Which screwdriver is better brush or brushless cordless

What is a brushless motor

The development of semiconductor electronics in the 1970s led to the realization that the commutator and brushes should be eliminated in DC motors. In a brushless motor, an electronic amplifier replaces the mechanical switching of the contacts. An electronic sensor detects the angle of rotation of the rotor and is responsible for monitoring the semiconductor switches. Elimination of sliding contacts reduced friction and increased the service life of screwdrivers.

Such a motor provides higher efficiency and less susceptibility to mechanical wear. Brushless motors have several advantages over brushed motors:

  • higher torque;
  • increased reliability;
  • noise reduction;
  • long service life.

The insides of the motor can be completely closed and protected from dirt or moisture. By converting electricity into mechanical force, brushless motors are more efficient.

The speed depends on the voltage, but does not depend on the centrifugal force, and the motor operates in the set mode. Even with current leakage or magnetization, such a unit does not reduce performance, and the rotation speed coincides with the torque.

When using such a motor, there is no need to use a winding and a commutator, and the magnet in the design is characterized by a small mass and size.

Brushless motors are used in devices whose power is in the range of up to 5 kW. It is irrational to use them in equipment of higher power. What’s more, the magnets in the design are sensitive to magnetic field and high temperature.

Brushless screwdrivers: features, advantages and disadvantages

  • What is a brushless motor
  • Brushless screwdriver: the principle of energy generation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Comparison of collector and brushless tools
  • How to choose

Cordless screwdrivers have become in demand due to their mobility and capabilities. The lack of dependence on a power source allows you to solve much more construction problems.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages are:

  • The ability to adjust the speed. At the same time, the user has a wide range of settings for this indicator, depending on the work performed and the working surface.
  • In the design of such a unit there is no collector-brush assembly, therefore, the tool breaks less often when used correctly, and maintenance does not cause problems.
  • The screwdriver is better able to handle heavy loads associated with increased torque.
which, screwdriver, better, brush, brushless

  • Battery energy is consumed economically.
  • The efficiency of such equipment is 90%.
  • The ability to use the screwdriver in a hazardous environment with the presence of an explosive gas mixture, since there is no sparking.
  • Miniature dimensions and low weight.
  • The same power is maintained in both directions of operation.
  • Even an increased load does not cause a decrease in speed.


  • Impressive cost.
  • The large size of the screwdriver, which makes it difficult to work with an outstretched arm and in hard-to-reach places.

It is very important to pay attention to what type of battery is in the design of the tool. If you choose the right screwdriver with a brushless motor, then it will work for a long time and will delight with its performance.

Brushless screwdriver: the principle of energy generation

The brushless screwdriver has a motor of the type described, its difference is that the current is switched not in the rotor, but in the stator windings. There are no coils on the anchor, and the magnetic field is created by means of magnets installed in the structure of the instrument.

The moment when the power supply is needed is determined by special sensors. Their work is based on the Hall effect. DPR pulses and the signal of the speed regulator are processed in the microprocessor, as a result of which they are formed. In professional language, they are also called PWM signal.

The created pulses are sequentially fed to inverters or, more simply, amplifiers, which increase the amperage, and their outputs are connected to the winding located on the stator. These current amplifiers are designed to switch the current occurring in the coils according to the signals that come from the microprocessor unit. As a result of this interaction, a magnetic field is formed, which enters into connection with what is around the rotor, as a result of which the armature begins to rotate.

Comparison of collector and brushless tools

As already noted, the efficiency of brushless motors is higher and amounts to 90%. In comparison with them, collector ones have only 60%. This means that with the same battery capacity, the brushless screwdriver will work longer on a single charge, which is very important if the charging source is far away.

Dimensions and weight are also better for the tool with a brushless motor inside.

In this regard, we can say that the described equipment is much more efficient, but the user is often stopped by its cost. Since any, even the most expensive, tool breaks down sooner or later, most prefer to work with cheap Chinese products. But if you want to take a unit that will last a long time, then you should know the main selection criteria that a modern user should rely on.

