Which plow to choose for a walkbehind tractor. How to choose a plow for the Neva motornote?

Plugs Review for the Neva Motoboblock. Plug setup, plowing

Without a plow it was hard to introduce agriculture in antiquity. Now absolutely nothing has changed. And he is still a popular product. But unlike ancient times, the principle of its use has changed. Now for processing relatively small areas, plows for walk.Behind tracts are used.

The purpose of their work is to turn the upper fertile layer of the earth in the winter period, this is done so that it absorbs moisture as much as possible. Thanks to this, the amount of crop increases largely.

How easy it is to plow this model of the plow watch the video:

Let’s look at what options for plowing for plowing are the official manufacturer of the Neva motoblocks.

Plow of a hinged Mon

The manufacturer of this model is the joint.Stock company “Energia”. They confirm the quality of the goods by compliance with all the norms of the Euro-Asian Union.

This is a relative small model that allows you to work in small plots of land in gardens, gardens, greenhouses, etc. D.

Here is a review, the principle of clutch and the work of this model:

The plow is a design from the base and to it attached housing and racks with holes.

He has one dump. That is, when using it, the soil will be discarded to one side.

The depth of plowing can be adjusted in manual mode. The maximum plow immersion depth is up to 22 cm. And the maximum capture width is.18 cm. This is more than enough for most cases of soil processing.

The plow of one.Horseman n

This plow is produced by VRMZ CJSC. Outwardly they are very similar to each other, but are characterized by quality. VRMZ has long established itself as one of the best manufacturers of various metal structures. Their distinctive feature is the high quality of the entire spectrum of products.

How simple a plow of land with the Neva walk.Behind tractor, look at the video:

Based on the experience of sales, the plow of one.Horseman and the production of VRMZ is one of the most popular. Therefore, the company has developed at once 9 different modifications of this plow. They differ in their dimensions, mass, width of the capture and arable land depth.

That is, every owner of the Neva motor block can choose exactly the plow that is most suitable for specifically its case.

The overall dimensions are represented in a wide range from wide to narrow, from low to high.

  • If you look at the width of the capture, it can be 15 or 22 cm.
  • The depth of arable land, depending on the needs, can be either 20 or 14 cm.

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That is, they are universal and can find application on any site and for any needs.

Their use on virgin soils or rocky soils is unacceptable.

What are the plugs for a walk.Behind tractor

Motoblock can be equipped with plows of different types. The main ones are:

  • One.Horsepower. With minitors with a wide capture, not one, but two or three buildings can aggregate. The working width of the capture can reach 90 cm or more;
  • Reversible (reverse). To simplify the movement scheme and prevent the formation of pile or collapse grooves, a working unit is used, forming a dump in one direction when the motoblock (motor.Tractor) moves in both directions;
  • Rotary. The design uses several dumps rotating relative to the vertical axis (drive from VOM).

Important! The more complicated the design, the more functional it is. But the price also increases.

One.Hobby plow

The most common design that small energy.Saturated installations are equipped with are simple single.Body plows. They have the main elements:

  • The stand fixes the case on the frame, the frame itself during the movement can drop or rise, moving the executive body from the worker to the transport position;
  • The plunder has a cutting edge that affects the soil;
  • The dump is the surface along which the soil layer moves when the arable land is performed;
  • The field board stabilizes the movement of the entire machine-tractor unit (as they call the agricultural machine assembly with the energy-sized installation).

The main features of the attachment equipment

Thanks to the use of attachments, you can significantly facilitate the work of employees and expand the range of tasks performed. The plow is considered a mandatory inventory when working with motorized vehicles and motoblocks. Without it, it is impossible to conduct high.Quality land cultivation. Over, with its use, the time spent on performing the tasks will be significantly reduced.

It is worth highlighting several types of equipment:

  • One.Hobby, which has only one plunder and is used exclusively to process light soil. Such devices are used by ordinary owners of land for household purposes. However, this option is not suitable for working with heavier land. For these purposes, it is better to use a more powerful device;
  • The reverse or reverse is used for plowing hard soil. The shape of the lime has the appearance of the pen, and this option is ideal for working with many types of motor blocks of the middle or even heavy class;
  • The rotary has several moving blades at once. The device is quite universal and convenient in work. You can use it for heavy and medium.Sized motoblocks and work with heavy soil. That is why often the rotary type is exploited for industrial purposes.

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DIY rotary plow

A lot of Lemesho curved screws

The rotary plow processes the soil to a depth of 30 centimeters with the low cost of the physical forces of the employee.

