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TOP 11 best motoblocks 2022

Motoblock is a necessary tool in any village farm. Modern devices amaze with multifunctionality and allow you to easily and quickly cope with a half difficult work. From plowing the earth to cultivation and grinding of garbage. It is not surprising that more and more summer residents and inhabitants of the villages decide, to purchase such equipment. True, in order not to be mistaken and not to get confused (and to do this is very simple because of a rich assortment) must be well versed in this topic. Well, for those who do not want to spend too much time studying the market, we will be happy to offer the rating of the best motoblocks from among those presented in the modern market.

  • How to choose a motor block. Recommendations of specialists
  • Light class motor blocks are the best models
  • One. MKM-3 pro
  • 2. Patriot victory
  • 3. Patriot Kaluga (rotary steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432
  • Medium.Class motor blocks. The best models
  • One. Elitech KB 506
  • 2. Patriot Ural
  • 3. Champion BC1193
  • 4. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • Heavy class motor blocks. The best models
  • One. Huter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora Country 1400
  • Which motorblock is better to buy

Types of devices

All modern motoblocks can be divided into several categories depending on their possible load and functionality.

In terms of the degree of load, such types of devices are distinguished:

  • Super.Light walk.Blocks. Which are designed for work in small areas (up to 20 acres). The main differences between such units are not a large capture width (up to 30 cm), so you can work with them on narrow furrows and aisles. Light weight and handles that can be removed allow you to transport such motoblocks in the trunk of a car. For the most part, such models are equipped with two.Stroke engines and work on a mixture of gasoline and special oil.
  • Light motoblocks (universal). Models of this type are distinguished by their weight (up to 60 kg) and powerful engines. The width of the cutter is 50-90 centimeters, which makes the unit more productive, unlike the previous type. However, it is almost impossible to work with such motoblocks with narrow furrows. Such models are mainly equipped with four.Stroke engines that have a large efficiency and intensive combustion of fuel.
  • Medium motoblocks. This species differs in large mass. Up to 100 kg and motor power up to 7 liters. With. Most of these models have a gearbox and the presence of two speeds. All this simplifies work with the machine and allows you to easily move even in densely planted areas. The large weight of the device makes it possible even with the most dense and complex soil.
  • Heavy motoblocks (professional). These models are an ideal option for intense loads. They are often used in farm and agrotechnical farms, utilities. These machines have a gear gearbox, a full.Fledged gearbox, up to 16 liters. With.

What is the difference between a walk.Behind tractor and a cultivator

Motoblock most often has larger dimensions, although it looks like a cultivator. However, this is not the only difference:

  • Cultivator, Moving due to the rotation of the milling cutter, the top layer of the soil is loosened, and its attachment equipment is intended for weeding and hilling of the Earth between the rows of beds, landings;
  • Motoblock. This is a self.Propelled drive unit, where movement is possible forward and backward, and the canopy is much larger, which allows the technique of universality (from working with soil to cleaning snow, garbage and their exporting outside the site).

DDE V950 II Hulk

This motoblock refers to one of the best in reliability, price and quality. Equipped with the original system of a gear-cocked gearbox. Cope with plowing heavy soils in large areas. The maximum traction force is 170 kgf. Wheels with pneumatics and deep tread provide comfortable control and maneuverability. Big neck allows you to easily refuel fuel tank.

When cultivating land, you can capture up to 1.3 m of the beds in width. Equipped with a mechanical gearbox that allows you to switch 4 front and 2 rear speeds.

Anton, St. Petersburg. I just started to use, the impression is positive, especially after the shovel. Bought a plow and soil.Spaces, the thrust is excellent. For business work on the personal plot, what is needed.

Which diesel motorblock is better to buy

The diesel motoblocks are the most powerful among the models of a number of any company of the manufacturer, therefore, they are of particular interest to farmers, those people who require the maximum technique. They, like all other models, differ from each other not only externally, but also in their characteristics. The main distinguishing feature of all diesel motoblocks is their engine. They differ in power and their volume. These indicators are interconnected, the larger the engine volume, the more powerful it. There are models of 4, in 6 and 8 liters. The amount of horsepower with which their power is measured, respectively, differs. The maximum power of diesel motoblocks is limited to approximately 12 l.With.