How to choose

If the consumer is ready to pay a decent price for a brushless screwdriver, then he should study in more depth what parameters are important when choosing a quality tool.

  • In the design of such equipment, the chuck can be keyless or hexagonal, with a shank diameter of most often ¼ inch. In the first case, changing the equipment is easier and faster, but the other type of cartridge is no worse, so it is better to rely on the diameter. Since the value is responsible for the versatility of the instrument, it is desirable that it be greater.
  • The user should also pay attention to the torque, the maximum rotational force and the speed with which the screw enters the surface depends on it. If the instrument reads 16-25 Nm, then this figure is considered average. In professional equipment, it is most often in the range from 40 to 60 Nm, and in the most expensive models it is even 150 Nm.
  • The impact function allows you to use the unit as a drill, without harm to the screwdriver. Its advantage is that the tool can easily create holes in dense materials such as brick or concrete.
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Of course, when buying, you need to pay attention to the additional functionality that the manufacturer offers. It is better to purchase a tool that has the ability to adjust not only the rotational speed of the screwdriver, but also the transmitted force, the direction of rotation.

The backlight and indicator that notifies you of the amount of charge are pleasant and useful functions with which work becomes more comfortable. If there is a second battery, a case for transportation, charging and even a set of accessories. such a screwdriver will certainly deserve the attention of the buyer.

For information on which brushless screwdriver to choose, see the next video.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver

Let’s start with how to choose a cordless screwdriver for home.

In cordless tools, the power source is a battery that is charged from an electrical outlet. A big plus of cordless tools is their mobility. You will not need to move your workplace closer to the outlet or through an electrical extension cord to “pull energy” to the desired place.

You often ask how to choose the right cordless screwdriver and with which battery to choose a cordless screwdriver. It’s very simple, because one of the most important parameters in cordless screwdrivers is the battery capacity.

which, screwdriver, better, brush, brushless

For example, the YATO YT-82788 two-speed cordless impact driver has a 2 Ah battery capacity (very good in its class). over, this screwdriver is charged in just 60 minutes. It is also worth noting that such a cordless screwdriver performs as many as three functions: drilling, hammer drilling and, of course, screwing.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt about choosing a screwdriver or impact drill, then this one tool can fulfill the functions of these two tools.

What power to choose a screwdriver

The power of a screwdriver is directly related to its performance.

The higher the voltage and capacity of the battery, the greater its weight and dimensions. For example, a 12-volt screwdriver battery can have as few as three lithium-ion cans, while an 18-volt battery requires at least five. Accordingly, the weight and size of the tool increase immediately. Therefore, if you cannot choose which screwdriver to choose, 12 or 18 volts, then think about the ease of use and the purpose of the tool.

How to choose a network screwdriver

Compared to cordless tools, the cordless screwdriver is renowned for its much higher performance, as well as the fact that it can work without interruption.

But still, before choosing a good network screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with all its technical indicators.

If you are faced with a choice of which inexpensive cordless screwdriver is better to choose, then it is recommended to purchase a tool with at least average power and ergonomics.

How to choose a screwdriver for home

So, which screwdriver to choose for the home, or rather, how to choose the right screwdriver for the home.

It is worth noting that for domestic use of a screwdriver, some technical parameters are important, and for a professional one. more powerful and expensive.

At the same time, you do not need to choose the cheapest and weakest model for your home, since any intensive work for several hours can lead to burnout of electronics in versions with weak power. Therefore, it is difficult to answer which budget screwdriver to choose.

For example, how to choose a screwdriver for assembling furniture, so that it is easy to use even for a beginner. Firstly, it is important that the screwdriver is comfortable for you to hold in your hand and weighs a little.

