Why is a manual circular take aside. Device and principle of operation of a disc saw

Spilling techniques with a circular saw with and without devices, as well as what can be cut and how to properly use it

To work with a hand circular saw, special qualifications are not required. It is enough to try the first time, then for a few cuts the user will understand the possibility of the tool: how quickly he saws, how to crush, so as not to “strangle” the engine, how the electric saw behaves when starting, how the cord is stretched so that it does not fall under the saw. This is about simple sawing, for example, firewood.

manual, circular, aside, device

It is a little more difficult to make even cuts and achieve an accurate carpentry cut (plus/minus 1mm or degree). It is difficult to achieve more accuracy with such a tool, although in principle and possible. But such tolerances in most cases are permissible, taking into account the fact that wood is able to dry out and swell, changing the volume and size with a large amplitude (up to 10%). For jewelry accuracy, other tools are used, including hand hacksaws with a small tooth.

How to set a saw saw for a flat sawing?

The saw disk should be strictly perpendicular to the support platform. This is visible both in the position of the disk, and on the scale of degrees on the adjusting arc. If the disk is at an angle:

With a tightening should be more careful. On some models, with excessive puff, you can break the thread or break off the head.

Further depends on how and what to saw.

The board across

With such a saw, the length of the workpiece should be accurate. The desired size is measured with a roulette. With a pencil (marker, sharp object), two marks are made. at first the future drank and at the end. Tags are connected by a line. This place of the future drank.

On the front (end) of the platform of each manual circular there is a risk. It is located opposite the disk and shows where to go. The risk is combined with marking the cut and sawing, making sure that the risk goes on marking.

On different hand saws, cut can be shifted 1-2 mm to the left or right from the risks. Therefore, when using the new saw, you should try on unnecessary blanks, where the cut will really go out.

Sometimes it is more convenient to make a strip and dick not in place, but on the left edge of the platform. Then it will be easier to control the accuracy of the cut. With this markup, the full length of the workpiece is noted, the disabled saw disc is put to it and on the left is a mark along the edge of the platform.

When sawing problematic blanks (solid, thick, steamed or jerking wood with twisted fibers), there is a possibility of a disk leaving from the mark. In such cases, instead of the mark, from the edge of the platform is screwed onto screws or pressed with clamps a guide bar. Drinking, pressing the platform to the bar.

Board along

The easiest way to make a drink along the entire length on a trimming board. For this, a support bar is used on two rods, which is included in the set of most models. Also, it is also called parallel emphasis.

Parallel emphasis

The rods are inserted into the audience on the platform. Set the desired cut width and fix the rods with screws. Drinking, pressing the support bar to a trimming board. Pencil markings do not need.

They are required when you need to cut off the wedge.shaped blank (one end wider, the other already) and for the sawing along or cutting of the droppings of an unsolved board. In these cases, a disc is carried out according to the marking, similarly as with the above transverse cut. But it must be remembered that the longitudinal cuts are many times longer than transverse.

At the same time, the engine works with a fairly large load, especially on thick boards (35-50 mm). Therefore, they saw, moving the circular with such a speed that the engine does not lose speed, and the disk manages to choose wood and throw the sawdust from the cut.

Adjustment of the guide slice on the table and disk

The first thing to do for the correct setting of the circular is to align the guide grooves on the countertop strictly parallel to the cutting disk. This will need to have a caliper at hand. To achieve the ideal position of the guides and the working body is easy. The error should not be more than 0.05 mm. Otherwise, even a slight deviation adversely affect the processing of lumber.

Checking the stops of a saw for parallelity

Now you need to adjust the parallelity of the stop with the groove or slot. As in the previous setting, the maximum allowable error should not exceed 0.05 mm. Когда параллельность упора нарушена, доска при резке будет сильно смещаться в сторону, а от этого заготовка получится очень неровной, и сделать аккуратную конструкцию из пиломатериала не удастся.

How to fix

There are several ways that will quickly correct the lifting of the chainsaws to the side during the cut of wood. To eliminate such a problem and prevent its appearance, it is necessary:

  • Constantly monitor the level of sharpening the chain. If necessary, it must be sharpened with a special file or machine.
  • Regulate the level of tension of the chain directly on the bus itself. In this case, the chain should not sag or be pulled.
  • Make sure that there are no deformations on the tire. In the event of deformations on the sides, they must be eliminated in a timely manner. For this, the file of the saw set is performed.

