Which screwdriver to take for home

How to choose a screwdriver for home?

For those who prefer to do simple work in the apartment on their own. for example, to assemble a piece of furniture or hang a shelf on the wall, sooner or later the question arises. how to choose a screwdriver for home.

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  • Types of screwdrivers
  • How to choose a cordless or cordless screwdriver for home?
  • Useful tips when choosing a home screwdriver
  • How to choose a screwdriver for home instructions

This versatile tool helps not only to tighten, but also to unscrew screws and screws, which often “stick” and do not lend themselves to a conventional “hand” screwdriver. A home screwdriver is more expensive than a regular screwdriver, but it justifies itself with significant savings in time and effort. In addition, some screwdriver models allow you to drill holes in various materials.

How to choose a cordless or cordless screwdriver for home?

Screwdrivers are divided into two main groups:

  • Network;
  • Rechargeable.

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The main disadvantage of power cord screwdrivers for the home is the cord with which you are “tied” to the outlet. It will not work to carry out work where there is no electricity, and the front of work should be as close as possible to the outlet. In addition, it is not always convenient to work when a long cord leaves the instrument.

Battery models are not inferior to network models in terms of power, and surpass them in ease of use. Indeed, the cord does not come off the handle of the device, which can interfere with operation, you can use the tool even in the absence of the mains.

The main disadvantage is the limited operating time, and, in addition, the need to charge the battery. If you decide to choose a cordless screwdriver for your home, you need to take into account that their work depends on the type of batteries.

  • Metal hybrid. Of the advantages, it can be noted that it can be used at temperatures below zero. Negative. full discharge is required before starting to charge again, otherwise the battery capacity and, therefore, its usage time will decrease over time.
  • Nickel-cadmium. They can operate at low temperatures, in addition, they can withstand high currents during charging and discharging. The disadvantage is the same as for metal-hybrid ones: you must completely discharge the battery before charging.
  • Lithium-ion. This type of battery is the most powerful. Plus, they can be recharged without the fear of depleting their capacity. Minus. you can work only at positive temperatures. In addition, for screwdrivers equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the price is much higher.
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Types of screwdrivers

Tools of this type can be divided into two main types:

  • For professional purposes;
  • For household purposes.
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Professional models are chosen for frequent use. They have a high rotation speed. up to 1300 rpm, and a high torque. up to 130 Nm. This allows you to develop significant efforts and drill holes in wooden parts and even brick walls.

Household models are chosen for use from time to time. The rotation speed is less. up to 500 rpm, the torque does not exceed 15 Nm. This is quite enough to screw in a self-tapping screw or unscrew it, disassemble the lock, assemble furniture. For household work, the possibilities provided by household screwdrivers are quite enough. In addition, the cost of home screwdrivers is much less than professional.

Useful tips when choosing a home screwdriver

It is difficult for a non-specialist to take into account all the nuances when choosing such a technically complex thing as a screwdriver. Therefore, be guided by the advice of experts:

  • The batteries in cordless screwdrivers can have different capacities. from 9.6 to 24 V. power means more options, but so does the weight. Choose with this in mind.
  • The rotation frequency of 500 rpm will allow you to assemble furniture without any problems. For drilling concrete, choose a minimum of 1200.
  • It’s good if a home screwdriver is equipped with a fixed power support at low speeds. such a tool is safer to use.
  • Any tool should be comfortable; in a screwdriver, convenience will be provided by a handle of sufficient length, with a rubberized surface. Check if it fits well in your hand.
  • The switch used to change the direction of rotation should be convenient to use. try to “click” it.
  • An additional plus of the screwdriver is the presence of replaceable nozzles (bits) that allow you to work with screws, self-tapping screws and other fasteners.

Choosing a screwdriver: for home and for work

The difference between home and work screwdrivers is power and functionality. Accordingly, their tasks are different.

  • With the help of household models, you can change the lock, hang a mirror or assemble furniture. They are designed for tightening bolts, screws and self-tapping screws. Designed for short-term operation.
  • Professional screwdrivers, in addition to screwing, are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces. They are tough: able to work non-stop for eight hours, five days a week.

Choose screwdrivers for two parameters.

How to choose a screwdriver

Screwdriver power

The capacity of cordless models depends on the operating voltage of the battery. It ranges from 1.2 to 36 V.

  • For simple work, 3-6 V (Volts) is enough.
  • For screwing into wooden beams, plastic and drywall, optimal 10-15 V.
  • For drilling hard materials. 18 V minimum.

The more power, the more functionality the screwdriver has. Powerful models are heavier than their “brothers”.

The performance of a tool is directly related to the work of torque (force). The more powerful it is, the more tighten the screw or drill the hole deeper.

For household chores, screwdrivers of three powers are chosen.

  • Stronger: torque 30-40 Nm (Newton meters) and above. Professional models are equipped with torques up to 130 Nm. In addition to twisting, they are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces.
  • Normal: with a force up to 20 Nm. It is easy for them to unscrew / tighten the bolts and screws on drywall and plastic.
  • If only twisted. this is a cordless screwdriver. Its torque is about 10 Newton meters. Suitable for working with small fasteners: repair children’s toys or tighten loosely clamped furniture bolts.
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In most screwdrivers, the maximum torque is adjusted using a limiter. a ring with digital divisions located behind the chuck. You will be able to set the optimum torque to tighten the screw. The more graduations the limiter has, the more accurately you will be able to meter the torque element.