Select characteristics on the basis of goals and budget. The diesel engine should have the configuration of related equipment appropriate to the tasks. So, not all models are equipped with everything necessary, but there are those whose equipment is redundant. In this case, it is worth preferring a more powerful model with limited equipment, and then choose the appropriate equipment for it over time.

Another important detail when choosing a diesel engine is an electric starter. Without it, starting the model, especially powerful, is difficult and almost impossible. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to its presence first of all, choosing which motoblock it is better to buy from a number of diesel models.

If the walk.Behind tractor is too expensive for the home, then you can choose a engineer, for example Tarpan.

Which motoblock is better?

This is quite simple, but at the same time a difficult question can be answered very simply. Which motoblock is better? The one you have.

But this is of course all the lyrics. And the question is really serious. Since when choosing a walk.Behind tractor, the buyer cannot formulate a complete list of works that he needs to perform today, and which, potentially, in a month, two, six, and also does not take into account the functional purpose of a particular technique, does not take into account his own return or physical capabilities.

You see, choose a walk.Behind tractor, it’s how to choose a car. And in this regard, when choosing a car, a person poses a lot of questions for himself. Comfort, fuel consumption, number of family members, liquidity for sale. Choosing a washing machine, housewives also pose a lot of questions for themselves, energy consumption, load weight, number of functions, etc.D. But when choosing a walk.Behind tractor, a very small number of people, put questions in front of themselves. And how will I work on it? But can I go for equipment at the pace that is laid down by the manufacturer, but can I plow with a plow, and what is the attachment and t.D. Of course this does not apply to all customers, but the lion’s share of customers is just trying to poke a finger at the sky, at random. And God forbid, if you immediately fall into our caring hands, and we will be able to find out the volume of tasks, works, your physical data and select the technique that is optimally suitable for you. But if you accidentally fall into the hands of illiterate output stores, for you it can become a real tragedy, without exaggeration of this word.

Let’s try to figure out what options you have if you decide to buy a walk.Behind tractor.

One. Disservice. You have your own personal or summer cottage and your neighbor has a motoblock. In this case, you will come to him and naturally begin to be interested in which motoblock is better to take for yourself. It just so happened, alas, that not a single owner of a walk.Behind tractor is in any case admitted to you that he has problems with technology. He will tell you about his own, about the tasks that he performs and ultimately recommends you to buy exactly the same. Since he is the best, the most powerful, etc.D. This kind of consultation is a conditional trap. Because all people are different, and for your neighbor it can be the norm, for example, something to the walk-behind tractor, somehow improve it, can do its own repair. And for example, you treat this quite categorically, believing that the equipment should initially work, and not force you to redo something. Therefore, in order to avoid such a trap, you need to find out the model of a neighboring motor block and, at least read the reviews, watch the video reviews and find out all the strengths and weaknesses of this technique.

Own cones. If you do not have neighbors, relatives, and generally surrounded by one who has no experience in operating this type of technique at all. Here you will have to shit the Internet, articles, reviews, forums, reviews yourself. Trap of this method of choosing a walk.Behind tractor is very simple. There is no consent between farmers and gardeners, from the word completely. Everyone will praise the technique that he has. Therefore, you will see a lot of conflicting information, someone will shout that China is cool, someone will be with all its might to praise the Neva technique, and someone will categorically say that it is better than the MTZ and the Sich motor does not exist. The problem of modern videos is that we can either find a review on some kind of walk-behind tractor where you will tell you about its characteristics, or a video where it is performed on it or another. That such information and such a video format gives you, absolutely nothing. For example, you can enter a request to the milling of MTZ in the YouTube search bar and be impressed by how cool it is an active mill to the earth in the fluff. But you can never determine what volumes the one who shoots this video is processed for you. For example, you have a summer cottage for 6 acres, and the leading video of the 2 hectares of the Earth, in which case by buying an MTZ, you actually cannot work in your garden. Exactly, like the opposite side, you are shown by a video of the Motobille K, beautiful, colorful video, advertising the incredible efficiency of this baby. But the author of this video has 2 hundredths of the Earth in cultivation, and you have 40, and what do you do with such a baby on your site. Therefore, the video, reviews and various kinds of advertising information should be approached very carefully and with the maximum share of skepticism.