If the user does not have enough time to edit the tire, then it needs to be turned to the other side. However, this is only a temporary solution and editing of a damaged saw element in the presence of defects and deformations on its sides. To make editing, you need such a tool as:

At the first stage of editing, you need to decide on the level of deformation of the saw headset. To do this, the tire must be put on a flat surface and put a square to its edges. Then the corner grinder needs to be squeezed in a vice, and the table on which the saw headset will be laid must be lifted to the level of the disk angular grind. Using the square you need to properly set the angle of the disk angular grinder.

After that, the corner grinder must be securely fixed in the vice. At the next stage, after turning on the corner grinder, the tire must be treated with a food disk on both sides several times. Then, using the square, it is necessary to determine the quality of the adjustment.

It is worth noting that with this adjustment, it is quite possible to reduce the width of the sides on the saw set. As a result of this, the groove for the chain in the tire will be too small. Therefore, after editing, you must always make sure that the tails of the chain do not go beyond the limit of the groove. In the event that the groove has become too small, the headset needs to be replaced, since it will be unsuitable for further use.

Do.it.yourself disk saw repair

When starting to repair the unit with your own hands, it is not necessary to disassemble it completely to clarify the reasons for the breakdown. Some malfunctions are characterized by specific symptoms by which you can determine the problem and already purposefully disassemble this or that part of the device.

The saw does not turn on

If when you press the start button, the engine of the unit “is silent”, then the first thing to focus on is the network cable, provided that there is electricity in the outlet (connect the device to another outlet for verification).

Advice! Before checking the cable, you need to disassemble the electric fork and make sure that the cord conductors are connected to its pins.

To check the electric cable, you need to disconnect the handle. This will help to get to the contacts to which the wires of the network cord are soldered. Further, with the help of a tester, call each wire, pressing one probe to the soldered contact, and the second. to the pin of the fork.

If the network cable is intact, then in search of a malfunction do the following.

  • Blind the entire chain by the tester, starting from the cable entrance to the unit to the launch button. You should also check the contacts of the button at its input and output with the key pressed. In normal condition, the torn chain should be closed. Call all the wires after the button going to the engine brushes.
  • If everything is in order with the conductors, check how much the electrodes of the brushes have worn out. After wear of the electrode 2/3 of the initial size, it should be replaced. Brushes, regardless of how much each of them has worn out, change in pairs.
  • If the brushes are in good condition, then, most likely, the engine has failed. In his windings, a cliff or inter.flip.circuit could occur. In this case, it is better to entrust the engine repair to specialists who will rewind the stator coils or anchor.

The engine heats up

The unit can heat up excessively, for example, with its intensive use, as well as when sawing hard wood or the use of a saw disk with a large number of teeth, when the load on the engine increases significantly. Also caused by overheating of the malfunctioning motor associated with the windows of the stator and anchor, which are eliminated only in the service center.

Brushes are burning

Strong sparking from under the brushes is caused by excessive wear, when the spring can no longer press the electrodes to the collector with the required force. To replace the brushes, you need to disconnect the engine cover or remove them through special holes in the engine housing (depending on the power plant model).

Jammed the shaft during operation

This malfunction may happen when for any reason, a stopper is pressed during the tool. It is designed to fix the shaft when replacing equipment and should be used after a complete stop of the engine. Otherwise, the Stop Stop rod breaks down, and its debris fall into the engine, causing jamming. There are frequent cases when this leads to deformation of the anchor shaft. Also, the consequence of pressing on the stopper can be the split of the gearbox body, the fragments of which can damage the gears and provoke their jamming. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the anchor, a stopper leading (large) gear of the gearbox and its body.

In some cases, the gearbox can jam with the complete destruction of the bearing.

The saw stops in the process

The engine stops in most cases cause a cavity worn electrical brushes. Когда контакт между электродом щетки и ламелями коллектора нарушается, происходит выключение агрегата.

Often, when buying brushes for a given apparatus, products with a short conductor connecting the electrode to the plate come across. This conductor is located inside the spring and does not allow it to be completely imprisoned. Когда электрод изнашивается до определенной длины, то прижим его к коллектору прекращается, поскольку этому препятствует короткий проводник. If you, examining the brush, find that it is not yet worn out and the spring is not unclenched, then the part should be replaced.

