Why gas straps fell sharply Chinese. The trimmer stalls for the grass: the causes and elimination of problems

The trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum. the causes of the problem and their elimination

Why is the gasoline or electric trimmer for STIHL, Husqvarna, Champion grass is not gaining momentum. why do this common problem have a number of different reasons for the trimmer. While working with the device, you can meet as obvious problems, signs

Trammers for grass are reliable and durable (of course, subject to proper care). Most often, malfunctions arise due to contamination of structural elements.

If the engine of your lawn mower does not start, does not gain momentum, does not reach the power you need or suddenly stalls, it may be a reason:

  • low.quality fuel (fuel mixture), it can be in long.term storage or in non.compliance with the recipe for the preparation of the mixture;
  • The grass was wound on the shaft of the fishing/knife head;
  • clogging of the air filter/muffler;
  • Balance of the carburetor.

The lawn mower stalls

When purchasing a lawn mower, you must be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, breakdowns may also appear in it that will require repairs.

But do not immediately run to the service center and pay big funds to the craftsmen who convince you of the presence of severe malfunctions in the device.

The lawn mower stalls at high speeds

Perhaps more and more a widespread complaint associated with gasoline trimmers sounds like this: “The lawn mower stalls”.

Naturally, a rather harsh fault may be a prerequisite for this. A two.stroke trimmer engine for grass does not develop turns stalling. lawn mower FS 130 give gas stalls. But in most cases, the situation is even easier than it seems to be the 1st gaze.

In order to cope with such an inconsistent, first, try to deal with its causes without the help of others, because, having found out the reason, it’s even easier to fight with the inconsistency, and from time to time it is even self.destructive.

In fact, circumstances, this is when the lawn mower stalls at high speeds, there are quite a lot of these circumstances.

Why is a Chinese lawn mower not developing momentum?

The trimmer for grass does not gain momentum, a very common inconsistent and of course does not always have a common solution.In this.

The lawn mower is not gaining momentum, the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it

1st launch of the latest lawn mower.Removed the grid from the silencer, began to work.

Another, this is the presence of malfunctions in the power system.

In this case, the lawn mower will stall at idle. At speed stalls a trimmer for Champion grass. GAPHOLLOSKALL GOODLUCK 4300 stalls video revolutions. The lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. At high speeds, the lawn mower stalls. The problems with the power system may lead to a drainage or incorrect carburetor adjustment.

Vibrations that take place in the process of operation of the lawn mower can lead to a reservoir.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawn mower can be fixed by simply adjusting it in accordance with the requirements specified in the operating instructions.

sharply, chinese, trimmer, stalls

In addition, sometimes gasoline trimmers for grass can stall due to the fact that the valve located in the gas tank lid just clogged or sticks.

To find out, try using a braid by loosening the gas tank cover.

If in this mode the device works properly, clean the valve.

The lawn mower stall when you press the gas, how to eliminate the breakdown

The reasons why the lawn mower stalls is a huge number, we offer the most common of them, and we hope that you will find your own, and, of course, eliminate it. So, one of the situations is to clog the air damper, then the hole behind which the fuel is sprayed. If something got into it, then it can most often be quickly and easy to remove. This is the simplest reason, like a clogged filter. It needs to be washed in the solvent, and then get it well with compressed air. If it is not subject to repair, then order a new one in spare parts from the Kosikos store.

When a braid for grass stalls at high speeds, this is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or clutching a valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was diluted under the influence of vibrations arising during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose intended for fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.

The carburetor is regulated by relying on the operational instruction to the trimmer. For configuration, it is often enough to weaken the tightening of its body. If there are problematic issues with the circulation of the fuel mixture, then it can gradually enter the carburetor. After its production, the engine stalls at high speeds.

The causes of the malfunction and their elimination

In order to most accurately determine the cause of the trimmer malfunction for grass of any brand (for example, echo) and find out the possibility of eliminating it, you need to install, when performing what action the device stalls. The engine can turn off both at idle and at high speeds, heated under load or immediately after starting and t.D.

If you stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline braids often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to problems in the carburetor. A failure in his work can occur due to long-term storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

On a note! Users familiar with the repair of a car carburetor can try to restore this important node of the trimmer for the grass on their own, using the instructions for operating. Otherwise, the correct decision will be to seek help from the service center representatives.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls when you give gas because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to loosen the valve. Thus, normal supply of carburetor fuel will be restored.

The lawn mower stalls

When purchasing a lawn mower, you need to be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, it may also have breakdowns that will require repairs.

