Why do you need an electric screwdriver if there is a perforator. Performance

What is the difference between a drill and an electric screwdriver and what to choose

In the arsenal of each owner there is a tool that allows you to tighten or unscrew the screw, self.tapping screw to make small home repairs, collect furniture, drill a wall for a new picture. Automatic electric drills greatly simplify the process, allowing you to drill almost any surface without much effort and excess garbage.

Now the market presents a huge selection of tools of different manufacturers, models, wired and mobile, for various surfaces and with different operations of work. According to experts, among the enormous variety of drifts the most productive, convenient, universal and multifunctional is a striking electric screwdriver.

Differences of the traditional drill and an electric screwdriver of shock type

Many masters who choose tools for home use or for work, arises the question of what the well.known electrical screwdriver of the shock type and the usual standard electric drill are still distinguished. With a similar appearance, the main difference is the principle of operation:

  • In the first case, the tool has a shock mechanism that drives a drill in motion, while increasing the torque;
  • The work of the standard electric drill is based on a two.stage gearbox.

This difference begins to manifest itself, giving an advantage to the shock type tool, when working with solid and especially complex surfaces. Когда сверло чувствует сопротивление, посылается серия мощных и быстрых ударов, которые в разы увеличивают вращающий момент и закрутить крепеж становится намного проще.

It is also worth distinguishing between shock electric screwdriver and drill. With the same principle of work, they have a different direction of strikes. For a drill. this is longitudinal, and for an electric screwdriver. perpendicular to the direction of rotation. The most clearly the process of action of the tool is to imagine how minor shots with a key while twisting the nut.

What is it and what is needed for?

In the professional community, the strike electric screwdriver has already managed to gain recognition, but in the mass market it is not yet so widely known. In appearance, this tool is similar to the usual electric drill, the difference is, in the principle of operation. Unstressed drills operate at the expense of the gearbox, and screws of this type are equipped with a shock mechanism that enhances the torque.

The shock mode does not have a constant pace, but works when a collision with an obstacle. This gives the device a noticeable advantage when working with solid and especially solid materials, for example with concrete.

The purchase of such an tool is relevant for both home use and professional construction. Masters note that the shock principle of work does not interfere with the tightening of fasteners and does not spoil the elements.

Before classifying shock screwdrivers, you need to understand the division of tools into drills and screwdrivers. The former are equipped with drill for making holes, and the latter can additionally screw the fasteners. If the tool allows you to use different types of nozzles, it receives a composite name, for example, “drill-electrical screwdriver”.

By power supply, electrical and pneumatic tools are distinguished. But the latter are extremely rare and are used only in specialized enterprises (tire fitting, STO). Therefore, we can assume that all the screwdrivers are electrical.

By type of connection, electrical screwdrivers are divided into network and battery. The former are small in weight and are convenient for use at home. Battery models are indispensable when working on sites without the possibility of connecting to the mains.

Distinctive features

Choosing between a shock and an unstressed drill, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each option:

  • The scope of application. Unstressed models are suitable for drilling metal, wood or plastic. When working with more durable materials (brick, concrete, stone), preference is given to shock tools.
  • The mode of operation. Unstressed electric screwdriver works only in two modes: drilling and twisting. The shock model provides the ability to include the third mode. shock. It allows you to cope with particularly complex areas.
  • The accuracy of the result. Unstressed drills won by this criterion. The spindle of the shock model is sharpened to work with heavy loads. Plus, most tools of this type have no limiters, which can lead to damage to the material.
  • The weight. Unstressed models are much easier than drums, which with prolonged work is more convenient. In this case, the presence of a shock mechanism helps to reduce the load on the operator’s brush.
  • Specifications. The main parameters. power and speed of rotation. High speed of twisting is characteristic of an unstressed mode of operation. The torque rises in percussion instruments, facilitating the drilling of the surface.

And what is the difference between the orator and shock drill. What is the difference between a drill and a penetrator?

1) shock drill

The dumb question arises: “Why is it about a shock, and not a regular drill?””. The answer is simple. In the modern market, ordinary models have long been considered antique and are not produced almost by anyone. Shock models, on the contrary, are put in large.scale production. The technology of their production has improved the capabilities of a regular model. So, despite the fact that a drill is for any home master “tool for every day”, now when buying a regular drill you will spend in price and will be significantly limited in the possibilities. Consider the functions of the shock drill:

2) Peorator

The presence of a pedorator in repair work will add to the listed capabilities

What is the difference between the pedorator and the shock drill?

The principle of operation of the drill. two gear rates. When working, by pressing the processed material, you make her jump “on teeth”. The disadvantage of the method is a small amplitude, the need to make great efforts and a high degree of return. In addition, with constant use, the rates wear out, and they have to be changed to new.

