With Which Battery It Is Better To Take A Screwdriver

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How to choose a cordless screwdriver for home. Choose the shape and size of the tool

Let’s start with a simple one: we will select the correct shape and determine how large the cordless drill / driver should be to be comfortable and not to lose much of the precious battery capacity. Here, size does not just matter. it is very important. If the drill is too heavy, you will curse everyone and everyone after 1-2 hours of screwing the screws into the drywall on the ceiling. If you buy a screwdriver, a screwdriver, then you can not drive a screw into a tree more than 3 cm.

The most popular screwdriver when screwing drywall sheets weighs from 1.8 to 2.4 kg. But if you are going to carry out not only finishing work, but also drill wood, profiles and metal sheets, then it will be more convenient to take a tool 2.5-3 kg in weight. If the tool will be used often as a drill, and you plan to work with drills larger than 8 mm in diameter, then it would be better to give preference to models with a weight of 2.5 kg and a large battery.

Now a little about ergonomics. Form is also very important. Now we will tell you how to choose a cordless drill / driver for the house, so that then you do not rub your hands and it is convenient to do everything. First pay attention to the angle between the handle and the body. If the angle is less than 90 degrees, there will be problems. After an hour of work, the thumb will be very grated. Also keep in mind that an over-raised cartridge can be a problem. Such tools are taken for work on the ceiling, but it will be inconvenient to twist on the walls and on the floor, with constant pressure the hands will get very tired.

Now about the buttons. The reverse must turn on and off with the hand in which you hold the tool during operation, since you hold building materials or yourself with the other hand. Two-handed switching is not safe. If the reverse or speed button is not in the access zone of the index or thumb, this will become a problem soon.

With which battery to choose a screwdriver for the home. No. 2. Household and professional screwdrivers

From the common name it is well understood that household screwdrivers are designed for infrequent homework, and a professional tool is a mandatory assistant to a specialist in construction and repair work. These two types of screwdrivers differ in power, cartridge size, power features, the presence of additional functions, weight and, of course, price.

Household (amateur) screwdrivers should be taken when you need the tool infrequently and will not use it for long. Such devices are lightweight, often run on battery power, are inexpensive, and do well in tasks such as assembling furniture or changing locks. The rotation speed is rarely above 400-500 rpm, and the torque is usually about 10-15 Nm.

If you constantly make something or professionally repair, and the screwdriver will be used almost every day and for several hours, then you need to take a more solid tool. Professional screwdrivers are more powerful, easily withstand high loads, they can’t replace a drill, but if necessary they can even cope with drilling hard surfaces. Their rotation speed reaches 1300-1500 revolutions / minute and more, and the torque is 130 Nm.

In order to decide which screwdriver to choose, it is necessary to soberly assess the future load on it and the type of work being carried out. Not always more functional professional models are the best option. To carry out minor repairs on the farm, it is enough to have the simplest screwdriver, especially since the prices of such a tool do not bite.

A screwdriver, which one to choose for a home rating. How to choose a good screwdriver

The power tool is selected based on the amount of work that is planned to be performed. For frequent and lengthy processes, only a professional appliance is suitable. Its power is enough for intensive work without a break. For temporary needs, it is enough to purchase household models. Their power is lower, but it is quite enough to perform standard tasks.

Before buying, you should hold a cordless screwdriver in your hand, which one of the best inexpensive devices will tell a simple test. If the case fits comfortably in your hand, we recommend that you take a closer look at this option and study its technical characteristics. Anti-slip inserts make it easy to hold the handle in various positions. The buttons should be pressed without much effort. When choosing, it is recommended to take into account such indicators:

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  • Battery Type;
  • battery charging time;
  • number of settings;
  • face value of the twisting moment;
  • possibility of use in the cold.

The device is equipped with a large torque that can operate at very low speeds. The degree of rotation is controlled electronically by a gearbox. There is also double insulation.

If it is difficult to determine the model of a cordless screwdriver, which is the best of inexpensive tools, pay attention to the battery capacity. The autonomy of the equipment depends on it. In a household electric tool, it is 1.5-2 Ah, in professional. up to 3 Ah.

