Which plow is better for a walkbehind tractor. Revolutionary plow

Which plow is better for the Neva motornote

The depth of plowing is a distance at which the plow plunges into the soil during operation. You need to set it as much as the bayonet bayonet takes. Otherwise, the following problems may arise.

  • With insufficient depths, a considerable share of roots of weeds will remain under the ground, which will require new forces to eliminate them.
  • If the depth is larger than required, the fertile layer of the soil is mixed with what is located under it, and the vegetation will not have a good nutrition. In this regard, you need to stay the golden mean.

Attack angle

For the one who already owns the practical skill of plowing the soil with motor vehicles, explain what and how to perform at this stage is not necessary. Further information is given for introductory purposes to the one who is faced with this case for the first time. The tilt of the angle of the attack is or, as it is still called, the slope of the angle of the field board is a slope that shows the height of the plane of the opening in relation to the flat plane. Settings are carried out using a screw handle.

  • Put the unit with a plow on the supports, which have already been mentioned earlier;
  • Turn the settings to the limit to the limit so that the field board completely subsides on the soil, without cracks;
  • Start rotating the handle in the opposite direction until the back of the board rises above the ground by 2-3 cm.

If you make a miscalculation, the following unpleasant consequences will appear:

which, plow, better, tractor, revolutionary
  • With a large coal of the field board, the plow will become an anchor. The unit will begin to regularly slip and move forward with a strangle;
  • With small coal. The necessary soil layer will not be removed.
  • To control whether everything is correct, you can only plow stages. The unit should not resist or move excessively freely.

Preparation for plowing

Before plowing, you need to perform a trial opening and find out the quality of the plow settings.

  • Find out the features of the dump and the depth of the furrow;
  • Control the movement of the plow in the furrow;
  • Trace the dimensionality of the movement of the unit and the load on the hands of the plowman;
  • Install the loading of the unit.

Test opening of the site is performed as follows.

We put the unit on the edge of the cultivated plot of the Earth. Set the first speed and carefully press on the adhesion handle It is extremely important that the steering wheel of the unit is parallel to the plane of the earth, so that the unit does not dig into the ground, but does not rise above the soda. When opening, the employee does not need to burn on the steering wheel and too diligently pushing motor equipment, since this agricultural machine itself will perfectly manage its own duties without auxiliary efforts. After receiving a trial furrow, you must certainly measure the depth of the plow To do this, use roulette or ordinary ruler

If the dimensions are converged with the initially installed, then you can start the main job.

What are the plugs for a walk.Behind tractor

Motoblock can be equipped with plows of different types. The main ones are:

  • One.Horsepower. With minitors with a wide capture, not one, but two or three buildings can aggregate. The working width of the capture can reach 90 cm or more;
  • Reversible (reverse). To simplify the movement scheme and prevent the formation of pile or collapse grooves, a working unit is used, forming a dump in one direction when the motoblock (motor.Tractor) moves in both directions;
  • Rotary. The design uses several dumps rotating relative to the vertical axis (drive from VOM).

Important! The more complicated the design, the more functional it is. But the price also increases.

Review and cost of attachment equipment

The plow should be selected depending on the type of soil, as well as the power and power unit model. Also, much depends on the competent installation and commissioning of equipment before arable. Before buying a plow, first consider the most popular models and their cost.

Nibbi AE 11 two wheel tractor plowing Aldo Biagioli Figli Single furrow plough 3

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Model View Weight The depth of processing Motoboblock model Price
Without a coupling for motoblocks Favorite, Salute, Cascade, Neva, MB-1, Oka One.Horsepower 9.55 kg 150-200 mm Favorite, salute, cascade, Neva, MB-1, Oka 1 750-1800 rubles
For motoblocks of eye, ore, salute, Neva, mole Revolutionary 10 kg 200-250 mm Oka, Ugra, Salute, Neva, Mole 1300-1800 rubles
Mole plow One.Horsepower 8.59 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 1000-1200 rubles
The plow is double.Skinned Revolutionary 15 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 4050-4150 rubles
Plow P1-20/2 One.Horsepower 8.5 kg 150-200 mm MB-2 Neva 1200-1300 rubles
Zykov’s plow Revolutionary 9kg 200-250 mm Neva, salute, favorite, eye 1700-1800 rubles

If we compare the cost of equipment for soil plowing in Russia, then from the table it can be seen that range from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles.

Types of plows for a walk.Behind tractor

Thanks to the walk.Behind tractor, various work on the land plot can be performed: mowing grass, plowing the earth, digging and planting potatoes, sowing various crops, etc. P. For each work, a special additional “gadget” is intended. If it is necessary to execute plowing the Earth, the question arises from whether to buy a factory.Made tool or make a motorizedopers with your own hands.