The peorator is deprived of these shortcomings due to fundamental differences in the internal structure. This device is more durable and powerful, especially in holes in solid surfaces. The speed is much higher, and the return is less than that of the shock drill.

In the 220 Volt store, you can buy a peorator or drill, depending on your goals and objectives. However, let’s take into account the following when comparing the peorator with the drill:

The peoporator is more expensive than a drill of a similar level

Higher requirements are imposed on the peorator drills, therefore, the price is more expensive than usual

Specialized drills for the penetrator undergo large loads, so they have a special mounting design in the cartridge. Consequence. it is impossible to use a conventional drill without an adapter

The use of an adapter for a conventional drill makes it difficult, and sometimes even makes ordinary drilling impossible.

need, electric, screwdriver, there, perforator, performance

Therefore, when choosing power tools, you should know the specifics of future repair work.

Drill Peorator Electric screwdriver in one. Peorators with the function of drill-electrical screwdriver

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Fast replacement system of the infantry cartridge

Home Peorator: General recommendations

Which peorator is better to choose for the repair of an apartment?

high.class peorator, gearbox is made of metal, a long connection to the network, is equipped with a cartridge and a case.

A huge problem with dust protection. Easily clogged with dust during volumetric work. Clicking on the circuit breaker lock, I then could not turn it off. He clogged with dust and hardly managed to blow him. But it will be possible to restore the operation of the mode switch only by disassembleing the peorator.

Outwardly a very reliable instrument plus, as it turned out, is also a high.performance. It can be used in work with brickwork, thawing, drill a crown with a diameter of 65 mm. However, the detection mode in working with concrete does not justify itself: the tool is not powerful enough for such work. The manufacturer classifies this model as professional, but the lack of normal dust protection spoils the whole impression.

need, electric, screwdriver, there, perforator, performance

I bought it when I had to make repairs myself. An excellent peorator that will not replace not a single most powerful shock drill. I make all holes at a time. In the supporting walls, you can make a hole with a diameter of up to 10 mm. I use it only with makita drill. Perhaps it will not suit professionals, but I don’t need more.

Pay attention to the package

In stores you can find different configurations of the same tool (including the Worx brand), with different prices. As a rule, the more elements in the kit (a battery, charger, set of bit, case), the more profitable to purchase them together, but separately.

At the same time, for users who already have Worx tools and batteries in their arsenal, the basic equipment will become more economical: a device without battery and item.

And power, maximum drilling diameter, shock load and other important characteristics are evaluated taking into account the tasks.

Why do you need a shock battery electric screwdriver?

Compared to other rotation devices, the battery electric screwdriver has the following advantages:

  • high maximum torque;
  • reduces the load on the hand of the master;
  • does not require increased clamping effort;
  • has the ability to drill holes;
  • automatic transition from conventional to the stress mode;
  • for a long time without recharging.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • lack of manual control of torque;
  • the need to use special bit;
  • holes in fragile bases, for example, a tree.

13 Useful nozzles for the screwdriver and electric drill with Aliexpress

Shock electric screwdriver is a universal tool for any home master, often called shock drill-electrical screwdriver. However, when acquiring it is not so easy to make the right choice. Before you pay the money and pick up an electric screwdriver home, you need to analyze the device according to the following criteria:

need, electric, screwdriver, there, perforator, performance
  • maximum work time without connecting to the network;
  • Li-Ion type of battery;
  • The power of the tool, which varies from 24 to 36 V;
  • torque at least 70 nm;
  • Comfort of the sensation;
  • weight not more than 1 kg;
  • The brand has established itself (Bosch, Makita, Metabo).

Shock drill on the battery

Probably many have an idea of ​​what a shock drill is. A conventional drill is a tool designed to drill holes in durable materials. It is manual, pneumatic or electric. Among home masters, the most common device with electric drive. Today, these drills have an additional battery and shock capacity, which should help or accelerate the drilling of a spur in an unstable wall. Using special nozzles, this electrical appliance can unscrew or tighten the fasteners, which include bolts, nuts, screws or screws. However, this is not easy to do, since the torque of the device is excessively high, even if you set a low speed of rotation.

The shock drill has the same properties as the usual drill, but has the ability to move the rotation body along its axis. This means that during the drilling of materials such as high.strength concrete, it is necessary to apply this function, and then the drill not only rotates the drill, but also makes a large number of blows to them.

Shock drill against the penetrator

What are the differences between these tools? To begin with, the peorator is intended in order to hammer the wall, break and destroy. The penetrator has a heavy striker that accelerates there back to a crooked mechanism. But if we talk about a shock drill, then the mechanism with a simple end ratio is based on the basis. She pushes the cartridge spindle slightly, creating a small amplitude.

Therefore, the process of working by one or another tool will differ. If the Bet Peorator is quite strong, then you need to lean on the drill and give it efforts. And the percussion drill resource is less. Over time, the teeth are licking, reducing the amplitude, as a result, the shock drill becomes ordinary.

