Which rotary hammer is best for the job

Impact energy

Impact energy is one of the main parameters of the device. Joules are used to measure it. Lightweight models have an impact force of no more than 1–2 joules, while “heavier” punches can hit with a force of 8 to 15 joules. The greater the impact energy, the larger the hole diameter can be obtained. When this value is small enough, the device does not work more efficiently than an impact drill. In this case, he will not punch a hole, but drill it. As a result, its equipment will wear out extremely quickly, and you will not have to dream of high performance.

You should be aware that a value of this parameter exceeding 10 joules will lead to rapid failure of your instrument. Indeed, under such high loads, its refractory inserts will collapse in a very short period of time.

If you need a hammer drill for drilling small holes for dowels and anchor bolts, then see compact models of devices with an impact energy of 1.2 J:

If, in addition to drilling holes for a dowel, it is necessary to perform: chipping, cutting out socket boxes, drilling large-diameter holes, choose medium-power devices with an impact energy of 5.8 J:

If a hammer drill is necessary for dismantling walls and punching passages, then look at powerful devices with the SDS MAX system and an impact energy of 10 J or more:

Manufacturing firm

Now let’s talk a little about the manufacturers. The most reliable brands that almost everyone has probably heard of are BOSCH and MAKITA. It is in their direction that you need to direct your gaze when choosing a professional model of a perforator. And for the house, in addition to these two companies, you can also advise the following manufacturers WATT, STERN, EINHELL, VT.

Punch operating modes

Now let’s take a closer look at how perforators with a different number of operating modes differ from each other. So:

The simplest devices are single-mode. They work in the same way as an ordinary drill. If you have to drill wood and metal surfaces, then they are quite suitable.

In a dual-mode device, the axis is capable of not only rotating, but also oscillating during rotation.

The three-mode hammer drill as an additional function has the ability to strike without spindle rotation. Such a device is the most versatile, it can simply drill, drill and chisel and just chisel.

The variety of models of rock drills suggests that each of them can have different modifications. over, they can be performed with one, two or three modes of operation. If we talk about the latter option, then it certainly costs more. But if you have to carry out work, both on drilling, so on drilling and crushing, then you definitely need to stop at a three-mode device.

When choosing a device, both its shape and design play an important role. Holding the device in your hand, you need to feel that it will be convenient to work with it. At the same time, pay attention to whether there are side handles that can be easily removed. great if this option is provided. It will help if you have to drill in a tight corner, for example. He took off the handles. and work with all the conveniences.

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How to choose a puncher. criteria for choosing a hammer drill for home or permanent work

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When renovating or building a house, a hammer drill is one of the most needed tools. With the advent of this device, which can withstand significant loads, it has become easier and more comfortable to work. The choice of such devices today is huge. they are offered by every tool manufacturer.

And here’s how to choose a hammer drill that will be of high quality, convenient and will last a long time. Such a question is quite justified. after all, when buying, you will have to spend a rather large amount. this pleasure cannot be called too cheap. To make the right choice, you need to know the principle of the hammer drill and its design features. Let’s consider all this in detail to find out how different models of such devices differ from each other.

Perforator complete set

And now let’s talk about the complete set of the perforator. the more complete it is, the fewer devices you will have to buy later. So, what should be in the case along with the device:

The special chuck, which is an adapter, will help you use conventional drill bits rather than keyless bits. After all, perforating drills are more expensive, and in the absence of such a cartridge, you will have to spend a lot.

Boers are the main set. For domestic needs it is more than enough, but professional models need a more impressive set.

Drill chuck type

The most common are 3 drill attachment systems. If you need a small hammer drill weighing up to 4 kilograms, it is better to choose the model with the SDS plus mounting system. Such a device can make holes with a diameter of no more than 3 centimeters. Usually, this is quite enough for domestic needs, and such perforators are most in demand by buyers.

Professional models, sometimes weighing up to 11 kilograms, are equipped with an SDS max drill attachment system. These devices are quite large in size. However, they are able to punch rather big holes. up to 5.2 centimeters.

Two types of mounting, left SDS Plus, right SDS Max.

Recently, another type of fastening has been used. SDS-top. It is well suited for making holes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 centimeters. This mount is often used in devices manufactured by Bosch.

The following functions can be built into the hammer drill:

  • Drill depth gauge helps you know if the drill has reached the correct mark.
  • The gearshift mechanism is useful when you need to change from drill to drill or vice versa. After all, they must move at different speeds.
  • Reverse rotation of the shaft will help out when the drill gets stuck in any surface.
  • A soft start and a device that protects against overheating will help to avoid troubles promising a breakdown of the device.
  • Stabilization of the shaft speed during fluctuations in the load force is a very useful function.

14. Hitachi DH24PC3. 8876₽

Professionals say that the accuracy of the Hitachi dh24pc3 rotary hammer is ensured not only due to the simultaneous increase in the impact frequency and shaft rotation speed.

  • Correct tool balancing
  • light weight
  • ergonomic rubber grips
  • convenient control of three operating modes and a reverse function,
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also have a significant impact on the precision of the work process.

