Why are saber saws used. Supported shoe

Advantages of a saber saw

Sable saw has not yet become very popular with buyers in Russia. Abroad, especially in the United States, it is among the leaders of sales among power tools, and is popular not only among professionals, but also in a wide circle of population for use at home.

What is it. A saber’s saw, for which it is used? In this article, we will try to answer this question, consider the characteristics and principle of the tool, how to choose the right saw, canvases for it, its advantages in work compared to other similar tools.

The choice of a saber saw

To choose a saber’s saw, it is worth taking into account the advice of experts. Those who have worked with an electric saw for more than one year advise making a choice, starting from such criteria:

  • Why will be used saw. Do not buy a professional tool home. Its functionality will not appear in domestic conditions, and the price will be large.
  • Depending on what exactly the electric saw is needed for, power and other technical parameters are selected. A very functional and powerful saw is not needed to work with a tree.
  • You need to approximately calculate how much time you will have to work with a saw and where. The choice of a battery or network model depends on this.

Rating of the best battery electric saws

Wireless models are considered especially popular. They are mobile, they can be taken with you to the forest, to the distant sections of the courtyard. Minor disadvantages are large weight and relatively small power.

Rating of the best models of a battery saber saw with brief characteristics:

saber, saws, used, shoe

Saber saw. Application area. Ryobi RRS1801M

  • Makita DJR187Z. This model is professional. Has a huge operational resource, easy to use and relatively inexpensive.
  • Metabo ase 10.80. A universal version of the battery Saber saw with good technical characteristics.

Each model has pros and cons, so when choosing it is better to FOCUS on individual needs.


A large assortment of saber saws is presented on the market, which is helped by a small set of numerical values ​​called technical characteristics.

Power. The main indicator of not only a saber saw, but also any equipment with an electric motor. The higher it is, the faster the material will be cut. However, as the power grows, the mass of the tool will increase, which is not always convenient for the user holding it constantly in his hands. Also, the power value affects the cost of the device. Side factor of power growth, is vibration.

Before acquiring the most powerful saber’s saw, you should weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. For household needs, a tool is quite suitable up to 1200 watts. It is able to penetrate into metal and wood to an average depth of 13 cm and 30 cm, respectively.

The depth drank. In fact, this is the same power indicator, but more understandable for an ordinary user. This technical characteristic determines the maximum thickness of the workpiece, with which the tool can cope without stuck and without causing overheating. Some owners put a fairly long canvas on electricity with low power, however, this can cause damage to the device. The average depth of cut of wood is 18 cm.

The speed of the file. If it is planned to cut a material with great hardness, for example, stone, a high speed of movement is required. While for cutting trees, performance depends only on the power. Before determining this parameter, it is recommended to think in which area the tool will be used. This is due to the fact that the great capabilities of the saber saw allow you to cut any material. Optimally purchase equipment with a frequency regulator.

The weight. If the equipment is supposed to be used in conditions when it is impossible to capture it with both hands, for example, when pruning vegetation in the garden, the large mass of the tool will significantly complicate the work. The priority of this value depends on the alleged conditions of using the tool.

Pendulum. The principle of action is similar to the operation of an electric jigsaw, when, in addition to reciprocating movements, the canvas also performs oscillatory. This allows you to increase the productivity of equipment and increase the service life of the file. On models with the implemented function there is a regulator with which you can determine the amplitude of movement. The harder the material with which they work, the less the step should be. If we talk about such solid materials as a stone, the function considered is recommended to turn off. Also, its shutdown is mandatory during figure cutting.

Quicklylair fastening of the file. This is the functional ability of the tool, designed to greatly facilitate the user’s work, since it shows whether it is possible to quickly change the cutting blade without using additional tools, for example, screwdrivers.

In models of saber saws there is a function of smooth launch. This does not affect the work, however, with its help it is possible to significantly increase the safety of the equipment and its service life. In the first case, at the beginning of the work, there will be no sharp jerks that can tear out the tool from the hands. This parameter also increases the cost of the tool, so you should think whether such a function is needed or not.

