levels. 6;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • Weight. 32 kg.


  • Smooth running;
  • Easy control;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Maneuverability.


  • Noisy work;
  • Plastic case.

Huter GLM-4.0

With such a device, it is easy to make your lawn perfect. The powerful motor ensures fast mowing of vegetation. Clamps for fastening the cord increase the safety of equipment operation, eliminating the risk of tangling the wire.

The mower is easy to operate.

It is also possible to adjust the desired height.


  • Engine power. 4 HP;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.5 liters;
  • Cut width. 46 cm;
  • Cut height. 3.5-8.5 cm;
  • Grass catcher volume. 60 l
  • Number of wheels. 4;
  • Number of levels. 7;
  • Weight. 33.9 kg.


  • Steel body;
  • Convenient foldable handle;
  • Many cutting modes;
  • Low consumption of gasoline;
  • Quiet operation.


  • Plastic starter;
  • Small guarantee.