In another case, how to choose a screwdriver for building a house. This requires a professional approach and a more powerful tool.

which, screwdriver, better, brush, brushless

How to choose the right screwdriver

The screwdriver is one of the indispensable tools during any construction professional and domestic work. And before choosing a screwdriver, you need to think carefully about all the details of the purchase and weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the key features of future tasks.

In this article:

  • Types of screwdrivers
  • How to choose a screwdriver for home
  • How to choose a screwdriver for the job
  • Which screwdriver to choose
  • How to choose a cordless screwdriver
    • How to choose a network screwdriver
    • Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless
    • What power to choose a screwdriver
  • Which firm screwdriver to choose

Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless

The principle of operation, like the screwdriver itself, has not changed for many years. But, not so long ago, brushless models of screwdrivers appeared.

How to choose a screwdriver for the job

So, let’s start with what criteria to choose a screwdriver. Firstly, every craftsman wants to have a tool with which it will be convenient for him to work. As for screwdrivers, here one of the most important criteria that affect comfortable work is the weight of the tool. Since with a light screwdriver in your hand you get much less tired, therefore, this allows you to do a lot more work.

How to choose a good screwdriver and what parameters to pay attention to:

  • torque. Remember a very important thing, the higher the torque of the screwdriver, the more difficult work it can perform.
  • battery power. Power tools with a powerful battery are much more durable and last longer.
  • additional functions. No less important qualities of screwdrivers are the presence of additional functions that will give your screwdriver other roles. Additional functions often include: strike function, reverse function, quick-release chuck, illumination and others.
  • dimensions and ergonomics of the tool. Before choosing a screwdriver, you need to hold the tool in your hands and try on its dimensions and weight for your hand.
  • equipment. It is very good when a second battery, charger, bag or case for storing and carrying it is included with the tool.

Which screwdriver to choose

After you have read all the technical characteristics, the question arises, which screwdriver to choose.

Another rather interesting area where screwdrivers are used is fishing.

Often, winter fishing enthusiasts use a screwdriver to drill holes, which will significantly speed up the ice drilling process.

But which screwdriver for an ice screw to choose? Definitely, for an environment where there is no access to electrical outlets, you need to take a cordless tool.

It is also important to have a spare unit with you and that both batteries are kept warm when fishing, for example, under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity.

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Top 14 screwdrivers

In general, a screwdriver is a device almost as versatile as a screwdriver or a hammer. Not a single repair or construction can do without it. A good machine effortlessly copes with tasks such as installing audio or television equipment, installing baseboards or drywall, assembling furniture, attaching shelves and paintings, installing door handles and much more. The presence of a screwdriver, at the same time, makes the process not only faster, but also of higher quality. A correctly selected model will help to cope with the task in a few minutes. How to choose the optimal solution? View my list of the best home screwdrivers.

Best cordless impact drivers

Makita TD0101F

A compact model with the following advantages:

  • bit cartridge ¼;
  • operation from the mains at a voltage of 230 V;
  • convenient cable length 2.5 m;

Small size and ergonomic handle ensure quality and speed of work. The disadvantage can be conditionally called the cost of the device, which is significantly higher than similar models from other manufacturers.

Best Impact Screwdrivers

Here we take a look at professional, cordless and corded impact drivers.

Makita DF330DWE

This new generation lithium-ion drill / driver is equipped with a keyless chuck. Other advantages of the model include:

  • long operating time without recharging (more than 5 hours);
  • safety of operation due to the presence of a rubberized handle, which fits comfortably in the hand;
  • convenient and practical holster included.

The tool is indispensable when performing self-repair, and is considered one of the best options among universal models.


The inexpensive model, equipped with a keyless chuck, which greatly simplifies the change of equipment, has a number of advantages, including:

  • adjustment of the torque value to adapt to a specific material;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • operating time up to 1.5 hours without recharging;
  • cartridge, with a diameter of 0.8-10 mm.
which, screwdriver, better, brush, brushless

The characteristics of the model and equipment make it easy and quick to solve construction and repair tasks. The disadvantages include limitations when working with metal.