The last thing that is worth saying, touching the characteristics of the tool, is the presence or absence of a supporting shoe. This is a device on which you can take a saber saw if necessary. Often this function is used for figure cutting. In some cases, the support shoe is fixed at right angles, and in some it is significantly deviated. In fact, this function expands the capabilities of the tool.

What is good saber’s saw

This unit is simple and understandable for any user who has at least some experience with an electric tool. Long case, pistol grip of the handle, a gashlet, a couple of switches, a working canvas. Nothing new. Even a newcomer will figure out what and will easily find a decent use of a multifunctional machine.

In fact, a saber saw is an analogue of a manual hacksaw familiar to everyone, it is sometimes called “electric knit”. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the jigsaw, it is not surprising that they are very often compared. In fairness, we note that the “saber” was developed a couple of decades earlier (1927) and became the progenitor of an electrician. The working canvas makes reciprocating movements and with teeth selects the material-cutting occurs. At one time, the invention of the pendulum passage was the revolutionary, which significantly increased the efficiency of the saw. About him a little later.

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Skeptics say that the saber can be easily replaced with any other cutting tool, grinder, jigsaw or a set of all kinds of saws. But is it?

Firstly, the saber’s saw is a truly universal unit, which is useful to the carpenter, plumbing, roofer, finisher, both on amateur and professional levels. It can cut wood, wood along with metal elements, steel, non.Ferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass You just have to choose the right canvas. We have absolute omnivorousness.

Second, this tool has a very successful longitudinal layout. A narrow elongated gearbox and a long canvas allow you to crawl into a very limited space. Imagine that you need to saw off the pipe or beam flush with the wall, neither the circular, nor the Ushm, nor the jigsaw (with its short saw, wide supporting platform and closely located housing) will help here).

The third, saber saw is great for weight work, including parts of any shape. Corners, boards, bars, pipes, specialized rental. For the same reason, the tool is very productively used for pruning trees (garden and park architecture), when you need to carefully clear the crown, cut a large branch.

The fourth, possessing good maneuverability, a saber saw with a narrow canvas will help to make a curly cut. Drinking curved parts from sheet materials, rounding blanks, making complex structures. Not a problem, especially since there is usually, albeit not a large, supporting shoe.

Fifth, “saber” is indispensable in dismantling. It is very quickly cut off by the old window frame, cut the openings, disassemble steel heating. And the ability of a saber saw to cut a wooden beam along with nails or screws clogged into it, indeed, it costs a lot.

The sixth, this tool is much safer than Bulgarians, disk and chain saws. When working with a saber saw there is no dust, you do not need to be afraid of sparks, scale, overheating of the workpiece.

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Seventh, such saws are unpretentious in maintenance, they have been serving for a very long time.

Those who could not make friends with a saber’s saw call on the two.Handedness of the apparatus, the absence of a support roller and a full.Fledged platform (linen departure). Disadvantages these nuances can be called conditionally, after all, this is not a jigsaw-the “saber” solves a much wider range of problems.

The advantages of a saber saw

Linen for saber saw

The canvas for this saw is the most important element on which the period of use in a particular case and the service life of the device as a whole depends. It is also important to make the right selection of the canvas for a particular saw. A flexible blade gives the value of this tool.

Metal canvas

Typically, the canvas is included in the equipment. But in some cases, cutting plates of metal, pipes, fiberglass profiles, a special canvas is necessary, which differs in the shape of the teeth, their size, quantity and corresponding material. They are acquired separately. For cutting metal pipes, 12-14 teeth per inch is required. For cast iron 18 teeth. These products have SS labeling and high.Speed steel is used for their manufacture. Their length is not more than 295 mm.

Wood canvas

Typically, tools are equipped with a canvas for sawing wood from ordinary steel. There may be more expensive canvases with high carbon content. Work work is carried out with equipment with 10 teeth per inch. They are marked with HCS. For their manufacture, steel enriched with carbon is used. The length of these paintings is not more than 350-400mm.

Concrete canvas

For powerful models capable of cutting light concrete, the marking of products is carried out by HM/TS code. They are made from solid alloys and they are cutting off materials in which abrasive characteristics are increased.