The absence of any drills or additional cartridges in the configuration is another point that indicates that the rock drill is intended for professional use. All the necessary equipment is always purchased for a specific type of work. Therefore, the Hitachi dh24pc3 is equipped with only a spacious suitcase, an additional handle and a drill depth stop.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg 2.6
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation Drilling with and without hammering, chiselling
Impact force, J 3.2
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 4600
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 1150
Power consumption, W 800
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 32/13/24
Add. function Safety clutch, reverse, electronic speed control
Power cable length, m four
Origin development / of. production Japan / Japan, China
Price, rub.) 8876

11. Makita HR2470. 99

The proven ease of working with Makita horizontal rock drills is also inherent in the HR2470. Relatively light weight with sufficient impact force and smooth adjustment of shaft revolutions, are successfully complemented by comfortable anti-slip handles and a full range of operating functions

The existing possibility of fixing the bit in one of 40 preset positions reduces labor intensity and increases the accuracy of the chiseling process.

The SDS system ensures prompt replacement of the drill. The permissible parameters of processed wood, steel and concrete fully cover the needs of home or summer cottage repairs. Therefore, the 2470 model is in demand not only by amateurs, but also by professionals specializing in finishing work.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg 2.9
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation Drilling, drilling with impact, impact without drilling
Impact force, J 2.4
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 4500
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 1100
Power consumption, W 780
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 32/13/24
Add. function 40 positions of blocking bit, reverse, safety clutch, electronic speed control
Power cable length, m four
Origin development / of. production Japan / Japan, China
Price, rub. 7469

The middle class is a reliable tool for amateurs and pros

No other category of construction power tool is as popular as the mid-range rotary hammer. After all, the opportunity to hold in their hands the products of world-famous companies, as well as the ratio of value and potential, do not leave indifferent either amateurs or professionals.

Budget tool. for rare jobs

It is advisable to choose inexpensive perforators if the prospective small works are not permanent. In this case, the efficiency of use and the service life of the tool will delight every hobbyist.

KRÜGER 1400 W. 4490 rubles.

The KRUGER electric rock drill impresses with its impact-resistant body and rich equipment. The product is distinguished by ergonomics and thoughtful design:

  • a powerful engine will last a long time and will help solve many everyday problems;
  • several operating modes, DFR and SDS chucks make the tool universal;
  • a switch with an accelerator function allows you to smoothly adjust the drilling speed;
  • switch lock provides convenience during long-term operation;
  • reverse simplifies work with complex materials;
  • additional handle makes the device more ergonomic;
  • the power cable is located where it belongs. will not interfere with work

The kit includes the actual hammer drill, an additional keyless chuck, an additional rubberized handle and depth gauge, 3 drills, a lance and a drill.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg 3.1
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation drilling, hammering, hammer drilling
Impact frequency, beats / min 4000
Power consumption, W 1400
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Add. function reverse, switch lock, switch with accelerator function
Power cable length, m 2
Development of Germany
Price, rub. 4490
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When to Use SDS Plus VS When to Use SDS Max and the Differences Between Them

Professional tool. precision and comfort in work

The high cost of a professional power tool does not imply its ability to withstand extreme loads. It only guarantees accuracy in every process, ease of use in any situation and a long service life.

Drill Hammer: Best Rotary Drill Hammer 2021 (Buying Guide)

13. Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR. 9158₽

The main feature of the operation of the GBH 2-26 DFR rotary hammer is that thanks to the materials and technologies used, the accuracy of the work always remains at a high level. Thanks to reliable mechanisms, the tool is capable of performing intensively

  • hammer drilling
  • easy chiseling
  • drilling on brick with a non-percussion bit up to 68 mm in diameter
  • work with tooling with cylindrical shanks.
  • double insulation, which protects the user from the consequences of a buried cable breakdown;
  • a safety clutch that stops the transmission of torque to the shaft when the equipment is jammed,
  • rubber pads to prevent the tool from slipping out of hands,


make the work of professionals quite comfortable and safe.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation Chiseling, hammering, drilling
Impact force, J 2.7
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 4000
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 900
Power consumption, W 800
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Add. function Possibility of replacing SDS chuck with a quick-release chuck, safety clutch, reverse, precise speed control (trigger), mains cable with a hinge
Power cable length, m 2.5
Origin development / of. production Germany / Germany, China
Price, rub. 9158

Hyundai H 850. 4503₽

Hyundai H 850, initially positioned as a household tool in the middle price segment, only formally (because it costs up to 5,000 rubles) can be attributed to budget punchers. After all, thanks to the presence

  • reverse,
  • 3 full-fledged operating modes and an additional function that expands the possibilities of chiselling,
  • electronic speed control (trigger),

this device is capable of not only chiselling and drilling, but also drilling well enough. The ability to lock the spindle, for a “clean” impact in a certain position (the 4th function, which with the drilling-drilling options is immortalized by the massive bas-relief “4 functions”). brings the Hyundai H 850 as close as possible to the consistently popular medium-class tool.

The negative attitude of the domestic consumer to the drills that this model is equipped with is known. But here it should be understood that this equipment is a consumable, even if not of very high quality. And coupled with a relatively short network cable and a mediocre case, this approach of the manufacturer can be regarded as an excellent attempt to reduce the cost of the kit without significantly compromising the quality of the instrument.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg 2.7
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation Chiseling, drilling with and without impact
Impact force, J 3.2
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 5600
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 1250
Power consumption, W 850
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Add. function Safety clutch, bit fixation in any position, reverse
Power cable length, m four
Origin development / of. production Korea / Korea, China
Price, rub. 4503