Which motoblock is better for plowing. Which motoblock is better for virgin

Plowing the earth with a tractor, motor block or manually?

A farmer or owner of a large land plot when choosing a method of cultivating land for sowing can choose one of three methods of plowing. Manual (shovel), using a walk.Behind tractor and using a tractor. The farmer or agricultural producer needs to choose from two proposed methods of cultivation using technology, since manual soil treatment is ineffective in large areas.

Earth cultivation manually (bayonet shovel) and the formation of the beds are best done in cases where the land on the garden plot is processed regularly, and before spring plowing in the fall, preparatory was carried out in the fall. From a farmer or gardener, such work will require motivation, perseverance and outstanding physical forces. In the ground in this case there are not many roots of cultivated and weeds, they are easily lended on with a shovel. It is also better for manual soil processing to bulge chernozems and sandy soils, and not clay and loam. The latter is most difficult to handle manually.

Choosing a walk.Behind tractor, or 30 years of evolution in waso.

Hello! Although the site D2 is dedicated to cars, in the blogs of users what just cannot be found. You will be surprised more than once, but I have never found exhaustive information on motoblocks. Forums of collective farmers and farmers. That for a long time and to no avail, and typical articles from copywriters. “how to choose and buy a motorcycle block” did not cause confidence because they are a game! (Friends, I understand that this topic is boring, and far from interesting articles drive2, but those who overpower the entire text at the end of the publication bonus!).

In the first case, in thematic forums, they begin to load you, how many piglets have the livestock this year, and try to find out, and how you have a crop in the past. And the Internet publications on custom.Made topics give themselves out from the first lines, since they begin to openly “pour water” by filling the cost of the article, and telling everything from the creation of the world to date. Over, it’s a shame, I, as an amateur of my writing, and an engineer in education, are frank technical bloopers in such publications. Over, trying to at least somehow find a useful information, after half an hour the head leafing through the head goes around. In general, too, is not an option.

Therefore, I gathered grains, together, then the little that I found on the network, watched on YouTube, and in which I have a practical many years of experience. It was decided to pour these attempts on the pages of a personal blog. After all, there is a problem, but there are not many solutions. Suddenly someone needs this kind of information, I will be glad if I can help.

So, since the invention of the engine, a man sought to attach him somewhere. In some cases, this “somewhere” looked contradictory and unusual, but in essence, it performed its work, and crawled around the world with millions of circulations.The first patent for the motorcycle unit was issued in Germany, already in 1912. The inventors of this miracle and patent holders are considered to be Conrad von Meyenburg, and the company Siemen-Shukkerti Fire. They produced aircraft engines, self.Playing strollers, agricultural equipment and household appliances. In essence, and since then nothing has changed. In fact, this is a front.Wheel drive module, he is also driven wheels. In the USSR they were called a single.Based tractor, or a pedestrian tractor.

Over, it is worth immediately dot and determine what is a walk.Behind tractor and what is a motor.Cultivator.If it is initially only for milling and without wheels, then this is a cultivator. For example, the most common motor.Cultivator is “Mole”. But if this is a wheel technique that can drag a plow, or a trailer, or some other hitch, but at the same time allows the replacement of the wheels with cutters and carries out milling, then this is a walk.Behind tractor.Over, at least the first motoblock was manufactured in the USSR only in 1948 somewhere in Patmi, the term “motoblock” began to be used only in the 80s. When various design bureaus and research institutes began to intensively provide industrial such small mechanization.All motoblocks are divided into light, medium, heavy and superheavy. If the first two categories in their composition have only an engine and a transmission, then in the last two there may already be a power shaft, or a simple gear pump for hydraulics.For obvious reasons, a typical area of 6 acres of most citizens, the most common motoblocks are light and medium. Heavy, it is too bulky, it will not fit into the Zhiguli, and there is nowhere to accelerate.In general, my choice, like most Russians, lay down towards the middle class of motoblocks. N turned out to be not so simple.

Background. In our family from the early 90s, the Cascade Motoblock lives and lives and lives. Early, with a hood and false phara. Visor’s eyes!

Beautiful yellow, with a red gearbox, and toothy wheels. He is more than 25 years old, and 10 years ago he survived the operation to replace the carburetor, the launcher, and then the motor for the Chinese lifan (arrangement), and the details of the transmission were replaced for five years earlier. Over, it is worth noting that there were no transition plates, and all the murmurs were made on the knee. Only then intensively went on sale by walk.Behind engines with already installed Chinese and American engines. It is a pity that I had to abandon the false-box and headlights, but what is, that is. Time broke off his fee, brought down, covered with a rust, and obsessed with. He worked without firing mills, in all the gardens of our family, sometimes gnawing at the virgin lands, and fighting the roots of trees.