However, do not immediately run to the service center and pay a lot of money to the masters who convince you of a serious malfunction in the device.

The lawn mower stalls at high speeds

Perhaps the most common complaint related to gasoline trimmers sounds like this: “The lawn mower stalls”.

Of course, the reason for this may be a rather serious malfunction. However, most often the situation is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a problem, first of all, try to deal with its causes on your own, because, having found out the reason, it is much easier to fight the problem, and sometimes it is even self.destructive.

In fact, the reasons are when the lawn mower stalls at high speeds, there are quite a lot of these reasons.

Another, this is the presence of malfunctions in the power system.

In this case, the lawn mower will stall at idle. The problems with the power system may lead to a drainage or incorrect carburetor adjustment.

Vibrations that take place in the process of operation of the lawn mower can lead to a reservoir.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawn mower can be fixed by simply adjusting it in accordance with the requirements specified in the operating instructions.

In addition, sometimes gasoline trimmers for grass can stall due to the fact that the valve located in the gas tank lid just clogged or sticks.

To find out, try using a braid by loosening the gas tank cover.

If in this mode the device works properly, clean the valve.

over, the lawn mower can stall due to poor fuel flow into the carburetor

Weed Eater Not Starting leaking gas at fuel line

Why then the device starts up, ask you?

The reason for this is that at first the fuel gradually falls into the carburetor and is enough for work with increased power.

However, then it is produced and at large speeds the engine begins to stall.

As for the carburetor, here the problem may also be that its body is too pulled.

The reason that the lawn mower stalls at high gas speeds may also be an air leak.

We are talking about the possible presence of a place through which air can pass during the heating process of the engine.

Among other things, do not forget to check the fuel intake hose. The problem may be that it is weak or cracked at all.

These are the main reasons why the gas mowl can stall.

The lawn mower does not collect grass

The reason for this may be faulty or stupid knives. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to install new knives every season. You can do with the sharpening of knives at an angle of 30 °.

When hidden, it is necessary to protect yourself with special glasses and protective gloves. After sharpening, you need to test the balancing of the knives.

If a cylindrical mower does not collect grass, then it is better to sharpen knives in the service center. But you can purchase a sharpening device in the store and sharpen yourself, as shown on. To do this, you need to bring the cylinder of the turned off the braid to the position with the maximum interval between the blades. Then the abrasive strip is glued to the sharpening device, and the cylinder is transferred to the position in which the blades relate to the abrasive. The mitch needs to be turned on for short intervals of time until the blades become sharp.

Malfunctions of a gasoline lawn mower: the most common problems and their elimination

How does it matter what kind of motorized equipment, the lawn mower bages from time to time and stops working or works incorrectly. At the same time, there is always a certain reason why the equipment works with interruptions, without eliminating its repair will only lead to a stupid embezzlement of money and time

In this case, there is always a certain cause why the technique works with interruptions, without eliminating its repair will only lead to a stupid embezzlement of money and time.

Having understood the device of the lawn mower and the reasons for the breakdown of certain devices, it can almost always be removed without the help of others.

  • more frequent defects in gasoline lawn mowers;
  • the reasons for these defects;
  • diagnostic methods;
  • repair and prevention methods.

It shakes strongly

Such a malfunction of a gasoline lawn mower appears in 2 cases:

In both cases, the prerequisite of the shaking is the lack of a knife balance, because when the knife is hit, at least there is not enough, but it is deformed, and with incorrect sharpening, the metal on both sides is removed unevenly.

As a result of this, a lever appears, the length or mass of the shoulders of which is at least insignificant, but differs. This leads to the fact that the shaft of the motor will always pull right behind the more languid or long.length shoulder of the lever, and thanks to its rotation, such an effort will also move in a circle.

To establish the cause, you need to prepare and install a gasoline lawn mower to the position for replacing the knife (these operations are carefully described in the operating annotations). Then the knife is painstakingly examined in search of damage, but if the external examination did not give anything, then it is removed and balanced.

With independent balancing, the knife is put on the rod and look at which sides will go down, for a more clear balancing, you can slightly twist the knife on this impromptu shaft.

Having determined the more languid side, it is gradually dragged by a raster with a manually or on a sharpener, checking the balance all the time, while the metal is removed only from the side of the blade, maintaining the initial angle of sharpening. In the same way, the knife is sharpened in home criteria, at first the tip of the blade, then balancing it.

On certain models of gasoline lawners, a shaking prerequisite can be a broken adapter between the motor shaft and a knife that protects the shaft from damage in a collision.