The gearbox body is very hot

The rapid heating of the gearbox occurs if the shaft bearing is unusable, on which the gear is fixed and the equipment is attached. In this case, in addition to heating, you can replace the appearance of extraneous noises in this unit node. It is necessary to disassemble the gearbox and change the bearing. The gearbox will also heat up if it is not enough lubricant or it is completely absent.

manual, circular, aside, device

Advice! Periodically, you should disassemble the gearbox and check the presence of lubrication. If necessary, refill with lubrication the internal space of the node. For these purposes, you can use a special lubricant for gearboxes of corner grinder.

The saw does not gain power

If during the use of the unit you noticed a drop in its power, then it is first recommended to check the voltage level in the network. Sometimes even a slight drop can negatively affect the power of the power tool.

Also, loss of power can be observed with wear of the bearings of the anchor or gearbox bearing. In this case, extraneous noises will be heard, previously not characteristic of this unit. By their localization, you can determine where the problem bearing is located. in the gearbox or engine. To replace bearings, you will need to disassemble the disk saw. How to do this was described above.

If during the operation of the unit is not heard, the engine still poorly develops momentum and power, then pay attention to its collector. Usually on it you can see a circular spark (fire ring). This can happen due to the inter-flip closing of the anchor coil or the accumulation of dirt between the collector lamps.

Expand the engine housing and carefully inspect the collector (the place where the electrodes of the brushes glide). It consists of parallel stripes (lamellas). There is a small gap between them. When this gap is clogged with conductive graphite dust formed during the wear of the brushes, a short circuit occurs between the lamels, and a burning ring around them appears.

Step.by.step algorithm for beginners: from preparation to launch and stopping saw

The following tips and recommendations are useful to both beginners and more advanced users of circular saws.

Suppose you need to cut the leaf plywood. What is needed for this?

  • The plywood sheet is fixed on the workbench using a clamp, so that part of the plywood is above the table.
  • The stability of the table and the workpiece is checked.
  • There should not be any extraneous objects and pollution under the plywood.

Further, work with the circular, which is divided into two stages:

The setting of the circular saw is the exposure of the necessary gap between the guide spitz (ahead of the knife) of the circular saw and the disk. At the same time, the distance between the facet of the spitz and the teeth should not exceed 0.25 mm. Otherwise, the disk will begin to vibrate.

Most circulars are sold with a fixed spitz, but after several years of operation of the saw, it will begin to wear out, the play will appear. If the circular is new, then you should just carry out a control check.

A complete check of the circular saw is carried out as follows:

  • The device is taken in the hands of the disk from itself. Of course, that there should be no one before the master.
  • The disk rotation button is pressed. It should be pressed by “yielding” the acceleration of the disk, let go and press again. The sound from rotation is uniform, without extraneous noise, and the circular is easily held in the hands.

Types of work performed

With the help of circular saws, the following work can be done:

  • If two blanks are laid in one plane, then they can be trimmed mutually to each other. The same can be done with a wide board if a special emphasis is applied to it.
  • Wooden boards can be trimmed if they are required to lay them on each other, for example, when laying floors.
  • From the end of the board you can remove the chamfer or angle.
  • You can make a longitudinal and transverse cut at an angle.
  • You can choose a quarter from a timber or board or make a groove.
  • Sheet material can be cut in any direction using a special guide.
  • The circular can cut plastic or any solid polymer.
  • A manual circular can be mounted on a carriage or table for inpatient use.

What devices to use in work?

To improve the quality of cuts and increase performance during the operation of a manual circular, it is recommended to use various devices. They can be bought by complementing the set of manual circular, or manufactured independently.

We advise you to read a useful and interesting article on the techniques of even sawing with a disk saw using and without devices.

How to use a guide tire?

The guide tire is an even crossbar. Some tires are equipped with a built.in Pine level, which allows you to measure the rectilicity of the direction of the cut.

The tire is applied to the workpiece and becomes a guide for the circular disk. Be attached to the workpiece with clamps or clamps.

It should be noted that the disk itself is in the middle of the guide bracket, it is the guide tire that is applied to the edge of the bracket. Therefore, when marking, the distance from the disk to the edge of the bracket should be taken into account.

We recommend reading an interesting article. a step.by.step guide, about how to make a guide tire with your own hands.

How to use a parallel emphasis?