It’s easier to work with a walk.Behind tractor with a rotary plow than with an ordinary plow, it allows you to move not only on straight lines, but also by curves, which makes it possible to process plots with obstacles and complex geometry.

Now a hot discussion is being conducted among the farmers about how effective the work of a modern rotary plow is, but it is increasingly gaining popularity from summer residents when processing overgrown and braided soil roots.

Which plow is better for a walk.Behind tractor to choose

To increase the performance of the work performed, it is very important to responsibly approach the question: which plow is better for a walk.Behind tractor to choose?

Revolutionary plow

For example, a revolutionary plow can be independently made from high.Strength steel. Therefore, for him nothing is worth maintaining the necessary pressure in the process of working on the land plot.

It is also necessary to take into account the density of the processed soil. This should be especially taken into account for a swivel plow. The engine of the walk.Behind tractor should not overheat, which will allow you to use the aggregate longer.

Rotor plow

The rotary plow for the walk.Behind tractor is compared with a metal crest, which makes it possible to plow soil. Such types of plows of different models can be different in shape. However, these models are united by the fact that their shape is expanding to the top, which allows these units to pour the Earth away from the trench.

When choosing a plow, it is necessary to take into account the availability of a motor block plow settings. It is necessary to have the possibility of adjusting the depth of cutting and angle of inclination, for the greater efficiency of working with the plow.

Revolutionary plow

The revolutionary plow, which is being versed, is perhaps the most ideal option, because the replacement or sharpening of the knife is possible.

You also need to decide what size your plow will be, which will directly depend on which model of the walk.Behind tractor you use.

For more efficient use of the plow, it is necessary to adjust the apparatus, for which it is better to use the coupling (although not necessary).

For a more accurate adjustment, it is necessary to take into account several principles: the first. It is necessary that the longitudinal axis of the regulator and the walk.Behind tractor coincide, and the second is the vertical position of the ridge.

This setting will make agricultural work more efficiently. It is also necessary to use extension cords and metal wheels with cargo for various tasks.

When buying a plow for a walk.Behind tractor, it is necessary to be guided by several rules: the plow should not have a thin rack, shortened dump, low thickness of the case of the case, poor.Quality steel. There must be a manual instructions. Compliance with all of the above reduce your expenses without allowing breakdown, as well as efficiently perform work.

Photo plow for a walk.Behind tractor

Types of plows

For the manufacture of equipment, a special material is used, which withstands fabulous loads during further operation.

  • Single.Hustered. Suitable for processing soft soil previously prepared for landings. Their advantage is the simplicity of assembly and lightness of the structure. In terms of technical characteristics, there is no more than one lemeh here here.
  • Double.Case. They also work on solid ground, except for rocky soil. They cope with the formation of grooves for plantings, hilling of plants, cleaning the territory from weed grass.
  • Dumpy. Designed for small areas. Their feature is in the special location. He not only turns the earth, but also loosening, making it soft and fluffy.
  • Unauthorized. Often used in large territories in agricultural activities.
  • Reverse. Used on difficult soils. Differ in Rapid turning of the soil, as soon as the plow lifts its layers. For this, the pen is made of special material and is located at an acute angle.
  • Rotary. Resembles a cultivator. Several Lemes are installed on one axis, they have a curved shape and lift the soil, loosening it. The depth of processing is 300 mm.
  • Disk. Capable of working on moist soil, but differ in shallow effects.

When choosing hinged equipment and plow, many factors are taken into account: the power and strength of the walk.Behind tractor, the volume of the section being built and its characteristics, as well as the tasks that will have to be solved using the nozzle. Most often, rotary plows are used for domestic use.

Video reviews

Review of the cigarette light of the universal OU-00.000-01 for MTZ Motoboblok

Classes of cigns on the MTZ motorbridge disks

An example of hilling by the Belarus MTZ-09 motoblock

Here are a few reviews from people who have already used this unit:


“Choosing between a disk and a revolutionary cigarette light, it is better to take a disk. It is a little more expensive, but it works more stable, and does not cut the potato tubers. Based on practice, the ranks are far from always equal, and sooner or later you will hit some bush. But if you put it through the potato.Adversary, I think there should not be any problems “should not arise”

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“If you look at which cigns is better, then there is no unequivocal answer, everyone is good in their own way. Disk is better to use until the potato has risen, or in the early stages of growth. He makes small lumps from the soil, thereby saturating it with oxygen. After that, there is an active growth of tubers, and usually the next day, sprouts from under the ground are already visible. And with the current climate: plus 30 ° C and without rains, this is what you need. And the revolutionary can already be used when the potatoes have grown and gained strength, without fear of damaging it. “

Features of the design of the plow for a walk.Behind tractor

Each type of walk.Behind tract I correspond to a certain type of technique. There are universal models compatible with any kind of technique.

