Why the Circular Saw Sounds Decrease

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Soundwave Travel

Theme 3 “Sources of Sound”

3.1. This sound source is invented for tuning musical instruments.

3.2. What contributes to the sound volume of the guitar?

36. A housing of a certain shape with a hole.

3.3. This sound source got its name in honor of the heroine of the ancient Greek myth

3.4. When does a shock wave go into sound vibrations?

39. In case of explosion, flight of a bullet, lightning

3.5. Can a student ruler be source of a sound wave?

3.6. Which statement is true: 1) every sounding body oscillates; 2) does every vibrating body sound?

30. The first statement is true.

31. The second statement is true

3.7. The judge of the race is at the finish line. When should he launch his stopwatch: when will he see the smoke of a starting pistol or will he hear a shot?

301. When he sees smoke.

302. When he hears a shot

3.7. Why does the pitch of a circular saw decrease when it is pressed against a board?

308. The rotation speed of the saw is reduced.

306. The speed of rotation of the saw increases

Why the Circular Saw Sounds Decrease

3.9. What is called a timbre?

300. The color of the sound, depending on the sound source.

305. The coloring of sound, depending on the volume

3.10. Why can’t we talk on the moon?

311. There is no medium that carries a sound wave.

318. We will be in a spacesuit

3.11. What are the benefits of seismic waves?

303. They help to find an oil field.

316. Destroy old buildings

Theme 4 “Sound Volume”

4.1. What value determines the sound volume?

42. From the amplitude

4.2. Sound intensity is this.

44. Energy carried by a sound wave.

45. Pain in the ear

4.3. What is a dream?

46. ​​The unit of volume.

403. Human condition

4.4. What is the shout for?

47. Voice enhancements

404. covers his mouth

4.5. Why do different people react differently to the same sound volume?

48. The difference in physiology.

49. Poor hardware

Video: Why the Circular Saw Sounds Decrease

4.6. Why does the radio sound louder in the room than in the open air?

405. Because of reflections of a sound wave.

401. From = due to absorption of a sound wave

4.7. Why is street noise better heard when the window is open?

405. There is no reflection of sound from the glass and there is no absorption

4.8. What is noise?

411. A complex sound in which certain tones cannot be distinguished

412. A complex sound in which certain tones can be distinguished

Theme 5 “Pitch”

5.1. What determines the pitch?

56. From the frequency of oscillations.

57. From the amplitude of oscillations

5.2. What is the difference between musical tone and musical sound?

58. “Impurity” of oscillations of other frequencies

5.3. What is a timbre of sound?

59. Composition of a complex sound

55. Sound volume

5.4. What is the highest frequency sound?

5.5. The thinnest voice is called.

53. Coloratura soprano.

5.6. The brass band, moving away, went around the corner of the street. Why is it that after a while only the trumpet-bass and drum play is heard?

508. They emit sounds of a greater sound wavelength.

504. The wavelength of the sounds they make is less than

5.7. The wings of bees make 200 vibrations per second. Sound, what frequency do you hear?

5.8. What is a max?

514. The unit of speed of flight of supersonic aircraft.

513. The number of flapping insect wings

6.1. When is an echo heard?

69. When there are obstacles to sound waves.

604. When you scream out loud

6.2. According to ancient Greek mythology, the nymph Echo was in love with.

6.3. What is reverb?

66. The duration of the sound.

603. sound volume

6.4. Can I get an echo in a room with carpets and curtains?

6.5. We hear an echo because.

61. The sound partially returns to the source.

62. People have good hearing.

6.6. What are echoes used for?

605. To determine the location of the object.

607. For fun in the mountains.

6.7. What is sonar used for?

609. For the detection of objects

6.8. What is the sonar used for?

601. To measure the distance

606. For the game of dice

6.9. What is echolocation?

602. The use of animal echoes to detect prey.

6.10. Can an echo occur in the steppe?

6.11. How long does the sound experience last?

Theme 7 “Sound in Gases”

7.1. Is it true that the speed of sound is less than the speed of light?

7.2. Is it true that a bullet outruns the sound of a shot?

7.3. How does the speed of sound change with increasing air temperature?

7.4. What is the speed of sound in air at 0 ° C?

7.5. The greater the mass of gas molecules, the speed of sound in it.

7.6. How many times does the speed of light exceed the speed of sound in air?

700. 800,000 times.

7.7. What type of energy does the energy of sound turn into after absorption by the medium?

719. In the electric

Theme 8 “Sound in liquids”

8.1. In which country were the first experiments conducted to determine the speed of sound in water?