Which Mower Is Better

Gasoline or electric lawn mower; how to choose and which one is better
Which lawn mower is better: petrol or electric? Overview of the main features of the devices. Comparison of representatives of different categories. Tips for choosing.

Gasoline or electric lawn mower. How to choose and which is better

Regular care of the lawn is a guarantee of its attractive appearance and health. An indispensable assistant in this matter is a lawn mower. A tool that is familiar to almost every owner of a personal plot.

The modern market offers a large assortment of considered devices, differing not only in operational and technical characteristics and cost, but also in the principle of operation and the energy source used.

The undisputed leaders are gasoline and electrical appliances. In the course of studying the information below, you will find out which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric and how the arguments in favor of this or that option are reasoned.

Table. Features of use

Assessment criterion Description
Site dimensions Electric lawn mowers are effective when processing areas that do not exceed 100-300 m 2 (depending on the individual characteristics of the particular case). With a more impressive size of the territory, preference should objectively be given in favor of the gasoline model. One of these models is the MTD gasoline lawn mower, which is able to put things in order in your territory in a short time. Users who do not want to pollute the environment with exhaust gases and experience other inconveniences typical of gasoline mowers will have to additionally solve the problems of arranging reliable power sources at the place of use of the tool.
Distance from the power source It is optimal when several suitable sources of electricity are mounted in the garden. In such a situation, using an electric mower will not arise any difficulties. If you do not want to burden yourself with attachment to the network, buy a gasoline unit. In addition to these devices, you can purchase a rotary mower for a mini tractor, which, as the name implies, works with the help of transport.
Duration of the mowing process The wider the tool’s working area, the faster it will cut grass. So, mowers, the indicator of the working area of ​​which is kept within the limits of 250-300 mm, allow you to process about 400 m 2 of lawn in up to 30-40 minutes. An average mower with a working area of ​​300-400 mm will do it 2 times faster. The purchase of a device with more than half a meter working area is advisable if it is necessary to process an area over 1000 m 2.
Lawn shape An area with smooth edges is more convenient to work with a powerful mower with a large mowing area. For irregularly shaped lawns, a tool with a small working width is suitable.

Additionally, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristics of gasoline and electric lawn mowers in terms of the main parameters “in numbers”.

Table. Technical and operational characteristics

Assessment criterion Description
Power and noise Gasoline units, all other things being equal, will be much more powerful than their electric “counterparts”. Electric mowers are powered from the mains, therefore, there is simply no possibility of installing high-power motors on them. The voltage generated will exceed the permissible limits and the network will simply fail. Along with the, many models come with a battery that allows you to work up to 2-3 hours at a distance from the power source. The level of noise generated by the tool during operation directly depends on the power of the installed motor. In view of this, the inclusion of headphones in the package of many gasoline lawn mowers is not an attempt by the manufacturer to earn extra money, but an urgent need to protect the user’s hearing. It is important to understand that high power is not always an advantage. For example, it is better not to use a high-performance engine on difficult areas. To understand the essence of the statement, we give a simple example: a site is processed with a medium power tool. A bone dragged by a dog, a small stone or any other hard foreign object gets under the cutting element. What will happen to the engine? It will stall. To resume work, it will be enough to remove the obstacle and restart the mower.

When using a high-powered lawnmower, such circumstances may lead to damage. The motor will most likely not shut off and continue to rotate seized cutting tools. As a result, the knives will bend, deformation of the shaft and destruction of the bushings will occur, and this already requires expensive overhaul.

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Generally to service a medium-sized plot, the capabilities of a model with 6-7 “horses” will be enough. Buying a more powerful unit in most cases is meaningless and impractical.

The following table provides recommendations for choosing a lawn mower, taking into account the characteristics of the service area and ease of use.

See device selection criteria at.

Lawn mower basics

The key difference between the units under consideration lies in the used energy resource, which becomes clear from the names of the devices.

Gasoline models are characterized by higher performance and power ratings. They are optimal suitable for large lawns, they are characterized by excellent mobility and are not so dependent on the source of electricity, in comparison with their electric “brothers”.

In the case of gasoline mowers, there is a direct relationship between the installed engine power and the mowing width: the larger the first characteristic, the more impressive the second.

But in terms of cost, a gasoline-powered lawn mower is significantly inferior to its electric counterpart. Here the buyer must decide for himself what is more important to him: economy or usability and productivity.

The power of electric lawn mowers can range from 300 to 1500 watts depending on the location of the engine (in more powerful models it is located on top).

On the features of different types of mowers.

  • The inability to use in rainy weather (a subjective disadvantage, since few people have a desire to mow the grass under the downpour);
  • Relatively low engine power, in accordance with which the index of the capture area decreases. As a result, other things being equal, you will have to spend more time on processing the site with an electric mower than when using a gasoline equivalent.

The main advantages of units using electricity as an energy resource, the following:

  • Practicality;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Affordable cost, etc.

