Why You Can’T Cut Wet Grass With A Trimmer

About the harm to lawn grass

Many have probably noticed that if they mow wet grass with a trimmer, then the cut is ragged. In the future, it dries up, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Wet grass is very flexible and pulls to the ground;
  • Trimmer line is either too thick or round line is used.

Why You Can'T Cut Wet Grass With A Trimmer

In the first case, it is worth waiting for the vegetation to dry out. When dry, the grass always becomes harder. In the second case, it is worth replacing the fishing line with a thinner one or with a different profile. As practice shows, an even cut on wet grass can be obtained using profiled lines with a square or star section.

Those who have ever tried mowing the grass in the dew or in the drizzling rain noticed that the vegetation adhering to the knife and to the spindle is scattered in piles on the lawn. If they are NOT removed in time, bald spots will appear on the lawn in places where wet grass falls. The cuttings begin to rot and the lawn begins to ache. This is how unsightly bald spots appear.

So, dear readers, decide for yourself whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and a lawn mower, if you still want to put the lawn in order before the onset of cold weather.

Warnings how to use the trimmer

How to cut the grass (how to use the trimmer)

Big grass is a disaster in the summer, not just homework how to use the trimmer. If your yard or area is heavily overgrown with grass, you may be intimidated, but this article will help you make mowing the grass easier and less annoying.

Slope handling

The slope is also processed according to the principle of “cut grass to the left”, choosing the direction so that its top is the case. Having reached the end of the section, they return to the starting point, rise higher by a stroke width and mow the next strip.

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Why you can’t cut wet grass with a trimmer. Is it possible to cut wet grass with a trimmer

Permanently living in a private house, it is not difficult to follow a systematic lawn care schedule. Even in wet weather, wet grass can be mowed with a lawn mower or trimmer a day later after it dries. It is much more difficult to take care of the natural grass in the summer cottage. Since visits fall on weekends, mowing also falls on these days. What to do if the weather is rainy?

The question of whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer or lawn mower is heard very often from summer residents. Opinions on this matter are radically different. Some argue that it is possible, citing as an example the old saying “Spit braids.”. The second act with categorically “Net”. So where, right? Who to believe?


It is convenient to cut flower beds, lawns and paths along the edges with a trimmer with a lower engine, since its cutting plane can be placed vertically. For even greater effect on the cutting line, it is useful to dig a groove of about 4×4 cm. Then the line will cut the grass below ground level without touching its surface. The result is a very clean, blemish-free vertical haircut.

General principles of the grass trimmer

As a rule, the cutting tool rotates counterclockwise, so you can work with the trimmer in the same way as an oblique molding, making 1-2 strokes from right to left with a gradual advance of 15-30 cm. Then the cut grass remains on the treated surface on the left. Since the line cuts best with the tip itself, stroke speed and delight are chosen empirically. With fast wiring, the cut occurs with the entire length of the cutting tool, in this case the motor is unnecessarily overloaded, and the grass is more often wound around the head.

What trimmers can you cut wet grass

To understand which trimmers can be used to cut wet grass, and which ones are available, you should understand their device. Today, the consumer has two main types of lawn mowers:

  • Gasoline;
  • Electrical.

trim tabs, depending on the location of the engine, can be:

  • Top-mounted electric motor;
  • Bottom arrangement electric motor.

From the point of view of safety measures, mowing grass wet from rain or dew can only be done with a gasoline trimmer or a “Lithuanian”. The use of electric lawn mowers is highly undesirable. Especially when it comes to devices with a lower engine location, since they are in the area of ​​water ingress. As a result, a short circuit may occur.

It is not recommended to mow grass in rain and trimmers with an overhead motor. In the event of water penetration to the power unit, it can not only be short, but also shock the mower.

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Wet grass should also not be mowed by electric lawn mowers. The reason is the same as with the trimmer with the lower location of the power unit. there is a high probability of a short circuit. In addition, there is a danger that, through negligence, the power cable supplying the unit may be accidentally cut.

If, nevertheless, there is a need to mow the grass in wet weather or through dew, then use the best carburetor lawn mowers and lawn mowers. It will be much safer for life and health.

What is a haircut for??

  • Cutting cereals prevents their flowering and fruiting, as a result of which the vegetation period of grasses is extended, their root system is strengthened, and the growth of green mass is accelerated.
  • Correct mowing prolongs the life of the lawn, forms a grass cover and increases its decorative effect.
  • In addition, timely mowing deprives weeds of the opportunity to develop normally and thereby contributes to their extinction.

Lawn shears

This rather simple device will allow you to cut grass along the edge of the lawn and in hard-to-reach places, as well as mow a small lawn. However, using lawn shears is NOT effective as it is time consuming and labor intensive.

How often mows the lawn

The height and frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn, season and climate. Parterre lawns are cut at the level of 4-5 cm for the first 2 years, gradually lowering to 3-4 cm.The optimum height for garden and park lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, thus giving the opportunity to ripen Seeds. Frequency Mowing. Once a week, in wet weather. 1 time in 5 days. During a dry period, the cutting height is increased to 5-6 cm, and the interval between haircuts is up to 7-8 days. Lawn mowing is carried out regularly in accordance with the regrowth of grasses.

Features of lawn care

Many owners of a personal plot are interested in the question of how to mow the grass correctly. If this point is given insufficient attention, bald spots appear on the lawn, vegetation is depleted. Weeds begin to grow in free places.

In order to avoid adverse consequences, it is necessary to mow the grass correctly. For this, it is recommended to leave the height of the lawn at least 5 cm. This level depends on the type of grass on the site. The entire process should be carried out in dry weather. However, the surface of the soil should be slightly damp. So it is possible to avoid pulling out young, still fragile shoots.

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Delving into the question of how to properly mow the grass, it is necessary to consider the existing options for technology. The appearance of the lawn will depend on the quality of the tool. Today, several types of equipment are used, which allow you to quickly and efficiently take care of the vegetation of the site.

Why you can’t mow wet grass

How to cut lawn grass

Before mowing your lawn Make sure the mower is in good working order and check that the blades are well sharpened. Using poorly sharpened blades can damage the grass and young growth can be uprooted. Inspect the surface of the lawn, remove construction debris, pebbles, tree branches.

If you are cutting grass with a trimmer, the direction of travel is not important for centuries. But when using a lawn mower, you should start mowing from the narrow sides of the lawn. Next, trim the grass along the long sides, moving forward and backward. Drive the lawnmower carefully, without sudden movements. Keep the grass container full, it is important that it does not get clogged.


Of course, the lawn is cut for aesthetic reasons. how else to give the grassy riot the appearance of a neat soft green carpet. However, this is only one of the reasons and She does not explain the requirements for a regular haircut.

The fact is that most varieties of grasses sown on lawns originally grew on wild pastures. Therefore, to a haircut, which is perceived as being eaten by animals, they react with the active growth of side shoots, tillering and compaction of the sod.

That is, it is with a regular haircut that a thick grass cover is obtained. In addition, the formation of dense turf suppresses the growth of weeds.

Lawn care

Than mows the grass on the site

A well-groomed lawn is the pride of the owners of a private house. To keep it in perfect condition, you will need to purchase special equipment. There are many models of similar equipment. The choice depends on the characteristics of the site.

To make a decision on how to cut the grass, you need to consider all the existing options and their features. For a wide variety of lawns today, simple and complex techniques are used. What points you need to pay attention to when choosing will be discussed in detail below.