Of the useful options that he gained during this time, I note only a cruise control system, in the form of a wire of a bent ring, which fixes the clutch lever, and holds it pressed. Greatly helped in large gardens, and easily pulls away if the hand slides. Why did you think about this option only for the 15th year of ownership, do not ask. Just take and use our idea)))

So. Having sufficient experience in communicating with such equipment, it took a new motorcycle block to another village, and I began to monitor the market.The Russian Motoblocks market is now a cross between soviet developments and Chinese technologies. Nothing was invented from the time of the collapse of the scoop.The first candidate of course for me personally is the Cascade motorblock but they stopped producing them and new. The engine in the standard at the DM-1 cascade, with the Zhigulevsky piston, the lower valves with a completely disgusting timing and grease. I remembered this motor with a poor launch, it was not easy to start it, because of this, the starting often broke. By the way, it was the gear of the timing drive that was licked from time to time.Motoblock “Cascade” is a modernized motoblock beam. And the “Ray” is the brainchild of the Perm Aviation Motor.Building Plant.(I was always amazed at how we make rockets and tractors with ladles at the same factory) Further modernization of the “Cascade” is the motoblock “Oka”.

Although in essence from the beam to the cascade, I did not find changes in the design (maybe I was not looking for). Only the color was modernized, and a little layout.In these motoblocks, the gearbox is made according to the chain circuit, the gearbox itself is stamped, steel. The needle.Shaped primary shaft bearings and ordinary bearings at the bottom of the axles closed by cuffs.

Engines with this transmission from 6-8 liters.With. Now, for perverts and masochists, BM-1 is still produced, and for decent and educated citizens they have long been put by lifers and Brigs and Straton. The former go back to the ideology of the most common Honda motor, rewritten by China in a new way, and the second dark horse for me. But I suspect that the oriental roots are present there. Clutch drive lever with cunelar transmission. 2 speed speed and two back. Switching with straps on the gearbox.

How to choose and what to pay attention to

Choosing a walk.Behind tractor FOCUS on several important parameters.

Motobobok class

Based on what work will be carried out, the class class is selected. Light are suitable for simple work in the garden or garden.

Medium and professional models are a great option for complex work, such as sowing, harvesting and hay, water pumping, snow removal, transportation of large goods, etc.

Engine’s type

Motobobes can be divided into two types depending on the type of engine: gasoline and diesel.

The former differ in small weight and cost, low noise, almost inexplicable vibration of the steering wheel. In addition, such models do not require special care and expensive repair, they are great for home use.

Diesel ones have maximum stability, high level of clutch with earth, reliability, the presence of air or water cooling.

In addition, they save fuel perfectly. Their main minus is the high cost. It is best to use them for work in the fields and in large gardens.

Engine power

The power of modern motoblocks varies within 3-9 liters. With. It is this parameter that affects the performance of the machine even in difficult conditions.

To work in a small area in a couple of hundred parts, a model for 3-4 liters is suitable. With.

For more spacious fields in a hectare, a walk-behind tractor will be required with a capacity of 5-6 liters. With. The most powerful models of 6-9 liters. With ideal for working with complex soils and huge volumes.

The depth of cultivation

Various models can raise soil from a depth of 20-35 cm. If the fertile layer is 20 cm, then deeper cultivation can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the soil and a decrease in fertility.

That is why a walk-behind tractor with a depth of cultivation of 20-25 cm is suitable in this case. In cases with thicker soil, it is worth buying a walk-behind tractor with values ​​of 30-35 cm.

Maximum processing width

This value indicates the maximum capture of the width in one pass by the apparatus. For a small garden, there will be enough values ​​of 60-70 cm.


The power selection shaft is an element of the walk.Behind tractor, thanks to which additional attachments can be connected to the machine.

The main function of the shaft is to convey the rotation from the engine to the attachment equipment.

Models with VOM should be bought if, in addition to plowing the earth, the motorcycle block will be used for other purposes (carriage of goods, snow and garbage, harvesting, etc. D.).

Engine manufacturer

It is equally important when buying to pay attention to the manufacturer. It is necessary to give preference to stable brands that have been selling their equipment for many years and are known as in our country and around the world.


Today, most models of the semi.Professional and professional class are equipped with a manual gearbox.

Often, walk.Behind engines have several speeds: two front and one rear, two in each side, or four front and two rear.

A large number of speeds. The best option with heterogeneous soil. It is also important when transporting goods or snow removal. The rear move is necessary in cases where the site is too constrained and it is difficult to turn around on it.

For home use, the best option will be an unit weighing 60-80 kg. For virgin processing, it is better to choose models weighing 90-110 kg. Heavier devices are used to work on solid grounds, transportation of large overall cargoes or a large harvest.

How to choose a walk.Behind tractor: important criteria

Choosing a walk.Behind tractor for your cottage or garden, it is important to consider a number of basic criteria. Their successful combination will provide high performance of the unit, its suitability for your tasks and the comfort of operation.

Motoblock type and purpose

Above we have already talked about several forms that are distinguished in this technique. Belonging to a variety will understand how well the unit will cope with the tasks for which you want to buy it.

So, ultra.Light motoblocks weighing up to 20 kg are suitable only for a small land, seasoning with oil or gasoline and help to loosen the upper soil layer.

A light model weighing up to 40 kg can be safely purchased for a plot with an area of ​​up to 60 acres. This option is suitable for almost any land work, but it is better to use it for processing light soil, since power indicators compared to other species are very small.

The average walk.Behind tractor weighing up to 60 kg is a suitable option for a garden or garden with an area of ​​1 hectare. Most often, such a model is equipped with the front and rear gear, so it can be used for a full plowing of any soil type.

