Winding Fishing Line For Patriot 555 Trimmer

Winding Fishing Line For Patriot 555 Trimmer

High-quality and reliable lawn mowing machine Patriot 4555 is equipped with an adjustable handle bike type. This technique is used to mow lawns and thickets of grass near trees and walls.

When replacing a standard fishing line with a cutting knife, the trimmer can cope with the mowing of coarse weeds and small shrubs.

Basic equipment

The Patriot 4555ES Promo gas mower kit includes:

  1. engine assembly with crank
  2. transmission unit
  3. two-shoulder belt
  4. protective cover
  5. trimmer reel
  6. knife with 4 blades
  7. instruction manual
  8. fuel canister
  9. user guide
  10. set of basic tools



  • The Patriot PT 4555 ES Promo trimmer has a comfortable two-shoulder belt.
  • This model has a modern anti-vibration system, which can significantly reduce the transmitted vibration.
  • All control levers are on the handle.
  • Thanks to the presence of a primer and the innovative EasyStart system, an easy start of the motor is achieved.
  • Spark plugs and an air filter are located in the easy-access zone and make it easy to carry out maintenance on the mower.

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Operation and maintenance

This Patriot lawn mowing machine is designed for private use.

Before starting to use the Patriot 4555ES Country lawn mowers, it is imperative to check the tightness of the mounts, it is not allowed to start working with loose bolts, since in this case there is a high probability of not only breaking the lawn mowing, but also causing serious harm to health.

During operation, it is advisable for the operator to use special protective clothing: gloves, glasses, overalls, boots and headphones.

The Patriot 4555ES Country trimmer does not work on clean fuel, but on a mixture of gasoline and oil in a 32: 1 ratio.

It is forbidden to use fuel containing lead. It is recommended to fill in clean AI-92 or AI-95.

Patriot has specially developed oil for its machines that helps prevent carbon deposits on the pistons. Therefore, it is recommended to use only branded lubricant for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

User’s manual

The start of work for each new operator should begin by studying the operating instructions. This will help to understand the principle of the mechanism and to warn a person from harm to health.

An electronic version of this document is here—>

Advantages and disadvantages

Lawn mowing ground Patriot 4555ES Promo is not distinguished by high build quality and refers to the budget trimmer options for private use.
Of its advantages, the following can be noted:

  • Quality engine;
  • Possibility of processing even the most overgrown areas;
  • Low cost.

However, there are disadvantages:

  • Bolt connections should be checked regularly;
  • Not a small fuel consumption;
  • A lot of weight.

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