Which Screwdriver Is Necessary For An Ice Drill

Winter fishing is a popular type of recreation and fishing in our country. However, to get to the desired catch, you need to do a hole. Upon reaching a certain thickness of ice, it becomes difficult to punch a hole using the ice pick. Fishermen use tame ice drills. This takes power, the body is covered with perspiration, which is not very useful for subsequent sitting in the cold.

Progress makes this procedure easier. An electric motor shaft can be connected to the auger handle. How to implement this without creating complex special mechanisms? Use a self-powered hand-held power tool. The best option is a cordless screwdriver.

In fact, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. There are various mechanical devices: gasoline, electric ice drills, which can easily break through ice of any thickness.

However, these devices are quite bulky. If you arrive at the place of fishing by car, this is not a problem. And for hiking it is an overwhelming burden. Therefore, experienced fishermen are increasingly using a household screwdriver to replace the physical strength.

Which Screwdriver Is Necessary For An Ice Drill

Basic selection criteria

  • Of course, we are talking about a cordless screwdriver. You will not drag a 220 volt generator on a sled.
  • The tool should be as light as possible. True, this does not go well with motor power and battery capacity. Will have to seek a compromise.
  • The kit should have a second handle. It is almost impossible to hold a screwdriver with an ice drill with one hand. In addition, the load on the hand will be prohibitive, you can get a banal stretch. In winter fishing, this is completely useless.
  • It is advisable to have a spare (and, of course, charged) battery in the kit. With a frequent change of location, you quickly drain the battery, and the rest of the fishing will manually do new holes.
  • The presence of an adjustable torque limiter, the so-called ratchet on the tool shaft, is mandatory. If the ice drill sticks in the hole, the screwdriver breaks out of your hands and you get injured.
  • A reverse screwdriver should be provided. Almost all models are equipped with this function, but still you need to check before buying. Otherwise, it will be difficult to pull the jammed drill out of thick ice.
  • It is preferable to choose a tool with a high degree of protection against dust and splashes. When the ice drill reaches the water layer, a real fountain can escape from the hole. A flooded tool may fail.

Main features of an ice drill screwdriver

Of course, there are no special models for winter fishing. Therefore, it will be necessary to select a tool that is equally convenient on ice, and in home use (main purpose).

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  • Type of battery. This is an important parameter, both the duration of operation and reliability depend on it. And, of course, the price of the appliance, especially when buying a second set of batteries.
  • Compact design Li-ion batteries have a high capacity and can significantly increase the time of use of the tool. In addition, such batteries charge quickly and do not have the so-called. memory effect. However, they have a serious drawback. at low temperatures, Li-ion batteries are inoperative. In winter fishing conditions, the unit must be stored in a warm place (for example, in the inside pocket of a warm jacket). Then quickly dock it to a screwdriver, drill a hole until the battery has cooled, and again hide it in the heat. The most expensive option in terms of price.
  • Ni-Ca batteries do not react in any way to frost, therefore they can be used during winter fishing without restrictions. However, such batteries are heavy, have a relatively small capacity, and take a long time to charge. In addition, the memory effect does not allow partial recharging before the AL-KOi fish: it is necessary to conduct a full discharge first. The main advantage is low cost.
  • Ni-MH batteries are frost-resistant, have a large capacity (average between Li-ion and Ni-Ca), but they charge for a long time and also have a memory effect. Price is a reasonable compromise.
  • Engine power: the more the better. Typically, the numbers are in the range of 20-40 watts. The reverse side. the more powerful, the faster the battery “sits down”, and the heavier the power tool.
  • Torque. It depends not only on the power of the motor, but also on the availability of the gear in the screwdriver. Principal characteristic for ice drilling. For ordinary household tools 50-90 Nm.

Additional devices

  • The ice drill end does not fit in the collet of a screwdriver. Therefore, an adapter is needed.
  • A useful option is a safety cable connecting the adapter shaft and the ice drill rod. Less likely to drop a drill into a hole.
  • Another necessary element is a disk-cutter of water. When the ice is drilled through, a fountain is always knocked out of the hole. The cutter protects the power tool from moisture. In addition, you can miss the moment of through penetration, and by inertia sharply lower the tool into the hole. The disc will not allow to "drown" the screwdriver.
  • An extremely useful accessory is a planetary gearbox. It is a housing with a handle, with input and output axes rotated 180 °. Increases the torque of the screwdriver several times, while reducing the speed of rotation of the shaft. Just what you need for drilling ice.


If you are not a fan of ice fishing, and are not ready to spend impressive amounts on the purchase of special equipment. use the screwdriver that is already in the arsenal of the home workshop. And it’s right to use it, and to choose accessories, our material will help you.