If the area of ​​your site is from 1 to 4 hectares, then you should look at the heavy, powerful and overall models. Here expanded functionality, which explains the versatility. There are no restrictions on weight: from 60 kg, the choice is limited only to the ability and idea of ​​the manufacturer.

Which engine is better for a walk.Behind tractor

The center of any walk.Behind tractor is an engine that can have a two.Stroke or four.Stroke. If you want to get a high motor resource from the model, then you should buy a four.Stroke. The power of the motor should be selected through the area of ​​the land, it is better to leave a small supply: it will protect you from slipping, especially when it comes to heavy soil (with a large number of roots, stumps and stones or with an admixture of clay).

Transmission node

Naturally, motoblocks use transmission. There are a huge variety of variations of transmission nodes, each of which has both pluses and minuses. The most popular is toothed, but the most high.Tech is considered hydraulic. It significantly reduces the total weight of the equipment and simplifies its operation.


Management depends on the selected type of walk.Behind tractor. Heavy models often install a special brake, which allows the most comfortable for the operator to stop moving equipment. Light walk.Behind brakes are not equipped with a brake, since it does not have an urgent need.

What is refueling

When buying a walk.Behind tractor, especially for regular use, it is worth considering the possible costs of recharging. As a power, the unit can use gasoline, diesel or power supply. The latter option is suitable only for small areas so that there is no risk of getting confused in a long network cable and did not have to pull extension cords throughout the garden.

Optional equipment

Most modern motoblocks are made so that additional equipment can be connected to them that significantly increases the efficiency of work. It is able to expand labor potential and add several useful functions to the technique.

Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M16

This model is distinguished by good power characteristics. It has a 9 l motor installed on it.With., with cable controls. Two differentials include. Calculated for performing different tasks in the rural and utilities. With such reliable equipment you can work in large territories in intensive mode.

In the summer, the walk.Behind tractor will help to prepare hay and pour hectares of planted fields using a nozzle for pumping water. And by connecting the trailer, you can transport crops and fishing equipment weighing up to 500 kg at a speed of up to 15 km/h.

Yuri, Moscow. My mini-tractor is involved all year round. Already paid off. In the spring, Pasha is your plot and neighboring. In the summer I will conquer hay on the cart, and in the fall, when harvesting, it doesn’t stand at all without a day. Even in winter, he helps me clean the snow at the gate. The thing is indispensable, I recommend to everyone

Which gasoline motoblock is better to buy

A review of the units of light, middle and heavy classes with different power, functions and characteristics submitted for consideration will help the buyer to significantly narrow the search circle and understand what the best gasoline motoblock. After experts were able to determine the pros and cons of each nominee, you can summarize the following results:

  • The greatest productivity is Weima WM1100BE (wheels 5×12);
  • The most functional-mobile to MKM-3 PRs;
  • Easy to operate and accessibility. Patriot victory;
  • The best price and good quality-Huter GMC-7.0m;
  • The availability of attachment equipment-Kadvogra NMB-1N7;
  • The largest amount of milling plants is DAEWOO Power Products Datm 80110.

If you came to the conclusion that an assistant is needed in the household in the courtyard, it is important to clearly define the selection criteria, namely: for what purpose you need, the performance of what work you put on it, take into account the volume and area of ​​the territory that is subject to processing and the condition of the soil. And the rest, boldly rely on our 2020 motoblock ratings.

The best average gasoline motoblocks

Medium.Sized motoblocks operating at the expense of gasoline are universal. They function for a long time, since the fuel consumption is small. This allows you to transport severity, plow the ground, that is, it makes the device a real small tractor. Just choose a high.Quality motoblock is not easy. But these three options can definitely be trusted.

Patriot Kaluga M (440107006) 7 L.With.

Nine.8.Rating customer reviews

Patriot Kaluga M is a good walk.Behind tractor for seven horsepower, designed to measure the earth in the garden or on separate beds. He has not great cross.Country ability, and the maneuverability is low. But the technical characteristics and a powerful engine operating on gasoline turn the device into a durable assistant in a personal plot. The model, although small, can transport severity. And it is also well suited for use with the cart. Cast iron gearbox is promoted, equipped with hardened cutters. This helps the model to move even on hard soil. And the pneumatic type of wheel facilitates the movement with the trailer.

  • Good cast.Iron gearbox;
  • Four.Stroke gasoline engine;
  • Air cooling;
  • Three speed modes;
  • Cutters are made from 57 to 108 revolutions per minute;
  • The warranty from the manufacturer for 24 months.
  • Speeds are too fast for an inexperienced user;
  • There is no detailed assembly scheme;
  • The tool includes is too soft and inconvenient.

Neva MB-2B-6.5 RS 6.53 l.With.

Nine.3 REPECTION based on customer reviews

Motoblock Neva MB-2B-6.5 RS is 6.53 horsepower. It is great for soil processing in private territories, as well as the model can be attached to the model, which facilitates the put in order of the house territory. The device has good equipment. The reviews complain only that the manufacturer did not put a gutter for draining oil, but this is not done even in many expensive models. The device works quickly, without stopping it can serve up to five hours. This is enough to process small private areas or cottages. Probably Neva MB-2B-6.5 RS is suitable for everyone who wants to work not too often, but with comfort.