There are 2 options for a parallel stop: factory performance and homemade. The first type is included with a saw and is a bar, which is fixed by a saw at the right distance and allows you to perform evenly sawn the blank.

WORKSITE 220V Electric Circular Saw CSW173

Parallel emphasis

Homemade parallel emphasis is a design of an elongated rectangular bar, at the end of which the emphasis is fixed, perpendicular to the bar.

It serves in order to fix the bar with a perpendicular limiter to a flat surface of the workbench or table, and use the bar itself as a guide. By leading a circular on the bar, you can get an even cut, and by shifting the perpendicular emphasis relative to the edge of the table, you can perform a second cut with the same straight.

How to use a carriage?

The carriage is a separate mobile structure that is mounted above the workpiece. It is used to accelerate and some automation of the cutting process of long boards and sheet materials.

The carriage consists of two guides, the carriage itself on the bearing supports, which allow its movement along the guides, as well as the fasteners that fix the circular saw.

The circular is turned on and is supplied with a carriage relative to the workpiece. This also allows you to protect the process of work, the main thing is that the circular is securely fixed in the carriage.

How to work without a workbench and is it possible?

Work without a workbench with a circular saw is strictly prohibited and simply impossible. Even if the circular itself is fixed with the disk up, then it is attached precisely to the workbench.

It is allowed to work without a table when it is necessary to cut a passage in a wooden wall or cut a fixed aluminum profile and nothing else. This work option involves a stationary location of the workpiece.

It is forbidden to hold the workpieces.

The article presented ways to work with a manual circular saw, as well as methods and rules that guarantee safe and correct application. Recall that reading manuals before starting work is the best help in ensuring personal safety when working with a manual electric tool.

The use of an inappropriate chain

It is no secret that the tire of the chainsaw, like the chain, has several basic characteristics, one of them, this is the width of the groove for installing the chain. The width of the groove can have several main sizes:

Imagine that we take a chain with a landing width of 1.1 and install it on a tire with a groove of 1.3 mm. Initially, having pulled it well, we may not notice the differences, but as soon as the stretch weakens a little, the gap of 0.2 mm will not make it possible to move evenly along the tire, it will lean into one of the sides and we will again get a crooked cut material.

When buying a spare circuit to a chainsaw, call its exact dimensions, not a brand and a chainsaw model. On the same models of chainsaws, different tires can be installed and, accordingly, the chains will also be different.

Check the width of the chain landing, you can use a caliper.

To eliminate the malfunction, if the tire of the chainsaw is not very much damaged and there is no uneven wear on it, it will be necessary to replace only the chain. If wear is already observed on it, it is necessary to install a completely new set.

7 Amazing Jigs for Circular Saws / Hacks

Increased wear

If the chainsaw saws crookedly in the arc, the reason may be in the excessive wear of the saw headset. You can check by conducting a visual inspection of their contacting surfaces. To do this, the tire must be removed from the chainsaw and look at its plane in contact with the chain from the end, placing it at the eye level so that the landing groove is completely visible under the chain.

With this inspection, you can visually evaluate the wear of the left and right side of the tire in relation to the groove. As a rule, the wear of the edges should take place evenly, and if one side is tighter, to eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to replace the defective with a new one.

For uniform tire wear, some manufacturers recommend periodically turning it over. But it is worth remembering that not for all the models of the headset, this recommendation is correct, t. to. Many manufacturers indicate the direction of movement along it of the chain on the surface of the tire, and accordingly such a part can be installed only in one position.

The figure below shows several types, the upper one has the direction of installation of the chain, which is informed of the icon on the tip of the tire and the indicator of the direction of movement.

Experienced craftsmen of service centers for the repair of chainsaws, when detecting increased wear, are advised to carry out full diagnostics of the lubrication system of the saw headset, t. to. With a properly working lubrication system and the installation of a chain of the corresponding tire of the chainsaw, such a phenomenon should not be observed, therefore, the oil supply system may have a malfunction or incorrect adjustment.

If you observe the cutter of the cutter when working with a chainsaw, the first thing to pay attention to, this is the correspondence of the chain of the chain of its tire. If everything is normally check the sharpening of the teeth and the wear of the tire, in case of increased wear, check the performance of the lubricant system, t. to. The problem may consist in it. And the main thing is to remember that in the chainsaw everything is interconnected and the use of poor.quality oils for lubricating chains can cause premature wear and losing a chainsaw of a chainsaw.