To diagnose such a malfunction, you need to install the device in a position for replacing a knife, then shake the knife in different directions and test it to scroll it.

If he even sways or turns a little, the adapter must be changed. because he completed his task, protect the shaft during a sharp stop of a knife, which can no longer firmly fix the knife. Its substitution is also described in the annotation of operation.

Poorly cut the grass

If after mowing the grass looks cloud, then cause there is always one. a dumb knife that needs to either be flooded or changed.

The incorrectly sharpened knife is rapidly stupid and loses balancing, which can lead not only to the emergence of vibration, and to the rejection of the motor bearings of the motor. If the knife can be sharpened, then do it because it is described in the last section.

The reasons for the weak.speed trimmer for grass

If users complain to the trimmer for grass, which does not gain momentum, this means that it works normally on idle, and when pressing gas does not develop the necessary power. This can happen as a result of a long downtime of the apparatus without activity. These problems are typical for gasoline devices, including the Husqvarna 128R, STIHL FS 38 and Hitachi different modifications.

Working with a trimmer, you need to monitor its behavior all the time. a drop in revolutions and unusual noises signal the malfunctions in the aggregate. Sometimes you give gas, and the trimmer for the grass swims. In such cases, the work should immediately be suspended, let the mechanism cool and start searching for possible problems. They can be of a different nature of both the technological plan and external factors related to the conditions and features of the operation of the device.

External factors

Several factors that are not related to its breakdown affect the reduction of revolutions:

  • filter pollution due to the hit of particles of dirt and dust in it;
  • use of poor.quality fuel;
  • incorrectly prepared mixture (relevant for trimmers with two.stroke gasoline engines);
  • pollution of the muffle of muffler particles of vegetation, soil elements and other objects.

In this case, in the second and third cases, the formation of a soil in the combustion chamber is formed, and the elements of the carburetor are clogged.

technical issues

The technical problems of the lawn mower mainly occur in the fuel and ignition system. You can cope with them yourself.

  • Когда ручная косилка не заводится или глохнет, проблема может быть связана со свечой. The dark cargo speaks of poor carburetor adjustment and low gasoline quality.
  • The reason for the incorrect operation of the trimmer for the grass may be clogged fuel hose. Filters are also often clogged.
  • Another internal problem. the muffler is covered with soot. From this, the turnover of the grass for the grass falls strongly. Output. you need to clean the muffler.

Immediately after you started

The unit can stall immediately after the launch, if the carburetor is cesspool or was incorrectly configured. this causes Uneven fuel supply. The result is that the device begins to vibrate clearly. To eliminate problems, the carburetor is reconfigured, acting according to the instructions for the mechanism.

The engine also stops when Clotting of the valve. supplying fuel. In such cases, it is enough just to clean it. If the lawn mower at first earned, but then immediately stalled, then possible fuel to the carburetor unit enters some difficulty. The weakening of the valve helps to solve the issue, which provides free circulation of the mixture in the system.

The stop may also be called Air suction In the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks) that fuel fuel fuel. In this case, the drive should be added to the drive to quickly drive air bubbles from the system.

When heated

The lawn mower often stops when heated. In this case, it starts, works “with jerks” and gradually stops. This process occurs when gasoline in the carburetor boils or the damper in it is installed rotary, not a disk appearance. In the latter case, the part is changed.

It is found that the trimmer for the grass is warming if Damaged the spark plug wire Or a coil. To start working normally, the device is replaced by details.

What to do if the lawn mower or saw stalls at high speeds (under load)

Group for repairing garden equipment Video about the reasons for the sudden stop of a two.stroke.

The lawn mower does not start hot. press the gas trigger and pull the cord abruptly several times until the engine earns, then lower the trigger. Not starting. specialized repair is required.

Checking the ignition system, if the lawn mower is not started, is carried out sequentially:

  • Clean the removed candle from soot and dirt, dry, set a gap of 1 mm;
  • Connect to a high.voltage wire and check on a spark, twitching a few times;
  • In the absence of a spark, check the high.voltage wire for integrity;
  • replace the candle;
  • dry the candle channel;
  • At the same time, the operation of the ignition coil is checked, it is faulty if the working candle does not spark.
sharply, chinese, trimmer, stalls

It is in the case of a malfunction of the ignition coil that the lawn mower does not start hot, stalls, works with interruptions.

Cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filter will provide the necessary consumption of ingredients entering the carburetor. Air filter can be washed in soapy water or replaced. If the nylon canvas is used, it is washed, the porous felt filler is replaced. Why does the lawn mower stall when you press the gas: the causes and their solutions. The lawn mower stalls (trimmer for grass): the fuel filter is carefully changed, without leaving an open suction pipe. Whether the replacement of the air filter is needed, it is possible to determine if the engine with the air purifier removed is launched. Whether it is necessary to change the grid on the fuel supply, if the lawn mower is not started, a dry candle will tell.

Sapun, a hole for air intake into a gas tank. If it is clogged, discharge is created in the tank and the mixture does not enter the carburetor. The hole can be blown with air or cleaned with a needle. Clean the exhaust channel, remove the anti.icper mesh of the muffler.

What to do if the engine does not start?

If the lawn mower fails is not possible, then the first thing is to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For refueling the tool, it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline purchased at gas stations, the brand of which should not be lower than the AI-92. Savings on cheap fuel can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston group, for the repair of which a third of the cost of Motokosa itself can take. It is equally important and correctly preparing a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportional ratio of these components of the mixture is indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. Do not prepare the fuel mixture in large volumes, since during long storage its properties are lost. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture.

When preparing the fuel mixture, pour the oil into gasoline using a medical syringe that allows you to accurately comply with the necessary proportion of the components

Fuel filter pollution in the tank may also prevent the operation of the lawn mower engine. Therefore, when problems with the launch of the motor, check the condition of the filter. If necessary, replace the filter. It is forbidden to leave the incoming pipe without a fuel filter.

The air filter also needs to be in the test. During contamination, the part is removed, in the field is washed in gasoline and put in place. In the country or at home, the filter can be washed in water using detergents. After that, the filter rinses, squeezes and dries. The dried filter is moistened with a small amount of oil used to prepare the fuel mixture. Excess oils are removed by compressing the filter with hands. Then the part is installed in place. The removed cover is placed back and fixed with screws.

The air filter washed in the fuel mixture, squeezed and dried, is installed in place in the plastic case and covered with a lid

How this procedure is done in more detail you can look at

If all of the above procedures are carried out, and the engine is not started, then adjust its revolutions at idle, twisting the carburetor screw. In the video posted at the beginning of the article, attention is paid to this issue.

  • Put the tool on the side so that the air filter is at the top. With this location of the chainsaw, the fuel mixture is ensured exactly into the bottom of the carburetor. On the first attempt, the engine will start if you remove the air filter before starting and pour a few drops of the mixture into the carburetor, and then install the dismantled parts to the place. The method is tested in practice.
  • If the first advice does not give a result, then, most likely, the problem in the spark plug. In this case, unscrew the candle and check its performance, as well as dry the combustion chamber. A candle that does not show signs of life, replace the new.
  • If the spark plug is in good condition, the filters are clean and fuel mixture, then you can use the universal way of starting the engine. Close the carburetor air damper and pull the starter handle once. Then open the damper and pull the starter 2-3 times. Repeat the procedure from three to five times. The engine will surely start.

Some pull the pen with such force that it is necessary to repair the starter of the lawn mowed with their own hands. This is possible only in the case of a gust of a cable or breakdown of the cable handle. In other cases, it is recommended to replace the starter. This node is sold in the collection.

Why stall the engine of a trimmer for grass when recruiting

The most popular with summer residents, gardeners and gardeners trimmers for grass are equipped with two.stroke engines operating on gasoline. In recent years, part of the manufacturers have been promoting motorcycles and leaflets based on four.stroke engines in the market, but they have not yet gained the popularity that two.stroke. They are more difficult in the device, more demanding on the mode of operation, purity of fuel, oil quality. Also, four.stroke engines are more in weight and more slowly gaining momentum.

During the operation of trimmers on the basis of two.stroke engines, a number of characteristic malfunctions arise related to the features of the design of the engines. With all the perfection of the Husqvarna or Echo engines, even they occasionally “acting up”. The budget models of motorcycle assembled in China, problems arise more often. This is due to both the lower quality of materials and the assembly level. The most characteristic malfunction is a poor launch from a “hot” state and “subsidence” of revolutions at a slight load. But sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls with a sharp press on the throttle key. Why does this happen?

The reasons for the breakdown

For all the apparent simplicity, the lawn mower is a well.thought.out and balanced tool in which each part is in its place. If everything is regular, the engine from the cold state should start after the first starter jerk. Depending on the model, first you need to swing the fuel mixture by pressing the transparent button on the carburetor. In a number of modern fuel pumping models, it is not required.