The main advantages of the saber saw

Many people believe that an electric saber can be successfully replaced by any other tool. However, the saw has undeniable advantages:

  • It allows you to cut in an inaccessible place;
  • Gives wide opportunities for the implementation of original projects of garden and park design;
  • It is an excellent garden tool for trimming;
  • Under the action of the saw, the cut part does not overheat;
  • The tool allows you to cut out complex curved forms for installation work from leaf building materials;
  • Easily cuts wood and steel, which allows you to saw logs with nails;
  • When cutting metal does not give subtexts and ward;
  • Has a high safety factor;
  • Thanks to interchangeable canvases, it cuts almost any material;
  • By replacing the file with a metal brush, you can remove the rust or old paint;
  • The electric saber saw is unpretentious in work and durable.

The advantages of saber saws

The main plus of a saber saw in small sizes and small weight (an average of 2-3 kg). This leopy tool will come in handy in both the garden and home carpentry workshop. They can cut branches, cut pipes and cut the bars, boards, at least relatively thin.

Electro.Burning is surprisingly omnivorous. She is “on the teeth” not only wood, but also plastic, foam blocks, composite materials, metal and ceramics. To do this, you just need to choose the right blade, and their choice is quite large.

But that’s not all. Another advantage of the saber saw is that it is maneuverable. A narrow case and a long thin blade allow you to climb into hard.To.Reach places, where you can’t crawl with either a grinder, ushm, or an electrician. So the sawing off the beams and pipes blurred in the corner or flush with the wall ceases to be a problem.

High maneuverability allows the saber’s file to make curved cuts. With its help, you can make holes for pipes and cut the openings

And one more, very important advantage. Electronics can work on weight, without stop. That is why it is actively used in the garden. In addition, this saw is simply indispensable where you need to make out something. For example, prepare for the export of the old window frame, not puzzled by pulling out the fasteners. Boards with nails with a saber’s file are powerful, not without reason it is called the instrument of destruction.

Multifunctionality of the tool

The saw is multifunctional in relation to working with various materials. You can use this tool in working with different building materials.

When working with aerated concrete blocks, porous brick, the saw shows good results. Can even cut metal sheets, steel.

But do not forget to change the file in the tool when changing the material. As you know, different files are designed for carved types of building materials.

In this case, the saw will be able to reveal its capabilities to many more.

No need to compare the usual handmade saw with a saber’s saw. The results that this saw shows is much better, and much more convenient.

Buy narrow hacksaw canvases, they are on sale. This will make it possible to make curved cuts.

  • Working in a carpentry workshop or simply engaged in any such work, this version of the saw will give you great advantages.
  • A person who has a permanent business with this kind of tools will quickly figure out and can easily cope.

Of course, an unprepared person will be more difficult, it is possible to cut the part exactly right away. Here you need skill and training.

Remember the power of the tool, it should not go out of control. Perhaps an additional pen will be needed. Also, when choosing a saw, pay attention to convenience and can you easily press the start button.

Devices are offered to the saw, thanks to which you can use it in the form of another tool, for example, rashpil or metal brushes. Of course this is a big plus in the possibilities of this tool.

Principle of operation

  • The principle of operation of the saber saw is the pendulum rotation of the saw blade.
  • Its essence is that, in addition to the reciprocating effect of the canvas, there are also pendulum movements that raise the canvas during its course in the opposite direction.

Each class of saw is used in its field. The main difference is the volume of the load and the ability to work a certain number of hours.

Work for 20 and a little more hours a month has the ability to saw the first class.

Adapted for small work, you can also saw pipes. Suitable when working with window dismantling or doorways.

There are different models designed for its consumer.

For example, there are more powerful models that withstand prolonged loads during operation.

They are intended for a wide profile specialist. There are simpler models for personal use.

Complete with each tool is offered spare canvases. This is the emphasis, that is, the limiter of the course of the blade, which makes it possible to improve the result of the work, more dense pressing the saw to the part.

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Speaking material

When buying a saw material for a certain type of work, consult a specialist or seller of this product. To date, a very large selection of sawing materials is presented on the market.

How the tool will behave on the density of the material.

For a denser material, you need to purchase sharpening with a large tooth.

