Why Does The Line Run Out Quickly In The Trimmer

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In order to find correctly how many meters of line will be needed for a particular reel, you need to wind it on the bobbin in such a way that the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. If the line sticks out over the edges of the spool, you cannot stick it into the casing. When you have determined the length of the material, you need to thread it into the bobbin, so do the following.

  • It is necessary to fold the fishing line in half, so that one end of it is 10-15 cm longer from the other.
  • See that the bobbin is split into 2.4 parts by the central collar, from which charging begins. Find a groove in it and stick a cord there, bent in two times, applying a little effort.
  • It is of fundamental importance to find in which direction the line is wound on the reel. If you look closely, you can find an arrow on the bobbin or an inscription with an arrow indicating in which direction the winding should be carried out. There are times when there is no arrow on the coil. Under these circumstances, see the arrow drawn on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • Winding should be done neatly, turn to turn, with the highest thread tension.
  • If the laying of the cord is completed, it will be necessary to first fix the small end of the line by inserting it into a groove that matches the diameter on the side of the reel.
  • The second end, the one that is longer, is attached to the groove on the back of the bobbin.
  • After fixing the fishing line, cut off its ends, leaving an allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Next, you need to install the loaded bobbin into the mowing head. For this purpose, alternately inserting and pulling the thread along the outlet of the head, place the bobbin in the casing, then, applying the required force, pull the fishing line out of the fixing grooves and tighten it.
  • Now, of course, put on the lid and fix it with the latches.

In some reels, the 2nd method of securing the cord is provided: you can charge 2 pieces of thread, instead of the 1st, folded in half. The line is changed according to the following method.

  • Before you change, in other words, load the newest thread into the coil, determine how many meters it will be needed using the method discussed above.
  • Bend one end of the cord hook type.

For Shtil lawn mowers, there is a very common and quick method of changing the line without disassembling the mowing head, which, of course, can be studied by looking at this.

The ends of the cord sticking out of the holes in the casing can be cut to the required length when the part is installed in the trimmer. This can be done, of course, in 2 methods:

  • Turning on the trimmer (when rotating, the ends of the fishing line will be cut off against the knife, fixed for this purpose on the protective casing);
  • Cutting off the excess ends with scissors so that they do not touch the casing body.

The second method is used if the passage, if it was necessary to put a cord of a huge diameter, and the edging knife is not able to shorten it.

If the filament was loaded into the mowing head, but the length of the protruding ends of the cord is not enough, then they must be lengthened before starting the device. This concerns the head with manual adjustment. But there are cases with the use of an automatic mowing head, when due to the insufficient length of the protruding ends of the cord, they are not lengthened automatically. Here you need to turn off the unit (on an electronic device, you certainly need to unplug the plug from the socket), manually press the button located at the bottom of the part, and pull out a little line. After this procedure, the cord will again be able to move out due to centrifugal force, if you set the highest spindle speed.

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Whatever thickness of the fishing line you set, you should keep in mind: in order not to interrupt work at all times and not even change the cord, you should avoid areas where the working tool touches hard surfaces (pebbles, curbs, thick dry branches, etc.).

Some users of trimmers ask themselves the question: how can you change the cord, which is used by deflot in this type of apparatus? They begin to conduct dangerous experiments by installing iron or copper wire, iron cables or strings, in addition to ordinary fishing line in the mowing head.

If you install a metal cable instead of a fishing line, then the trimmer is converted into a dangerous device not only for the user, but also for others. This fact is explained by the fact that at the time of the operation of the unit, the metal cable will work evenly, its ends will unravel, and small pieces of wire will scatter in different directions at high speed.

A similar thing happens with the use of metal or copper wire, only with the only difference that the pieces that have come off will be larger and cause significant injury.

Free rope for lawn trimmer / DIY rope for lawn trimmer

This is about making a fishing line from a plastic bottle. Such a rope has a lot of applications. From the.

How to properly wind the line in the trimmer, and what to do if the line is quickly consumed, breaks

  • See information regarding the thickness of the cord in the annotation to the device.
  • Look at the bobbin itself. Here you will like the information about the probable diameters of the fishing line.