Bort BAB-14N-1

An inexpensive offer with all the functions you need in everyday life. Its advantages:

  • compact size and ergonomic shape of the handle;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • smooth control of rotation speed;
  • torque 15 Nm;
  • battery with a capacity of 1, 2 A.

The model is easy to operate and great for home use. A decent quality device for a reasonable price. Among the disadvantages is low efficiency when working with metals.


  • The model does not always cope with active work on metal, but for wood it is quite worthy.
  • After a couple of years of operation, the batteries fail.

3 Hitachi DS14DCL

This screwdriver entered the top three of our TOP-10 screwdrivers 2019. 2020 rating and has proven itself well both as a drill and as a screwdriver. It has a reverse and electronic speed control, well-thought-out ergonomics and a storage case. Smooth power torque adjustment, fast battery charging and long retention of charge. all this makes Hitachi DS14DCL one of the best in its niche.


  • There is no ratchet.
  • Case design is not always perfect.


  • It takes experience to carefully tighten long self-tapping screws (the tool is really powerful).
  • No storage case. you need to buy separately either a case or a box.


  • A very durable model. an acquisition in the literal sense for years.
  • There is a ratchet mode.
  • Convenient bit changing system.

Best screwdrivers 2019. 2020

A screwdriver is a more modern analogue of a screwdriver, when working with which less effort is spent, and the work is done faster and better. When choosing a tool, it is important to take into account that the cordless screwdriver is mobile, but it can be discharged at an inopportune moment. And the electric should always work close to the outlet or, in extreme cases, to the extension cord. The torque power, the presence of backlight, reverse and nozzles also matter.

Our top 10 best screwdrivers will help you make your choice. According to buyers, it is these screwdrivers that lead the rating of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. So, the technology in 2019. 2020 pleased the following models.

6 Makita DF331DWYE

Another Japanese machine that deserves our attention. This model is a drill / screwdriver, it also runs on a battery that charges fully in 30 minutes. A compact tool at a very reasonable price will perfectly complement your home “arsenal” for assembling furniture and minor repairs.

The advantages of brushless tools in practice

The theoretical advantages are fully realized in practice. This must be taken into account when choosing a brush or brushless screwdriver, which motor can be better known after working with it.

Experts note that such a tool:

  • Much lighter and smaller. Compactness makes it possible to work in difficult places and carry even in a regular bag.
  • powerful and more efficient in terms of electricity consumption. Modern electronic motor technology enhances user performance.
  • Brushless battery models work on a single charge for a long time. Compared to classic motors, this is 30% more.
  • Low heat generation does not require additional cooling and interruptions during operation.
  • When working, it does not emit too strong sounds, does not give sharp jerks.
  • There are no sparks. This allows you to work in difficult conditions next to fuel tanks, gas appliances.
  • Easy to maintain. No need to buy and pick up brushes.
  • It breaks less often, since the absence of a brush allows you to work even at high loads, without fear of clogging the engine.

Design and principle of operation

The collectorless tool has taken its place in the set of necessary tools. When buying equipment for a house, the owner should familiarize himself with the principles of its operation.

You can consider the features of how a brushless motor works in a screwdriver:

  • The current is switched here in the stator windings. There is no coil on the anchor, and the magnetic field is created using magnets installed inside the case.
  • The time when you need to connect electricity is regulated using built-in sensors. Hall effect is used. Short electrical impulses and speed signals that regulate operation are transferred to the integrated processor. This action is called a PWM signal.
  • The alternately generated pulses are directed to amplifiers, which amplify the current. Inverters (amplifiers) are connected to the stator winding. These elements accumulate the current generated by the coils and transmit it from the internal processor using pulses.
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As a result, a magnetic field arises, which causes the armature to rotate and the tool begins to work.

The advantages of brushless motors in theory

We have already figured out the device of the brushless motor and now it is worth considering the positive and negative sides of such tools.