This means that it is impossible to call the shock drill a full.fledged peorator. Its main functions include drilling. It is clear that in working with concrete or similar surfaces it will become indispensable. However, with constant serious loads, the operational period is reduced by many times.

Types of shock drones

So, we learned that the shock drill is a tool that, in addition to ordinary drilling, allows you to perform shock drilling. It is acceptable for making holes in solid surfaces. I am glad that you can find a huge range of goods on the market. How the products differ from each other? It is clear that the main difference is the manufacturer. In addition, two types of tools are distinguished:

The first option is tied to sockets, but the second drill electric screwdriver can be carried with you, as it has a battery. But, the power of both products is different. Wired tools are highly powerful. You can divide all drills into 3 subgroups:

Oddly enough, but buying a quality product on the market is quite difficult. It’s all about the variety of products. The task of everyone is to find and buy the best among all products. We decided to simplify your task. As the years of practice showed, the leaders in the manufacture of power tools are such firms: Bosch, Metabo, Makita and Interskol. We have prepared a detailed review of 14 popular models that you can buy. Thanks to the presence of pros and cons, everyone can choose the right option for themselves. Let’s start by comparison of low.power models.

Bosch PSB 50 Re

This is a small.sized network unit, which operates at 3000 rpm, at a frequency of up to 48 thousand. shocks per minute. Its torque. 8 nm. Power 500 watts.

In the metal, the drill can make a hole whose diameter is 10 mm. As for concrete, the drill is able to drill a hole in a diameter of 13 mm. For wood, indicators are higher. 20 mm. An additional handle, switch lock and a deep hole limiter are supplied in the kit. There is a reverse mode. The design also allows you to adjust the number of revolutions.

There is only one drawback: if the shock drill is very dusty, then problems may appear with the adjustment of the shock mode and reverse rotation.

As for the reviews, the consumers who have this drill are satisfied with its work. Although some noticed that the smoothness of the clamp is insufficient when tightening the nuts. For domestic use, shock drill Bosch just right.

Interskol DU-580 Er

Another representative of network drums. Its case is made of plastic. There is a side handle and an emphasis that allows you to more accurately drill holes. Interskol shock drill capacity. 580 watts. For a minute, the tool can give out almost 3 thousand. revolutions and 45 thousand. blows. Can drill wooden, metal, brick surfaces, making holes 1.2, 1.3, 2 cm in diameter.

note! Fixation of equipment in the cartridge is performed by means of a key. For convenience under the handle, a place provided for it.

Users note the excellent price ratio and quality. All expectations of her work are fully justified. There is a reliable assistant in everyday life.

Metabo SBE 600 RL Impuls

Universal type of shock drones. Characteristics: torque. 5 nm. In idle, it gives out as many as 2.8 thousand. rpm. The drill shows itself pretty well in the role of a peorator, producing 50 thousand. shocks per minute. Power. 600 W. The drill can make a hole with a diameter of 10 mm in a metal surface, 12 mm reinforced concrete and concrete structures and 25 mm in wood. The delivery set includes:

In terms of functionality: a shock drill can rotate both in one and the other, in addition, it is possible to turn off the worn brushes. As in the previous version. there is a special nest under the key located below the handle.

Reviews about the product are positive. The shock drill is suitable for any household purposes. And now you can start overview of medium.fitting percussion tools.

note! There are other worthy options for shock drones of small power, such as, for example, Dewalt DWD024S and Hitachi DV18V.

Makita HP 2051 F

These are two.speed models that have such characteristics: at the first speed, during idle, it gives out 1.2 thousand. revolutions per minute, and at the second. 2.9 thousand. rpm. As for the functions of the penetrator, at the first speed you can achieve 24 thousand. blows, and on the second. as much as 58 thousand. shocks per minute. Power. 720 W. The tool allows you to drill holes 13 mm, 20 mm and 4 mm with a diameter (for concrete, metal and wood, respectively). The kit includes an additional handle and deep pin. According to the standard, the drill has a reverse rotation function, adjusting the number of revolutions and blocking the start button.

This is not all, since the tool has a spotlight, anti.vibration system and safety coupling. And to ensure safety, isolation of steam wires.

Disadvantage: if you drill concrete, then from time to time they can slip drill and the cartridge is blocking.

Some buyers call the tool good, others are excellent. There are no negative reviews.

Bosch PSB 750 RCE

Network shock drill. Features: a fast.packed cartridge, a duplicate pen, depth and blocking button. There is a reverse, speed adjustment and spindle fixing. When drilling concrete, it makes a diameter of 1.4 cm, steel 1.3 cm and wood 4 cm. Torque 10 nm. Power. 750 W. Works at 3 thousand. rpm and 48 thousand. blows.