The larger the tooth, the faster the material will be cut, but some kind of defects will not be avoided. Therefore, be selective in choosing the canvas.

  • And do not forget during work, set the appropriate mode suitable for the material taken.
  • When installing wiring in the apartment, when repairing or building a house, many force majeure situations arise in the solution of which a saber saw can help very much.

And in the farm it will not be deprived of the tool. Read on the topic. What kind of tool should an electrician have.

How to choose a saber’s saw

First of all, the question arises: choose a household or professional apparatus. The significant difference is that professional equipment can work for a long, literally for a long time without stopping. Household appliance requires rest every 15 minutes to cool the gearbox.

Depending on the model, a saber saw can eat from the network or from the built.In battery. The battery saber saw is very convenient when working in the garden, when cutting trees. The only drawback is the increased weight and the need to charge batteries.

Network saber saws are applicable where there is close access to electricity, do not require time for charging, are not weighted by the battery, which over time will require replacement.

When choosing, the power of the saber‘s saw is also important. It is very convenient to work with a powerful saw, but with power, not only performance increases, but also weight and dimensions.

The most important parameters are the following indicators of the number of moves per minute (2500-3000 vibrations per minute), the length of the canvas (19-32 mm), the cut depth (on wood 30 cm, on solid materials 13 cm).

The presence of a pendulum course increases productivity: with a return movement, the canvas lifts. In this case, the canvas is better cooled, sawdust is easier to remove from the cut, the speed of processing of materials increases. This option is not implemented in all models and sometimes it must be turned off: for example, with indirect saws.

The tool can be with various mechanisms of replacement of the canvas: the most convenient to replace the canvas that does not require the use of any tools. The canvas should easily be removed and rigidly fixed.

Protection against overloads will increase the service life of the apparatus: with prolonged operation, the device has such protection automatically disconnected for cooling.

Speed ​​adjustment: the degree of pressing on the starting key determines the speed of the apparatus. In some models, you can set a limit of maximum speed, which is very convenient.

In addition, when choosing a specific model, attention should be paid to the following important options:

  • The safety coupling when jaming the canvas will avoid a blow that can cause injury or break the device.
  • Smooth start will allow the canvas smoothly without a jerk. He will protect the device and a network from high starting currents.
  • The electrodynamic brake will immediately after turning off change the canvas or put the saw on the surface without wasting time waiting for a stop.
  • Blocking from random starting makes the device safer, and fixing the trigger allows you to work with a relaxed hand.
  • Vibrogasitors consisting of rubber gaskets or dynamic counterweights seriously reduce noise and vibration.
  • The system of automatic maintenance of speed under load will not be turned to decrease the number of movements when the load is increased.

A saber’s saw can work with any materials, only the correct selection of the cutting canvas is required. Carbon steel canvases are suitable for soft materials, the weapons of instrumental steel are suitable for working with a saber saw on metal. Bimetallic canvases have a long service life.

Sable saws: what is it and what is needed for?

Electric saws are a huge segment of a modern tool, without which it is difficult to imagine modern volumes of industrial production. Some of them are widespread everywhere and are used not only in production, but also in everyday life, while others have a very narrow sphere of potential use, therefore not even every enterprise needs.

Multifunctionality of the tool

The saw is multifunctional in relation to working with various materials. You can use this tool in working with different building materials.

When working with aerated concrete blocks, porous brick, the saw shows good results. Can even cut metal sheets, steel.

But do not forget to change the file in the tool when changing the material. As you know, different files are designed for carved types of building materials.

In this case, the saw will be able to reveal its capabilities to many more.

No need to compare the usual handmade saw with a saber’s saw. The results that this saw shows is much better, and much more convenient.

Buy narrow hacksaw canvases, they are on sale. This will make it possible to make curved cuts.

Working in a carpentry workshop or simply engaged in any such work, this version of the saw will give you great advantages.

A person who has a permanent business with this kind of tools will quickly figure out and can easily cope.

Of course, an unprepared person will be more difficult, it is possible to cut the part exactly right away. Here you need skill and training.