The line is wound on a reel in the mowing head. Therefore, at first it is necessary to open it (this was mentioned above). There are 4.5 methods of winding the cord.

Why does the line fly out when using the trimmer?

The trimmer is the most common machine used for trimming grass and cutting small bushes. This device is distinguished by its own simplicity in maintenance, easy control during its operation, and due to its low weight, even ladies can use it. It is no secret that for high-quality performance of work on mowing grass, the correct selection of cutting tools is required. For the latter, special cutting attachments (discs, knives) are used in trimmers, as it is also called trimmer heads with a fishing line inside. Nozzles and fishing line are a consumable tool, if there is an option to sharpen the knives, then when you use the fishing line, you need to change it. In this publication, we will very carefully tell you how to correctly change the line.

A grass mowing head is essentially a cylindrical body in which a spool (bobbin) is inserted with a fishing line (cord) tucked in there. This design can be installed on both gasoline and electronic trimmers. Heads differ in the method of threading and feeding the cord and there are 3 types.

  • Automatic. The line is fed when the user lowers the engine speed. Although the automatic line feed is comfortable, if a huge amount of work is being done, such bobbins have one drawback, a high thread consumption.
  • Automatic. The introduction of this type of heads does not ask the user to perform complex manipulations. The principle of their operation is designed so that the cord is lengthened by the office machine when the machine is operating at full speed. It is enough to hit the trimmer head on the ground a little (this removes the blockage of the cord), and the line is pulled out of the bobbin by centrifugal force, then cut to a suitable length with a knife placed on the protective cover.
  • Manual. To lengthen the cord, the device must be stopped, then the line is manually stretched.

For reasons of the above, automatic bobbins are the best option. It should also be noted that there are single-string trimmer coils (used only for trimming the grass) and two-string ones, which are used for mowing the highest grass and small, with thin trunks of bushes.

Before starting the process of changing the cord, it is necessary for users of trimmers to remove and disassemble the coil. Let’s see how to do it.

The trimmer mowing head consists of several parts: a cover, a spring (not on many models), a bobbin with a cord and a cover.

Attention! While starting any maintenance on the electronic unit, it must be disconnected from the network.

In trimmers, in most cases, 4.5 options for mounting the mowing head are used.

To remove the trimmer head, you will need to completely disassemble it.

  • To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, you need to press on the latches (latches) located on its 2 sides.
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In this embodiment, the head is screwed onto the gearbox shaft. To remove it, you will need to fix the myth shaft. For this purpose, in similar trimmers, for example, in the Huter and Champion devices, a hole is foreseen through which, of course, stick either a narrow screwdriver or an iron bar.

To remove the bobbin, follow the usual 2.4 steps.

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Grasp the head body and start turning it clockwise. Twisting in this direction should be due to the circumstances that the thread cut on the shaft is left.

Depending on the duration of the project, which trimmer model is used, the type, thickness and length of the line are selected. You will like the diameter of the cord better from 1.4 to 4 mm. It is easy to think that the thicker you fill the cord, the more tough and thick grass it is able to cut.

As a rule, a universal line with a diameter of 4 mm is used.

There are 3 methods to find out which line size your mower is using.

Why Does The Line Run Out Quickly In The Trimmer

4. Useful articles

The warranty production of the factory trimmer refueling will inevitably require line replacement. Having a very rough idea of ​​how to thread the line into the trimmer reel on their own, beginners are reluctant to take up this business. However, with some skills, mastering this simple science does not present any difficulties, and the similar instruction presented below will make this process as easy as possible.

2. Line replacement process

For each trimmer, the manufacturer recommends a fishing line, or a cord of a certain diameter, a reel is made for it. It can be from 1.2 to 4 mm: you need to look at the instructions for what line sizes are acceptable for your tool. For example, many trimmers have a maximum value of 3 mm (recommended for tough grass) thicker cord cannot be fitted. For cutting young, soft vegetation, a thin line with a diameter of 1.2 1.6 mm is suitable. Also, when choosing, pay attention to the structure of the cord: round is the most durable and suitable for coarse grass, curly for soft, twisted or notched for thin stems. Depending on what kind of grass grows on the site, lawn or weed, buy the appropriate consumables. The length of the winding can be from several tens to several hundred meters, and its price depends on this. You need to proceed from the amount of work to be done. If the trimmer is used in a private household, there is no need to buy a skein over 100 m.

