Which Orbital Sander To Choose

Attachments and attachments

The price of a manual grinder makes you think about the need to purchase it, and many are trying to make an analogue of an angle grinder, drill or homemade device.

For both the angle grinder and the drill, there are special attachments that allow you to sand wood.

Homemade grinders

If you wish, you can independently make a belt-type grinder. a grinder. But this process is laborious and traumatic, requiring skills in working with wood, metal, electrics, welding skills will come in handy.

Which Orbital Sander To Choose

Stages of creating a homemade grinder:

  • Find materials needed: scrap metal, springs, rollers, bearings, electric motor and wires.
  • Provides a solid base for attaching the device.
  • Install a countertop that fits the size.
  • Install parallel racks with an electric motor and a drum with a sanding belt tensioner.
  • Assemble and attach drums and an electric motor.
  • Install sanding belt.

Choosing a sander for wood

For professional and domestic purposes, a sander is often needed to sand a coating or remove an old layer. Most often, wood needs such processing. There are rarely ideal quality lumber on sale that does not need preliminary preparation, but they cost much more. Therefore, a wood sander should be at hand for every master.

Delta Grinder

A delta sander (abbreviated as DShM) refers to vibration grinders, since it operates on the same principle. the platform vibrates at high frequency.

Differences from a surface grinder are in the delta-shaped platform resembling an iron (hence the name), small size and reduced amplitude of platform oscillations.

Due to the shape and smaller travel, the DShM platforms are used for rough and final sanding of small hard-to-reach places, such as grooves, projections and corners.

This model is not recommended for large volumes of woodworking, for this belt and surface grinders are more suitable.

Velcro disc for angle grinder

For sanding wood, an angle grinder uses special velcro discs for sanding paper.

When sanding, the angle grinder is moved in different directions with gentle movements. The grinding wheel breaks from collision with the head of the nail or sudden movements. Using paper of different grain size, you can carry out rough and medium sanding of the wooden surface. At the same time, the working speed will be faster than with other grinders.

It will be difficult to complete the finishing work as K. She needs to work very carefully so as not to damage the product. The tool will constantly be pulled to the side, pulled out of the hands.

The nozzle does not have dust removal, which is why debris will constantly accumulate under the sandpaper and interfere with work, leave scratches, and reduce the speed. The disc is cleaned by grinding the metal for a few seconds. During this time, all adhering dust particles burn out.

We comply with safety rules

Working with the grinder requires care and attention. If you do not follow the precautions, injuries are possible, so you must adhere to the rules:

  • Some models of grinders make a lot of noise during operation. Therefore, special earmuffs must be worn to protect the eardrums.
  • Even the presence of a construction vacuum cleaner does not guarantee a complete absence of dust. To protect the lungs from dust, wear a respirator, or use a moist, dense gauze bandage.
  • Construction goggles are needed to protect eyes from dust and chips.
  • To avoid injury, you will need tight clothing and shoes that cover all parts of the body, use gloves.
  • Before cleaning the dust container, disconnect the sander from the electricity.
  • The instrument is turned off by pressing the button before pulling out the plug from the socket.

Household equipment

Such a tool involves working on a case-by-case basis. If you want to choose a sander for your home, then pay attention to the small equipment. Such a tool has less power, lower performance, a modest set of additional functions, but much more attractive in terms of cost.

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Household grinders are rated for an average of 10 hours of work per week. In addition, after 10-15 minutes of work, they need to rest for about the same time. You can choose a household-type sander if you have your own summer cottage, a garage with a car, or you are doing some kind of woodwork, of course, without looking at the flow.

Next, consider the classification of the instrument.

Vibration machine

Here we have a tool with a soft base, where the housing with the motor and controls is located. The unit makes the eccentric mechanism move in a reciprocating manner and acts on the next part of the structure. the sole. The latter spins at high speed and vibrates at the same time.

The sanding sheets are attached to the body with Velcro strips or clips. The advantages with the disadvantages of the first and second we covered above, and in this case they remain the same. Sheets can have different grain levels to handle the respective materials.

Many "garage" masters ask themselves the question: "What sander to choose for furniture?" Professionals in this field unanimously declare that there is no better vibration equipment. It is the ideal tool for the final surface treatment of plastics, soft metals, natural stone, and finicky furniture. If you need to choose a sander for wood, then this is just your option.