  • It works quietly enough;
  • Takes out a load up to 300 kilograms;
  • Good maneuverability, regardless of how much cargo is from above;
  • Can serve for many years;
  • It turns out to work with a different amount of milling plants;
  • Oil-filled, gear-type gearbox in an aluminum case.

Hyundai T 1300 7 L.With.

Eight.7.Rating customer reviews

Единственные ИСПЫТАНИЯ подрезного ДИСКА. ПАХАТЬ ЛЕГЧЕ! Tests of the undercut disc. PLOW EASIER!

Hyundai T 1300 has a power of seven horsepower. This makes it a good option, if you need to loosen, align or dig in the ground before cultivating vegetables, berries, fruits and any other vegetation on it. Also, with separate mechanisms, you can weave the received beds, dig up ripe root crops and even carry out inter.Row soil processing. The reverse function significantly increases the maneuverability of the device. And it is easily controlled, since the hands adapt to the growth of a person and do not force him to physically overstrain. In combination with three speeds, this makes Hyundai T 1300 a great option for lovers of country worries.

  • Has a standard speed set;
  • Good gasoline engine IC210;
  • The depth of processing reaches 30 centimeters;
  • Processing width up to 90 centimeters;
  • Power selection pulley;
  • Side rotation of the handle and an intuitive control system.

Pashi in a large way: the best motoblocks 2020

The future crop depends on the good cultivation of the land. A solid motoblock will allow you to plow the garden qualitatively. Which walk.Behind tractor is better to buy for home? Answer in our article.

It is best to cultivate large land plots with a walk.Behind engineer, which can be additionally attached to the attachment equipment. What nuances should you pay attention to when choosing? We will tell you what to take into account when choosing a walk.Behind tractor, and we will give the current rating of walkways for 2020.

If your plot is relatively small, then it is possible to purchase a cultivator. You can read about which cultivator is best to buy in our article.

The purpose of the cultivator

Manufacturers endow the equipment with different capabilities. Some devices are well loosen the soil in the rows, others are able to plow virgin grounds. Trying to do everything with one cultivator. A big mistake. Light is not able to work effectively in the field, while the heavy will disappoint in servicing summer six acres.

Therefore, for the convenience of the buyer, cultivators are customary to be divided by weight. It is the mass that determines their purpose.


The weight of the unit does not exceed 12 kg, and its working part is as compact as possible. You can easily walk with it between the flowers on the flowerbed, treat the soil in a small greenhouse and even clean the space from weeds next to the curbs and garden paths.

Among the ultra.Light models there are classic mini cultivators: with cutters located in the lower part and a high handle for control. The width of the aisle does not exceed 20-26 cm. And there are electric troughs that differ in the type of working equipment. They are equipped not by mills that can literally shred the soil, but with iron pins, which at high speed rotate around their axis. Such a tool is ideal for loosening: even in the most constrained conditions, on narrow beds or a compactly planted flowerbed, it will not damage plant roots and help to cope with weeds.


It is no coincidence that they are called the best cultivators for the cottage, since it is precisely light class devices that are able to perform all tasks that are relevant for people who are accustomed to cultivate summer cells. Their weight does not exceed 25 kg, they are compact and maneuverable. With their help, you can cultivate the land for planting, and then a row, soil areas in greenhouses.

They know how to dig the soil and are able to deepen to 20 cm into the ground. The width of the aisle does not exceed 30 cm, and due to the slight weight with work, both the woman and the elderly person will cope. Their design is compact, often folding, so there are no difficulties with storage either.

Fact. Light cultivators are designed to process summer cottages with an area of ​​4-6 acres. Effective on soft soil, which is processed annually. Not suitable for virgin processing.


They are considered universal, since such cultivators have average power indicators. But choosing an unit of this class due to its universality is not worth. It will be a correct solution if it is necessary to regularly process dense, clay soil on an area of ​​10 acres. It will show itself perfectly on a small potato plantation or when growing various agricultural plants.

The weight of the device is 40-50 kg, which allows it to better delve into the ground compared to light analogues. The depth of work by the milling cutting reaches 30 cm, and the width can be different. From 26 to 60 cm. Many models allow you to set the width of processing at the discretion, and some. And set the depth of plowing, which is convenient for planting different crops.

Only a physically strong man will cope with such an unit, so you should correctly evaluate the tasks that you set before the cultivator. To care for a flower bed and plantings in a greenhouse with its help is inconvenient. He is a good worker in open, spacious areas and dense ground.


Devices of this type are not bought for a summer residence or processing of 10 acres. These are real work horses, “mini-tractors”, capable of plowing virgin lands and treating solid soil on an area of ​​20-30 acres.

Can weigh up to 100 kg, massiveness allows them to easily enter dense ground by 35 cm. They are powerful, with the possibility of switching speeds and a reverse regime, which simplifies movement in the opposite direction. The width of the plowing can reach 160 cm, which allows you to cover maximum area in one pass.

Fact. Heavy cultivators are large. They are chosen for small farm and crop farms.

Мотоблок. Распаковка и сборка.