There are several types of shovels for motoblocks, each of which has a specific design. You can even make a plow from a gas cylinder. Such types of plows for plowing the earth are mainly common:

Single.Hustle structures

Such units have the simplest configuration among their “colleagues”. Similar plows are equipped with only one plug, and they can be used exclusively on light soils of garden plots. In order to plow hard soils, these plows will not work, as they can break, and more powerful structures will be needed.

Double.Honeymoon buckets consist of two frames, each of which has its own plunder. Designed for plowing more solid soils, including primary plowing of the earth. When working with such an unit, except for plowing, soil harrows. This provides very good soil processing quality.

Rotary devices

Such designs differ significantly from their “brothers”. They are equipped with a set of curved lems. These details are placed on the axis, which moves due to the rotation of the unit wheels. And connected by a shaft. At the same time, the Earth is plowed by 25-30 centimeters, which is not a time.Consuming process.

Such a device allows you to plow the ground, changing the direction of action, which is very important for plots with the most complex cross.Country ability and solid land. Rotor plows are designed to process the soil with the presence of plant roots and other complicating the process of plowing objects

Such designs are used to take place with heavy and medium severity by walk.Behind engines.

Also, the plows can be divided into two more subspecies: dumpy and unauthorized. The former allow you to plow the ground, turn it over and loosen it. Unauthorized plows are designed for solid soil in arid regions with windy weather.

How to make a plow to a motor block yourself

Now we will answer the frequently asked question of the owners who bought a walk.Behind tractor: how to make a plow to a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. To make working elements, you need steel 3-5 mm. First you need to make a piece (for it, for example, a disc from a circular saw) is suitable for it). The cutting part of the plunder must be well and sharpened at an angle of 45 degrees.

The next step will be the manufacture of the dump. For him you can take a pipe, the diameter of which is 0.5 m, and the thickness of the walls is 5mm. Cut the blank for the dump with the cutter and polish the grinder.

Having finished making all the details, you can start collecting the plow body. To do this, take steel with a thickness of 2-3 mm and collect all structures.

So there are several varieties of plows, we will consider some of their features, plows are single.Corps, current and rotary.

The design of one corps plow

The simplest design in a single.Boxing plow (we examined its manufacture above). It is with such a plow that you can start manufacturing for a beginner, in addition, there are a great many drawings of such a plow.

Tractor Loader Snow Plow! Quickly Change Bucket To Plow! JDQA & SSQA Mounts! John Deere 1025r!

A more complex design of the back plow. Such a plow has a bent feather at the top of the case, which allows you to turn the land layer during processing, which is especially optimal for solid soil.

For the manufacture of such a plow, significant efforts will be required and much more knowledge (which is due to a more complex drawing and a more thorough selection of materials). It is also necessary to accurately follow all the instructions in the manufacture of such an unit.

Rotor plow

The most difficult to manufacture is a rotary plow.

He has several lems fixed on one axis. Когда обрабатывается почва, то ось поворачивается, что дает перевернуть пласт земли. This design allows you to use less physical strength, when processing the soil up to 30 cm. You can also cultivate land along various trajectories, and not just in a straight line.

If you decide whether it is worth making a plow yourself, then you can safely assure you what is worth it. Start with a simpler structure and gradually reach skill in this matter. Another argument in favor of independent manufacturing is that the factory analogues are quite expensive, so making a plow with your own hands has an economic meaning.

Zykova plow for a walk.Behind tractor

A specially designed Zykov plow for a walk.Behind tractor has a significant difference from other similar units to him, which allows you to better process the soil, crush and turn it over. Such processing helps almost completely get rid of weeds.

The device of the plow is Zykov

  • -a lot on the aggregate case;
  • -a stand that will be attached to the technique to the walk.Behind tractor;
  • -field board (gives the stability of the model);
  • -supporting part;
  • -feather to turn the soil and get a more evenly processed arable land.

Demonstration of work: Neva motor block with a plow, an unlocked semi.Axis, speed modes.The plow was converted.

Preferably in their own experience. Which company cultivators are better than VIKING, Texas, Neva or other?

1950’s David Bradley walk behind tractor plowing

Raisa Cascade plows well, big truth

Motoblocks remade for a mini.Tractor with your own hands video

Make a dump for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands video

Homemade mini.Tractor with a motor block video

About the piece of iron

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Types of plows

For the manufacture of equipment, a special material is used, which withstands fabulous loads during further operation.

