September 11, 2019

Why Does A Dog Have A Booth

All members of the family of canids are able to dig moves in the ground and must use these abilities to set up their own “peace corner”. Wild relatives of dogs (foxes, wolves, coyotes) make underground holes to breed their offspring, to rest and hide from enemies. In the instincts of domestic dogs also laid the desire to have their own secluded place where you can temporarily hide from prying eyes.

In the booth, the pet feels secure, can relax and sleep peacefully, take a break from everyone, because it also requires privacy from time to time. A dog that has a booth is balanced and satisfied with life, it has stronger nerves and better health, it is less sick and lives longer.

How a booth helps to educate and train a dog

The presence of the booth disciplines the dog. If she has her own corner for rest, she will not be confused once more or lie in the middle of the corridor. If there is a commotion in the house or guests have arrived, it will be enough to command the pet “place” so that he will quickly leave and not interfere.

In addition, the dog, which has a booth, does not throw its toys everywhere and does not try to bury the uneaten food in the garden or in the middle of the lawn. All the "valuable" items she takes to the booth and stays in a happy peace of mind for their safety.

Why Does A Dog Have A Booth

The presence of the booth is important for all breeds of dogs, including service. Security and guard dogs in the period of maturation often begin to conflict with the owner because of the territory, considering the entire house and the area around it as property. Because of this, they can:

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be stubborn, refusing to execute commands;

growl at the owner and his family members;

urinate all angles in and around the house.

The presence of the booth will clearly outline the boundaries of the dog "property", and the territorial conflicts between the animal and its owner will cease.

Does a dog need a dog living in an apartment?

Why Does A Dog Have A Booth

A domestic dog, regardless of whether it is pedigree or not, will not be truly happy if it has no place to sleep and rest in the house. Ideally, she needs a small, closed-type house (for example, wooden, fabric or wicker), but the bedding in the corner will do.

If there is no house or bedding, the dog will persistently climb into the bed to the owner, try to occupy a chair or space under the table. Or worse, decides to dig a hole for himself in the sofa, eventually tearing it with claws.

Why booth yard dog?

A dog living in the yard without a booth, even if its warm wool allows it to live without problems all year round in the open air, is also looking for an analogue of the hole. For example, it climbs under a car or under a house, or digs the ground in a secluded corner of a garden to make an underground shelter for itself.

The booth will protect the dog from heat, rain and cold, and if in the summer you hang an anti-mosquito net at the entrance, then from annoying blood-sucking insects. Szhennaya bitch booth is also needed to feel calmer during childbirth and to be able to hide their puppies from prying eyes.

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Give your four-legged pet a comfortable place to rest, and he will be immensely grateful for that!

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