TOP 11 best motoblocks 2022

Motoblock is a necessary tool in any village farm. Modern devices amaze with multifunctionality and allow you to easily and quickly cope with a half difficult work. From plowing the earth to cultivation and grinding of garbage. It is not surprising that more and more summer residents and inhabitants of the villages decide, to purchase such equipment. True, in order not to be mistaken and not to get confused (and to do this is very simple because of a rich assortment) must be well versed in this topic. Well, for those who do not want to spend too much time studying the market, we will be happy to offer the rating of the best motoblocks from among those presented in the modern market.

  • How to choose a motor block. Recommendations of specialists
  • Light class motor blocks are the best models
  • One. MKM-3 pro
  • 2. Patriot victory
  • 3. Patriot Kaluga (rotary steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432
  • Medium.Class motor blocks. The best models
  • One. Elitech KB 506
  • 2. Patriot Ural
  • 3. Champion BC1193
  • 4. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • Heavy class motor blocks. The best models
  • One. Huter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora Country 1400
  • Which motorblock is better to buy

The best motoblocks Neva

Neva motoblocks have a reputation for reliable garden units thanks to the equipment of Japanese and American manufacturers, which gives the highest resource of the main node and measured work at high loads. Massive power units are able to confidently pull the device forward by rotating the wheels, and the power shaft allows you to attach mills and other active devices. We have prepared the rating of the best Neva walk.Behind tracts for plowing, hilling, hog of grass, snow removal, weeding, cargo transportation when connecting to the trailer.

If you have not yet determined, which gasoline cultivator it is better Select in 2020-2021 for your own cottage, you can compare the technical properties of each model that we indicated in the comparative table.

Model volume of the motor, cube. Cm Width of the Earth’s cultivation, cm speed of rotation of milling,/min Depth of cultivation, cm volume of fuel tank, l average cost,
Mobile to MKM-Mini 98 22.50-42 140 21.5 1.6 17 890
DAEWOO Power Products Dat 3530 57.2 26 140 22 one 12 395
Elitech KB 60H 196 35-85 n/d 32 3 20 695
Champion BC6712 196 30-85 130 33 3.6 21 940
Huter GMC-6.5 196 30-90 190 32 3.6 22 512
Hammer RT-50A 159 fifty 36 1.2 24 352
Hande T 850 196 80 114 thirty 3.6 29 511
Neva MK-200-N5.0 160 65-100 28-120 sixteen 2 32 595
Caiman Trio 70 C3 212 30-90 208 32 3.6 36 695
Echo TC-210 21.2 21 277 25 0.5 30 925
Husqvarna TF 338 212 95 53-97 thirty 4.8 39 945

The best manufacturers of motoblocks

Domestic manufacturers differ in the presence of a large nomenclature of active attachment equipment, the installation of high.Quality and reliable engines, gearboxes and other components. In addition, domestic companies are for the most part, they develop motoblocks taking into account the convenience of their operation. Often are more expensive than Chinese analogues.

The list of the best companies includes the following companies: Kadwil, Mobile K, Ko-Neva, JSC GMZ Agat, Patriot, Caiman, Champion.

  • “Kadwi” (Kaluga). Motor blocks “Avangard”, “Oka”, “Ugra”;
  • “Mobile K” (Gagarin)-Motobiloks “Mobile for MKM-3” and “MKM-4”;
  • “Ko-Neva” (St. Petersburg)-motor blocks “Neva compact”, “MB-1”, “MB-2” and “MB-23”;
  • JSC GMZ “Agat” (Gavrilov Yam). Motobobloks “Agat”.
  • Patriot is a good American producing reliable garden units and devices: motoblocks, motorcycles, chainsaws, etc.D. Users note its durability and assembly quality. A large number of spare parts on the market. Production lines are located in China.
  • Caiman is a good European with high.Quality transmission, gearbox and engine.
  • Champion. The Russian brand is positioned in an accessible price segment with quite high quality standards both at the level of components and at the level of finished products. Champion-Country Country-China

The best middle.Class cultivators for large areas

The following models of cultivators included the top:

1st place Hyundai T 850 6.5 l.With.

  • Engine power: 6.50 l.With. At 3600 rpm
  • Diameter cutter: 300 mm
  • Maximum processing width: 80 cm
  • Reducer type: chain
  • Engine volume: 196 cubic meters. Cm

In the category of the best average gasoline cultivators, Hyundai T 850 6 wins.5 l.With. The device is equipped with a unique Hyundai double.Shit engine, created specifically for this cultivator model. Is characterized by high efficiency and reliability. On the handles there are convenient rubber overlays with increasing comfort when working. Due to the special design of the council, high maneuverability of the motor cultivator is ensured when cultivating land.

  • Transport folding wheel;
  • The possibility of hinging a plow and installing metal wheels;
  • Simple tuning for the height of the lifting of the handles;
  • Control levers directly on the handles;
  • High.Performance three.Lobed cutters made of forged steel;
  • The optimal cutting angle of cutter reduces the load on the engine when operating;
  • Setting up the width of the working strip from 30 to 90 cm;
  • Reduced noise and vibration;
  • Simple and reliable launch system;
  • Side discs protect plants outside the working area;
  • Protective covers for transmission are provided.

2 place Husqvarna TF 230 4.69 l.With.

