September 13, 2019

Why The Dog Does Not Sleep In The Booth, How To Teach Her

The fact that for some reason the dog is not sleeping in the booth can be a real problem if the dog was purchased for street maintenance or the owners changed the apartment from the apartment to a private house. To accustom a pet to your own apartment is not easy, but possible.

Main reasons

Why The Dog Does Not Sleep In The Booth, How To Teach Her

Tightness in the booth can discourage interest in the dog

The unwillingness of a pet to live in a prepared house can occur for several reasons:

  • Poor quality booth. If there are gaps in the house, nails stick out, the roof leaks, and the dog has had time to feel all the consequences of inconvenience, his unwillingness to live in such conditions is quite understandable.
  • Foreign odors. The dog has a delicate scent, so it can catch flavors that are inaccessible to man, and classify them as unpleasant.
  • The booth was inherited from the old dog. If a different beast used to live in the house, the new tenant easily determines this and may refuse to settle for his own, dog-like reasons.
  • Little space. The dog should be comfortable and comfortable in their own home, especially if before that she lived in a house with people.

In addition to these, there are also other possible causes of failure associated with the characteristics of a particular dog. The task of the attentive owner is to identify and fix the problem.

How to teach

Why The Dog Does Not Sleep In The Booth, How To Teach Her

It is believed that it is better to accustom the dog to the booth in good weather, but summer rain may be the very reason why the caudate will hide in a new dwelling

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It is necessary to be patient and do it gradually without coercion and aggression. You must perform the following steps:

  1. Put the toys in the house and favorite pet bedding.
  2. Put a favorite animal treat in the far corner, such as dog biscuits.
  3. Encourage the dog when he shows at least some interest – looks in the booth, lies there, comes in and out.

In addition, you need to consider some points:

  • You can not forcibly keep an animal in a new house, leaving it in darkness and solitude. This is a direct path to the development of fear and cowardice.
  • While the beast is not used to the booth, do not put it on a chain. To teach the latter is gradually, but first the dog must get used to the shelter.
  • A dog will soon love a house if it is installed on a familiar and familiar territory. When the yard is new, you must give your pet time to adapt.

It is important at first not to leave the dog alone for long. Against the background of the lack of owners, she may feel unhappy and whine while lying in a dark booth. This should not be allowed. It should more often communicate with the pet near his house, encouraging good behavior.

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