Features and advantages of unstressed electric screwdriver

The design of this tool is more simple and reliable. Since in his case there are no stable alternating loads, cartridges and rotors are much greater than wear resistance.

Unstressed screwdrivers are cheaper than shock models. In addition, they have less weight and dimensions, and are also distinguished by the ability to work for a long time without recharging.

If you are going to work with wood and soft brickwork, screwing and twisting fasteners under an insignificant load, you should choose an unstressed electric screwdriver.

When trying to perform complex tasks, difficulties arise. The main disadvantage of the tool of this type is the inability to drill unlucky materials of high density (concrete, stone).

The equipment will not allow you to work with damaged fasteners, since the working head will scroll, without performing the expected job.

Which is better to choose

To understand which equipment is better for you, you need to study in detail the differences in the tools.

If, using an electric screwdriver, you are going to perform simple tasks at home, choose a model without a chipper. It will come in handy when you need to hang a picture on the wall, collect furniture or install a book shelf.

Professionals usually acquire shock screwdrivers. These universal tools can be used to drill and work with deformed fasteners.

Shock electric screwdriver

Who used shock screwdrivers (Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Aeg, Metabo). Tell me by little things can replace the peorator, t.e. when a little (a dozen) you need to put 6 mm dowels. And how he copes with concrete?

To be honest, he is not very with concrete. with brick seems to be normal, but this is from an expensive segment, but from cheap. The mechanism will break into the trash

With a brick, an ordinary electric screwdriver copes, you put a winning drill (you can drill, only exactly) and everything is in chocolate. But when without a car and lick laziness, he will be able to replace the little things?

I saw a personal example. hu.In brick yes, concrete is so.so, the pleasure of ruining the shurundel ala bosch, makita, dewalt, metabo

Bosch IXO Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

He knew people who at the sunrise of the air conditioners made holes for fastening the external blocks by the player and scored chepiki from the handle of the shovels.It seems to me that shock shuriks are returned to this level of technology, only then you will be involved in the price for the tool.

T.e., No electric screwdriver will replace p. I have two Boscha and Makita (PAI) Shurik (Bosch). I understood correctly, the foil is better than the shock shurik. There is no way to check. I believe that the combination in Shurek is bad, I would like to believe that they eliminated these shortcomings.

On the construction in the video there is a video where the guys generally switched to a battery tool, but they work with concrete

As I understand it, no one used it with his hands. I have an old (still sowing) drill of a shock, so it replaces the little things (.weight, not much easier than pea). The question is precisely that the shock Shurik is near (at least) with her, or the cartridge remains the most relevant?

I tried Dewalt DCD (I did not remember the numbers), the price tag is about 20-25 tyr. THING. Heavy. But Akk is more than 4. Monolite gnaws no worse than Pea (only the 6th used). I thought how Shurik will be worse, not everything =. But heavy. Another price will be thrown off and the pepatron will replace the shock Shurik.

They are unlikely to be thrown away. or if they are thrown away by a couple of thousand, then what joke to wait

It is unlikely that the Chinese are interested in such a price, no one will only have to buy when the production cycle is obsolete and it will be sold to the Chinese

Only when the ceiling of the tension was done to me at one brigade was such. Brick they quickly hung a baguette. The second had a low.power peorator

I understand you want. that there would be a universal screwdriver (drill Shurovyrt Pearator)! At the screwdriver, as well as the shock drill, the blow occurs with the gear of the gear with the ratchet about the same ratchet in the gearbox! due to this design, the blow is very weak and plus the drill begins to play strongly! Better take the battery peorator !

Operation Rules

They are usually a san’s opium in the user’s instructions. For our part, we will describe the basic techniques, how to safely work with this tool:

  • Do not start work with maximum torque, you need to switch to it only if necessary. Remember that the higher the speed of rotation, the faster the tool wears out, and the risk of injury at high speeds is much higher;
  • Use the operating modes described in the instructions strictly for its intended purpose: if you unscrew the fasteners in drilling mode, this will not lead to anything good, as well as vice versa;
  • If you need to change the settings or operating mode of the screwdriver, turn it off and wait for the cartridge to rotate;
  • When drilling, make sure that there is no electrical wiring in this place of the wall;
  • Do not zeal with the tool. If it is very heated, let the screwdriver cool, otherwise the engine can burn;
  • When working in the fresh air in the winter, remember that the battery life at minus temperatures is significantly reduced.

Care tips

The tool should only be stored with a dedicated (disconnected) battery, before turning on the battery, you need to completely charge, as after the end of work.

If the disconnected battery is not used for too long, it must be periodically put on charging. This is especially true for nickel-cadmium battery.

The second detail of the screwdriver in need of care is the gearbox. If the cartridge begins to rotate too tight or when working, the tool makes an extraneous sound, this means that the gearbox needs an additional portion of grease.

Now you know how the shock and unstressed screwdriver differs. Well, if you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!