Which Trimmer Is Better Electro Or Petrol

A well-groomed lawn captures the views of others, making us proud of the results of our work. You can achieve perfect coverage with the help of special mowers. trimmers. They appeared at the end of the 20th century and since then the life of the owners of suburban areas has been simplified. Hand tools for mowing are indispensable in areas with many obstacles. The trimmer will neatly work the grass near the flower beds and along winding garden paths.

There are 2 types of trimmers. gasoline and electric. And everyone who plans to purchase this useful unit is faced with the question. which one is better? Let’s figure it out together!

Petrol trimmers: pros and cons

Benzokosa is a multifunctional device that has been very popular lately. It copes with its tasks through a special head with fishing line. Equipped with an internal combustion engine, optionally equipped with plastic discs or metal knives.

Which Trimmer Is Better Electro Or Petrol


  • ease of maintenance and operation. The internal structure and the principle of operation does not present any special difficulties. everyone will understand;
  • reliability. Gasoline trimmer is able to work "without sleep and rest" for 24 hours. However, he will not heat up and will be able to guarantee the perfect fulfillment of his duties in any conditions;
  • high performance. Enviable power provides an opportunity to mow the lawn even in hard-to-reach places as quickly and very efficiently as possible;
  • unimpeded movement around the site. The gas trimmer is independent of the outlet, which means you get complete freedom of movement.


  • noise at work. Benzokosa vibrate and make noise, which, of course, not everyone likes;
  • nature pollution. A fuel-fired unit generates polluting exhaust gases during operation;
  • high cost. Gas trimmers are expensive, due to high performance and technical characteristics.

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Those who are not afraid of the price choose them. However, their "rivals", electric trimmers, also have many advantages.

Electric trimmers: pros and cons

Electric trimmer is a compact device that does not need fuel. He has many grateful “fans” who will not exchange him for anything. So why is he so good?


  • multifunctionality. The device is designed to implement diverse tasks. It is successfully used for earthwork and gardening;
  • environmental friendliness. Electric trimmers do not form harmful products for the environment and humans;
  • simplicity of operation and repair. The unit is easy to use. A thorough study of the instructions will be enough to fully understand what’s what. Parts that require replacement over time are always on sale. you can easily replace them yourself;
  • noiselessness. The electric scythe works almost silently. you definitely won’t bother anyone;
  • good performance. An electric motor, which in power, of course, is inferior to an internal combustion engine, copes well with its duties;
  • large selection of models. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the best option in a particular case, depending on the goals pursued and the level of financial freedom.


  • limited mobility. The ability to freely reach the most remote areas of the lawn depends on the length of the network cable;
  • grid connection. If voltage fluctuations and the complete absence of light are not uncommon in your area, then most likely the electric braid will gather dust in the barn;
  • low power. In this regard, electric braids lose gasoline. Although if you have a small area, then too much power is useless;
  • inability to work in extreme conditions. You cannot use an electric trimmer in rainy weather, while a gas trimmer is fine.

As you can see, the first and second trimmer has both advantages and disadvantages. So which one to choose?

So what to choose?

When choosing, you should be guided by several points. The most important is the size of the lawn. If they are very, very modest, then the electric trimmer will be optimal. But if you own vast territories, then you can not do without a brushcutter.

Not ready to withstand the vibration of the petrol trimmer or badly tolerate the smell of oil? Then go ahead for the electric braid. But for those who need a reliable unit, designed to work 24 hours a day in any weather, then there are no options. you need a car equipped with a gasoline engine.

Do you want the trimmer to be lightweight and not take up much space? Buy an electric one. If the reliability of the power supply is in doubt, the purchase of a gas trimmer will protect against problems.

Perhaps that’s all. You must clearly decide what you want to get as a result, and only then begin to choose a lawn care assistant.