Remember the power of the tool, it should not go out of control. Perhaps an additional pen will be needed. Also, when choosing a saw, pay attention to convenience and can you easily press the start button.

Devices are offered to the saw, thanks to which you can use it in the form of another tool, for example, rashpil or metal brushes. Of course this is a big plus in the possibilities of this tool.

Technical characteristics and types

Sable saws can vary in the type of power (from the network and the battery) and the scope of use (household and professional). Each type of saw has its own characteristics.

Electric saber saws have the following characteristics:

  • Power, which is an indicator of the performance of the device.
  • Current cycles. In household, the frequency of movement is approximately 2.5-3 thousand. Passages for 60 s.
  • Working parameter (length). According to standards, this is 20-30 cm.
  • Possible depth of drinking each type of material. Determined in mm.

Wood electric burning can be equipped with additional functions:

  • The ability to adjust the speed (stepped or smooth).
  • Pendulum.
  • A special mechanism for changing a hacksaw cloth. This device helps to change the nozzles quickly and without the use of additional tools.
  • The degree of vibration isolation and ergonomics. These indicators make work with a saw more convenient.
  • Frequency stabilizer, which is adjusted for load.
  • Overload protection, which manifests itself as an emergency shutdown when jaming the blade.
  • Electrodynamic brake that allows you to instantly stop the working course of the tool.
  • Lighting in the area of ​​work of the nozzle.

If the saw model is equipped with all additional mechanisms, then it will be easy to work. Additionally, it is worth correlating the capabilities of the tool with the type of work. This will help save the chain mechanism and the entire saw in general from the breakdown.

Assortment of saber saws. How to choose?

In order to make the right choice in favor of a particular model, it is necessary to clearly define the tasks where and in what conditions it will be used. If the tool is bought for home and will be used irregularly, then you can purchase a more budget option. But it is worth taking into account the aspect that such a saber saw will need a vacation every 20 minutes of continuous work. If the choice is made in the direction of a professional model, then the advantages of such a saw are much higher, however, like the price. First of all, you should pay attention to the power declared by the manufacturer. For use in everyday life with a capacity of 600 watts will be enough. When choosing a more powerful tool, its weight increases, this nuance is justified only in case of professional use. If the work is performed not only on metal, but also on wood, then you need to give preference to a saber’s file with the adjustment of the course of the working sheet. So that the hands do not get tired, it is worth choosing a tool with the presence of rubber linings. It is also necessary to pay attention to safety when using a saw, it is determined by such criteria as:

  • The presence of a smooth start mechanism.
  • Electrodynamic brake (instant stop).
  • Blocking random launch.
  • The presence of vibration isolation.
  • Double electrical insulation.
saber, saws, used, shoe

Popular brands of saber saws

To date, there are not many grades of saber saws on the market and the question of how to choose the right one does not cause special difficulties. One of the best is considered to be saber’s saws of the brand: Makita, DeWALT, Metabo and Hilti. But these tools relate to the professional class, respectively, and their price is one of the highest. Their cost on average ranges from 8000 r. Up to 28000 p., Some models are capable of passing for the upper price. These models have high power and a significant degree of reliability.

Bosch brand tools have proven themselves in the market and have a significant plus in their arsenal, which consists in price from 4000 r. Up to 10,000 p. This manufacturer also has professional models, close to the price to previously considered.

AEG saber saws in approximately the same price category as Bosch. This brand has widely represented saws working from the battery, but they say, those who work with them do not have enough functionality.

As a tool for home use, the leader is the Sable saws of the intercol brand. Their price policy ranges from 4000 r. Up to 6000 p., What makes them available for wide masses. They combine reliability and a minimum set of functions.

It is best to choose saber saws in the store, given all the criteria presented earlier. Before buying, it is necessary to hold the tool in the hand, if it lies comfortably, arranges at the price and functional capabilities, then you can do not hesitate to carry it to the cashier.

The use of saber saws

In most cases, a saber’s saw can replace both an electrician and a circular saw at the same time, but calling this instrument universal incorrectly. If we consider the saw as a “summer” tool that you can at any time cut a couple of boards or cut a tree, then it is reasonable to call it not universal, but ideal for such work as an assistant.

