Which Side to Cut Laminate with an Electric Jigsaw

In the process of laying the floor covering, namely the laminate, it is important not only to be able to correctly connect the panels to each other. It is also necessary to correctly measure the size of the panels in accordance with the area of ​​the room, and also not to break the traditional masonry in a checkerboard pattern. In such a situation, a reasonable question arises. why cut the panels measured in size? Let’s try to understand the situation.

Types of coverage

The choice of tools for cutting laminated panels largely depends on the type of lamella used. If flooring is supposed to be done independently and without the help of specialists, then it is better to pay attention to the soft types of laminate.

At home, it will not be difficult to cut a soft cork or two-layer vinyl laminate. Such varieties of laminated panels are characterized by high indicators of wear resistance and moisture protection, as well as the speed of masonry.

To cut this type of lamellas, you don’t need a special tool, it will be enough to arm yourself with an ordinary ruler, pencil or pen and a construction knife. First, the cut line is outlined with a pencil or pen, and then it should be carried out with a knife. After that, you just need to bend the canvas. If you need to make a curly incision, then for this action you can use large scissors.

However, for sawing other types of multilayer panels, which include high-strength fiberboard or chipboard, you need to choose more serious tools.

What to use at home?

When choosing a tool that is supposed to cut laminated panels There are several factors to consider:

  • The tool should be easy to use and not cause discomfort. It depends more on personal preferences and handling skills.
  • Compact and lightweight objects are much easier and faster to wield, and during the repair, every minute counts.
  • Another most important point of all is that with the help of the selected tool you should get an even cut without chips or cracks. However, you should not focus too much on this factor, since minor irregularities will quietly hide under the baseboards.

Having become acquainted with the main characteristics, you can proceed to a more detailed study of tools for sawing a laminate.

One of the easy-to-use tools with which you can cut the lamella is electric jigsaw. The device has a small weight and even a teenager or a girl will quickly deal with it. The jigsaw works at high speeds, so the cut occurs carefully. One of the important factors when using this device is the correct choice of a jigsaw file. Modern models are usually equipped with special replaceable files for working on the laminate. From other files, they differ in the shape, location and size of the cloves. However, in the absence of specialized nozzles, narrow files with small cloves are also suitable for cutting metal products.

In order to avoid damage to the decorative side of the mark and all manipulations with a jigsaw with the panel should be carried out from the wrong side. It is necessary to place the canvas on a table or chair so that the cut piece of the lamella is suspended. Firmly pressing the panel to the table with your hand, you should quickly move the jigsaw along the cut line with a jigsaw.

Which Side to Cut Laminate with an Electric Jigsaw

To cut the necessary pieces of laminated panels is quite suitable guillotine. Unlike the previous device, the guillotine has a mechanical device. In appearance, it can be compared with large scissors. This cutter is silent, uncomplicated and accurate in operation. Using it, it is easiest to make a transverse cutting of the laminate, however, buying a cutter for repairs in the apartment will be inappropriate. Such a device is suitable for those who are professionally engaged in laying flooring, so it can be found for temporary use by familiar repairmen.

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To cut the lamellas with professional machine tool you need to lay the panel on the guillotine support. Then the blade should be adjusted so that the mark for the cut coincides with the cutter blade. After that, you need to lower the guillotine handle, cutting off exactly and neatly the necessary piece of the panel. To obtain a smooth cut when sawing a laminate, you can use a circular.

However, in this case, the circular saw must be equipped with a special disc for working on metal. In addition, unlike a jigsaw, working with a circular saw requires some skills in order to easily cut even pieces of panels quickly and easily.

To work with circular it is necessary to lay the laminated panel face up and securely fasten it. During operation, you need to act carefully, pressing a little while moving the disc and not lingering for a long time in one place. Also, do not forget about the basic safety rules: the sleeves of the clothes must be fastened during operation, and you must also protect your hands.

Another tool that requires work skills is milling cutter. A manual design with interchangeable cutters is unlikely to be in every home, but can be found in professionally assembled furniture. The milling cutter is capable of leaving behind a perfectly even and smooth surface, and besides, a tool can cut various shapes.

Sometimes an assistant when cutting a laminate can become ordinary construction knife. It can be used for small amounts of work, for example, for cutting one or two panels, when there is no time to look for another tool.

When using a knife, it is necessary to lay the laminate face up, then make a deep cut in the marking area with the knife. Then, holding one side of the panel, it is necessary to press on its other part to the extent that it does not break in the place of the incision.

How to choose a hacksaw?

Often when carrying out work on laying a laminate, they resort to the help of such a popular tool as hacksaw. However, for efficient and quick sawing of panels, you need to choose the right model. Of course, in the absence of others, you can use a hacksaw on wood. But in this case, the process will be time-consuming, since the hacksaw on the tree has large teeth. Due to these features, the hacksaw will not gently cut the blade, but dig into it.

The best option is to choose a hacksaw for metal. It has small teeth and is able to cut the panel evenly.

However, it is worth remembering that the help of a hacksaw for metal should be resorted to only with small amounts of work. Unlike power tools, this one takes more time to cut and requires more effort, so professional builders do not use a hacksaw for this purpose.

Is it possible to use the "angle grinder"?

This tool, also called an angle grinder, is excellent for sawing a variety of materials, including laminated panels. Using this device you can get a smooth and accurate cut. To properly cut the laminate angle grinder, you need to lay the panel with the decorative side up, and also use special removable discs with small teeth for working on metal, ceramic surfaces or concrete.

Since during work with the angle grinder a large amount of dust and dirt is formed, and you can also smell the burning odor during the sawing process, it is better to carry out all manipulations outdoors. On the ground floor, you can extend the extension cord through the window and work on the street; on the upper floors, the un glazed BAL-KON is the best fit.

Another nuance when working with an angle grinder, as with a circular saw, is that you need to have at least a little experience with this tool. Insecure handling of the hand during sawing can lead to the formation of an uneven edge or it may completely break out.

How to crop on the floor?

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to trim the laminated panels that are already laid on the floor. Usually people with insufficient experience in construction work in this case are wondering how to do it right.

In addition, you can turn to a safer, but at the same time time-consuming method. the use of a cutter. In order to cut the laid laminate, you need to arm yourself with a professional cutter for working on wood. On the advice of experienced people, two parallel cuts should be made along the width of the narrow chisel, then select a cut piece of the chisel. And so, slowly remove the length of the panel to the desired size.

How to cut without chips?

In order to gently saw off the laminate of the required length, you need to carefully prepare for the start of work.

Initially, you need to decide which tool from the above work will be performed. And one should be guided in choosing not only the availability of the device, but also with the existing skills in handling it.

After that, you need to accurately measure the length of the panel that you want to cut. You should not hurry in this matter, because an error is fraught with damage to material. At the same time, do not forget about the thickness of the blade with which the blade will be sawn, and take it into account when measuring.

When measurements are made, and the place of the notch is marked with a pencil, you need to draw an even fishing line along which the laminated panel will be cut.

When all the preparatory work is done, you can go directly to the sawing process.