  • Engine power: 3.45 kW / 4.69 l.With. At 3100 rpm
  • Cultivation depth: 30 cm
  • Maximum processing width: 75 cm
  • Reducer type: chain
  • Engine volume: 196 cubic meters. Cm

Continues the rating of the best legendary maneuverable cultivator equipped with a clear.Refractive gasoline engine. Six durable mills are included in the kit. Three movements: reverse and two front speeds. Reliable ignition allows you to quickly and without failures start the device at any time of the year. The design provides a bumper of engine protection, which is an integral part of the housing and can additionally perform the function of the handle for carrying.

  • Folding handles for the simplicity of transportation and storage;
  • Auxiliary folding wheel for transporting the unit to the place of work;
  • Side covers for protecting plants outside the working area;
  • The center of gravity is shifted forward, which provides confident movement of the device during operation;
  • Adjustment of the handles allows for individual setting to ensure comfortable work;
  • Low noise and vibration;
  • Seven levels of adjustment of plowing depth;
  • High level of heating of the engine body and exhaust system. Touch can cause burns.

3rd place Tarpan TMZ-MK-03 (BS 675EXI)

  • Engine power: 5.5 l.With.
  • Diameter cutter: 300 mm
  • Maximum processing width: 70 cm
  • Engine type: gasoline, 4.Stroke, cylinders: 1
  • Equipment: cutters, coupon

WHY NOT? Lets Install A Snow Plow On A Backhoe

A reliable cultivator, which differs from the previous model of increased efficiency, ease of management, the presence of wide side wings that protect the operator from land comers. Equipped with an auxiliary support wheel. A large processing zone provides a strip of strip up up to 85 cm wide. The ability to work with the removable side cutters allows you to loosen heavy clay soils.

  • Economical German gasoline engine;
  • Proven and reliable American engine Briggs&Stratton;
  • High performance due to a large mass and powerful engine;
  • A reliable starter is well triggered in any weather;
  • Setting up the depth of plowing;
  • There is a reverse and two front speeds;
  • Included tools necessary for assembly;
  • Easy to maintain and operate;
  • The ability to install attachments;
  • Low gasoline consumption;
  • Before starting operation, transmission oil must be poured into a gearbox;
  • The design does not provide a power shaft.

4th place bison MKT-170 6.5 l.With.

  • Engine power: 6.50 l.With.
  • Cultivation depth: 33 cm
  • Maximum processing width: 55 cm
  • Reducer type: chain
  • Equipment: Soshnik

For the convenience of moving the cultivator, a hitch of pneumatic wheels is provided, which are delivered in the kit. A special casing is installed on the case, which protects the device operator from land entering. Self.Measuring mills are made of hardened steel, which ensures their high performance and wear resistance.

  • Economical four.Stroke engine of its own production;
  • The control handles can be adjusted in height;
  • There is a reverse mode, which increases the maneuverability of the cultivator;
  • Belt clutch provides movement without jerking;
  • A strong axis made of hardened steel is used in the chain gearbox;
  • An additional protective casing limits access to cutters during their operation;
  • There is an adjustment of a couch that allows you to configure the depth of plowing;
  • The coupon is combined with the transport wheel, which simplifies the transportation of the unit;
  • Folding handles simplify storage and transportation.

5th place Champion BC6712 5.57 l.With.

  • Engine power: 4.10 kW / 5.57 l.With. At 3600 rpm
  • Cultivation depth: 33 cm
  • Maximum processing width: 85 cm
  • Reducer type: chain
  • Engine volume: 196 cubic meters.Cm

The best average motoblocks

Hyundai T 1300

Gasoline unit with a mechanical gearbox (2 forward and 1 ago). Distinctive feature. Circles made of cast rubber.

Thanks to the material, they are able to withstand heavy design and additional attachments.

Three pairs of milling plants qualitatively cultivate any types of soils, regardless of the total area.

  • Processing width. 90 cm, depth. 30 cm;
  • Engine model. Hyundai IC210, power. 7 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank with a volume of 3, 6 l;
  • Noise level. 96 dB;
  • Dimensions. 70x45x80 cm;
  • Weight. 93 kg.
  • Control elements are located on the handle;
  • Adjustable couch;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Fuel economy;
  • Fast cultivation of the required area of ​​the land;
  • The ability to equip a motorcycle unit with any mounting equipment;
  • Affordable price.

Champion BC1193

The gasoline model is equipped with a powerful engine, a disk clutch, a gear drive. Wide pneumatic wheels not only withstand the significant weight of the overall design, but also gives it maneuverability, ease in management.

Motoblock is designed for a long service life.

A mechanical gearbox with two front speeds and one reverse allow you to quickly perform the tasks.

  • Cultivation width. 110 cm, depth. 30 cm;
  • It is equipped with 8 mills;
  • Engine type. Four.Stroke with 1 cylinder, model. Champion G270HK, volume. 270 cubic meters. Cm, power. 9 l. With.;
  • Noise level. 78 dB;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 6 l;
  • Dimensions. 180x80x110 cm;
  • Weight. 132 kg.
  • Reliability, trouble.Free work;
  • May act as universal equipment due to equipment with attachment equipment;
  • Smooth move, quiet work;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • High power characteristics.