  • Single.Hustered. Suitable for processing soft soil previously prepared for landings. Their advantage is the simplicity of assembly and lightness of the structure. In terms of technical characteristics, there is no more than one lemeh here here.
  • Double.Case. They also work on solid ground, except for rocky soil. They cope with the formation of grooves for plantings, hilling of plants, cleaning the territory from weed grass.
  • Dumpy. Designed for small areas. Their feature is in the special location. He not only turns the earth, but also loosening, making it soft and fluffy.
  • Unauthorized. Often used in large territories in agricultural activities.
  • Reverse. Used on difficult soils. Differ in Rapid turning of the soil, as soon as the plow lifts its layers. For this, the pen is made of special material and is located at an acute angle.
  • Rotary. Resembles a cultivator. Several Lemes are installed on one axis, they have a curved shape and lift the soil, loosening it. The depth of processing is 300 mm.
  • Disk. Capable of working on moist soil, but differ in shallow effects.

When choosing hinged equipment and plow, many factors are taken into account: the power and strength of the walk.Behind tractor, the volume of the section being built and its characteristics, as well as the tasks that will have to be solved using the nozzle. Most often, rotary plows are used for domestic use.

Plug Review for the Neva Motoboblock. Plug setup, plowing

Without a plow it was hard to introduce agriculture in antiquity. Now absolutely nothing has changed. And he is still a popular product. But unlike ancient times, the principle of its use has changed. Now for processing relatively small areas, plows for walk.Behind tracts are used.

The purpose of their work is to turn the upper fertile layer of the earth in the winter period, this is done so that it absorbs moisture as much as possible. Thanks to this, the amount of crop increases largely.

How easy it is to plow this model of the plow watch the video:

Let’s look at what options for plowing for plowing are the official manufacturer of the Neva motoblocks.

Plow of a hinged Mon

The manufacturer of this model is the joint.Stock company “Energia”. They confirm the quality of the goods by compliance with all the norms of the Euro-Asian Union.

This is a relative small model that allows you to work in small plots of land in gardens, gardens, greenhouses, etc. D.

Here is a review, the principle of clutch and the work of this model:

The plow is a design from the base and to it attached housing and racks with holes.

He has one dump. That is, when using it, the soil will be discarded to one side.

The depth of plowing can be adjusted in manual mode. The maximum plow immersion depth is up to 22 cm. And the maximum capture width is.18 cm. This is more than enough for most cases of soil processing.

The plow of one.Horseman n

This plow is produced by VRMZ CJSC. Outwardly they are very similar to each other, but are characterized by quality. VRMZ has long established itself as one of the best manufacturers of various metal structures. Their distinctive feature is the high quality of the entire spectrum of products.

How simple a plow of land with the Neva walk.Behind tractor, look at the video:

Based on the experience of sales, the plow of one.Horseman and the production of VRMZ is one of the most popular. Therefore, the company has developed at once 9 different modifications of this plow. They differ in their dimensions, mass, width of the capture and arable land depth.

That is, every owner of the Neva motor block can choose exactly the plow that is most suitable for specifically its case.

The overall dimensions are represented in a wide range from wide to narrow, from low to high.

  • If you look at the width of the capture, it can be 15 or 22 cm.
  • The depth of arable land, depending on the needs, can be either 20 or 14 cm.

That is, they are universal and can find application on any site and for any needs.

Their use on virgin soils or rocky soils is unacceptable.

How to choose a worthy plow for your walk.Behind box?

Among experts in the field of agricultural technology, disputes on the topic of which plow is better do not stop. There are too many subjective factors in this matter, so it is definitely impossible to answer it.

If you have already selected the type of plow for your soil and for cultivation volumes, use the following criteria:

  • The presence of factory and certification documentation, manufacturer’s guarantees;
  • The required number of Lemes, convenient shape and location;
  • Suitable characteristics for your walk.Behind tractor, its power;
  • Execution of high.Quality thick.Walled metal.

When buying such a product, you get an indirect and direct guarantee of its durable work. In technology for agriculture, it is extremely important not only the quality of execution, but also the stability of the plow to all the stimuli, solid objects and unexpected characteristics of the soil.

What you need to know about equipment compatibility?

The ideal option for solving the problem is the purchase of additional canopies complete with the cultivator. But extra details lead to a significant increase in the cost of the unit, so many summer residents prefer to acquire additional accessories gradually.

Each model of the motor.Cultivator has a list of additional equipment developed by the manufacturer specifically for it. But you do not always manage to buy just such hinges, so you can find out about the compatibility of devices from other models and purchase suitable for characteristics and parameters.