Key selection criteria

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to compare the available options according to several groups of criteria: firstly, technical and operational properties, and secondly, in accordance with the features and operating conditions. Follow the link where, especially for you, we will tell you in detail how to choose a lawn mower, based on your wishes and preferences. For greater ease of perception, information on this subject is presented in the form of tables.

Table. Comparative parameters

Assessment criterion Gasoline Lawn Mowers Electric lawn mowers
Power Up to 16 horsepower Average from 1 to 1100 kW
Bevel height On average, up to 7-9 different levels, up to 9-10 cm. It is not recommended to use lawn mowers for processing areas with grass more than 10-15 cm in height. Similarly
Bevel width Up to 100-110 cm On average up to 50 cm
Weight Average 25-45 kg Average 10-25 kg
Land area On average up to 6000 m 2 Up to 900 m 2 for high-end models
Duration of work without interruption In practice, it is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank and the manufacturer’s recommendations. On average, up to 15 minutes. After. A break of at least the same duration.
The cost On average 10-250 thousand rubles 4-70 thousand rubles and above

Purpose of mowers and requirements for them

The mowers are designed to cut grass at a certain height from the ground. When creating a product, designers receive a specific technical assignment. It takes into account certain requirements, which are subsequently implemented by ready-made attachments:

  • Capture width.
    This parameter cannot be too significant, since walk-behind tractors are designed for use in small areas. They have to move in a straight line and avoid obstacles.
  • Cut height.
    It is an important indicator of the efficiency of work production. The lower the vegetation is cut, the more biomaterial is obtained for drying and feeding the animals.
  • Allowable grass or shrub height.
    Depends on the thickness of the stem in the cutting area, as well as the convenience of work. Falling tall plants will make it difficult to move. You will have to come back often to overcome difficult areas.
  • The speed of movement of the unit, which will determine the performance of mowing vegetation.
  • Weight of attachments.
    The heavier the device, the more difficult it is to carry it and mount it to the walk-behind tractor.
  • Convenience in work.
    It means access to control knobs (on and off), regulation of modes (faster or slower).
  • Maintainability.
    This is the possibility of restoring equipment on our own or you will have to constantly contact service centers.
  • Use of wear-resistant and durable materials.
    This is a guarantee of long-term operation in the harsh cutting conditions of dry and wet grass.
  • Protective fences.
    To prevent human or domestic animals from entering the cutting area.

Which Mower Is Better

The advantages of rotary mowers

  1. Simple and compact attachments, it is not difficult to transfer, mount on a walk-behind tractor.
  2. In the trunk of a car, the machine-tractor unit is transported disassembled, at the intended site it is assembled and started to work.
  3. Service is simple. At the end of the work, it is easy to remove the remnants of the cut material. Performing routine maintenance, rubbing units are lubricated.
  4. The presence of guards contributes to the safe operation of the equipment.
  5. When mowing, the operator can easily maneuver. The center of gravity is located on the wheels, so sharp turns and changes of direction of travel are not difficult.
  6. Rotary mowers are relatively inexpensive. They are purchased more often to equip them with energy-rich units.
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Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • You need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • Traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.

What are the mowers for the walk-behind tractor

Mounted mowers for motoblocks are usually divided according to the principle of action into:

  • Rotary. In them, active knives make rotational movements about the vertical axis. Moving forward, the machine-tractor unit mows vegetation: grass and small bushes;
  • Segmented, have a special frame on which two rows of cutting elements are located. They reciprocate, cutting off the stems. With a forward movement, the active working body performs cutting in the root part.

Each type has its own characteristics. Users report positive and negative values ​​for each design.

Segment mowers for motoblocks

The design, developed in the middle of the 19th century, has not undergone significant changes. A number of fixed segments are fixed to the frame. Above, there is a movable rod (it reciprocates relative to the fixed frame), a second row of segments is installed on it. The stem caught between the segments is cut.

Similar mowers are used for high grass stands. They are effective in overgrown areas. Traditionally, segment mowers are used to cut grass for hay.

Many users note that it is convenient to work with a segment mower both on plains and in areas with difficult terrain. The cut is made near the ground, which increases the mass of the harvested material. When mowing, the device puts the mown vegetation into a swath. This improves the conditions for drying and obtaining high-quality hay.

The speed of the unit can be up to 4.0… 4.3 km / h, which corresponds to the normal gait of a person.

The devices are produced in two versions:

  1. Finger, they use additional protection of segments (overhead fingers) from solid objects entering the cutting zone;
  2. Fingerless do not have additional protection. It is assumed that the mowing has been in use for many years. There are no objects on them that can destroy the segments of the cutting organ.

Attention! Practice has shown that the presence of a protective finger over the segments increases the maintenance-free operation several times. The complex design pays off with lower costs for restoring operability.

Rotary mounted mowers for motoblocks

On uneven areas of a relatively small size, rotary mowers are used. Structurally, they represent a disk located at the cutting height. Rotation from the power take-off shaft (PTO) of the walk-behind tractor is transmitted to the executive body.