In addition, such equipment is very often used in auto repair shops for delicate bodywork, where gentle polishing is required.

Next, we will consider several specific options for the tool. This will help you navigate a little in the variety on the market and choose the right sander for walls, metal, wood and other surfaces.

Tape machine

On the wide base of such a tool, there is a body with an electric motor inside. The working area is usually rectangular. The center of gravity of the equipment is slightly downward to minimize operator effort. The tool assumes work on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

A ring-shaped belt, which is a sandpaper, acts as a tooling. Due to a pair of end rollers, the belt is driven and provides not only processing of the base material, but also the removal of dirt and dust from the object.

To answer the question of which belt sander to choose, you will also need to figure out which surface to work with. Metal requires a serious tool, while wood and plastic require less powerful and more affordable tools.

Many professionals advise choosing a belt sander for primary, that is, rough processing: remove putty from walls, old paint, as well as cleaning windows and door frames from foreign elements. Such equipment will significantly save time and effort in preparing for the final procedures.

Also, professionals advise buying a narrow-profile tool of this kind, and not a more powerful universal one. That is, it is better to choose a belt sander for wood and use it for its intended purpose. furniture, windows, floors, etc., and not go broke on expensive universal options, the power of which will simply not be in demand.

How to choose a sander: model overview and professional advice

Grinding equipment is an ideal tool for treating problem surfaces: removing rust from the car body, pipes, cleaning paint and varnish coatings, etc. In addition, some types of such equipment can cut brick, concrete, slate, the same pipes and other materials.

The modern market offers a huge range of equipment of this kind. Experienced consumers already know what exactly they will need in this or that case, but beginners ask many questions: "What sander to choose for a car, for furniture, for cutting?" We will try to consider all the nuances that may arise when buying such a tool.

From our article, you will learn how to choose the right grinder, what to pay special attention to and how not to make a mistake with the purchase. We will also give as an example several of the most successful models in different directions. So let’s get started.

Makita 9404

This is a belt sander from a famous Japanese brand. Just as in the two previous cases, this professional model completely recovers the funds invested in it (about 15 thousand rubles) with its efficiency, reliability and high ergonomic performance.

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A particularly good moment in the design of the instrument should be noted separately. Here we are talking about a stabilizing system for the tape, or rather its position. You can work with the machine from any angle, but the emery sheet will always have the same effective tension. Belt speed adjustable from 210 to 440 rpm.

There are no complaints about the build quality. Products from "Makita" have always been distinguished by well-fitted parts without backlash, gaps and other shortcomings. The same can be said for ergonomics. Japanese engineers have taken into account almost everything, and it is a pleasure to work with the tool.

  • Good performance;
  • Belt stabilization system;
  • Reliable protection of the operator from dust;
  • High ergonomic performance;
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Non-standard tape size;
  • The outsole wears out quickly.

Features of using the tool

To answer the question of how to choose a grinder, first, let’s figure out some of the features of using the tool. Here we will focus on household and professional appliances. The difference between the first and the second is very significant both in price and in capabilities.

Belt Sanders: A Comparative Review. What to look for when choosing

When buying a belt sander, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Power indicators. This value is important for processing rough surfaces, with strong pressure on the sander. At higher power, the performance indicators increase, which affects the thickness of the removed layer. Power range different models of LShM have in the range from 300 to 1500 W.
  • Speed ​​mode. Speed ​​also refers to the drive speed and belt revolutions per minute. The quality and speed of grinding depends on this. At higher speeds, the surface finish is rougher. Using a fast but low power machine can be more difficult.
  • Indicators of eccentricity, or working ground stroke. With a lower value of this indicator, the vibration level of the tool is lower. It determines how rough the surface of the product will be. At lower vibration, the result will be cleaner and better. It is very important to be able to change this parameter when using an eccentric machine for fine and finishing work. The value is in the range of 3-8 mm. For example, 6 mm is for rough and rough grinding, and 3 mm is for fine grinding.
  • The size of the area of ​​work surfaces, or soles. For a draw frame, this value is the length and width of the abrasive belt. With a larger area, the productivity of the tool increases, but its accuracy indicators decrease.
  • Dimensions of the abrasive belt. The standard sizes of belts for belt sanders are: 77 x 467 mm, 77 x 543 mm, 77 x 620 mm. Semi-professional sanders can have a belt width of more than 100 mm, but for everyday tasks they are rarely used.
  • Abrasive belt material. This product may have an abrasive aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide layer. The zirconium tape provides a deeper, but more aggressive finish, resulting in scratches that must later be treated with smaller grit tape. Zirconia tape is a great solution for metal surfaces.
  • Useful functionality. This includes the ability to adjust the speed modes that affect the rotation of the belt and automatic centering of the belts, which will prevent the rollers from sliding during rotational movement.