There are three types of plows for motoblocks: single.Body, reverse or revolutionary, as well as rotary.

There is only one plug in a single.Corps plow. Single.Hustle plows are suitable mainly for light soil. Reverse or revolutions turn over the soil, using a leem bent to the top in the form of a pen. Can be used on significantly harder soil. After processing, the earth becomes crumbly. Then it is easier to process it. Rotor plows are equipped with blades.

The choice of a plow of arable gun for the region and soil

It seems that it’s easier. To plow the earth. And in Babylon there was a plow, and the Egyptians were controlled with it, and the Chinese thousands of years before the new era. Yes, not everything is so easy. The ancient Sohu did. And so. So that on wheels, and with a metal tip. This is already invented in Rome.

A tool for a walk.Behind tractor is an even more sophisticated business. After all, everyone knows. How America did not demolish the whole of the ocean. Well, all. Not the whole, but millions of tons of the earth’s lands of the fertile sun closed for a while, and salted sunk into the waters. And all because of the plow for a motor block and tractor.

Alien was the earth, Indian. People did not know the newcomers about her properties. Then they realized. We went to mind the mind of the wizard of the city of Emerald. They returned with understanding: when there is little moisture, but the spaces are large, and the winds are strong. A different approach is needed to the ground. Do not twist all the guts upstairs. But loosen carefully. The plow is not suitable for a walk.Behind tractor. Take a plane cutter.

But you do not know that the earth is like. Look around. Than the neighbor plows, whose crop is the richest in the district? What farmers buy that have been doing not the first year? What are the devices of the blacksmiths-self-like for their native land?

To know and love your land. Then it will not disappear at the sea blue, but, grateful, the farm for affection will reward the farm.

Classification on the presence of the dump and the principle of installation

There are a number of other factors according to which the inventory for the walk.Behind tractor is classified.

  • Depending on the presence of the dump, the units are divided into dump and unauthorized. The most popular among the owners of summer cottages are plugs of the first type.
  • According to the methods of plowing. On furrowing, leaving furrows and smoothly plowing. Hot plugs are used when processing soil in dump. Models that leave furrows are used to process the scope.
  • Depending on the design of the working elements, lushchny, flip foroon and disk plows for the walk.Behind tractor differ. The first type is used to pour soil on a zh, 10 cm. The second is intended to create even furrows for the purpose of further landing. The third type is used for the beam of “heavy” soils with high weeds.

Determining with a suitable model, it is extremely important to take into account the possibility of adjusting the motor block plow. Often, when processing the Earth, it is necessary to change the level of cutting depth or the angle of its inclination. Most cases will help improve the efficiency of plowing.

Effective, and, at the same time, quite economical equipment for working in small areas, an electric plow that has a greater thrust compared to motoblocks is considered.

The plow from the Russian designer. Features and advantages

To be able to plow the ground more efficiently, experts advise using the plow of Zykova.

It quickly covers and turns the soil, so the owner of the site can get rid of a large number of weeds. Such a plow consists of the following elements:

  • Supporting part;
  • Lemeha fixed on the case;
  • Racks designed for attaching the unit on a walk.Behind tractor;
  • Field board for stability;
  • A feather for turning the soil, in order to obtain a evenly processed area.

To hill various crops, it is necessary to use a perch or plow, having two working sides. It has large dimensions and makes it possible to completely get rid of harmful weeds, fill the row with soil, cut trenches for planting. Such a plow can have a fixed and variable capture width. The main difference between them is the use of moving wings, which allow you to adjust the width of the capture.

Do.It.Yourself manufacture

A homemade plow is a design created specifically for the existing motoblock. It is optimally suitable for existing working conditions:

Given these factors, you can get the most productive and functional plow.

However, for this it is necessary to have certain experience with this motoblock, to know its features and operational parameters. In addition, knowledge of the configuration of the working body is necessary, as well as the presence of suitable materials. Finally, assembly drawings will be required that not every user can create on their own.

Choosing a design

The choice of the most suitable design is the first and most important stage. Its goal is to create a assembly drawing with a specification. A full list of necessary details indicating the number of materials for them. This will help to speed up work and avoid mistakes. If the arable season is approaching, there is no time to correct defects, therefore, you need to do everything at a time.

If there are no own options, you can choose the finished drawing from the network. There are a lot of them, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable option and modify it for existing conditions. It is necessary to take into account the type of clutch device, provide for the possibility of changing the depth of plowing.