There are several advantages to such engines:

  • They don’t have the problems that brush models have. They are more resistant to wear because the brushes do not provide internal friction. The fire rate is also lower. No arcing allows you to work in the most difficult conditions.
  • Simpler torque control system. The number of levels (15) allows you to immediately select the desired mode and just press the button. They have a higher level of efficiency.
  • Economical in terms of the use of electricity. This is especially true. If the engine is battery-powered. The tool can work on any material.

Important! In addition, brushless motors can deliver maximum rotations almost immediately.

Why is the brushless tool so expensive

The main disadvantage of such a tool is its high price. It is due to the presence of an expensive power board and electronic controls. This makes the electric motor more reliable.

But the high cost of such a tool sometimes becomes a decisive factor when buying a tool. Which screwdriver is better brush or brushless, each user decides for himself. And many are leaning towards a cheaper product.

Important! Replacing parts with brushless tools is always costly.

How a brushless motor works

There are many types of screwdrivers. To understand the advantages of each, you need to study their data, the principle of operation. This will allow you to understand which screwdriver is better than brush or brushless, in which cases you need to use them. After all, all electrical tools are different in technical parameters.

At the end of the last century, there were changes in the field of semiconductor electronics. This allowed not to use the usual brushes. The mechanical way of connecting the contacts in the brushless was replaced by an amplifier.

Studying how the brushless motor of the screwdriver works, it can be noted that it is much more convenient when working, and provides a higher torque. This type of engine wears out less, it is quieter, protected from dirt getting inside.

In this case, the speed of rotation is enhanced by the tension created internally, and not by centrifugal force. In this case, the engine works in the desired mode, without giving any failures.

Even if current seeps in or magnetizes the motor, the speed will remain the same.

No commutator and winding are required for normal operation. And the built-in magnet is not needed as large as in brush equipment.

A brushless motor has a rotor and stator as elements of any motor. But there is no collector here. Therefore, its brushless version will be more reliable.

Interesting! Such devices are installed in low power screwdrivers (up to 5 kW). In models with large parameters, they are less effective.

Should you buy a brushless motor tool?

If the tool is needed several times or just for home use, then it is better to choose the cheaper option. But professionals need a reliable and powerful screwdriver that pays off very quickly. This can be understood by seeing how the brushless screwdriver works, and how many processes can be done with it without interruption.

DEWALT 20v Brushless VS Brushed

We can wait for the technology to become more affordable. After all, it was introduced not so long ago and the new engines with which they are equipped are too expensive, unlike conventional ones. When analyzing the price, the difference will be 30-50%. Such overpayments are too significant to buy a tool just to have a home.

Brushless screwdriver operation

Comparison of brush and brushless screwdriver. advantages and disadvantages

When you need to tighten screws, and there are a large number of them, a special tool will help save time. A screwdriver is a power tool that helps you assemble furniture, install a shelf, and much more. There are different types of it, the properties of which must be taken into account when choosing.

Which screwdriver is better: brush or brushless

For many, purchasing tools is a difficult and time-consuming process. It is necessary to study technological characteristics, compare models and their cost. Therefore, choosing from several options: a brushless screwdriver or an ordinary screwdriver, which can be better said only by a professional or a person who used them in practice.

It is clear that the technical advantages of brushless motors are much greater. It has the highest efficiency, up to 90%. This indicator for other types of products is much lower.

The ability to do without charging is only valuable when there is no electricity grid nearby.

Important! Light weight reduces fatigue during work, and makes it possible to perform it faster and more efficiently.

Thus, the inverter screwdriver is more profitable because of its characteristics and efficiency. But the price is too high for a wide range of buyers.

The classic versions have a reliable and proven technology. They are easy to repair, and the cost of the parts is low. For many, this is the best option. The main thing when choosing is to check the quality of the device.

Of course, the more expensive brushless option is better. But here each buyer must decide on the basis of their own financial, user priorities.

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