First of all, when buying LSHM, you need to decide for what purposes the equipment will be used. The main difference between LShM and other machines is abrasive belts of various classification. The smallest version of the tape machine can handle a tape that is 62 mm wide. The advantage of LShM is that they are light and easy to use.

The next parameter when choosing a device is the duration of its operation. If it needs to be used for light work and for finishing small items, a simple and inexpensive machine can be purchased. For construction tasks, it is best to use a more expensive typewriter. Such products are less prone to wear and tear.

When choosing LSHM, it is also necessary to take into account a number of additional parameters:

  • The presence of a brake. Thanks to the automatic braking system, it is possible to prevent the formation of grooves on the workpiece;
  • The shape of the handles and additional handle. Their presence is a very important and individual parameter. The user-friendly design has a direct impact on the working comfort. In this regard, the equipment must be purchased independently, initially holding the instrument in hands.
  • The presence of a battery. Affects the autonomy of the device.
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Reliable brands of belt sanders

Among the professional models, it is worth noting the types of LSHM of such brands as Makita, DeWalt, among the household ones. tools from HAMMER, BORT, Bosch, Skil, Stanley. These are the most reliable types of grinding tools. They have a familiar design, have been proven in work and have been in demand among craftsmen of various levels for decades. Each model of belt sander can have a different roller design.

Which wood belt sander is better to choose

The arsenal of home craftsmen must necessarily include a sander for wood. Carrying out repair work, it is difficult to do without such a universal device. Sanding and polishing wood floors, walls, or furnishings takes a lot of time and effort. Using a belt sander, you can not only facilitate the work process, but also perform better and more accurate grinding. But for the correct work, it is important to know which wood belt sander to choose and what you should pay attention to?

What is a wood belt sander

Belt type grinders are the most powerful tools in their class. Through them, you can easily carry out the processing of extensive surfaces of wood, metal, plastic and other types of products.

To process the material in this device, an abrasive belt is used, which is closed by a ring and stretched over a rotating pair of rollers. Its speed depends on the capacity of the equipment and can vary from 150 to 500 m / min. You can set the desired speed mode yourself in order to influence the indicators of aggressiveness and the degree of processing of the wooden surface in each case individually.

In the course of the movement of the tape, a rather large layer of material is removed, which can be compared with the effect of working with an electric plane. The size of the area and the thickness of the layer that is cut off by the abrasive belt depends on its length, width and grain size. Every DIYer should have a variety of abrasives available. This will allow you to use the fixture to both rough and finish the product. When choosing a tape, it is important to take into account its elasticity, the absence of irregularities at the edges and the presence of strong ideal joints.

The processing of a wooden surface with the help of LShM occurs according to the following principle: the machine is installed on the treated surface area without skewing. It is also important not to put pressure on the equipment during operation. Movements should be smooth, longitudinal or circular. To make a precise fit of the part, sanding is carried out using short translational movements or using bounding boxes.

The set of belt sanders provides for equipping the tool with a dust bag. Which is attached to the shaft and allows the collection of sawdust and wood dust. Thanks to the dust collector, the workplaces remain clean, which affects the protection of the motor from contamination.

Some skill is required to work with a belt sander on wood. Before you start working on an important product, you should try your hand at a less significant surface. A beginner master should give preference to those models on which a frame is provided that allows you to control the depth of processing.

Varieties of grinders

Grinding attachments are of several types and modifications. Their difference lies in the principle of operation and design features.

Types of grinders:

  • Belt. used for rough processing of wooden surfaces;
  • Vibration grinding. allow you to perform soft processing;
  • Eccentric. used for polishing;
  • Delta sanders have a specific triangular sole shape.