Saw wheels

There are many types of disks to work with a disc. Especially for wood. Of course, there are universal ones that can be sawed by anything. But the quality of the cut in this case will also be the average. First of all, make sure that you use a disk of the desired type for a specific type of tree. Next, check the integrity of the teeth and the quality of their sharpening. Dumb wheels will tear, not cut the workpiece.

manual, circular, aside, device


If you follow all the above recommendations described, then when working with a disk saw you will not have a “wave” in the cut site.

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Malfunctions and how to repair the tire

With your own hands, a detailed scheme and understanding of the main mechanisms of the device will be required to repair the chainsaws with your own hands. The guide tire and its fasteners are vulnerable, consumable parts experiencing the largest load. You can repair the chainsaw tire yourself or by contacting the service center. Damage and breakdowns in this area are indicated by the absence of normal tension, sharp or intermittent chain stroke, the inability to ensure normal lubrication and fastening of the axis of the cut with respect to the aggregate body. Types of breakdowns:

  • The rear and front leading links are riveted. The reason is the discrepancy between the step of the star and the links of the chain, weak tension or wear of the star. The problem is solved by replacing or adjusting the mechanisms.
  • The presence of broken or non.kissed links indicate a weak tension or a chain break.
  • Rounded backs of the spouts occur with excessive length of the chain headset and a lack of oil.

How to hide

Periodic sharpening is a mandatory event necessary for the normal operation of the gas station. Methods of independent sharpening of the chain:

  • The use of a file is a simple and common option that allows the event directly at the site of the sawing.
  • The use of a special machine. The method is found in personal farming and service centers.
  • With a corner grinder. Sharpening will require skills.

A special machine is the most effective method. But with the help of a file you can also achieve good results.

Direct technique: the nuances that you need to know

To achieve a flat cut, they use additional tools. Before the start of the file, you need to fix the material well. The working surface must be stable. Experts do not recommend sawing wood along the fibers. It will be difficult to achieve a flat cut. Better to use a circular saw. If it is not, you can apply parallel emphasis. One edge is fixed on the product, the second is leaning against the tool. Thus, the cut is aligned.

If necessary, to get a circle, first a small hole is drilled in the middle. A jigsaw is assigned to it, moving along the contours of the indicated lines. Когда требуется прямоугольник, пилу направляют вперед, огибая углы, а затем оформляя их.

It is forbidden to put pressure on the saw. it can overheat and break. Many novice users are trying to direct her movements so that she saws faster. This is a typical mistake of masters. If you operate the saw for too long, the tool will become stupid and begin to cling to the wood.

To make the move easier, use machine oil. They are lubricated with a file. To avoid overheating, you should sometimes stop. After the saw, you need to clean the electrician and moisturize it with oil.

Why crookedly cuts off?

The disk saws that fishing line for the trimmer to which it is directed. In this case, the tool should be kept or pressed to the guide tight enough so that it does not go aside.

If, despite all the efforts, the drink turns out to be crooked, the reason is in a worthless disk. A plowed disk with bilateral blue spots may start wagging with the slightest heating. If the teeth on the one hand are normal, and on the other, they are knocked out or blunt, the saw can be taken in one direction, no matter how they try to hold it.

How to choose a quarter in the board with a circular?

For this, the desired depth of cut is set. To select a quarter with a size of 20×20, the disk should leave the platform by 20-22 mm (the increase in the irregularities of the board). To select a versatile quarter, for example, 15x 20, depth adjustment is set twice for each size, 15-16 mm and 20-22 mm.

manual, circular, aside, device

In the future, the operation is performed in the same way as sawing a trimming board: at the right distance, a guide bar is installed on two rods, a cut is performed on a wide plane. Then the board is placed on the edge and the second cut is done.

Since the edge is narrow, difficulties may arise. on some models the guide bar may not be close to the platform. In this case, a beam is attached to the board (or bar) with clamps or self.tapping screws, which increases the width to the desired size.

If it is not possible to make a cut along the edge with the help of the guide, it can be done on a pencil marking. It is difficult to hold the circular on the edge of a narrow board (20-30 mm). In such cases, it is sometimes more convenient to either fasten a support beam, or place a blank between two bars (boards), along which the saw platform will move.