Patriot Nevada

Gasoline walk.Behind tractor with a mechanical gearbox, three.Way transmission. It has a disk clutch and a gear drive that increase the smoothness of the unit movement during plowing of the earth.

A distinctive feature is the ability to cultivate any types of soils.

  • Cultivation width. 100 cm;
  • Engine type. Four.Stroke with 1 cylinder, power. 7 liters. With.;
  • There is a reverse, a power shaft, pneumatic wheels;
  • Weight. 89 kg.
  • Trouble.Free inclusion;
  • Reliable work;
  • The endurance of the wheels that withstand the significant weight of the equipment and additional equipment;
  • High.Quality soil treatment is observed;
  • Affordable price.
which, motoblock, better, plowing, virgin

Neva MB-23B-10.0

High.Performance model that function on gasoline. The speed of the milling plant is increased to 160 about. Min. This allows you to cultivate the soil much faster and better.

Gear.Drive provides a smooth move to the aggregate.

At the same time, the control system is simplified. The elements are correctly located on the handle, which allows a teenager to use the technique.

  • Earth cultivation width-86-127 cm, depth-20 cm;
  • The presence of 6 mills, three gears. 2 forward and 1 ago, reverse;
  • Engine model. Briggs and Stratton, power. 10, 06 liters. With.;
  • Weight. 105 kg.
  • Power, endurance;
  • Wings on cutters perform a protective function;
  • Good build quality;
  • Adjustable handle;
  • Quiet work;
  • Jerks are excluded when switching gears.

Huter MK-11000 (M)

A powerful gasoline model from the rating of the best middle.Class walk.Behind tracts. Equipped with a mechanical gearbox with a three.Way transmission.

Protective wings protect the user from random jumps of land coma, do not allow the soil to cover low.Growing crops.

Differs with easy and understandable assembly, due to the presence of instructions from the manufacturer.

  • Soil processing width. 115 cm;
  • Diameter of the milling cutter. 32 cm;
  • The type of engine is four.Stroke with 1 cylinder, with a power of 11 liters.With.;
  • There is a reverse, a fuel tank with a volume of 3, 6 liters;
  • Weight. 140 kg.
  • There is an oil level sensor;
  • Is characterized by increased power and endurance;
  • The engine is protected from overheating, which affects its durability and reliability;
  • The severity of the structure is not felt, due to the thoughtful handle;
  • In its performance, it is compared with a small farm tractor;
  • Value for money.

Best electric cultivators

Electric cultivators are suitable for caring for flower beds, lawns, small personalities. They are indispensable where it is impossible to use units with a gasoline engine. In closed spaces of greenhouses, greenhouses. The main feature of this type of device is the work “on a leash”, the presence of an electric motor and a cable that feeds it. It is clear that the farm cannot be plowed, eating from the outlet. Therefore, engines here are up to 3-4 liters.With., What is enough for the tasks that are facing the electrical cultivator.

Wortex RC 4016

Light, compact cultivator is suitable for loose soil work. Engine power 2.18 liters.With. This is enough for seasonal digging of beds, previously cultivated. This unit is not suitable for working on the virgin land. Thanks to folding wheels and a handle, a minimum is required for its storage. 4 cutters capture 40 cm of soil for the passage. The depth of cultivation is 22 cm, which in quality is similar to traditional work with a shovel. The cultivator is light, weighs 11 kg, there is no sashnik, so the effort for deepening is provided by the operator.

Hyundai T 1820E

The width of the passage of this model is 40 cm. Side cutters can be removed and reduced to this value, work on inter.Gamies and other narrow areas. Hyundai T 1820E is also suitable for introducing fertilizers to the soil, hilling and cutting the furrows. The unit weighs 12 kg, if necessary, you can use the transport wheels.

The engine gives a power of 2 liters.With., copes with loose soils, suitable for work on flower beds in the city. Noise level does not exceed 90 dB.

In terms of technical characteristics, the model is not very different from analogues. The emphasis here is on quality and ergonomics. The design of control knobs, weight distribution is such that even a woman will cope with the cultivator.

Patriot Elektra 1000

This ultra.Swear cultivator can replace the work with a shovel on an already processed land: prepare the beds for planting, scare the ground under the trees, turn the upper layer of the soil for the winter. He weighs only 4.5 kg, the operator fully creates the working effort, the patriot is not enough to burp his weight to deepen. The width of the working pass is 36 cm, the depth is 10-20 cm.

The engine costs 1.36 liters.With. This is a little, but everything is better than digging with a shovel. To facilitate the design, plastic in the case details was used. This model provides for protection against accidental inclusion. For the convenience of the user on the handle there is a hook for an extension cord.

Zubble KKD-900

This is a simple, reliable cultivator designed for closed rooms and in small garden areas. It has 900 watts motor. Sharp hardened mills with a diameter of 20 cm are completely completely deepened. The width of the working field is 30 cm when working on 4 mills.

Champion EC1400

Such a cultivator can replace a light gasoline unit for seasonal work in the garden. The Champion has a reliable, powerful 1.9 liter engine.With., The kit includes 6 mills with a width of processing up to 40 cm. Knife diameter 22 cm. A well.Thought.Out design and 2 transport wheels make a cultivator mobile. EC1400 works relatively quiet, with minimal vibration. Device weight 11 kg.