Objective reality. The easiest, and like a reliable way, is to come to a trading organization, touch the equipment, and get a complete and detailed consultation of the seller. Within the framework of Belarus, this is actually the most unsuccessful option for buying equipment. There are a lot of reasons for this. And now we will gradually analyze them.

Which walk-behind tractor to buy?

Light motoblocks

Patriot Kaluga (42 150 rubles)

Motoblock weighs 75 kg and has a 7 liter engine.With.

Its strength is a large torque and a well.Chosen gear ratio of the first gear.

But there were no minuses. A weak clutch does not allow you to transport heavy loads on the cart attached to it.

Huter MK-7000 (42 190 rubles)

A 72-kilogram motor block with a 7-horsepower engine is capable of digging meter (width) strips of earth. But because of the too high first program, it is not so easy to do it.

His coupling device is also weak and is on the crankcase, so it is better not to fix the cart for it without improvements.

Aurora Gardener 750 (43,600 rubles)

With a mass of 76 kg and a 7-horsepower engine, it is able to carry heavy carts-the coupling device allows.

But for working with heavy soils, you should get a spare strong reducer chain. And this is perhaps the only and rare complaint to this walk.Behind.

The best manufacturers of motoblocks. Which company to choose

To quickly buy a high.Quality motoblock, we recommend contacting the list of trusted manufacturers:

But the tasks they perform can differ so much that it is worth reading the rating of the best motoblocks from these companies to see their purpose and features. If you want to figure out everything yourself and choose each parameter separately, then the material is below just for this.

What to look for when choosing a walk.Behind tractor

Having decided on the weight category of a walk.Behind tractor, it is necessary to pay attention to its other parameters. Among the existing variety of models, choosing the best is not as simple as it seems at first glance. They evaluate the possibilities of this, quite complicated device, according to a number of criteria, the most important of which are:

  • Engine power;
  • Type of transmission and the ability to block differential;
  • Gearbox type;
  • The presence of a power selection shaft (VOM);
  • Track width;
  • The location of the center of the mass.

The manufacturer’s brand is also important. After all, often it determines the quality of manufacture, as well as the reliability and efficiency of the walk.Behind tractor.

Power unit

When choosing a walk.Behind tractor, first of all, you need to pay attention to the engine, namely the brand of its manufacturer and to the motorized motorcycle resource declared by the latter. It will also not be superfluous to find out where the nearest service engineering service center is located.

Most often, motors of well.Known foreign manufacturers are installed on motoblocks of any class, such as:

The engines of these companies are highly reliable and significant (from 500 to 2000 mothers). Lifan engines are especially popular, which, ceteris paribus (at least 1,100 mothers declared by the manufacturer) are also inexpensive in operation.

The long-term engines of Yamaha can be installed on premium motor blocks, the declared motorized resource of which is from 3 to 5 thousand mothers.

Chinese engines Zongshen, Loncin

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers construct motoblocks using the line of Chinese engines Zongshen and Loncin. These engines, as well as Lifan, popular in Russia, are copies of motors produced by the Japanese company Honda. All these engines manufactured at famous Chinese enterprises have a fairly decent motorized resource and good reliability. All this is due to the use of the most modern technical solutions that contribute to an increase in their life, such as, for example, as:

  • Cast iron liners of cylinders;
  • Oil level control sensors automatically turn off the engine when the last level falls below the minimum;
  • Taking crankshaft processing high frequency currents and t.D.

At the same time, Chinese motors are much cheaper than original Japanese or American engines. It is enough to say that the repair of the latter can in some cases exceed the cost of Chinese engines. Therefore, many experts recommend purchasing motoblocks with Chinese engines. Over, the difference in their value compensates for the acquisition of the second same engine.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to carefully take the acquisition of Chinese engines, which have in the title of the marking GX. Most often, it is found on the engines installed on Chinese walk.Behind, Shtenli, Groff, Spec, Stark, Fermer, Alikak, Skiper, etc. All of them are produced at one Chinese factory, and their engines with a capacity of 8.5 to 18.5 liters.With. Have nothing to do with Honda engines and differ in low manufacturing quality. At the same time, the GX marking indicates that such engines are only a copy of a copy of the Honda motor. At best, they work out no more than 500 mothers, and most of them fail after 300 mothers of work. Another characteristic drawback is the loss of 85% of the power after 2 seasons of work.