With Which Battery It Is Better To Take A Screwdriver

For long-term processes, it is advisable to choose a device with two replaceable batteries. The most common batteries with a capacity of 12-14 volts. They fit most household models; capacity is sufficient for most tasks. For home use, screwdrivers with a torque rating of 10-15 Nm are suitable, for professional use. in the range of 90-130 Nm.

How to choose a power screwdriver for the home. Choose a power screwdriver

In the household, from time to time there is a need to drill a hole, pull up loose furniture, knead glue or mortar. To do this, do not purchase three tools: a drill, a screwdriver, a perforator. Buy one power screwdriver with a drill function, and all problems will be solved quickly, efficiently. Such a tool, unlike a cordless one, has more power, better performance, works for a long time without requiring recharging.

How is a network screwdriver

Power tools of various brands and manufacturers are endowed with many technical characteristics, functions, cases, different from each other. However, their design and basic principle of operation are almost the same. Differ only in small nuances. How network screwdrivers look from the inside shows a photo:

The following notation is applied on it:

  1. Start button.
  2. Reverse switch.
  3. Capacitor.
  4. Electric motor
  5. Housing
  6. Gearbox
  7. Cartridge.

The screwdriver is powered by a 220 volt network, equipped with a DC motor. The reverse button changes the polarity of the power supply, as a result, the motor rotates in the opposite direction and the device turns the screws out, instead of screwing them in. Gear parts are made of metal or technical plastic. An electric screwdriver acquires additional operational functions when equipped with a two-speed gearbox. A speed of up to 450 rpm is needed for working with self-tapping screws and screws, and rotation at a speed of up to 1400 rpm allows you to drill holes in metal, wood, plastic.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cordless screwdriver over a cordless

If you are faced with a task. which network screwdriver to choose, then first decide whether such a tool is really needed. Or stop on the battery. How to choose a cordless screwdriver can be found in the article.

The fact is that both of them have a lot of advantages, but they are not without drawbacks. The equipment is not cheap, especially when it comes to branded models. Therefore, make the choice of a network screwdriver after a detailed review of the instance you like.

  • Network screwdrivers are lighter in weight and smaller in size than cordless ones. Since a battery inserted in or attached to a case makes the tool heavier and increases its weight.
  • A screwdriver from a 220 V network does not lose power during operation, while a tool on a battery gradually loses it in parallel with a decrease in battery power.
  • Depending on the conditions of power supply and the characteristics of some brands of batteries, it happens that during their charging, you have to stop all other work. A power cordless drill will not allow this situation.
  • Price also matters. The best power screwdriver is much cheaper than the cordless analogue.

What to look for when buying a tool

When you stop in front of a showcase or browse the catalog, it is clear that it is impossible to immediately stop your gaze on a decent device. First you need to know exactly two things: why we buy and how much we can count on. Since you can choose a decent quality cordless screwdriver only knowing in advance its promising tasks. It’s good to understand what are the most important parameters to pay attention to. Of these, we denote:

  • Power. The weight of an electric drill-driver, its productivity depends on this indicator. A power of 450-650 W is sufficient for a house, professionals need a more powerful tool.
  • Torque. It characterizes the effort with which the apparatus is able to work. This value affects the choice of material and the size of the mounting devices with which this tool can work. For homework, a torque of 25-30 Nm is enough.
  • Reverse. Its presence is necessary when the network home screwdriver is needed not only to tighten the fasteners, but also to remove them.
  • The rotation speed and the mechanism of its regulation. Changing the indicator makes it possible to use the tool in various conditions.
  • Comfort during operation. This includes light weight, a comfortable grip on the handle, cord length and other properties that allow you to create the best conditions in the workplace.

The main thing is not to confuse a screwdriver with a drill. It is believed that if the device is with a battery, it means a screwdriver, and if there is a plug, then a drill. This is not an argument. The main difference is the constructive solution. When you press the start button, the screwdriver chuck instantly stops. While the drill is still spinning for a while. That is, in its mechanism there is no stick out brake. But now you do not need to buy these two tools separately. You can choose an electric screwdriver –drill, which contains universal functionality.

Professional models are unlikely to be needed at home. They are expensive and massive. To replenish your home arsenal, small or medium power tools are quite suitable. Look at the rating of network screwdrivers in the table, and below we will introduce you to the most popular household models.