You also need to transfer the lever on the carburetor to the extreme position to close the air damper. In some models of Husqvarna and other manufacturers, the shuttle of the damper is carried out by turning a special regulator. After that, you need to turn on the ignition on the handle and energetically pull the starter’s cord, while pressing the gas key to about half.

The engine should start after the first jerk, but can earn after 3. 4 movements. This cannot be considered a breakdown. it all depends on the production of the motor, the quality of the fuel mixture, temperature and humidity and other factors. Two.stroke engines have their own character, to find out why they are not launched from the first, but from the fourth time, it is difficult even for professional mechanics.

If the engine confidently launched and earned, but the trimmer for the grass stalls when pressing the gas, then you forgot to transfer the carburetor lever to the position of the open or partially open air damper. Usually. this is the movement of the lever down. It may happen that the most stable the lawn mower works with a not fully opened damper. If you have used the trimmer for more than one season, so it will be. When the lever of the damper is transferred to the extreme lower position, the fuel mixture can become too impoverished and the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas.

This feature is not considered a malfunction. you just need to check the work of the trimmer for grass in different modes and try to use the optimal one in work. But there are other reasons why the lawn mower can stall at any stage, immediately after starting or during operation.

Other possible reasons

If, with a sharp addition of revolutions, the engine stalls, as if zabulae, then the reason may be:

  • Carburetor adjustment failure. This happens after prolonged downtime or after excessive loads, for example, natives in hot weather or in conditions of strong dustiness.
  • Clogging valve on the tank cover. Eliminated by replacing the lid or cleaning valve.
  • Weakening of the cable of the carburetor regulator drive.
  • Stretching of the fuel hose.
  • Depressurization of traffic jams on the tank, which includes hoses.
  • The clogging of the sapun.

When looking for the reasons why the trimmer stalls for the grass when trying to increase speed, other reasons may appear, for example, associated with the ignition coil and candle. If the fuel mixture is not prepared according to the rules using cheap oil or poor.quality gasoline, the proportions are not observed, or the mixture cooked a month ago, then the engine can also stall when trying to add gas.

How the real reason is determined

In the case when the carburetor is responsible for stopping the engine, a sudden stop is accompanied by a nearby symptoms. Most often, this is the appearance of tangible vibrations in all operating modes. Carburetor adjustment is carried out using two screws. idle control and fuel supply. In which direction to rotate them should be written in the operating instructions. If independent adjustment has not helped, contact the service center or buy a new carburetor.

If you have a lawn mower of a professional or semi-professional class, for example, the same echo or al-ko. then the carburetor resource is approximately equal to the durability of the motor and there is no need to buy a new one. It is enough to seek help in adjustment to a knowledgeable specialist. Motokos type Champion has a slightly lower carburetor resource, it may happen that adjustments will not help. Carburetors of two.stroke engines in the repair are complex, so it is better to order a new.

After making sure that the carburetor works fine, but the lawn mower still stalls, try to loosen the gas tank cover. If the engine operating mode has changed, it means that the lid valve is clogged or clogged. Practice shows that it is useless to clean it. It is better to buy a new cover, it costs a little, and it will last at least 2. 3 seasons.

Along the way, check the tightness of the gas pipeline connection from the carburetor and tank. Sometimes hoses stretch, and air is sucked around around the fittings. With a sharp press on the gas key, the mixture becomes depleted (gasoline is less than a stichiometric indicator) and the motor stalls. This also happens when the gasket between the carburetor and the cylinder is pierced or the bolts of the carburetor attachment are loosened from vibration. Just in case, check them, but do not forget that two.stroke engines are made of rather fragile alloys. If you overdo it with the moment of puffing, the thread in the cylinder can be disrupted.

It is also recommended to check the fence mesh on the hose in the tank, the cork through which the hoses are inserted into the tank and blow the fuel lines. Perhaps they are clogged and a little gasoline enters the carburetor. Especially with sharp pressure on gas.

Having checked and cleaning all the systems of a trimmer for grass, season the tank prepared by all the rules with a mixture and start from a cold state. Let me work out a few minutes at idle and try to mow fishing at medium speeds. After 10. 12 minutes of work, add speed sharply. a trimmer for grass should not stall. If this happens, change the spark plug and perform the same actions.

If during operation a trimmer for the grass, before stall, spontaneously periodically reduces or increases the revolutions, “failures” appear in power, then it is necessary to check the ignition coil and contacts of all wires. Start with contacts, they are quite fragile and can break off or oxidize.