On motor blocks you can find gearboxes such as:

which, tractor, choose, home, speed

Additional information. Gearboxes consisting of a worm mechanism and gears were installed on the motor blocks of the previous years of release. This design was characterized by a high efficiency of useful action, but could not withstand high loads. So, for example, even working with a cigns or a light plow led the gearbox mechanism to overheating and failure. Currently, walk.Behind engines with a worm gearbox are practically not found.

Chain gearbox. Chain gearbox is a reliable and at the same time simple design, consisting of a chain and a set of gears. It is used in light and medium.Sized motoblocks with small and medium.Power engines. Easy to maintain, differs in simplicity in repair. Provides reliable operation in small areas, however, the applied attachment equipment is very limited (light plow, cupcach).

IMPORTANT! Over time, the chain can stretch and it must be changed in a timely manner. In the event that the gearbox body is unlimited, then the entire node is changed.

Gear gearbox. A gear reducer is considered the most reliable and unpretentious in operation. He is able to work on any soil, and in the most extreme conditions. Install the gear gearboxes on heavy walk.Behind engines with VOM, working with heavy attachments. Almost eternal gearbox, the main thing is to change the oil in time.

One of the main disadvantages of gear reducers is a high noise level and its cost.

Gear-chain gearbox. The most common gearbox. The gear-chain gearbox is found only on motor blocks of domestic production. Produced by single.Speed, two.Speed and more. The design provides high elasticity during operation (ideal revolutions of the output shaft 80-120) and is characterized by a small level of vibration. Very high resource and reliability of the gearbox. Constructively, it is most complex and is not able to withstand heavy loads. The development of this gearbox was caused by the need to increase the number of anterior transmissions (to and the rear (up to 4) strokes.

Top 10 best motoblocks

For a long time, for many owners of personal and garden plots, as well as small farms, motoblock has become an indispensable friend and assistant. It eliminates the fulfillment of heavy monotonous physical labor and saves a lot of time. It is estimated that even the simplest motoblock or motor.Cultivator with a low.Power engine, at least six times increases labor productivity in agricultural work in a personal plot and reduces the same amount of temporary costs.

Before continuing, you should decide on the terminology. Many people think that motoblock and a motor.Cultivator are one and the same and use these terms as synonyms. In fact, it is fundamentally wrong. Motoculture. A device intended exclusively for the loosening of the earth with milling. We can say that the cultivator is a simple mechanical soil looser and nothing more.

Another thing is a motoblock. Even the simplest of these wonderful agricultural units, in addition to soilofres, can be equipped with a plow, a harrow, a seeder, a potato.Adobe, a holler and a potato.Cap. You can attach a cart to it and transport goods weighing 300 kg. And more. The most advanced models have a power shaft (abbreviated. VOM), which allows additionally equip this agricultural unit with a mowing, pumping, snowplifier rotor and other useful devices and devices. In fact, a motoblock is a two-wheeled tractor, and this comparison becomes more relevant when you find out that heavy motoblocks in performance are not inferior to mini-tractors.

TOP-10 rating of the best light motoblocks 2021-2022

Place Name Price
TOP-5 of the best light motoblocks for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Huter MK-7000 Find out the price
2 Patriot Kaluga Find out the price
3 DAEWOO Power Products Dat 2000e Find out the price
4 Zubble MTB-300 Find out the price
5 Champion EC1400 Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best gasoline light motoblocks
one Steher GT-300 Find out the price
2 Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MBK0018432 Find out the price
3 Huter GMC-1.Eight Find out the price
4 Mobile to MKM-Mini MBK0016682 Find out the price
5 Zubble MKT-150 Find out the price

When choosing a light motoblock, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics, because the performance and versatility of the device depends on them.