Several knives are installed on the disk, which, under the action of the centrifugal force arising during rotation, diverge in different directions. When they come into contact with stems and blades of grass, they cut them.

Low grasses have time to be in the cutting zone several times, therefore they are crushed. A herbal mass is formed. Gardeners use it for mulching the soil in their gardens. Poultry happily pecks on this herbal mixture.

Rotary attachments are produced in two versions:

  1. Single disc. One large cutting disc is installed on the frame. It determines the working width.
  2. Two-disk. Mounted two discs rotating in opposite directions. They are installed parallel to each other. The capture width depends on the size of the diameters of both.

Attention! The two-disc machine is not much more complicated than the single-disc version, but during operation, the mowed grass is laid in a swath that is formed between the discs. In the future, it is easier to rake and transport the crop.

Principle of operation and scope

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and place them in even shafts or evenly across the field, which greatly facilitates hay transportation. Many models have a safety catch that deflects the knives when they hit an obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, the knives can be deflected up to 45 °, which will provide a better clean cut.

Modifications of this device differ in the number of cutting parts, the method of attachment and the processing area. Many models can be used for harvesting forage, as they are equipped with a weed grinder. The work of the device takes place with the help of the tractor selection shaft using a bevel, cardan or other transmission.

Rotary mowers are ideal for:

  • Clearing the field from weeds;
  • Pasture mowing;
  • Removing grass.

The unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of use. Its width must be selected taking into account the amount of work and the size of the treated area.

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The saw blade for the segmental finger mower consists of two metal parts: movable and fixed. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles a scissor. Cutting parts are shaped like sharp-edged triangles called segments or fingers. The grass is cut between the edges of the knives, stacked in rows and easy to collect. The double-blade fingerless mower is characterized by two moving parts that move in opposite directions. Such a device cuts cleaner, does not get clogged with debris.

  • Mowing thick stalks of dry grass;
  • Weed removal;
  • Mowing of naturally growing grass and seeded crops.

Useful information

A mower for a walk-behind tractor or MTZ, LTZ tractors is a modern and effective way of caring for your site, mowing grain crops or wild plants. Technological models are used in the warm season and allow you to quickly put in order the backyard or summer cottage area. Mowing vegetation, making hay and keeping order takes a short time. It is much more convenient to use attachments for a tractor or its mini-version than outdated tools.

Modern mowers are presented in several types, each of which has its own advantages. The choice between a rotary and a segmented unit depends on the characteristics of the site and the goals set. Both devices in high-quality performance are productive, efficient and durable, and also affect the reliability of all equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of a rotary mower

The range is quite wide and you can choose suitable devices for different types of leading machines. All rotary mowers share the following advantages:

  • Even mowing and neat folding of the grass;
  • Protection from stones at the disc with knives (the main difference from other types);
  • Easy maintenance and excellent maintainability.

The cutting parts adapt to the relief.

  • Lower performance compared to segment;
  • Low quality of work at low speed.

Not very suitable for mowing soft grass.

Rotary or disc implements must be selected for specific conditions. Powerful cultivators are suitable for removing thick and tough stems. The large weight and width of the mower can cope with vegetation in large areas with difficult terrain.

Service features

One of the main advantages of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance. Such equipment is chosen by farmers due to its simplicity of design and the absence of the need for frequent repairs. The condition of the device will need to be monitored, because spare parts for trailed mowers wear out over time and require replacement or maintenance. The repair is not complicated, one person can handle the actions.

For efficient operation, the lubricant is checked, parts for malfunction or damage, and knots and chain adjustments are made.

The need for frequent maintenance of the segment mower depends on the model. Attachments for large equipment may need this every shift and at the end of the working season. A mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass and other things, the reliability of the attachment of the cutting plate knives is checked. Periodically, the elements will need to be sharpened or replaced, and lubrication is also required. The segment mower is more difficult to maintain, as it has a more complex structure and a time-consuming hanging process.

Design differences

A rotary mower is a base frame on which several cutting discs are installed. On the sides there are sleds for sliding the device on the ground. Cutting of grass is carried out by discs with knives, which rotate while driving. They rotate in different directions so that vegetation is cut evenly. In the mower, you can change the angle of inclination.

On MTZ, devices are attached to the front, side or behind to the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The cutting system is based on the use of several rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is installed on. The hinged structure, which is located at the rear, does not have its own chassis, but it can have one or more wheels. The hitch, located in front of the walk-behind tractor or tractor, has its own frame, to which cutting parts and controls are attached.

A segment mower, like a rotary mower, is suitable for a mini-tractor and its more powerful version. The design resembles a set of scissors that cut grass. A walk-behind tractor with equipment performs well the tasks of mowing vegetation along the roadside and in tight places on the site.

The main units of the segment cultivator include a frame base on a wheel base, a cutterbar consisting of many knives, a drive and a bar. Height adjustment is carried out using the side slide. The executive body of the equipment is of two types: segment-finger and double-knife fingerless.