Huter EMC-1400

Classic from Germany. High quality and attention to details. Cultivator power 2.18 liters.With., processing width 40 cm. Diameter mill 21 cm. The manufacturer recommends working only on the surface of the Earth (cultivation), but the unit pulls other typical seasonal work in the garden and greenhouse.

Weighs Huter EMC-1400 15 kg, but it is easy to control it, t.To. There are transport wheels. The handle is adjusted, controlled by one button.

Hyundai T 2000

This model can be attributed to the middle class, its weight is 29 kg. The Hyundai Eco asynchronous engine is installed here with a power of 2.7 liters.With., For electrical cultivators, this is quite a lot. The manufacturer put forged mills here, which is characteristic of gasoline counterparts.

So, the cultivator is able to process up to 5-6 acres, issuing high quality and efficiency of work. Passage width 45 cm, depth 26 cm, there is a coupon. There are lateral discord disks and wheel wheel wheel. The height of the steering wheel changes smoothly.

DAEWOO Power Products Dat 2500er

In this cultivator there is a motor for 3.4 horses! This is one of the most powerful units operating from the network. The engine was developed by DAEWOO specifically for cultivators. He has a high efficiency and a large service resource. Sable.Shaped mills are installed on the axis, for which even virgin lands will not be a problem. Cromocores discs will grind the soil Комментарии и мнения владельцев, turning the earth from the fluff. The width of the aisle reaches 0.55 m, the depth is 26 cm. In case of stones or large branches, a protective shutdown is triggered. 30 kg weights are enough for the cultivator to plunge and do not jump even on the virgin lands.

Heavy and powerful to cope with soil of any quality, while compact and maneuverable.

TOP-7 rating of the best models

Place Name Price
TOP-7 best light motoblocks
one Patriot Victory (440 10 7212) 27 000 ₽
2 Mobile to MKM-3 about MVK0018443 44 000 ₽
3 Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MVK0018432 38 000 ₽
4 Huter MK-7000 19 000 ₽
5 Aurora Country 800 HD 31 000 ₽
6 Patriot Kaluga (rotary steering wheel) 19 000 ₽
7 CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK 59 000 ₽

Light class models are used in small areas. Due to the small weight, it is easy to cope with the management and processing of area up to 0.5 hectare. The equipment is equipped with several gears and an average engine, therefore it is not used to transport goods. Consider the characteristics of popular models, their advantages and disadvantages.

Patriot Victory (440 10 7212)

The manufacturer produces high.Quality units that undergo thorough verification and testing. The Patriot Victory model is equipped with a four.Stroke engine for 198 cubic centimeters with an increased motorized resource that does not need additional maintenance.

The best option for use at any time of the year.

It is equipped with hardened cutters.

The use of the plow, cigarette and potato trailer is provided with a plow.

  • Processing width. 100 cm;
  • Engine volume. 198 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7 l.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Motoboglok weight. 78 kg.

Mobile to MKM-3 about MVK0018443

Reliable and high.Quality unit, with which it is easy to work due to high power. You can dig the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

Suitable for small areas, since the processing width is small.

Accelerates to 8.3 km/h ahead and up to 2.6 km/h in the rear.

At the same time weighs only 67 kg, which is very convenient during transportation and storage.

  • Processing width-73-105 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 34 cm;
  • Engine volume. 196 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 6.53 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • Motoboglok weight. 69 kg.

Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MVK0018432

One of the best motoblocks in his class. Working with it is comfortable and safe. You can dig the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

The unit quickly accelerates to 8.3 km/h on the front.Wheel drive and up to 2.5 km/h on the back. Effective when processing small areas.

It is used for plowing, removing weeds, hilling potatoes.

which, motoblock, better, plowing, virgin

Due to compact size, convenient in transportation and storage. Equipped with hardened cutters that ensure high.Quality soil processing.

  • Processing width. 73 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 34 cm;
  • Engine volume. 212 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7.07 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • Motoboglok weight. 67 kg.

Huter MK-7000

Agricultural unit used to cultivate, loosen and alignment of the soil, as well as for other tasks.

Demonstrates excellent results on garden and farms.

Convenient when used in narrow areas.

Equipped with a gasoline engine with a rotation frequency regulator that simplifies the operation of the operator. Suitable for conjugation with hinged equipment.

  • Processing width-61-100 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 30 cm;
  • Engine volume. 208 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7 l.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Motoboglok weight. 72 kg.

Aurora Country 800 HD

One of the most popular light motoblocks with an excellent price ratio and quality. A simple and convenient technique will become a universal assistant.

The possibility of choosing the width of the processed site is provided, so the model is suitable for work in large territory and in small passages.

Large wheels provide good cross.Country ability for any type of soil.

Two front and one back speed is provided, which significantly increases comfort during operation.

  • Processing width-80-120 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 30 cm;
  • Engine volume. 207 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 5.71 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 155x80x91;
  • Motoboglok weight. 65 kg.
  • Selection of width of the processed site;
  • Power;
  • Several speeds;
  • Russian assembly;
  • Stability;
  • Durable case.