The main selection parameters include:

  • Power. This criterion depends on the processed area: the larger it is, the more powerful should be the motoblock. An important role is played by the density of the soil. For processing light soils, there is enough small power device, but the denser the soil, the more powerful the technique should be.
  • Type of fuel. All motoblocks are divided into gasoline and diesel. Gasoline work quieter, easily starts even in the cold season, but diesel consumes less fuel and do it much more successfully with heavy soils.
  • The width of the capture. Everything is simple here: the larger the width of the capture, the less passages will have to be made by the owner to process the site. But, if the garden is compact, or the walk.Behind tractor is planned to be used to work in a greenhouse, it is better to choose a model with a small or adjustable width of processing.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Place Name Price
TOP-5 best light motoblocks
one Patriot Victory (440 10 7212) Find out the price
2 Mobile to MKM-3 about MVK0018443 Find out the price
3 Huter MK-7000 Find out the price
4 Patriot Kaluga (rotary steering wheel) Find out the price
5 CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best average motoblocks
one Hyundai T 1300 Find out the price
2 Champion BC1193 Find out the price
3 Patriot Nevada Find out the price
4 Neva MB-23B-10.0 Find out the price
5 Huter MK-11000 (M) Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best heavy motoblocks
one Patriot Boston 9de Find out the price
2 Huter MK-7500 Find out the price
3 Huter MK-9500 Find out the price
4 Champion DC1193E Find out the price
5 Aurora Country 1400 Multi-Shift Find out the price

TOP-4 best light class motor blocks

Steher GT-300 7 L.With.

The model is suitable for various housework operations, equipped with folding handles that facilitate the process of transportation and storage.

Their position is regulated by the growth of the operator. A powerful air.Cooled engine provides high efficiency and reliability when working even with heavy soil.

The cutters are self.Staining, made of structural steel and equipped with special shields so that the soil does not fly away in different directions.

The depth of plowing is adjustable using a coupon, which is securely fixed on the frame, and the protective casing protects the rotating elements of the device from external influences, thereby ensuring safety during operation.

The design is suitable for working with various attachments of a hinged type, there is no vibration, the device is securely placed on pneumatic wheels and easily passes the most different relief.

  • Processing depth, max. 35 cm.
  • Strip width, max. 85 cm.
  • The power of the motoblock engine is 7 liters.With.
  • Top capacity. 3.6 liters.
  • Motoboglok weight. 78 kg.

Zubble MTB-300 7 L.With.

Another representative from the company of the bison with a powerful four.Stroke engine and an enhanced bracket for fixing the attachment equipment.

The power pulp mounted by the manufacturer is designed to connect devices such as the brush, snow.Offer or rotary mower. The gearbox has two front speeds (standard and increased) and one back, so you can easily control with the device on any soil.

which, tractor, choose, home, speed

Six mills, each of which is equipped with four sharp knives of different orientations, made of structural steel, they do not need to be sharpened for a long time.

They are deeply buried in the ground and greatly facilitate the movement forward. The wheels of the model are pneumatic, moderately soft, which increases patency and facilitates the transportation of a motorcycle unit.

  • Processing depth, max. 35 cm.
  • Strip width, max. 85 cm.
  • The power of the motoblock engine is 7 liters.With.
  • Top capacity. 3.6 liters.
  • Motoboglok weight. 78 kg.

Caiman Vario 70c

A powerful motoblock designed to cultivate virgin lands and capable of working in conjunction with hinged equipment of any type.

In one pass, a strip can be treated with a width of up to 90 cm, while the cutters are immersed in the ground to a depth of 32 cm (this indicator is regulated by a snoker fixed on the frame).

Convenient steering and large pneumatic wheels make it possible to achieve simple work and excellent maneuverability, folding handles, set up under the growth of the operator and equipped with all the necessary switches.

For convenient transportation in front of the walk.Behind tractor, an additional wheel is installed, there is a reverse and two front speeds (standard and reinforced).

The fuel tank is roomy, oil and gasoline are consumed economically, so refueling is necessary only when processing large areas.

which, tractor, choose, home, speed
  • Processing depth, max. 32 cm.
  • Strip width, max. 90 cm.
  • The power of the motoblock engine is 7 liters.With.
  • Top capacity. 3.5 liters.
  • Motoboglok weight. 74 kg.

Zubble MTU-350 7 L.With.

Light motor block with an engine of 7 liters.With. And depth of cultivation up to 35 cm. Fuel tank is designed for six liters of gasoline.

The design has additional wheels for convenient and simple transportation, the steering wheel handle is folded so as not to occupy an extra place when stored.

