Why is the engine knocking on the engine. Engine malfunctions.

Why the walk.Behind tractor stalls when loading?

Almost every engineer of the walk.Behind tractor, regardless of the brand and model of the agricultural unit, faced the problem in which the motor block starts up and stalls after 5 minutes of work. The main causes of this breakdown lie in the problems with the supply of fuel and breakdown of the ignition system of the machine.

As practice shows, if the walk.Behind tractor stalls during work, then its owner should immediately inspect the details of the fuel supply system. First of all, turn out and look at the candle. If it is completely dry, this indicates that the fuel does not fall into the engine cylinder. After that, you need to make sure that a sufficient amount of fuel is present in the fuel tank. If there is gasoline and it is enough for work. Inspect the fuel valve. It is possible that it is in a closed position. To launch the walk.Behind tractor, just open the fuel valve and continue to work with the unit.

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Another reason why the walk.Behind tractor starts up and stalls after 5 minutes of work is to break down the ignition system. To determine that the unit is faulty for this reason is quite simple. Take a look at the candles. If they are wet, then the malfunctions appeared precisely in the ignition system of the walk.Behind tract. The best way out of this situation is to re.Regulate the ignition system of the unit. All actions, at the same time, must be performed in this order:

  • Remove the cover that serves the elements of the ignition system;
  • Turn the flywheel of the motor until the contacts go out in Magneto;
  • Using a special probe, measure the gap between the “anvil” and “hammer” of the ignition system of the motor block;
  • After that, turn the flywheel until the moment the piston of the walk.Behind. In this case, the latter must reach its upper point;
  • Take the flywheel again until the moment when you hear a characteristic knock. This means that a overtaking coupling worked;
  • Then turn the flywheel in the opposite direction so that the label on it coincides with the label on the body of the walk.Behind tractor;
  • Install the gap between the interruption contact and the fist. It should be 0.3 mm;
  • At the end, fix the cam with a screw located above the part, and install the protective cover back into the motor block body.

After the above actions, the motoblock will no longer stall under load. The main thing in the event of such problems in the future is to try to quickly eliminate the breakdown, so as not to give the main mechanisms of the walk.Behind tractor to be increased to wear and wear. It is also often a household unit stalls when tilted. This indicates an insufficient amount of fuel in the fuel tank. If you put the unit in a horizontal position, pull out the starter cable, and the engine starts, then you will need to add gasoline into the tank.

Knocking Phenomenon In S.I Engine (हिन्दी)

Fuel supply problems

If the attempts to start a walk.Behind tractor are unsuccessful, this means the presence of malfunctions in the engine or launching system. In order to determine the source of the breakdown, first of all, it is necessary to check the spark plugs.

If the candles are dry, it means that the fuel mixture does not enter the engine cylinders. There may be several reasons for this:

Diesel engine vibration/white smoke/kat kat noise knocking problem.Xcent engine kat kat noise.

To eliminate problems with the supply of fuel, you need:

Engine problems

All malfunctions with the engine can conditionally be divided into 2

  • Leading to a complete stop of the engine and refusal to launch.
  • The engine works with interruptions (does not reach the rated power, stops itself, etc.D.).

In the first case, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Problem with ignition mechanism.
  • Lack of fuel, the supply of fuel was discontinued.
  • Fuel valve problems.
  • Problem with carburetor damper.
  • Malfunctions with fuel intake to the carburetor.

Diagnosis of these problems is quite simple. You should unscrew the spark plug and examine it: there should not be fuel on it. If the fuel is present, then this indicates malfunctions when serving it. If there are no traces of fuel, then there may be old candles, they should be replaced.

Checking how the fuel comes is also quite simple: you should disconnect the hose from the carburetor, and look at the stream. If it is weak or absent, then here on the face of the problem with the fuel system. The probability of clogging of the fuel filter is high.

Operating advice

Having dismantled the most common malfunctions and methods of how to repair at home, we will give a series of tips that will help extend the service life of the unit and reduce the number of unscheduled appeals to service centers. Following our recommendations will seem unnecessary, but it will save time and nerves in the future:

  • Bring your work on regular maintenance, where qualified specialists are able to identify the problem “in the rudiment”. Having in advance discovered and eliminating the small error, you will save yourself from expensive repairs or even a complete replacement of equipment.
  • Ignoring an unpleasant aspect in the work will not lead to the fact that it will disappear independently. On the contrary, this has a cumulative effect: the longer you delay the solution, the more expensive the service will be. Understand as soon as you notice that the device is functioning incorrectly.
  • Buyers often look towards diesel models due to cheapness of fuel, but you need to understand that they are much more difficult in repair work. In addition, diesel engines are unprofitable under low temperature conditions. If you do not have sufficient technical knowledge and look for an unit for working in winter, we recommend that you dwell on standard gasoline 4-stroke models.
  • Blocks with 2-stroke engines on the market are becoming less and less due to the relatively modest power and the need to independently prepare the mixture, however, if you are the owner of such a device, do not forget to regularly wash the fuel supply system with clean gasoline.
  • If during the warranty period it turned out that the walk.Behind tractor is faulty, it is extremely not recommended to repair the equipment on your own. Even if you manage to cope with damage with your own hands, the master will notice the fact of your intervention at the next contact of the SC, which will be denied by the service.
  • Pursuing the desire to save, do not buy a “non-technology” from little-known manufacturers-one-day. Such brands do not follow their image, which is why the quality of the equipment remains extremely mediocre. As a result, there is a chance that you will invest a considerable amount to bring the block into at least some working condition.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that all diagnostic and maintenance operations are performed at your fear and risk. If you doubt your abilities, contact professional services.

What to do if the crankshaft was bombarded?

If you show a strong metal knock, but the engine still works. Consider you lucky! So. The insert was checked, but did not jam, otherwise you will no longer be able to launch your unit. It is not rare for a “wedge” to tear out a piece of engine block. Urgently jerk off the car and urgently per hundred. You yourself will not do anything if you are certainly not a “motorist”.

3) Further already in terms of the complexity of the process. If this KV is still suitable (not strong bully in the neck), then it can be polished (places of fasteners) and put thicker loses. If it is critical damage to the landfill, and you buy a new one, along with new inserts.

The process is very laborious, requires a qualified master, otherwise there is a chance that this is repeated. Do not save on this repairs!

I will finish, remember. If the knock is metal and very strong is very bad, we react urgently, we are taking it. And do not go to one hundred!

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