Why stall the lawn mower at a load

How not to get confused if the lawn mower does not start

The tool, despite its small dimensions, represents a complex technical device. If we study the operating annotation, there will be prerequisites why the lawn mower is not started, known and eliminated. It is necessary to alternately exclude the reasons that make it difficult to start the tool. Why is a trimmer for grass stalls when pressed at high speeds. The lawn mower stalls. They usually start with more affordable nodes with a slight checking check.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

All the prerequisites why the lawn mower is not started can be systematized by the specifics of the operation of individual units. The service center is systematized:

  • Motor malfunction (piston wear, bearing malfunction, crankcase crack);
  • Fuel consistency supply malfunction. clogged pores of an air filter or a malfunction of a carburetor;
  • the ignition system does not work;
  • A malfunction of a mechanical disposition. a leak of hoses, broken wires under a braid, rupture of the tubes.

The user first needs to check if there is a fuel in the tank. Starting in agreement with annotation, putting the saw on the side. Set the air damper to the position “Closed”, pump up fuel, turn on the ignition and produce 3-4 sharp jerks by the starter. If the engine has earned, open the air damper. The lawn mower is not started. we repeat the operations with a slightly open air damper.

The lawn mower cannot work for a long time. Gearbox and engine will overheat. Mowing less than 15 = 20 minutes, taking a five.minute break. In hot noon, the operating time is reduced by half. When mowing weeds, sedgers, the working hours are required to reduce.

If you are unsuccessful, we begin to find the reason for the refusal:

What Happens if You Put Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal?

  • check the quality of fuel;
  • make sure the operability of the candle and the cleanliness of the candle canal;
  • check the cleanliness of the air filter;
  • Make sure that the fuel filter is not clogged;
  • Check the cleanliness of the bastard;
  • Clean the exhaust channel.

complex reasons will be detected in the diagnosis of a malfunction, leading to the overhaul of the carburetor. Such reasons include clogging of the internal channels of the carburetor, wear on it gaskets and violation of the tightness of internal halls with a vacuum loss. Why does the lawn mower stall that the reason is why when operating the engine at high speeds. DIY lawn mowing repair, if it does not start, will require patience.

At high speeds

When a braid for grass stalls at high speeds, this is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or clutching a valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was diluted under the influence of vibrations arising during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose intended for fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.

Карбюратор регулируют , опираясь на эксплуатационную инструкцию к триммеру. Для настройки часто бывает достаточно ослабить затяжку его корпуса. Если существуют проблемные моменты с циркуляцией топливной смеси, то она может понемногу поступать в карбюратор. После ее выработки двигатель глохнет при больших оборотах.

Диагностика неполадок

Все причины, почему не заводится газонокосилка, можно классифицировать по специфике работы отдельных узлов. В сервисном центре неисправности классифицируют:

  • неисправность двигателя (износ поршня, неисправность подшипника, трещина картера);
  • неисправность подачи топливной смеси – забитые поры воздушного фильтра или неисправность карбюратора;
  • не работает система зажигания;
  • неисправность механического характера – протечка шлангов, сломанные провода под оплёткой, разрыв трубок.

Пользователю в первую очередь нужно проверить, есть ли в баке горючее. Запуск проводить в соответствии с инструкцией, положив пилу на бок. Воздушную заслонку установить в положение «закрыто», подкачать топливо, включить зажигание и произвести 3-4 резких рывка стартёром. Если двигатель заработал, открыть заслонку воздуха. Не заводится газонокосилка – повторяем операции при слегка открытой воздушной заслонке.

газонокосилка не может работать долго. Перегреется редуктор и двигатель. Косит можно не более 15=20 минут, делая пятиминутный перерыв. В знойный полдень время работы сокращается вдвое. При скашивании бурьяна, осоки время работы требуется сократить.

sharply, chinese, trimmer, stalls

При неудачном запуске, начинаем искать причину отказа:

  • проверить качество топлива;
  • убедиться в работоспособности свечи и чистоте свечного канала;
  • проверить чистоту воздушного фильтра;
  • убедиться, что топливный фильтр не забит;
  • проверить чистоту сапуна;
  • прочистить выпускной канал.

Более сложными причинами станут, обнаруженные при диагностике неисправности, приводящие к капитальному ремонту карбюратора. К таким причинам относят засорение внутренних каналов карбюратора, износ на нём прокладки и нарушение герметичности внутренних холлов с потерей вакуума. Ремонт газонокосилки своими руками, если она не заводится, потребует терпения.