Winding Fishing Line To Bosch Trimmer Reel 26

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That’s for sure. In the summer I was in Bologoye (a small city) so there for 1200r (read 20) I saw the same in a different color. He stood and turned it for about 5 minutes, could not understand how the extension cord. Then the seller came up and said that he is.
Then already in nete I read the letters that your people 150 are uncomfortable to work with.

Here is a story.
The meaning is probably only for those who live in the village and loves to wait for the parcel.

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For the same money, plus a guarantee, plus a convenient holder for the second hand, plus a power lock, plus a metal bar. a telescope

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I didn’t understand the first link, can I turn around there? or mow your legs right away

Winding Fishing Line To Bosch Trimmer Reel 26

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Judging by the design and size, they only have to shave their eggs. and even that is stupid.
I don’t understand, is it on batteries?

The findings are amazing. Tighten your ears by any fate.

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Petite asked to cut the greens into a salad. XD

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  • July 01, 2019 01:44

oh well, everything is removed

  • ppalesha
  • July 01, 2019 03:58 AM

How much will this aluminum head base cost for an ordinary person who does not have access to turning and milling?

Video: Winding Fishing Line To Bosch Trimmer Reel 26

expensive than the whole braid combined.

  • kopa
  • July 01, 2019 05:22

It is possible without turning, one cnc in the vice is enough, the part is made by the method of falling out of the blank. Processing time and those process is no secret. The blank originally has two milled parallel sides for the jaws. Reverse side snap through center hole with center finder. Z for the second side is already from the finished first installation. At first glance, the detail is complex, but actually simple.

  • ppalesha
  • July 01, 2019 2:20 p.m.

Well damn it, CNC is even cooler and not more affordable!

As I understand it, you can get by with simple turning work, without milling ribs, it can be seen that on plastic they are for stiffness, for aluminum or for metal you can do without them.

But all the same, you need to find and interest the turner, and in normal operation, as a rule, the access mode is not so easy to endure, so for example, in my city, just turning it will cost about 1000 rubles. and then this is an acquaintance.

  • kopa
  • July 01, 2019 3:45 p.m.

without milling the ribs, these ribs are almost the most basic, these are cooling blades for the motor

Therefore, it is necessary to check immediately after the purchase of the cooling window that the motor overheats and burns out without having worked for a season, it just melts. In the alteration, I made the impeller as large and productive as possible, and it is necessary to refuel the thickest fishing line 2.4mm, plus the exit windows of the fishing line are made at an angle, in the video from 0:59. so that the fishing line does not break at the exit. It turns out, like a vacuum cleaner, a small motor is cooled by a passing stream of air and does not burn. And the grass that is piled up is thrown back better by the flow, flies less to cooling.

  • ppalesha
  • July 02, 2019 02:13

I thank kopa for the detailed description, it was nice to watch a quality repair, but I think that in most cases the repair is not cost-effective for the reasons I have mentioned above.

(I have a CHAMPION ET1002A braid for 5 years already, not a bad machine, lubrication of the CV joint gearbox once a year and that’s all. Of the drawbacks: when working, there is not much vibration due to which my hands get tired, the plastic casing that is split again. And I use the fishing line 2 mm star type.)
And what are the advantages of devices with a lower engine layout? Interested in personal experience.

  • kopa
  • July 02, 2019 04:09

everything comes from the tasks, if I personally needed to mow nettles to a person’s height and a plot of 10 acres or more, I would of course take gasoline or 1 wct, or maybe even with a knife. And so the initial conditions are as follows:

Initially, my grandmother bought such cheap trimmers (she lived in the country) and they burned from her overheating, especially in the heat. two trimmers simply melted into the trash (as in the review), it was enough for half a season, and a thin fishing line didn’t chop anything at all. I sorted out these trimmers, the sintered winding in the short circuit on the engines, the cooling windows were clogged. What should I do? Buy her gas? or 6 kg per 1 kW on the shoulder whose shaft gives such an imbalance, and when jammed, the gearbox breaks, or this cable breaks. All these components not only reduce efficiency, they also reduce reliability.

The idea came up from a scientific point of view, I buy the lightest and cheapest trimmer (700r.), I disassemble. on the shaft! a silencing capacitor rubs behind the motor, I move it. I cut through the cooling windows (I posted the photo above). Everything looked thoroughly, it seems normal, further to work.
I tried with thin native fishing line. pampering. I straightened 2.4mm fishing line into my native plastic reel, it’s another matter, but the fishing line burst at the inflection point (exit from the reel), I heat the AL-KO metal line of the fishing line exit and tilt the hair with a nail. This can be seen a little on the plastic in this photo, the problem is gone. But the coil is not designed for such a load and burst. And the trimmer overheated and lured. I had to take a break for him. It was on the basis of these initial data that the thought came about such a refinement. The solution was so successful that I myself really like to wield it. It does not overheat, and on such a small diameter of the mowing it has revs. Yes, and you should be able to mow with such trimmers, in this video there is a small life hack in the comments 🙂