Sparky BUR2 10.8Li-C HD: 20 torque steps drilling

To determine the drilling coverage, a separate division is provided. Therefore, the rotational speed in screwdrivers is indicated in two ranges:

  • unscrew the screws on a low one. It ranges from 400 to 800 rpm.
  • high drilled. For professional models, the rotation speed reaches 1300 rpm.

Battery type

The battery determines how quickly the instrument is discharged. And if the question has become an edge: “How to choose a cordless screwdriver?”. it is worth dealing with the types of batteries.

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  • Li-Ion (lithium-ion). they have the highest power and, in comparison with other batteries, the largest number of charges. up to three thousand times. They are lightweight, charge fast and have no memory effect. To maximize battery life, do not fully charge / discharge it, store it half charged. There is only one drawback:
  • works intermittently in the cold.
  • Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium). resistant to voltage surges, they have good internal resistance. Works like a clock, even in freezing temperatures 15 ° C. The number of charge cycles is up to 1500. There are not many “minuses”, but they are bold:
  • the battery discharges quickly and takes a long time to charge. up to 7 hours. Professional tools (Sparky, Hitachi, Makita) live faster. from 30 to 60 minutes;
  • has a charge memory effect, if you do not discharge the battery to the end, its capacity will decrease. To keep the charging service longer, keep it discharged.
  • Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hybrid). Discharges more slowly than other batteries. It is better to store such a battery charged, and after a long period of inactivity, discharge and charge it completely. The number of charge cycles. up to five hundred.
  • Forsage CDA18V-Li-ion

    The battery-type screwdriver is designed for assembly and disassembly work of any complexity. The advantages of this device:

    • high performance even in hard-to-reach places due to its compact size;
    • simplicity, reliability and safety in management;
    • convenient chuck device (quick-clamping);
    which, screwdriver, home

    The chuck allows you to work with attachments up to 100 mm. Among the shortcomings: the lack of a battery in the device package.

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    What to look for when choosing a screwdriver

    The choice of a reliable assistant for the home depends on the purpose of the device and the materials with which you have to work. The main criteria are:

    • Battery resource and capacity. Nickel-metal-hybrid batteries have a life span of 500 charges. Nickel cadmium batteries have a lifespan of 1000 charges. The most expensive, lithium-ion ones are designed for 3000 charge-discharge cycles. When choosing a screwdriver for home use, it is recommended to pay attention to models with a battery capacity of 1.2-1.5 A / h. Such equipment belongs to the middle price category, and can work up to 3 hours without recharging. It is best if there are two batteries in the kit: this will allow you to work without interruption.
    • Supply voltage. The higher the stress, the more efficient the tool is when working with large diameter holes and fasteners. A voltage of 12-14 V is considered optimal for a household appliance.
    • The maximum number of revolutions per minute. For home, the best choice would be to buy a device with two speeds at 1200 and 1500 rpm.
    • Torque. The characteristic indicates the power of the model. Large numbers indicate tool performance when working with hard materials or when drilling large holes.
    • Features of the cartridge device. For home use, a single-sleeve cartridge is suitable, which is characterized by simplicity and reliability in operation. Fewer components make work as simple and safe as possible.
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    The last thing to consider when choosing a screwdriver is the options offered: the ability to drill and chisel, an additional battery, a second handle, an angle attachment, a carrying case, bits, attachments and other additional equipment.

    GreenWorks GD24DD

    The brushless percussion model is a semi-professional solution, among the advantages of which:

    • bit cartridge ¼;
    • Li-Ion battery;
    • battery voltage 24 W;
    • the ability to perform work at a near-professional level.

    True, the price is comparable to professional counterparts from other manufacturers.

    Makita DF330DWE

    This new generation lithium-ion drill / driver is equipped with a keyless chuck. Other advantages of the model include:

    • long operating time without recharging (more than 5 hours);
    • safety of operation due to the presence of a rubberized handle, which fits comfortably in the hand;
    • convenient and practical holster included.
    which, screwdriver, home

    The tool is indispensable when performing self-repair, and is considered one of the best options among universal models.

    7 Makita 6280DWPLE

    A good mid-range drill / driver. The balanced design and keyless chuck type make it a worthy choice for domestic applications. It does not have too high power, but it fully corresponds to the declared parameters. Makita 6280DWPLE. this is the case when expectations are met.


    • High maximum torque. 42 Nm.
    • Locking the power button of the tool.
    • Convenient mode switches.
    • The charger measures the temperature of the battery before charging and does not charge a battery that is too cold or too warm.


    • Batteries charge quickly.
    • Improved, in comparison with previous models, product cartridge.
    • High-quality backlight.
    • Nice cost.


    • Additional battery included.
    • Has a power button lock function.
    • Equipped with a spot illumination of the drilling site, which can be switched on at will.
    • Equipped with a holster.


    • This instrument is not easy. it weighs 1.4 kg.
    • With active operation, the batteries will have to be changed after two years, but only the batteries.

    10 Interskol DSh-10 / 320E2

    The product of the Russian manufacturer definitely deserves attention, at least due to the fact that it opens our rating of the best screwdrivers 2019. 2020. This 320kW drill / driver has a sleek design and sleek design. The only model in our rating that works from the network, which means that it will not fail at the most difficult moment (cable length. 2 m). Another advantage of the screwdriver is the maximum torque is 35 Nm.


    • Keyless chuck type.
    • Has a reverse.
    • Fits comfortably in the hand.
    • Affordable price.