All the necessary controls are placed on the handles, so it is very easy to work with this model, you do not have to stretch or stop for configuration.

The walk.Behind tractor has brackets for attaching front and rear attachments, and high pneumatic wheels are responsible for maneuverability on any soil and cross.Country ability, regardless of the relief. The cutters are sharp, easily cope with plant roots, equipped with four sharp knives.

One of the most reliable and high.Quality motoblocks in this price range.

  • Processing depth, max. 35 cm.
  • Strip width, max. 85 cm.
  • The power of the motoblock engine is 7 liters.With.
  • Top capacity. 6 liters.
  • Motoboglok weight. 78 kg.

TOP-7 rating of the best models

Place Name Price
TOP-7 best light motoblocks
one Patriot Victory (440 10 7212) 27 000 ₽
2 Mobile to MKM-3 about MVK0018443 44 000 ₽
3 Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MVK0018432 38 000 ₽
4 Huter MK-7000 19 000 ₽
5 Aurora Country 800 HD 31 000 ₽
6 Patriot Kaluga (rotary steering wheel) 19 000 ₽
7 CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK 59 000 ₽

Light class models are used in small areas. Due to the small weight, it is easy to cope with the management and processing of area up to 0.5 hectare. The equipment is equipped with several gears and an average engine, therefore it is not used to transport goods. Consider the characteristics of popular models, their advantages and disadvantages.

Patriot Victory (440 10 7212)

The manufacturer produces high.Quality units that undergo thorough verification and testing. The Patriot Victory model is equipped with a four.Stroke engine for 198 cubic centimeters with an increased motorized resource that does not need additional maintenance.

The best option for use at any time of the year.

It is equipped with hardened cutters.

The use of the plow, cigarette and potato trailer is provided with a plow.

  • Processing width. 100 cm;
  • Engine volume. 198 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7 l.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Motoboglok weight. 78 kg.

Mobile to MKM-3 about MVK0018443

Reliable and high.Quality unit, with which it is easy to work due to high power. You can dig the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

Features, controls & general use of Grillo G110 walk-behind tractor

Suitable for small areas, since the processing width is small.

Accelerates to 8.3 km/h ahead and up to 2.6 km/h in the rear.

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At the same time weighs only 67 kg, which is very convenient during transportation and storage.

  • Processing width-73-105 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 34 cm;
  • Engine volume. 196 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 6.53 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • Motoboglok weight. 69 kg.

Mobile to MKM-3 Comfort MVK0018432

One of the best motoblocks in his class. Working with it is comfortable and safe. You can dig the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

The unit quickly accelerates to 8.3 km/h on the front.Wheel drive and up to 2.5 km/h on the back. Effective when processing small areas.

It is used for plowing, removing weeds, hilling potatoes.

Due to compact size, convenient in transportation and storage. Equipped with hardened cutters that ensure high.Quality soil processing.

  • Processing width. 73 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 34 cm;
  • Engine volume. 212 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7.07 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • Motoboglok weight. 67 kg.

Huter MK-7000

Agricultural unit used to cultivate, loosen and alignment of the soil, as well as for other tasks.

Demonstrates excellent results on garden and farms.

Convenient when used in narrow areas.

Equipped with a gasoline engine with a rotation frequency regulator that simplifies the operation of the operator. Suitable for conjugation with hinged equipment.

which, tractor, choose, home, speed
  • Processing width-61-100 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 30 cm;
  • Engine volume. 208 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 7 l.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Motoboglok weight. 72 kg.

Aurora Country 800 HD

One of the most popular light motoblocks with an excellent price ratio and quality. A simple and convenient technique will become a universal assistant.

The possibility of choosing the width of the processed site is provided, so the model is suitable for work in large territory and in small passages.

Large wheels provide good cross.Country ability for any type of soil.

Two front and one back speed is provided, which significantly increases comfort during operation.

  • Processing width-80-120 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation is 30 cm;
  • Engine volume. 207 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Engine power. 5.71 liters.With.;
  • Fuel tank. 6 l;
  • Wheels. Height 8 ″, width 4 ″;
  • Dimensions. 155x80x91;
  • Motoboglok weight. 65 kg.
  • Selection of width of the processed site;
  • Power;
  • Several speeds;
  • Russian assembly;
  • Stability;
  • Durable case.