Sabel saw universal instrument

Even a low-power household type of saber saw can calmly eat a good hundred board or three or four wood without a break. But at home, working with such power most often does not make sense.

Electrician is much better suited for the house

Firstly, he does not spit out as much dust as a saber during his work. In an apartment or house for non.Working residents, most likely this factor will be even more important than the final result.

Secondly, an electrician leaves a much more neat cut than a saber’s saw, which will be very appropriate if you need to saw off clearly along the contour and as accurately as possible.

Description of a saber saw

This article will describe the types of works for which the saber saw was created originally, as well as several scenarios in which it can or will not be able to replace another tool. Having familiarized themselves with them, every reader will be able to determine for himself which option suits him best.

The saber was developed as a modification of a conventional hand saw, but over time it received much more use than its predecessor.

Using a saber saw, you can cut gas blocks, foam concrete and metal products without much effort. Over, unlike the circular saw, the cut is much more neat and even.

The saber saw is great for the installation of deep holes in the walls or other surfaces, leveling window sills or doorways. In fact, the impressive length of the cutting canvas allows not only to easily align with ease, but also to make doorways “from scratch” where they were not provided. “Circular” due to the small size of the cutting surface copes with this task much worse and leaves after itself much more dust. And if it is about working in hard.To.Reach places or even more so on weight, then the saber simply does not have competitors.

On the video you can clearly see how the saber’s saw Bosh works

But, as practice shows, in domestic conditions the above tasks are quite rare. Therefore, in most people, a saber saw is used primarily as a kind of “machine”, when you need to cut something in large quantities and at stamping speed, the saber feels like a fish in water.

Abbess saw or circular?

The indisputable advantage of the hacksaw saw in front of the circular is its safety, that is, the design of the saw when working with the tree does not give sawdust to fly in different directions at the speed of the shot. The remains are quietly pouring down, without threatening anyone. And when working with metal, the saw does not produce sparks that fly from under the disk analogue fireworks.

Everyone who worked with the circular, is familiar with a terrible fairy tale about how a disk canvas can bite the processed material and lead the tool up or down from the direction of sawing. If you do not react in a timely manner, the fairy tale can end sadly. In the worst case, the cutting disk will simply withstand the stress and the scrap of fragments will fly up to random directions.

The worker can suffer greatly if he is not dressed in a more or less thick working form. The presence of protective glasses is not negotiated at all. The design of the saber saw excludes the gap of the canvas. Even if the canvas bites the material, the car will not lead.

Watch the video, about the functions of manual circular saw

Of course, in high.Quality saws (both circular and saber) there are mechanisms that instantly turn off the tool during overload. But in household tools, as a rule, such mechanisms do not put. This is due to their small power, in which strong overloads occur in isolated cases.

Summing up, we can say that the saber saw in its purpose is a professional tool. Its design allows you to work for a long time, without feeling special fatigue. Also, when using a saber, the risk of getting serious injury is very small. Unlike circular, a saber can even be given to an inexperienced person. And in comparison with an electrician, a hacksaw saw has a greater power, which is convenient when working with particularly durable or thick materials.

Saber saw and its application

Repair in the house is a rather difficult and subtle business, in which a lot is required to know and be able to, and it is also important to understand many modern technologies. Modern methods and technologies for construction and repair require considerable qualifications, also in such work should be stock up on appropriate tools. The market of modern construction tools is surprisingly diverse and wide, so the difficult work will be carried out quickly, efficiently and neatly.

This is a functional tool. A saber’s saw is a type of using a manual type, which is very similar to an electric drill and an electric drill. Such a saw consists of an electric motor, starting special equipment and a cutting canvas, all these elements are mounted in a common convenient case. The tool is universal, as it can perfectly cut almost any building material. Thanks to saber saws, the builder will be able to do without a number of other devices.

The saw replaces six tools: a bitch, a knife on wood, a circular saw, an electrician, a chain ordinary saw and a grinding machine of an angular type.

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With this universal tool, you can trim trees, as well as disassembling various wood structures. Thanks to the saw, you can cut reinforcement and metal pipes even in very hard.To.Reach places.