In addition, it is necessary to develop the shape and size. This is the most responsible detail of the plow that performs all the main work. It is necessary to choose the parameters corresponding to the characteristics of the soil, the size of the arable site and other operational requirements.

Tools and materials

  • Sheet metal for the manufacture of the dump;
  • Strip of carbide metal for a lemch;
  • The steel strip for assembling the rack (10 mm thick);
  • A segment of a profile pipe for assembling a coupling node;
  • Adjusting screws, threaded joints, shkvorni for connecting the plow to a walk.Behind tractor; with cutting and grinding circles; (better drilling machine) with a set of drills;
  • Welding inverter with electrodes;
  • Personal protective equipment used in welding;
  • Tools for measuring and marking.

Only the most necessary accessories are listed. In the process of work, additional tools or materials may be required (depending on the design features).

Production order

The procedure for the manufacture of the plow is largely determined in the process of choosing a design and drawing up the assembly drawing.

The following actions must be performed:

  • Cut off the dump and bend it in the right way;
  • Cut off the lane of carbide metal and connect it to the dump, forming a plunder with a given attack angle. The larger it is, the easier the plow enters the ground;
  • The working body is attached to the rack using a welding inverter. Holes are made on the rack to configure the depth of plowing. In addition, a support element is made with an emphasis for the dump;
  • The horizontal connection unit with the walk.Behind tract is made. A piece of a profile pipe is cut off, on the one hand, connecting sites with holes for fastening to the rack are welded, on the other hand, the connecting element with the walk.Behind tract;
  • A trial plug is carried out on a walk.Behind tractor. If there are no Комментарии и мнения владельцев, finally scald and polish all the connections.

Disk plow: an algorithm of action

The disco capture plow is used to prepare even grooves for planting vegetables. Using drawings, you can control the assembly course and avoid shortcomings.

The manufacture of a disk plow is performed behind the described scheme:

  • Support corner as the basis. It is made from the corner with equal sides, its shelves after cooling must converge at an angle of 700;
  • The sock is welded with the corner. The heel is welded with a stubborn bar;
  • Cheeks are fixed on the supporting corner with loops. The end sides of the cheeks during opening should not rest against each other;
  • The rotary mechanism is welded with a stubborn corner at a right angle.

At the end, you need to adjust the plow cheeks. They are fixed with a vice and set up until they are directed in different directions.

Motoblock plow: overview of popular models and their characteristics

Industrial modifications, although inferior to home.Made analogues in the amount of costs, are highly reliable and durable. There are many diverse models in the modern market that differ not only in terms of the requirements for the quality of the soil, but also to the technical parameters of the power plant itself.

Plugs on the motorblock “Salute”

“Salute”. A well.Known brand of cultivators and motoblocks. Thanks to the plow, soil plowed to a depth of up to 25 cm. Function with such varieties of plows:

  • Revolutionary, suitable for dense soil. The most heavy of the considered;
  • Single.Hut without a hitch, the weight of which is 9.55 kg at a depth of plowing up to 200 mm;
  • Zykova’s turning plow weighing 9 kg, which loosen 20-25 cm of the upper layer.

Plugs on the Mole “Mole”

The MROT motor-cultivator is known in several modifications-MK-1 and MK-2, both are perfectly compatible with universal turnover plows. For the best coupling with the surface, it is necessary to buy soil.Bearing.

Technical characteristics of the plow “Mole”:

Plugs to the Neva motornote

The Neva Motoblock has several basic modifications, including MB-1 and MB-2. Between themselves differ in power and transmission. Therefore, they are equipped with various adapters.

MB-1 is compatible with a universal single-hut plow without a hitch, as well as a model P1 20/3. The latter captures a row of 22 cm wide and adapted to overwork.

Plug for Motobes “MTZ”

With other modifications of the manufacturer, plows can work with the motor-cultivator of the MTZ-09N:

  • Universal revolutionary PU.00.000-01, made of steel and having a specific shape of the ridge;
  • P1-20/3, smaller than the size of the previous one;
  • Two.Sided revolting with a perovarian limch. Together with such a plow, a motorcycle block can be operated at a speed of 2-5 km/h.

The universal plow of the PU series was great. Its features are:

  • Smallness;
  • Simplicity of transportation;
  • Fastening with a conventional hitch;
  • Track width 30 cm;
  • Adjustability of the depth of plowing, which max. Can be 25 cm.

In addition to the above, plugs for a walk.Behind wheel with a support wheel were very popular among consumers, the adjustment of which is made by a screw mechanism.