For one threading of the line into the bobbin, a length of 2 to 4 m is required, it all depends on its thickness and the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you wind more, the movement of the line will be difficult, and in the process, you may have problems pulling out new ends. Unwind the required amount and cut with a knife.

To insert the line into the trimmer head, remove it from the tool. Depending on the design, this can be done by pressing the latches or unwinding the lamb. Pay attention to the direction of the thread to the right or left, and depending on this, rotate the wing. Usually the direction of rotation is indicated by an arrow on the trimmer head housing. It is recommended to carry out this operation with gloves, fingers will not slip, and hands will not get dirty.

Dismantling the mowing head

The line is wound on a spool, which is hidden in the trimmer head housing. To get to it, you need to disassemble the element. On the case there are latches-latches, when you press them, the case cover can be easily removed. Sometimes disassembly is carried out by untwisting the case.

Trimmer heads differ in structure, reel type and line pulling principle. Having disassembled the case, you will see the spool and determine what type it belongs to. There are products with a center bump that divides the reel into a top and bottom for each end of the line. In products without it, the line winding is solid. To make the process clearer, we suggest using the table.

Winding line on reels of different types

With a dividing edge

Without dividing board

We have described how to wind the line into the reel of a double-barbed trimmer. This is the most common option. But there are other ways as well. For example, if there is one antenna in the mowing head, then winding is carried out without folding the line. Rotate in the direction indicated on the spool body, and the free end of the cord is temporarily fixed in the slot on the body. For trimmers with four antennae, four short sections are consumable, which are inserted in turn into the holes of an already assembled head.

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Assembling the trimmer head

After the line is wound on the spool, it is necessary to assemble the body. Position the spool so that the ends of the line can be pulled into the trimmer head outlets. The slots in the spool where they were temporarily inserted will prevent them from slipping out. If there are no such slots, hold the ends with your fingers when placing the coil in the body. After pulling the free ends into the outlet openings, close the lid and secure it with latches or twist. Place the mowing head on the trimmer and pull the ends of the line to the desired length so that they do not touch the protective cover during operation. Done! You can get to work!

Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, you need to remove the spool (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer; specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of the product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers with a working engine and bottom coil usually have side buttons on either side of the bobbin. When pressed at the same time, the upper part of the spool together with the inner content for winding the line is detached, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on a flat, smooth place so that the spring included in the structure does not jump out and get lost;
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have spools with a special wing: in such designs, hold the spool in a stationary position with one hand, and rotate the locking reel on the rod with the wing nut counterclockwise with the other. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with the ability to install the knife on a straight bar (for example, Stihl trimmers) have a hole under the reel. To keep the rod stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with a left-hand thread) and removed from the trimmer.

For the second and third cases, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. In bobbins with a lamb, a lamb is unscrewed, in coils with latches, the latches are pressed and one part of the coil is released from the other. If the halves of the bobbin are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

How to wind line around the trimmer head or lawn mowers

Shows in detail how to wind the line on a trimmer reel or lawn mowers. Refueling with mowing line.

Coil with one working antenna

The simplest option and uncomplicated sequence of actions:

  • The dimensions of the spool and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended length of the 25 m line for winding.
  • One end of the line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  • The fishing line is wound on the drum in the opposite direction of the spool rotation on the trimmer product, as a rule, on the inner side of the bobbin an arrow indicates in which direction it is wound.
  • A small section of the line is left free to bring it out, it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inside of the bobbin, designed to hold the winding when assembling the bobbin into working condition.
  • The left end of the line is passed through the hole in the outer part of the reel.
  • The bobbin halves are assembled and put on the trimmer bar.

Line replacement instructions

It should be noted that the reels in mowers can be different:

  • For functioning with one tendril;
  • For functioning with two antennae;
  • The line should be threaded through the through hole located inside the element.

And do not confuse this detail with, because despite the similar name, these are two completely different elements.

Do not forget that the cutting element needs to be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the body of the unit. If the process does not start automatically and the thread tension has been released, then the button is clamped, and the fishing line is pulled out of the spool with force.

See instructions.