So that after the purchase of the canopies, you do not have to spend time replacing them, it is worth considering the following recommendations of experienced summer residents and specialists:

  • When purchasing a cultivator, immediately find out what additional equipment manufacturers offer to it. Technically, even a low.Power unit can be equipped with a plow or a light potato.Cap. But to join the trailer, potato.Resident, milling cutters, cummers, soil.Spaceds, the motor may not have enough strength. He will overheat and the cultivator will quickly fail.
  • It is not always worth buying branded attachments immediately. Often, original awnings are expensive and they can be replaced with other compatible models.
  • Do not buy all possible hinders at once. Try to work with the cultivator, evaluate its capabilities and decide what exactly you will need. Consider the interchangeability of details. For example, you can plant potatoes using a plow. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a potato.Adversary, if everything happens without it.
which, plow, better, tractor, revolutionary

The use of attachments significantly expands the possibilities of using motor cultivators in summer cottages. A fully equipped unit becomes a reliable assistant gardener and can significantly reduce labor costs when obtaining a crop. When selecting awnings, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the processed soil and the power of the cultivator motor.

Plug adjustment

Correctly configured plow is the keys to the successful passage of plowing. This is how it is done:

  • Depth adjustment. 5-7 cm is considered the recommended level of immersion of the plow during plowing. Firstly, this is an average level of immersion of the shovel. Secondly, in this case you can not hurt a clay breed that can be below. Thirdly, at such a depth of plowing, the roots are not covered with a large amount of land, and during the winter they freeze.
  • Adjustment “angle of attack”. This moment implies adjustment of the angle of immersion of the Leme in the ground. If it is too large, instead of plowing it will be used as an anchor, and just pull Belarus to the ground. If it is too small, then instead of a plowing it will slide over the surface.
  • And one more advice. The first track should be as flat as possible. Since all subsequent ones will follow it. After you make the first rut, put the MTZ motor in one wheel in a rut and continue to work. If it is uneven, then additional adjustment will be necessary.

Types of equipment

Today, three main types of plow are presented on the market:

A single.Hobby plow for a walk.Behind tractor is equipped with only one piece and designed to process light soils. A similar plow for a walk.Behind tractor can be used for Neva. As a rule, this option is suitable for owners of ordinary garden plots. Когда обработать требуется более тяжелый грунт, а тем более целину, такой плуг не подойдет. In this case, to work with the walk.Behind tractor, select a more powerful plow.

Reverse, or as it is also called a revolutionary, a plow for a walk.Behind tractor (rotary plow) is designed for a plow of fairly hard and hard soil.

The principle of operation of a rotary plow for a walk.Behind tractor is that the plowed upside down is turning the ground. Lemech’s shape. Feather. The revolutionary plow is compatible with most medium and heavy motoblocks. It is good to use this plow for the MTZ motornote.

Rotor plows have several cutting blades in the presence. They are quite productive and convenient to work. The rotary plow is used for medium and heavy motoblocks. This plow can easily be used with a motor block centaur instead of milling.

When purchasing a plow for a walk.Behind tractor, one should not forget that, most likely, it will also need a universal hitch that will connect it to the unit. It is important to remember that before acquiring the plow, you should carefully read the documentation attached to it so as not to encounter the incompatibility of equipment and a walk.Behind tractor. The work of the motor block with the plow is quite easy and does not require special preparation.

Principles of self.Adjusting inventory

The next problem that the land owners face is how to set up a plow on a walk.Behind tract? The effectiveness of the inventory and the speed of soil processing depend on the correctness of the adjustment.

After you finish installing the plow, start its adjustment. At the same time, take into account factors such as the coincidence of the longitudinal axis of the garden technique and the regulator, as well as the vertical position, the aggregate fought.

In order to enhance the efficiency of soil processing, you can use an extension cord and metal wheels with weighting agents. The walk.Behind tractor itself should not have a thin rack, a short dump, a thin sheet of a case made of low.Quality steel. Technology that does not have such flaws, and having sufficient power in the horse forces will become a good assistant for the treatment of the soil with a plow.

Present the adjustment of the inventory in the form of a scheme that includes:

For example, setting up a plow equipped with a support wheel is performed using a screw element. If electrical equipment is used for processing, then you can make changes to the processing process by means of a double.Armed pulley that changes the rod and processing speed.

On manual traction

Cultural, and even more so as a son.In.Law plowing and the rise of a new couple of workers with a manual plow is unlikely to be possible, even if both direct descendants of Evpatiy Kolovrat. Manual plow in the LPC uses prem. As a swinger (furrow) on the ground, which has already passed the main processing.

A positive property of manual plowing is an operational very sensitive adjustment of the depth of processing and accurate compensation for the asymmetry of traction without delay; a swan cable may take a few seconds to respond to the jerk of the plow, which will get stuck during this time. Therefore, almost any cultivator on manual thrust, for example, is suitable as a manual paired plow. Such, the drawings of which are given in rice. Its refinement is not required, it is enough instead of a cultivating case to put a plowing to a depth of 150-160 mm.

Drawings of a hand cultivator suitable for plowing grooves